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The great winter of Lulzim Basha


The great winter of Lulzim Basha



Lulzim Basha organized yesterday his next National Council to further strengthen the control of the Democratic Party, to change the secretariat, to consolidate the presidency, where most of the names are chosen by him.

So to exclude some rebels from the National Council. From yesterday the DP has entered its big winter. Lulzim Basha will face a difficult winter, trying to repeat only one sentence: Election massacre, election massacre!

So trying to say that the elections were stolen by Edi Rama, when in fact he declared victory a few minutes after the ballot boxes were closed. In 2 months after the elections he didn’t make any denunciation of vote theft or sale-purchase.

On Monday, April 26, after the first ballot boxes were counted, Basha said that ballot boxes were being opened first in the Socialist strongholds, and that the overthrow would begin in a few hours. In fact, neither the overthrow nor the victory of Luli Basha happened, but simply a loss, which Basha doesn’t accept but calls it an electoral massacre.

However, one thing is clear:The great winter of Lulzim Basha is already coming. A winter of his great solitude. And this because yesterday he stated that he was ready to extend a hand of cooperation, but not to turn the other side of his face to bring the opposition to power.

It follows that he is not a leader, but is a lonely man imprisoned in his selfishness, in his lack of wisdom, in his failure, and in the transformation of the Democratic Party from a ruling force, into a vassal force of an ally as the SMI, which it never says that they are different, as the SMI is a left-wing force.

A forecast for the April 25 parliamentary elections

Together they got 730.000 votes, but in fact Basha DP got only 630.000 votes, so almost 100 thousand votes less than the result of 2013 together with the allies. This is the truth of Lulzim Basha, which is ignored by him.

He is justified in front of the Democrats, combining the votes of the DP with those of the SMI, in order to continue to try to move forward in the hope that he will win the elections in his 3rd or 4th term. The road started yesterday is nothing but a big winter for Lulzim Basha, who doesn’t will bring him nothing else but the next loss.

Most Albanians do not vote for Lulzim Basha, as they don’t believe him. They see him as a corrupt politician, as the man of scandals, as an instrument and tool of Edi Rama, who invests for Luli Basha to stay at the head of the DP, as he guarantees the longevity in power of the current Prime Minister.
Basha is in his winter of great loneliness, not because he hasn’t turned the other side of his face, but because his face are blackened by the slaps of Albanians, by corruption, by incompetence and the way he not only led the opposition, but also the government of the country when has been a minister or mayor of Tirana.

Një farsë për të eleminuar Klevis Balliun dhe shpëtuar Enno Bozdon

Citizens have seen and know very well who is Lulzim Basha. So the National Assembly held on Saturday was a disgusting facade for most of those who were in the hall, who probably didn’t speak openly, but in their confidential communications said that it was shameful, worthless, and the most scandalous ever carried out by an opposition party.
The votes for DP will be further reduced, as Basha doesn’t know how to open the party, or how to bring him to power, but he only knows how to hold hostage to get rich he and his family according to the part given by Edi Rama./

Dimri i madh i Lulzim Bashës

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Corrupt concessions, SPAK interrogates Mirel Mërtiri and incinerator officials




Officials of the companies involved in the suspicious concession of incinerators, but also the leaders of these companies have been called by the Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime, SPAK, to be questioned within the investigations that this institution is conducting, after many denunciations regarding what is called the hundreds-million incinerator affair. has been one of the media that has denounced the scandal related to the incinerator of Elbasan worth 22 million euros, that of Fier worth 28 million euros, and that of Tirana for about 128 million euros.

So about 178 million euros given with a concession by the Albanian government in companies related to Klodian Zoto, Stela Gugalla, the cohabitant of Mirel Mërtiri, who together with the above two persons, is known as the brain of this scandalous affair, which goes beyond the value of 400 million euros.

Sources from SPAK, told that this institution has deepened its investigations, being able to provide many documents and a very voluminous documentation. Many state officials have also been called and interrogated, as well as company representatives in connection with these concession contracts.

Initially the incinerator concessions were sued in the SPAK, by the Knitting Initiative and then by the Democratic Party. But since becoming part of the denunciations in September 2020, the opposition has closed its mouth, even though scandalous facts have been revealed in the media regarding the payments of state officials, who have received money from chain companies linked to incinerators. has also learned that Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugalla or other representatives of companies that have benefited from the concessions, have been and will be interrogated by SPAK about what they know about this issue, and procedures that have been followed, or to respond about the facts and documents provided by SPAK for this corrupt affair./



The “civil war” within the Socialist Party/ How did the eliminations start?




It seems that in the Socialist Partyhas started a fierce “civil war” for the elimination of each other. After winning a third term to govern the country, the Socialists have begun to attack each other with harsh accusations. The Special Anti-Corruption Structure, SPAK, has become a headline for them.

