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Analysis/ DP in regression, why Albania has lost the right


Analysis/ DP in regression, why Albania has lost the right



Analysis/ DP in regression, why Albania has lost the right

It now seems that the political scene in Albania doesn’t have a right and a left, as is the case in the West where the parties are divided on principles, social democracy, conservatives, family, god, property, taxes, etc. It is clear that in Albania we will have only one center spectrum and political left.

This was officially confirmed yesterday by the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, who in fact showed that the right in Albania no longer exists, and it probably never existed, but was only seen as a hope by a certain caste of people.

Once upon a time there was a genuine conservative party with a capitalist profile. But with what happened recently within the DP, where the loser of the election does not resign, where are violated the basic principles of democracy, where the vote is stolen inside the house, there is no real right and left to face each other.

Albania has been left with an amalgam of political forces, which are simple and only adversaries as two football teams. Such is the case of Albania. The right has been stolen in Albania. It remains only the left. Today in Albania there is no right wing, and this can be said with certainty.

The time when Lulzim Basha is dragging Sali Berisha

But who is the thief of the right? If his name is Sali Berisha, Lulzim Basha, or he has another name, it does not matter. With its behavior, with its profile, with its approach to politics, the Democratic Party is no longer a right wing party. It is a party taken hostage by an individual for 8 years, who doesn’t resign, and who is afraid to hole fair elections within the party.

For this, it is enough to remember that the symbol of this party in the elections always remains Jemin Gjana. Or that the General Secretary of this party has received only 3 thousand votes, and his name is Gazmend Bardhi. Or to think that the socialist Kastriot Islami also militates in this right-wing party.

Without forgetting the fact that in terms of media its symbol is Çlirim Peka. And so on, endless disappointments, not only with the presence of many incompetents, former communists with a sectarian mentality in this party, but also with a disgusting servility that does not stop. In fact, Lulzim Basha never disappoints. He told us he no longer has the right either. Someone had hope, maybe I was one of them. With the idea that there should be a right wing, which would stop the rematch of the left. To be a governing alternative, where there were some conservative principles. But, apparently that hope is dead. It died because the right has some principles and the DP had to have some of its foundations which it had to maintain.

LEXO EDHE:  Pse u tërhoq Basha nga protesta?/ Ngjela zbulon detajet 

But they have crumbled, and the right wing has been stolen. It was stolen because when was founded the Democratic Party, the former political persecuted by the communist dictatorship earned nothing, only a small amount of money, even though they had suffered for almost 45 years.

The DP didn’t return property to those robbed by the communist regime. This was once the main columns of the right wing. So the former persecuted and the owners, the foundations of the Democratic Party have been abandoned. Yesterday’s students, protagonists of the movement that brought the collapse of the communist regime and the proclamation of pluralism, are no longer part of Democratic Party.

Even if we analyze another issue, such as that of the family, we see that the DP is approaching LGBT, as in the last elections it had them as supporters. Another important pillar of the Democratic Party has been European integration. But today the DP is no longer a European party.

With what is happening to her internal elections, she is the party of an individual, who as long as it is stolen, wrinkled, will remain a political force with an approach to the center, and closer to the left, in the interest of someone whose dreams of becoming Prime Minister is killing what is left of the Albanian right.

There cannot be no right-wing political force with a communist behavior as Lulzim Basha’s party has today. Which is ready to do everything to stop Albania’s steps towards Europe, only and only for Basha to survive as chairman of this party./Elvi


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Corruption affair of the century/ When will SPAK wake up for the incinerator scandal?




The Special Prosecution Against Organized Crime and Corruption, SPAK, announced today that it has asked the Special Court to confiscate the assets of the citizen Ylli Ndroqi (aka Xhemail Pasmaçiu). It is about 32 properties, apartments, shares, forests, lands, vehicles, businesses, etc.

So everything for his personal activity, where according to the SPAK investigation, it turns out that about 3 million euros from the income of Ylli Ndroqi are legally unjustified. But beyond the salutation that needs to be done on this case, justice institutions need to show that they are not selective, that they are not puppets in the hands of politics, used for clientelistic interests of the moment.

And in case there is one issue that needs to be talked about loudly is that of incinerators.

SPAK should wake up for incinerators. He must complete investigations into allegations of a so-called century-old corruption scandal worth about 400 million euros.

SPAK should wake up after the lawsuits filed by Knitting Initiative, by the Democratic Party, but also in the investigative media, including All of them have proved with facts and documents the corrupt affair of the incinerators, the millions of euros that are paid from the taxes of the Albanians, on behalf of Stela Gugalla, Klodian Zoto or Mirel Mërtiri.

These are the owners of incinerators, who later entered into partnerships with owners and media executives, as is the case with Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi. A clear outline of some businesses that receive money from the government, and then form partnerships with the media, or their executives.

LEXO EDHE:  Flet ish-themeluesi i PD/Nuk ndodh ndonjë tragjedi, nëse …!

LEXO EDHE:  Rama gati të miratojë ndryshimet Kushtetuese/ Këlliçi “shuplakë” Bashës?

