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Ben Blushi’s false “prophecies”/From his books to urban waste


Ben Blushi’s false “prophecies”/From his books to urban waste



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In recent days, some media have been trying to expose Ben Blushi’s “prophecies” in some from his books, published at different times, and with characters from yesterday’s events. Recently, the book “PM” (Prime Minister), motivated by “anger” against Edi Rama, whose from nr.2 in the Socialist Party, degraded Blushi in the chairman of a small and temporary party with an intellectual name, LIBRA.

The media have published several articles, emphasizing that Blushi had predicted the recapture of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the exodus that is currently taking place. In fact, “PM” is not written at all about Afghanistan and the events there.

But the situation in that country was used by Blushi in his book, as a reaction full of anger towards Edi Rama and his power, which according to him would fall from power. So he predicted how Prime Minister Rama would be overthrown, as the state was the controller of drug trafficking (remember the huge amount of cannabis cultivation in Albania in 2016, which was the period of strong Blushi-Rama clashes).

Once a friend of Rama, then his sworn “enemi”, and now one of his servants in the media. The lucrative collaboration between them starts with partnerships with the owners of highly accused concessions, that swallow millions of dollars in Albanian taxes. Blushi’s book “PM” is a message to Rama and a manifesto against him, and not a prediction or his “prophecy”.

The “prophecy” proclaimed by the media, is the most weightless part of the book. What Blushi tries to inculcate well in the reader’s mind, is the idea that the state is controlling drug cultivation in the country, and that the Prime Minister is so brazen that he would devise an assassination attempt to arouse the empathy of the people, who most likely hated for bad governance….

The book talks about a soldier accused of collaborating with terrorist organizations, who returns from Afghanistan and agrees to take part in the assassinations by killing the head of government. So the essence of the book is quite different from the situation that seek to sell some media.

Another thesis used is the book “The Candidate”, another manifesto of hate by Ben Blushi, in which he talks about the political events in his life. And if “PM” attack Rama, “The Candidate” strike the former mayor of Elbasan, Qazim Sejdini, who together with Taulant Balla expelled Blushi from the branch of Socialist Party in Elbasan.

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In the book he deals extensively with the manner of conducting a campaign and the propaganda used, even though the candidate had lost his life. It uses the name of the late former Prime Minister Bashkim Fino, who lost his life during the April 25 election campaign, while ballot papers were printed, and the list of candidates could not be changed.

But there is a very fundamental difference between what Ben Blushi wrote, and what happened to the late Fino. First, Blushi’s book is about a candidate in a majority election who loses his life during the campaign, and when there is no time for a new candidate, and goes to the end of “madness” on the advice of the electoral strategist, to hide death until victory of elections.

While the case of April 25 is completely different. There are no candidates with rivals in front, but there is simply a party list, where one of the names lost his life and is part of the winning list. So he doesn’t win because he gets votes, but is placed there by the chairman party.

He has been declared the winner since he was alive, with the safe position on the list.

Ben Blushi may have written beautiful books. He plays with issues and events that he displaces in his imagination, playing with the facts of the present and tomorrow, or even yesterday as in “Living on the island”.

But the fact is that 3 of his books “Living on the Island”, “PM” and “The Candidate” are more manifestos of Ben Blush’s hates against political characters and events at a time when he was trying to stay on top, and when from the top of politics ended at the height of the partnership with the urban waste business.

From the writer who people around him wants to sell his books as “prophecy”, we are faced with a failed politician, expelled from the SP, not voted by Albanians, and at the center of endless scandals and accusations. A man who in order to survive, found salvation in urban waste, and did it using the power of the media./

“Profecitë” e rreme të Ben Blushit/ Nga librat, tek mbetjet urbane

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The AEPC-NOA scandal/ A corrupt affair, from Benet Beci to the institutions involved




For several days, has denounced through official and exclusive documents a scandal related to an abusive contract signed by the Albanian Electric Power Corporation, AEPC, has connected with the private company, NOA Energy, for the exchange of electricity.

