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History cannot be erased/ Sali Berisha and a necessary comment


History cannot be erased/ Sali Berisha and a necessary comment



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For several weeks now, Albanian politics has been focusing on Sali Berisha and the decision of US Secretary of State Blinken to declare him non grata. This decision is being used to articulate many accusations, in fact without many arguments, according to which Berisha should leave from the Parliament at all costs.

In fact, Berisha’s figure must be analyzed from several points of view. First, Berisha has his own light-shade in his long political career. He certainly has his historical responsibilities for the good and the bad things that have happened in Albania. And history will judge these latter.

But what can we judge in 30 years, and what can we say about Sali Berisha? First, Berisha is one of the founders of the Democratic Party. One of the people, who in 1990 was at the head of those who overthrew the communist regime. He was later elected President of the Republic, and together with a hardworking Prime Minister, Aleksandër Meksi, was able to radically reform the Albanian state.

At that time were established new ministries, structures and institutions. The concept of taxes, capital, private property began to be implemented. Then came the pyramid schemes and the tragic events of 1997. The DP waged an existential battle at the time, and rose from the ashes in 2005, came to power, leading one of the best governments in the history of Albania.

Like it or not, this is a fact that is accepted in international reports. Thousands of businesses and citizens today give Berisha the right to a flat tax of 10 percent. Meanwhile, order and security underwent an epochal change during 2005-2009. Dozens of gangs and criminal groups that had invaded Albania, ended up in prison.

Albania entered the Schengen area, and Albanians began travel for the first time to Europe without visas. The country joined NATO with Sali Berisha as Prime Minister. So, in almost 22 years, for 13 years Albania has been governed by democrats, with their pros and cons.

Of course there was corruption, as well as other problems.

But Sali Berisha cannot be multiplied by zero. This is the mistake everyone makes. He has been the Prime Minister of Albania, chairman of the Democratic Party. The history of the Democratic Party cannot be multiplied by zero, because some socialists or supporters of Lulzim Basha want it.

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Berisha should clarify personally the non grata declaration with the US State Department. The US Embassy has the right to request the official position of the DP towards Berisha. But the great truth is that Sali Berisha is the statesman of these 30 years of democracy and transition, and as he has made mistakes, he also made good things.

Can we find faults and attack Sali Berisha? Infinitely. He made fatal mistakes with former political persecutors. He rose to power twice, and failed to complete the compensation process for former persecutors and former owners.

He also kept in charge the infamous law no.7501, or was partially responsible for the tragic events of 1997. But in the meantime, there are many historical political acts for Albania, which bear the signature of Sali Berisha. We have seen him on the side of American presidents, on the side of chancellors and Prime Ministers across Europe.

Berisha is a story, whether some people like it or not. Therefore, the articulation by some individuals is disgusting and cannot be accepted not only by the Democrats, but also by the media and the entire civic elite.

The Democratic Party needs to be more careful. Because by “killing” every day Sali Berisha, it will kill its history, and in the end it will be destroyed as the leftists want. It will be history that will put the dots on the “i” for Sali Berisha.

But the politics of the day cannot be so disgusting as to reject everything that Sali Berisha has done for Albania. Otherwise, this behavior would be worse than under communism. Only the dictator Enver Hoxha once erased the past history, built his variants, and gave them as “fond” to the Albanians.

But this cannot happen in a democratic history. Sali Berisha must be accepted for what he has done well, and will be challenged for what he has done badly. Time will tell. No one can say that Secretary Blinken’s decision is right or wrong. Time will tell./

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Incinerator’s concessions/ Scandal deepens, revealed the violations




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The incinerator concessions in Albania, are one of the most accused, not only by the media, but also by politics. Regarding incinerator concessions, there are also some lawsuits in SPAK, made by the Knitting Initiative, but which apparently have fallen “in deaf ears”.

It is about an affair with a total value of almost 500 million euros, which includes names like Mirel Mërtiri, his cohabitant Stela Gugalla, and Klodian Zoto. The latter entered after into partnerships with other businesses with media owners or executives, including Vjollca Hoxha, Ben Blushi, etc.

