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Exclusive/ The new business of Ben Blushi and Vjollca Hoxha with the incinerator owners


Exclusive/ The new business of Ben Blushi and Vjollca Hoxha with the incinerator owners



Now there is nothing to hide through companies coming from abroad with Albanian owners to buy “Lori Kafe”, or entities created for partnership with Top Channel, its shareholder Vjollca Hoxha and the director of Top Channel. was able to provide information from official sources and then documents from the official website of the National Business Center (NBC), which clearly shows the new partnership of Vjollca Hoxha, with Ben Blushi and Stela Gugalla.

The latter secured the 22 million euro contract of the Elbasan Incinerator concession. Stela Gugallja is the mother of two children of Mirel Mërtiri, partner of Klodian Zoto and Ben Blushi at the company “Em Capital Grup” based in Bulgaria.

Stela Gugalla, Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto are collaborators in 3 incinerator concessions in Elbasan 22 million euros, in Fier with 28 million euros and Tirana with 128 million euros.

Vjollca Hoxha is one of the shareholders and the director of Top Channel, where the director is Ben Blushi, the scandalous politician publicly accused of many other violations of the law, from buying a property for his daughter with ridiculous value, to the fuel of without paying tens of millions Lek to a businessman, up to the non-declaration of assets.

According to official document, on April 12, 2021, so a month and a half ago, NBC registered the company KUDOPAY. The company which has administrator Denis Rodi, a former employee of Raiffeisen Bank. The partners of this company are three well-known names to the public, Stela Gugallja of the 22 million euro incinerator in Elbasan, mother of Mirel Mertiri’s children, another name that is widely accused of the incinerator scheme, which is being investigated by SPAK.

Ben Blushi, the politician who failed with his LIBRA party, and who after leaving parliament took over the management of Top Channel, and who is now increasing the number of companies where he is a shareholder, from Bulgaria on behalf of Eva, his wife, in Tirana where he is own shareholder with 16 percent in KUDOPAY.

LEXO EDHE:   Denar Biba fyen Blushin: Viktimë!/ Kreu i LIBRA i zbulon emrin e ri

Vjollca Hoxha, one of the shareholders of Top Channel, which is in court after the clash with Albert Sino and Aurel Baci, is the third shareholder of KUDOPAY with 17 percent, and the remaining 67 percent of the shares is owned by Stela Gugallja of the incinerator of Elbasan.

KUDOPAY is the third company in the partnership scheme of Vjollca Hoxha-Ben Blushi- Incinerators.

The first is EM Capital created in Bulgaria where Eva Blushi, Ben Blushi’s wife, is the shareholder with 33 percent, and Mirel Mertiri and Klodian Zoto have 67 percent of the shares. The second is Valtelina shpk, the company that holds the Lori Kafe brand, this company was bought for $ 2.2 million under the contract below.

Already at Lori Kafe, Vjollca Hoxha and her children have 49 percent of the shares and 51 percent are owned by EM Capital Group, where the shareholders are Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri of the incinerators. The third company is KUDOPAY, where Ben Blushi didn’t use his wife.

This time he came out openly in this company. But Mirel Mertiri is missing, and unlike Blushi this time is represented by the cohabitant and mother of his two daughters, Stela Gugalla. This company is neither an incinerator, nor media, nor a coffee supply company.

It will operate in the field of electronic fuel systems. According to the description in the NBC, the company will perform “installations for fuel systems such as electronic, computer, automated and card systems, communication and telecommunication plants and networks, computer equipment and apparatus and informatics, maintenance service and development of their constituent components”.

So this is the newest business of the incenerator-Vjollca Hoxha-Ben Blushi partnership, or concessionaires who receive millions of dollars from Albanian taxes, and who enter into partnerships with national media and former accused politicians, who have taken leading roles. (to be continued)./

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Why is SPAK still silent on the incinerators scandal?!




Dërgimi i dosjes së Ardian Çapjas në gjyq/ SPAK jep njoftimin zyrtar

The reform of the justice system and the new institutions that emerged from it, much trumpeted not only by politics but also by the international factor, are seen as the hope that albanians will finally find the missing justice.

