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The affair of incinerators/SPAK has evidence of corruption in Fier


The affair of incinerators/SPAK has evidence of corruption in Fier



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The city of Fier woke up yesterday morning under the power of smoke, due to the burning of urban waste. The same situation has continued today. The city appears blackened by soot and people on the streets barely distinguish each other, while vehicles are forced to move with high beams.

Today published another video of burning garbage, while the Albanian government has given 30 million euros for the construction of the incinerator in Fier. The incinerator should have started working many months ago, as Prime Minister Edi Rama had promised earlier.

But, today we are at the peak of the tourist season, at the end of July and the city of Fier is covered by smoke. Garbage has been burning in Mbrostar for two days, thus committing a serious environmental crime.

Instead of burning this garbage from incinerators, today they are endangering the lives of the citizens of Fier, who have been forced to leave their homes due to toxic smoke and soot. The urban waste area had to be turned into a green park.

In fact today the garbage is burning and the incinerator has remained on attempt. He has not started work and it is not known when this will happen, although Albanians have paid millions of euros. SPAK has evidence of corruption in Fier.

LEXO EDHE:  “SPAK po bën drejtësi selektive”/ Lubonja: Reforma në Drejtësi mund të prodhojë kriminelë…

The head of SPAK, Arben Kraja, can go by car and see for himself the evidence of the corrupt affair of the incinerators. If SPAK is really committed to doing justice as it trumpets, then Arben Kraja and his prosecutors should go to Fier, where they can easily provide evidence of scandalous abuse.

What happened to the 30 million euro incinerator? Why isn’t completed this project? Who abused the taxes of the citizens, and dared me to lead them to poisoning and death, setting fire to the garbage?

It is all these questions but even more that SPAK must answer them and shed light on the corrupt affair of incinerators, bringing to justice those responsible, whoever they are. The videos that published yesterday and today are evidence that sheds light on the corrupt affair of the Fier incinerator./

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History cannot be erased/ Sali Berisha and a necessary comment




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For several weeks now, Albanian politics has been focusing on Sali Berisha and the decision of US Secretary of State Blinken to declare him non grata. This decision is being used to articulate many accusations, in fact without many arguments, according to which Berisha should leave from the Parliament at all costs.

In fact, Berisha’s figure must be analyzed from several points of view. First, Berisha has his own light-shade in his long political career. He certainly has his historical responsibilities for the good and the bad things that have happened in Albania. And history will judge these latter.

But what can we judge in 30 years, and what can we say about Sali Berisha? First, Berisha is one of the founders of the Democratic Party. One of the people, who in 1990 was at the head of those who overthrew the communist regime. He was later elected President of the Republic, and together with a hardworking Prime Minister, Aleksandër Meksi, was able to radically reform the Albanian state.

At that time were established new ministries, structures and institutions. The concept of taxes, capital, private property began to be implemented. Then came the pyramid schemes and the tragic events of 1997. The DP waged an existential battle at the time, and rose from the ashes in 2005, came to power, leading one of the best governments in the history of Albania.

Like it or not, this is a fact that is accepted in international reports. Thousands of businesses and citizens today give Berisha the right to a flat tax of 10 percent. Meanwhile, order and security underwent an epochal change during 2005-2009. Dozens of gangs and criminal groups that had invaded Albania, ended up in prison.

Albania entered the Schengen area, and Albanians began travel for the first time to Europe without visas. The country joined NATO with Sali Berisha as Prime Minister. So, in almost 22 years, for 13 years Albania has been governed by democrats, with their pros and cons.

Of course there was corruption, as well as other problems.

But Sali Berisha cannot be multiplied by zero. This is the mistake everyone makes. He has been the Prime Minister of Albania, chairman of the Democratic Party. The history of the Democratic Party cannot be multiplied by zero, because some socialists or supporters of Lulzim Basha want it.

LEXO EDHE:  “SPAK po bën drejtësi selektive”/ Lubonja: Reforma në Drejtësi mund të prodhojë kriminelë…

LEXO EDHE:  Bëhen gati 170 dosjet “e rënda” që do të marrë në dorë SPAK

Berisha should clarify personally the non grata declaration with the US State Department. The US Embassy has the right to request the official position of the DP towards Berisha. But the great truth is that Sali Berisha is the statesman of these 30 years of democracy and transition, and as he has made mistakes, he also made good things.

Can we find faults and attack Sali Berisha? Infinitely. He made fatal mistakes with former political persecutors. He rose to power twice, and failed to complete the compensation process for former persecutors and former owners.

He also kept in charge the infamous law no.7501, or was partially responsible for the tragic events of 1997. But in the meantime, there are many historical political acts for Albania, which bear the signature of Sali Berisha. We have seen him on the side of American presidents, on the side of chancellors and Prime Ministers across Europe.

Berisha is a story, whether some people like it or not. Therefore, the articulation by some individuals is disgusting and cannot be accepted not only by the Democrats, but also by the media and the entire civic elite.

The Democratic Party needs to be more careful. Because by “killing” every day Sali Berisha, it will kill its history, and in the end it will be destroyed as the leftists want. It will be history that will put the dots on the “i” for Sali Berisha.

But the politics of the day cannot be so disgusting as to reject everything that Sali Berisha has done for Albania. Otherwise, this behavior would be worse than under communism. Only the dictator Enver Hoxha once erased the past history, built his variants, and gave them as “fond” to the Albanians.