In the spring of 2020, has published the official and exclusive documentation, an entire investigative file on the incinerator concessions in Albania, with the chain company, up to the media partnerships. The corruption affair started with the Elbasan incinerator, with 22 million euros received from the taxes of Albanians by a company with a capital of only 1.000 dollars. Then continued with Fier’incinerator, worth 28 million euros, which after almost 5 years, has no activity yet.

And they increased ”appetite” with Tirana, for another 128 million euros, where there is still no incinerator, but only the management of the Tirana landfill by a network of companies managed by Klodian Zoto. Not to mention the garbage of the Municipality of Durrës, which will be deposited in the Sharra landfill.

But regarding these concessions, continue to come to light other scandals and abuses. Finally, according to an annual report of the Directorate of Public Financial Inspection, two of the incinerators, that of Fier and Elbasan, result in violations, including state institutions.

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The latter have made payments outside the program, VAT advances or other violations.

The report stated that regarding Elbasan incinerator, we are dealing with a draft contract that hasn’t received any form of legal activity, so it has not been returned to the final contract. It has also been noted that lacks ‘Annex X’, which defines the “total investment cost”, as part of the contract.

Also, the value of the contract signed by the contracting authority is 61.100 euros higher than the value with which the winning bid was announced. The same report estimates that the contracting authority, the Ministry of Environment, has paid in advances 2 installments, which are not drafted by the contract dated 16.12.2014, it is determined that the installments would be paid starting from the 7th month of the beginning of the works.

Meanwhile, regarding the concession of the incinerator of Fier, the report estimates that the Ministry of Environment of that time, which was also the contracting authority, has not calculated the costs of expropriation of private property.

Also, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, in its capacity of contracting authority, doesn’t document that through its responsible structures to have performed, followed and monitored the fulfillment of the obligations of the concessionaire company, in accordance with the legal framework in force. On the other hand, the concession company itself hasn’t implemented the requirement it seeks to make with the law on sales taxes, it affects on the infrastructure or VAT./



Albania needs a real opposition




For almost a week, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has started a tour of meetings. Hundreds of people in Tirana, thousands in Fier, enthusiastic meetings accompanied by cheers. A Berisha who looks stronger, tougher, and more direct.

And the analysis is very simple. Why do all those people follow him? Because the country needs it for the opposition. Lulzim Basha is not in opposition.

Lulzim Basha is Edi Rama’s bazaar.

He is the partner of the Prime Minister, of the agreements and of the political movements. In all these last 8 years are many the betrayals that he has done to the Democrats but also to various social groups.

We recall here the case of betrayal with the Nation Road, the National Theater, the Ring and so on. Lulzim Basha’s clientelistic and corrupt, personal interests related to the government, and which have extinguished the opposition voice.

Lulzim Basha is not considered as opposition by Albanians. It doesn’t inspire hope and confidence. That is why people today need to have real opposition. They want a strong opposition voice.

They want a battle and a confrontation with the government and Edi Rama. A strong opposition is also positive for the government itself.

Because an opposition as an extension of the ruling majority, is simply and only a vassal of corruption. And the vassal of corruption cannot be the Democratic Party, as it should be an alternative against Edi Rama.

Today more than ever, the country is suffering from the fact that there is no opposition.

There is a desperate need to have a strong, direct, denouncing opposition to ministers, to scandals, to affairs, to corruption. Because it would make better governance, and serve more citizens. As this is the function and the role of the opposition.

To stand firm and in front of the government. And not to make an extension of it and betray the causes of the citizens, for the millions of euros that go into the pockets of corrupt interests of the chairman of the opposition, which can no longer be called such.

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Today Albania needs opposition more than ever, and that is why people seem to be supporting Berisha.

After seeing in him a strong voice that is speaking loudly.

Many people may not like Berisha, they may be critical of him. And they are in theri right to think so.

But there are many others who appreciate it. But the fact is one. The country today needs opposition and Berisha is a born oppositionist.

Meanwhile Lulzim Basha is a man born to bargains.

But, although they may be weighty names, honest and fair, their voice finds no space, because they are in the shadow of Lulzim Basha. The shadows of corruption overshadow everyone.

That is why Albania and the Democratic Party today need an opposition. Albanian citizens need real opposition, and Lulzim Basha can no longer do that. Maybe in order to have a real opposition, Basha should leave the leadership of the Democratic Party, for Berisha to withdraw from the battle that has started.