One of the new justice institutions, the Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime, otherwise known as the SPAK, is claimed to be the institution that will crack down on corruption in the ranks of politics and senior officials, and that they will finally receive the punishment they deserve.

But now SPAK is facing the test if we really have a new justice. And if there is one issue that needs to be talked about out loud, it that of the incinerators. The SPAK must wake up and complete the investigation into the denunciations over what is called the corrupt affair of the century, as there is talk of a sum of money worth 400 million euros.

While he is moving faster with the seizure of Ylli Ndroqi’s property and secondary things, as dealing with traffic police officers who take bribes of 10 dollars from drivers, SPAK seems to have no eyes and ears to see and hear the affair corrupt of incinerators.

LEXO EDHE:  Skandali-Nga pronarët e mediave tek kompanitë off shore/ Skema e plotë e koncesionit të inceneratorëve, emrat e përfshirë
LEXO EDHE:  Sulmet e Ben Blushit në Top Channel/ Prokurori i Tiranës, kërkon ndihmë nga KLP e ILD

The latter, which has been strongly denounced by the opposition, the Albanian media and even the international ones, cost Albanians hundreds of millions of euros. This scandal is a direct accusation not only of the minister, the Prime Minister, but also of the media involved in this corrupt affair.

But when will SPAK investigate this mega scandal? When will there be arrests by SPAK for incinerators? When will Albanians learn the truth about where ended up hundreds of millions of euros, taken from the government and given to private companies.

The latter then bargain and enter into schemes with former socialist officials, turned as media executives. When will SPAK talk about the scandalous facts? SPAK couldn’t remain silent on the incinerators, because even if he forgot, he will remind by others.

And not only this affair, but also its connections to the media, assets of unjustified individuals, amounting to millions of euros. And if Ylli Ndroqi was an example, the incinerator scandal, connections with media people and corrupt officials, should be the great truth of the fight against corruption./



Chinese chemical fertilizers for Albanians/ Erion Braçe demanded the removal of the director who revealed the scandal




Through some investigative articles, has denounced a scandal of unimaginable proportions, where it is suspected that are involved officials of the “Rama” government. It

is about a scandal that occurred in 2018, for which has shown with exclusive documents how thousands of boxes of Chinese pesticides have entered our country, not certified by the European Union, and the entry of which is prohibited by law.

But the officials involved in the affair, have been justified in claiming that the Chinese company that exported the pesticides is a branch of a Spanish company, which has never been proven. showed with exclusive documents, that quantities of banned pesticides were loaded in China, then from Shanghai arrived in Durrës. The orders were made by AGRO-ZANI shpk, with address in Berat.

While, another quantity, turns out to be the order of the company “Shegaj-Agr shpk”, which is administered by Adriatik Hadëri. This company has declared on March 14, 2018, the customs clearance of pesticides, which are used in agriculture, where it is clearly stated that the exporting company is a Chinese company.

This citizen has stated that the Chinese exporting company is a subsidiary of the company “MAC-GmbH”, with address in Germany. also showed with official documents that the Prosecution of Durrës launched an investigation into this scandal, and it has received full information from customs.

But apparently it is precisely the revelation of this scandal, the one that has led to the dismissal of the director of investigation at customs. This fact was confirmed two days ago in the plenary session of the Albanian Parliament by MP Myslim Murrizi.

LEXO EDHE:  Ben Blushi komenton zgjedhjet në Maqedoni/Një Pranverë Ballkanike është duke lindur
LEXO EDHE:  Gazetarja i kujton replikën me Blushin në Bruksel/Rama befason me reagimin went further to the investigation, while from some sources we learned that the Director of Investigation, who discovered this scandal, Ervin Brahaj, had a strong clash with Deputy Prime Minister Erion Braçe, and is the latter who asked his removal from office.

So, Deputy Prime Minister Erion Braçe has demanded the resignation of the Director of Investigation at Customs, who revealed the scandal of the introduction in Albania of thousands of boxes of Chinese pesticides, which were strictly prohibited by law. Regarding the issue in question, has learned that there was a meeting, which was also attended by customs officials.

