Corrupt concessions, SPAK interrogates Mirel Mërtiri and incinerator officials

21 Korrik 2021, 13:03, Aktualitet CNA
Corrupt concessions, SPAK interrogates Mirel Mërtiri and incinerator

Officials of the companies involved in the suspicious concession of incinerators, but also the leaders of these companies have been called by the Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime, SPAK, to be questioned within the investigations that this institution is conducting, after many denunciations regarding what is called the hundreds-million incinerator affair. has been one of the media that has denounced the scandal related to the incinerator of Elbasan worth 22 million euros, that of Fier worth 28 million euros, and that of Tirana for about 128 million euros.

So about 178 million euros given with a concession by the Albanian government in companies related to Klodian Zoto, Stela Gugalla, the cohabitant of Mirel Mërtiri, who together with the above two persons, is known as the brain of this scandalous affair, which goes beyond the value of 400 million euros.

Sources from SPAK, told that this institution has deepened its investigations, being able to provide many documents and a very voluminous documentation. Many state officials have also been called and interrogated, as well as company representatives in connection with these concession contracts.

Initially the incinerator concessions were sued in the SPAK, by the Knitting Initiative and then by the Democratic Party. But since becoming part of the denunciations in September 2020, the opposition has closed its mouth, even though scandalous facts have been revealed in the media regarding the payments of state officials, who have received money from chain companies linked to incinerators. has also learned that Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugalla or other representatives of companies that have benefited from the concessions, have been and will be interrogated by SPAK about what they know about this issue, and procedures that have been followed, or to respond about the facts and documents provided by SPAK for this corrupt affair./

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