But this cannot happen in a democratic history. Sali Berisha must be accepted for what he has done well, and will be challenged for what he has done badly. Time will tell. No one can say that Secretary Blinken’s decision is right or wrong. Time will tell./



Lulzim Basha, as the Minister of Relations with the Opposition in the government “Rama 3”




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It may seem unbelievable or a conspiracy theory, but in recent weeks it has seemed as if at the head of the Democratic Party, the Albanian opposition, instead of a political leader fighting against the government, we have a man who couldn’t wait to take his post.

So the role he would play in relations with the “Rama 3” government. Lulzim Basha told this yesterday immediately after the meeting of the SP Assembly. But he said this also 2 days ago, after the meeting of the National Council of the DP, where was elected the new Presidency.

Things are clear. Two comparisons that don’t need much doubt. They are facts. Yesterday, through a long speech, Edi Rama attacked his government, accused its directors, and finally decided to hold more than 60 percent of the cabinet ministers, changing only a few ministers, mostly women.

In this way he set a world record, having the government with more women in the world. And Basha’s reaction was as if the leader of the Democratic Party had mentioned his name as a minister. In his reaction, Basha didn’t say a single word about his governing cabinet.

Not a word about the new ministers, nor about Rama’s new secretariat in the SP, which includes many personalities who have been part of the criminal files denounced by the Democratic Party in the last 8 years.

Basha reacted yesterday as if he were a minister of Edi Rama. He said only a few sentences in a post on social media, using only the OSCE-ODIHR report on violations observed in the April 25 elections. But this story is already closed. Edi Rama is in government, so in power.

Parliament convenes next week. The CEC has announced the final results. Such claims there will always exist in international reports.

Edi Rama extended his hand of cooperation, while Lulzim Basha accepted the offer. When he convened the National Council, he didn’t talk so much about the “electoral massacre”. He declared that he was ready to carry out the Administrative, Constitutional and Electoral Reform together with the government.

LEXO EDHE:  “SPAK po bën drejtësi selektive”/ Lubonja: Reforma në Drejtësi mund të prodhojë kriminelë…

LEXO EDHE:  Politikanët e inkriminuar/ 15 prokurorë të gatshëm për t'ju "prerë kokat"

So to co-govern with Edi Rama in parliament, through reforms. Edi Rama said the same thing yesterday, and Lulzim Basha did the same with his reaction. The cooperation between the two is very clear in two aspects. In the speech of Edi Rama, in his attitude, and in the reaction of Lulzim Basha yesterday.

We do not have a co-government with ministers in government. But, we have a minister at the head of the opposition, a “minister” of Edi Rama for relations with him, and closely for cooperation in parliament, for the Electoral Reform, as an excuse for the catastrophic loss of Lulzim Basha, to secure him the chair of the chairman of DP, and on the other hand, an Administrative Reform that can give Basha some more municipalities.

And finally the constitutional changes of 2008, which will want the consent of all parties. Now the parties are moving forward. The “Rama 3” government was formed. She already has a Minister for Relations with the Opposition, Lulzim Basha. The relationship seems to be healthy. We will have an opposition with a softer and with a more loving language.

An opposition that will try to get the most out of what it is expected to do in parliament. But, it will take 6 months, maybe even 1 year for him to start attacking Rama’s ministers, as it will be very difficult, because Lulzim Basha himself is part of this cabinet./

Lulzim Basha, si ministër i Marrëdhënieve me Opozitën, në qeverinë “Rama 3”



The big winter between the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration




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Whoever thought that the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration were a “happy couple”, or that they were creating a large family to come to power, was wrong. The parties have already “gritted their teeth” and are “biting” each other, for the losses and failures, for the defeats suffered in many districts in the April 25 elections.

The SMI has accused the DP of stealing votes and its dirty games, which maximized their votes, led to the loss of mandates for the SMI, and in the end brought the defeat of the opposition.

Despite the attacks on Prime Minister Edi Rama, senior SMI officials know that they will stand in opposition to the Prime Minister, but not in a strategy led by Lulzim Basha, as happened with the last elections, when the SMI suddenly distanced itself, when the parties didn’t run in a joint coalition, and when in the election campaign there were many problems.

In many counties, the result for both parties brought a huge electoral cost, which is thought to have been the main cause of the loss. This is due to the fact that in many regions the SMI mandates have been lost because the absence of very few votes.

So in Korça, Elbasan, Tirana, Vlora and elsewhere, the SMI could not get its mandates for a handful of votes, while the DP had several thousand votes on the last mandate it secured. Competing in a joint coalition would secure one more mandate to the united opposition, and the SMI one more mandate.

LEXO EDHE:  SPAK përballë skandalit/ Hetoi Pezën, hesht për Ben Blushin

LEXO EDHE:  Bëhen gati 170 dosjet “e rënda” që do të marrë në dorë SPAK

This would mean that Edi Rama wouldn’t be Prime Minister today, and the country would be governed by a broad opposition coalition led by DP and LSI. There have been and exist still today many tensions between PD and LSI. There is a lack of communication, a conflict, a clash.

The SMI holds Lulzim Basha responsible for the loss, while Lulzim Basha himself pointed the finger at Ilir Meta and his “crazy” actions during the election campaign, which he called an incalculable cost, which damaged the image of to the opposition and consequently denied him victory in the elections.

Two days ago, the Democratic Party closed the process of choosing the new structures, without any big news, without any innovations. It is now expected that the SMI will do the same things, after the removal of some well-known figures.

Then we will see what will happen between the two strong opposition allies, who are going to the new Parliament divided to oppose Edi Rama. But the division is not simple and only between DP and LSI. Because there is a division even between the deputies of small parties, who have started to “wink” at Edi Rama, since they have been in opposition for many years./

Dimri i madh PD-LSI