Sources emphasize that in this meeting Braçe had a strong debate and clash with the

Director of Investigation, Ervin Brahaj, which led to his removal from office. Perhaps it is a coincidence that the company that has demanded the customs clearance of Chinese chemical fertilizers and Erion Braçe are from Berat.

But the fact is that Braçe has demanded the resignation of the Director of Investigation, who uncovered the scandal. On the other hand, a day ago, reported that in connection with the scandal in question, a group of inspectors from the Supreme State Audit have started controlling the customs. But even though the evidence is clear, SPAK has not launched any investigation./




Facts/ Lulzim Basha “massacres” the Democratic Party, continues to mock the democrats




“Nuk mund të presim deri 2025”/ Zbardhen detajet, çfarë deklaroi Basha në mbledhjen e Kryesisë

On Sunday, June 13, the Democratic Party held elections for its chairman, where in the race there were 4 candidates, Edith Harxhi, Agron Shehaj, Fatbardh Kadilli and the incumbent Lulzim Basha. After the counting of votes, it turned out that Basha has managed to hold the chair of the chairman of the Democratic Party, but with a number of votes, many times lower than in 2017.

The Election Commission in the Democratic Party has announced that Lulzim Basha has won with 32.882 votes. But there is another detail. Lulzim Basha results in a significant loss of votes, compared to 2017, where he received 58.000 votes.

So even though he managed to retain the chair of the president, the vote of the democrats seems to be a strong “slap” for Lulzim Basha, as he received about 25.000 votes less than 4 years ago. But since now he cannot be justified again, saying that “Rama stole the elections”, Basha is trying to further ridicule the democrats, appearing at press conferences and talking about “extraordinary support”.

In fact, how much the democrats support Lulzim Basha, is already known and proven.

But apparently Lulzim Basha hates the democrats and the Democratic Party. Yesterday in a statement to the media, Basha said among other things:”I want to thank each of you, from the founders to the youngest members, for the most beautiful exercise of democracy within our party, in a unique process thanks to which the Democratic Party once again rises to the height of its name and history”.

In fact, this is another mockery by Lulzim Basha. First, Lulzim Basha himself “killed” the senators of this party. Secondly, there is nothing democratic left in the DP. As reported throughout the campaign, the election process for the DP leader, only democracy didn’t exist.

LEXO EDHE:  Ben Blushi komenton zgjedhjet në Maqedoni/Një Pranverë Ballkanike është duke lindur

LEXO EDHE:  Prona 500 milionëshe/ Kush është noterja që falsifikoi firmën e vajzës së Ben Blushit?!

The election date has been widely criticized, even by the historic leader of the democrats, Sali Berisha. Basha set June 13 as the date for the elections, as not to leave time for rivals to campaign. On the other hand, the whole race took place in unequal conditions.

Basha was competing against 3 other candidates, in one race who was still holding the chair of the mayor, and put at his service the entire DP administration. On the official website of the Democratic Party on social networks, only his meetings in the local branches were published with videos, and not of other candidates.

Moreover, Lulzim Basha hid the membership lists, not making them available to other candidates, and apparently he calls this a “democratic process”. Further, the lists were reduced, from 103.000 members who were officially declared in 2017, to 75.000 members, ie 28.000 fewer members.

Every detail during the campaign for the DP leader, clearly showed that the race was predetermined, and that Lulzim Basha was preparing a farce process, with the sole purpose of continuing to hold the chair of the DP chairman. In yesterday’s statement, Basha also thanked the commissioners, observers and enumerators.

This gratitude of Basha is sincere, because without their help it would hardly have had this result. It’s enough to mention the case of Durrës, where Lulzim Basha was openly added about 300 votes. Or the case of Berat, where Basha received more votes than the number of voters who voted that day.

All these details show that Basha, who accuses Prime Minister Edi Rama of committing an “electoral massacre” on April 25, continued the “massacre” within the Democratic Party./

Faktet/ Basha “masakron” Partinë Demokratike, vijon e tallet me demokratët