This is an abusive contract, as no energy exchange schedules have been set. According to this contract, AEPC gives energy to the private company NOA Energy when the demand for energy is very high but also when the price of energy is many times higher, while this private company returns this energy to AEPC after midnight, when the demand for energy is low and the price many times even lower.

From this contract the private company, NOA Energy earns thousands of euros, while AEPC gets only a few crumbs. The first request of NOA was made on March 4, 2021, while the head of AEPC Beci resigned a day later, on March 5, 2021. But on the date NOA filed the second request, setting some conditions.

Meanwhile, through official documents, has shown how the Competition Authority was involved in this scandal. The agreement is detailed and officially presented on March 8th. So 3 days after the resignation of the director of that time, Benet Beci, who remained in office.

On the same day, the AEPC administrator prepares the official documents, and on March 9 sends the request to the Energy Regulatory Authority and the Competition Authority. Although the Competition Authority had previously annulled such decisions, ie from 2019 onward many other private companies were not given this opportunity, at a high speed for only 48 hours, the documents are reviewed and a decision was made.

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The decision is dated March 12, 2021, and clearly states the Authority has recommended AEPC that during the interest procedures to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligation for public service, to respect the principles of profitability, and obliges AEPC as the dominant operator for each contract which decides special exclusive rights, to request a preliminary evaluation by the Competition Commission, etc.

So, the Competition Authority has responded to AEPC within 48 hours, while usually state institutions return responses to official documents for 1 month. In this case, the levers of the state have functioned perfectly and this naturally raises a question:” What ‘oil of corruption’ has moved the rusty bars of the Albanian state gear?”.

It’s very clearly that the procedures have proceeded rapidly by order from above. The day before, published two other documents, which confirm the scandal and add to the suspicions. This is exactly the answer that came from the Energy Regulatory Authority.

While the Competition Authority’s response came on March 12, the Energy Regulatory Authority it took a month to respond.

In the document provided by, the response of the ERA dated on April 9, 2021. So, the response of this institution does not come three days later, but almost a month later. So it seems that the ERA was out of the scheme. Tomorrow will publish the full contract, where the documents clearly show that an agreement has been drafted and signed in favor of a private company, and to the detriment of AEPC./

Skandali KESH-NOA/ Një aferë korruptive, nga Benet Beci tek institucionet e përfshira



The decision of the Venice Commission, a hard “punch” for Lulzim Basha and Ilir Meta




Zbardhen propozimet e PD-LSI për sabotimin e reformës në drejtësi/ Ja mesazhet e Bashës dhe Metës

The political parties have provided a draft preliminary report, regarding the opinion given by the Venice Commission, following the request made by the Constitutional Court, about the legitimacy of the local elections of June 30, 2019.

But this happens immediately after a very tense political situation in the country, especially for the opposition and the President of the Republic. In 2019, Lulzim Basha in cooperation with Monika Kryemadhi, decided to burn the mandates of MPs.

A personal decision again of Basha, that someone could try to leave in oblivion. In fact, it was Basha who decided to burn the mandates. He even opposed foreign representatives, European and US diplomats at the time, telling them there was no going back.

He later boycotted local elections, and sought to escalate political tensions in the country. But he was “threatened” by the international community, and then withdrew. The elections took place, Edi Rama took over all the municipalities of the country, giving him the opportunity to create a structure even more solid for the next parliamentary elections.

Ilir Meta postponed the elections, stating that they would be held in October of that year. But that didn’t happen. Basha then said that the local elections had not been lost, and that the majority of Albanians had voted for him and the Democratic Party.

Then came this year’s parliamentary elections. Basha lost again, and the SMI suffered an electoral catastrophe. Then another lie circulated in the corridors of the Democratic Party, according to which the President of the Republic would announce the early local elections, as this would be decided by the Constitutional Court.

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In fact, this new institution found another solution. He addressed the Venice Commission, an established institution of jurisprudence with international fame, from where he often received interpretations regarding the situations charged by the political parties, which interpret the Constitution according to their interest.