The country is in a really delicate situation, where for weeks it is in power for the third time the government of the Renaissance, of the Socialist Party, which had not happened before in these 30 years. And there is no discussion at all about government, reforms, salaries, pensions, the economy.

But is being discussed on the opposition. For what Albania really lacks. And the main responsibility for this is Lulzim Basha./

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Krimi që fsheh Lulzim Basha



The affair of the century/ Incinerator corruption “buys” the silence of SPAK?




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September was expected to be the month of finalizing a fierce battle against corruption by the SPAK, the special prosecutor’s office. This was publicly stated by the head of this institution, but also by the US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim.

The latter has given strong public support to the SPAK and the new justice institutions. But in fact as the third week of September is closing, and there is nothing new from SPAK. For months, we haven’t heard nothing, not about the so-called “big fish”, but also about the big corruption scandals.

So, on the corrupt affair of the century, that of incinerators. There is no talk at all about the hot files that this institution has in its hands. The incinerators’ affair is a denunciation made by the media, but also by political structures.

It has a value of almost 500 million euros, and include names like Mirel Mërtiri, his cohabitant Stela Gugallja, Klodian Zoto, and even media executives like Vjollca Hoxha, Ben Blushi and others. But SPAK is still not doing anything visible in this regard.

There is no signal on the file that started with the Elbasan incinerator, with 22 million euros received from Albanian taxes, from a company that officially claimed to have a capital of only 1 million old Lek (1.000 dollars).

Then the same company won the concession for the construction of the incinerator in Fier, worth 28 million euros, that today after almost 5 years, has not yet started to operate. In this case, excuses are always given for “problems”, as in the case of Elbasan or Fier.

The same things with the incinerator in Tirana worth about 128 million, where there is no incinerator yet. Here we have only landfilled management from a network of companies controlled by Klodian Zoto. Finally, the millions of euros given by the Municipality of Durrës, to take the waste to the incinerator in Tirana, which doesn’t exist.

Alqi Bllako, Lefter Koka

SPAK is currently in front of a test. Not only in front of public opinion, but also in front of foreign diplomats. Before the US and the EU, because of the investment they have made in Justice Reform. 5-6 years of reform, and today there is still no official accusation in a file where there are hundreds of thousands of documents that show a clear corruption affair.

The former minister who signed the affair, Lefter Koka, resigned from the mandate of deputy, shortly before the start of the new parliamentary session. Another man who signed, Alqi Bllako, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment, has become a Socialist Party MP.

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His brother collaborates in media partnerships with incinerators, at Lori Kafe. Hundreds facts have been published on this issue. Since the sale of shares of Lori Kafe, the companies of Stela Gugalla with Ben Blushi and Vjollca Hoxha, to the companies publicly denounced by the President of the Republic with documents showing that Alqi Bllako’s father was paid.

Facts and documents were further published, which show the scandal and corruption of incinerators. The so-called corrupt affair of the century, which will burden Albanians at the expense of about 500 million euros, of which 50 million in just a few years.

Edi Rama, Klodian Zoto

They were paid by the government directly to the pockets of the network of Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zotos, Stela Gugalla and the media they finance. So, from the money they receive from the state, from the money of the Albanian taxpayers, they finance the media to protect them.

Maybe even to prevent justice from revealing the truth. But this is not the time to believe it. It is time to hope. The first three weeks of September are gone. The month is coming to an end. There is still no accusation from SPAK on this issue. Although some files have been filed by the Knitting Thurje Initiative and the Democratic Party.

They have also been published by the media, but after almost 10 months since the creation of SPAK, we are still not seeing anything. We are not yet learning the truth about a corrupt dossier, which burdens not only the state budget, but abuses the taxes of Albanians by the ruling government, the ruling party, but also by its yesterday’s alliance with the SMI.

Albanians have high hopes and expect to see how the incinerator scheme will be dismantled, so that no one dares to touch the taxes of Albanians for corrupt interests. The SPAK has the touchstone to justify the confidence of the US and the EU that they have invested directly in the reform carried out in the justice system in Albania.

To the team they have set up. At the National Bureau of Investigation, in order to know the whole truth about an affair which affects the highest levels of Albanian state officials./

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