Clashes within the SP and the elimination of each other have been present even before. But they have become more visible, after the recent moves of SPAK, which arrested officials of the Socialist Party, such as the mayor of Lushnja Fatos Tushe with some of his subordinates, or even the former Deputy Minister of Interior, Rovena Voda.

Fatos Tushe was expelled from the SP, and Prime Minister Edi Rama abandoned him as if he had never known him, instead of being accountable to the public, as he was the one who selected Tushe as mayor, and has already sacrificed him.

Even in the case of Rovena Voda, the latter’s husband, while debating with citizens on social networks, raised suspicions that his wife had been “trapped” by the Socialist Party. Recently, it was the socialist MP Petro Koçi who stated openly that everyone in the Socialist Party is ready to eliminate each other.

So they know everything about each other, every crime, every corruption, and to this day they have remained silent. Koçi has targeted the mayor of Fier, Armando Subashi, even though he doesn’t mention him by name.

Koçi repeats the same statements almost every day, both on social networks and on TV shows. He calls on SPAK to go to Fier as soon as possible, because according to him crime is making the law there.

To show that he makes these statements with the approval of Prime Minister Edi Rama, Koçi says that the Socialist Party doesn’t take any step back in the fight against evil. On the other hand, the mayor Subashi has chosen to respond through social networks, by posting photos and videos from various projects that have been implemented in the Municipality of Fier.

But due to the almost daily calls of MP Koçi to SPAK, Armando Subashi seems to be unable to escape the launch of investigations into his activity.Another socialist who is expected to have the fate of Tushe and Subashi, is the mayor of Vlora, Dritan Leli. The latter has been openly attacked several times by Prime Minister Edi Rama. Rama’s first criticism of Mayor Leli came in July 2020.

In a meeting with the structures of the Socialist Party, Rama said that Leli had shown shortcomings in the management of the municipality of Vlora and in the management of public affairs. Meanwhile, in March of this year, Leli was expelled from the SP.

His dismissal came after the mayor of Vlora refused to resign to run as an MP, when he learned that he had been offered an unfavorable position on the list. Since then, Leli has been constantly at the center of attacks on Prime Minister Edi Rama. It remains to be seen who will be the next official on Prime Minister Rama’s list forto be politically eliminated and to be brought to justice/



The mafia scheme for the Port of Durrës?/Basha tries to deny the bargains, why DP remains silent?




The project worth 2 billion dollars for the development of the Port of Durrës, has been the headline of the media in recent days. A few days ago, the media reported that in this project, strongly trumpeted by the Albanian government, has taken his “part”  Lulzim Basha’s brother-in-law, Erion Isufi.

MCN TV has revealed the documents, where among other things, it is said that the company that will benefit from hundreds of hectares of free state land in the Port of Durrës, comes from the Cayman Islands and was established only a few months ago. So not from Dubai, as has said the government.

Officially, the Albanian government has said that the developer and financier of the project is the founder of the Arab group “Emar”, Muhammad Alabar. But apparently, Alabar has decided to come to Albania, not through the “Emar Group”, but with offshore companies from the Cayman Islands.

It is about the company which comes from the Cayman Islands, and that was created only a few months ago. It has a capital of only 100 dollars, and its administrator is the citizen Oltjan Hoxholli, a partner lawyer in the law firm LPA.

The latter is the administrator of the company Moveo Albania, where one of the co-founders of this company is also Lulzim Basha’s brother-in-law, Erion Isufi, also the founder of Landmark Communications.

On the other hand there is also a detail that raises many doubts about the existence of bargains for this project between the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha and the Prime Minister Edi Rama. The elected deputy of the Democratic Party, and the right wing of Lulzim Basha, Grida Duma, spoke openly about this bargain in a TV show during the election campaign.

This attitude of Grida Duma was interpreted at that time by as an invitation for shopping. As an outstretched hand for corruption, for the distribution of money from the taxes of the Albanians, from the investment funds that will come to Albania.

And the other detail, which further adds to the suspicions, is the silence of the official DP. Although it is a corrupt mega-affair, as reported by the media, the blue headquarters just remained silent and didn’t denounce it. Moreover, it seems that the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha is trying to deny his bargains with Edi Rama.

In his speech at the National Assembly of the Democratic Party on July 17, Lulzim Basha remembered the Port of Durrës, but mentioned it briefly. “Laws are made by order of the regime’s clients, private property is looted and destroyed, natural resources are looted, public property is stolen in violation of any norm and beneficiaries hide in tax havens, as in the case of the Port of Durrës, this mega-affair, the contours of which they are just starting to outline, ”-said Basha.

In fact, the issue of the Port of Durrës cannot be denounced with just a half sentence, as Basha did, but it would take entire press conferences, successive denunciations, or even denunciation to the SPAK.

Basha cannot try to “wash his hands like Pontius Pilatius” about this mega-affair, but he should come out to speak, shout if necessary and denounce it loudly. If Lulzim Basha hasn’t received his “share” in this affair of the government, he must show this with concrete steps./