What happened? Nothing more than expected. The Constitutional Court is already expected to come up with the decision of the Venice Commission, which clearly states that the boycott was a wrong move, and that the parties can boycott whenever they want, but no one can stop the will of the voters to take part and vote free.

So, Basha is not once but several times unconstitutional in his political actions. Firstly, because it boycotted the elections, and secondly because it wanted to disrupt them, preventing citizens from voting freely. With its decision, Venice has given a strong “punch” to Basha and Meta.

Therefore, both should leave the positions they currently hold. Basha for the decision to boycott the elections and create unnecessary political tensions in the country, and Ilir Meta for their postponement, and his involvement in the political game as a “suicide bomber” in the interest of the party of his wife and Lulzim Basha.

In fact, Basha has further added his mistakes, until the loss of the parliamentary elections, mistakes that already seem to be forgotten. But this decision of the Venice Commission, and the decision of the Constitutional Court that will follow it, will be enough to put another big cross on Lulzim Basha and his political action in these 8 years./

Venecia si “grusht” për Bashën dhe Metën



Deepens the corruption affair AEPC-NOA / How the Competition Authority got involved in the scandal




The corrupt affair of Albanian Electricity Power Corporation(AEPC) with a private company is being further dismantled, and every day is publishing documents that show how worked a well-thought-out and pre-prepared scheme, which produced an agreement that brought a private company millions of euros income only from a contract with the AEPC, playing spectacularly with energy exchange schedules.

But before these schedules, everything started with the preparation and signing of the contract. revealed that on March 4, 2021, the private company NOA Energy asked AEPC to sign an agreement on electricity storage. This agreement is then detailed and announced publicly on March 8th.

So 3 days after the director of that time, Benet Beci had resigned. But he continued to stay in office. Also, on March 8, the AEPC administrator prepares the letter and on the March9th forward the request to the Energy Regulatory Authority and the Competition Authority.

Although previously the Competition Authority had annulled such decisions. So from 2019 many other private companies were not given this opportunity. This time, for only 48 hours, the Competition Authority comes out with a decision.

The decision is dated March 12, 2021, and clearly states that it has recommended to AEPC that during the interest procedures to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligation for public service, to respect the principles of mobility, there are no restrictive deposits, obliges AEPC as the dominant operator, that in any contract which establishes special exclusive rights, to request a preliminary evaluation by the Competition Commission, etc.

The Competition Authority has a political representation. The chairwoman is Juliana Latifi, while the members are Denar Biba, former head of the CEC, as a representative of the SP. Adriana Berberi, Eduard Ypi, former director of the Treasury during the DP government, and Ledina Matja, former deputy prime minister, who also holds the post of deputy chairman of the Competition Authority.

So an institution with political representation, where everyone is involved in a corrupt and scandalous contract, which today generates millions of euros in profits for a private company. The whole contract itself does not specify the schedules, ie the energy peak, the time when the energy will be exchanged.

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But, this is where the game begins. Energy is bought at peak times, when the price is very high and returns to the hours after midnight, in the early hours of the morning, when energy demand falls and its market price is very low.

The contract was totally initiated by Benet Beci, the former director of AEPC, who although he resigned on March 5, as he himself confirmed for, he continued to go to the offices of AEPC, and according to reliable information from the institutions, has supervised the whole process.

So, from the March 4th when the first letter was sent, until the March 12 th, within 8 days. And we must not forget that it was the time on the eve of the April 25 election campaign, when a state institution elected by parliament, such as the Competition Authority, quickly approved AEPC’request.

The 3-page decision is ridiculous, totally absurd, and doesn’t protect the interests of the consumer, nor of AEPC, but only creates the whole space for a private company, which uses the energy produced by AEPC to use the latter to introduce millions of euros in her pockets.

This is the fourth document published by on this issue. We will make public other documents, which continue with a subsequent correspondence that had AEPC with the Competition Authority, until the agreement that was signed on May 4./

Thellohet afera KESH-NOA/ Si u përfshi Autoriteti i Konkurencës në skandal