Today is the occasion to wake up the SPAK, and the head of this prosecution, Arben Kraja, who instead of giving a show on issues like that of Ylli Ndroqi, should tell the Albanians that the SPAK is investigating the scandal with incinerators.

Arben Kraja must tell Albanians that SPAK has proven corruption with incinerators, and that it will bring to justice any protagonist of this corrupt affair, be it senior government officials of the Socialist Party, SMI, or corrupt tools of the political system in Albania.

SPAK should wake up to incinerators, as Ylli Ndroqi is not the case of a government corruption. He was not paid from Albanian taxes. Ndroqi is being punished for his personal activity, or even for the accusations that have been made against him in Italy and Turkey, as a person involved in the drug trafficking network.

Incinerators are a theft committed in the offices of the Albanian state, by Albanian officials by Albanian businessmen. We are dealing with a crime with the money of Albanians./




Jemin Gjana is the thief of Luli Basha/ How he is massacring the elections in the Democratic Party




The head of the Electoral Commission in the Democratic Party, Jemin Gjana, has publicly deceived not only the democrats but the entire public opinion, when he came out and talked about the participation of democratic members in the elections for the party leader.

Gjana stated that by 13.00 in the polling stations had voted 23.536 members.

But accordingto the data from the staff of the candidates, rivals of Lulzim Basha, and not from the manipulated data of Jemin Gjana, 13.700 people voted until 14.00.

So the figures given by Jemin Gjana are manipulated and untrue. Lulzim Basha’s rival candidates have their own observers, and have received official data from every polling station.

The participation reported by Gjana is nothing but a public manipulation, which aims to justify Lulzim Basha and the fictitious increase by 50 percent of the DP membership.

This is also proven by the data of the mysterious reduction of the voter list in the Democratic Party, for which in 2017, it was officially said that there are 103.000 members, while in 2021, were declared only 75.000 thousand members.

LEXO EDHE:  “Menaxhimi i shkëlqyer” i pandemisë/ Berisha tregon arsyen pse BE nuk hapi kufijtë7

LEXO EDHE:  Pse u tërhoq Basha nga protesta?/ Ngjela zbulon detajet 

Gjana’s claims aims to enable a manipulation for the turnout to go over 38.000 voters, so to say that in the elections participated nearly 80 percent of the membership. In fact from the turnout are not expected to vote more than 25.000 people.

So, 25 percent of the 2017 membership list, and almost 30 percent of the 2021 membership list. These facts show that Jemin Gjana’s statements are a public hoax for democrats. The latter were also deceived in 2017, thus sealing the defeat in the parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021.

By deceiving them with membership lists and the number of participants, the democrats are simply lying to themselves, causing what most people are waiting for, preparing the ground for the loss of Lulzim Basha in the 2025 parliamentary elections./



Exclusive- The scandal: Chinese chemical fertilizers for Albanians




Exclusive- The scandal:Chinese chemical fertilizers for Albanians

A scandal to the point of the unimaginable, involving Albanian government institutions: allowing the introduction to Albania of pesticides from China. Pesticides, which are strictly prohibited as they are not recognized by EU standards. was able to provide official documents and data about a scandal that occurred in the Albanian customs in 2018. In this scandal were involved senior officials, while there was also an investigation by the prosecution.

We will bring the complete file on how the institutions under the Albanian government, allowed the introduction in Albania of thousands of boxes of pesticides for agriculture. Chinese pesticides out of control and out of European Union standard.

According to official sources and data already documented by, the process of introducing in Albania of these uncontrolled Chinese pesticides, outside the EU standard, has been done using camouflage a Spanish company.

But in fact the connection of the Spanish company, which could guarantee the quality and standard of the EU, with the Chinese company that brought pesticides to Albania, has not been proven yet. So the truth is that pesticides brought by a Chinese company, were introduced to Albania directly from China.

And although such an act is strictly prohibited by law, as no pesticides or chemical fertilizers can enter Albania from outside the EU, the crime has apparently occurred. will bring the documents day after day, showing how the Albanian customs allowed the introduction of banned pesticides in our country.

LEXO EDHE:  Spartak Ngjela: Basha hodhi PD në humnerë
LEXO EDHE:  “Meta në krye të një opozite luftarake?”/ Çfarë thotë Berisha

A scandal involving top state officials and the General Directorate of Customs. will bring day by day documents that show how a Chinese company has introduced large quantities of pesticides, which are not of EU standard, and which are not allowed by law in Albania.

So to introduce pesticides in Albania, there will have to be a certification of the European Union standard, but this hasn’t happened. In this case there was also a clash and conflict between officials. There have been “victims” and “dismissals”, but not to block the entry of pesticides in Albania, but to favor them.

There is involvement of senior officials, senior leaders of the Albanian government and, will bring day after day, document after document on this scandal, which has its origins in 2018, where pesticides from China have entered Albanian territory, and apparently have already been consumed through various foods by Albanian citizens.

For this event, as we mentioned above, there was also an investigation by the prosecution. We will show the details in the coming days. has provided information from the Durrës prosecutor’s office. Even the Supreme State Audit, has also started the verification of this scandal, which will be fully clarified by

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