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The shadows that follow from behind Grida Duma


The shadows that follow from behind Grida Duma



The shadows that follow from behind Grida Duma

In her last TV appearance, the star of the losses in the Democratic Party, Grida Duma, spoke for a long time, laughed, claimed the victory of Luli Basha, but left open many questions that citizens expect to receive answers.

About her connection to the Artan Santo case, the Salianji-G.D video scandal in Parliament, her bargaining with Basha, or her service to the Rama-Basha agreement. There are still no journalists with integrity to ask Grida about these facts, but even if they did, she would never go to the studio with them, as it is the shadows that haunt her career.

Grida Duma didn’t say a single word on Friday about the Rama-Basha agreement of 2017, when the DP took half of the government and all institutions, and stated that it had guaranteed free and fair elections, exactly when the family of the DP leader received 16 million euros with a quick court decision.

The Duma has never spoken about this agreement. Sometimes she stretches out as if criticizing Basha, to show that she has a distance from him. In fact, the shadows that follow Duma, have simply become a tool of Luli Basha. Duma didn’t talk about how the lists for MPs were drafted in 2017, nor that how the DP was divided with the last list in 2021, or even the candidates for the 2015 local elections.

She didn’t say a single word about the clashes and the fight against the base and the destruction of the structures, during the alleged selection of candidates for deputies and the disqualification of many of them by a vetting commission, which in the end Luli Basha

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didn’t ask at all.

She didn’t even talk about the scandalous decision to boycott the local elections in 2019, which came after the handing over of the mandates of the deputies. Grida Duma did not even talk about the erotic scandal with Salianji in Parliament in 2018 in the parliament hall.

But Duma didn’t talk about another issue, that of the murder of banker Artan Santo. We recall here the statement of the former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri, who in the show Opinion on TV Klan, told Grida that she knows quite well how he works.

The day the murder took place, Grida Duma was in Saimir Tahiri’s office for many hours. What was the reason? She was accompanied by former Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi, as she had previously gone to Edi Rama.

So it turns out that she also has a connection with Edi Rama, just like Lulzim Basha. And only they know the secret bargains. So Grida Duma has to talk about much more important issues than those with which she seeks to attract media attention, as the shadows that follow her obscure them all./


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The analysis-Objectives and failure of Lulzim Basha/Elections, lecture for democrats




Basha humbës dhe hakmarrës/ Si po vijon ta përdorë PD-në

The day before, published exclusive news about the election results. They had to do with the final result that Lulzim Basha had requested from his structures in the April 25 parliamentary elections. An objective that seemed mostly achievable, but that was not achieved in 16 of the 20 political leaders of Lulzim Basha.

The data show that the leader of the Democratic Party and his electoral and organizational headquarters have requested not a little, but about 707.000 votes at the national level. But even that is not a big increase. Why? Because on the day the Democratic Party handed over power after the 2013 elections, it received 690.000 votes, in alliance with the PJIU, Dashamir Shehi’s MND and several other parties.

But this time there were 2 additional political forces, Agron Duka’s Agrarian Environmentalist Party, and Vangjel Dules’s Union for Human Rights Party, which have a certain electoral weight. So even in these conditions Basha and his people, have asked only 17.000 more votes than in 2013.

But even this goal was not achieved. They got about 630.000 votes, making it impossible for the opposition to seize power. With the calculations made by the staff, Basha thought of winning 70 or 71 seats without the SMI. From the latter he expected to win 8-10 mandates, with which he will form a majority which could govern the country with 78-80 mandates.

But that didn’t happen. According to the table below, it is clear that the electoral objective of Basha’s governing structures has not been achieved. And now is being made a fatal mistake. The truth is not accepted, the failure of the objectives is not accepted, the result is not accepted.

But DP it is moving in a dead end, simply and only emphasizing that it was an “electoral massacre”, and not a loss.

LEXO EDHE:  Ilir Levonja/ Bullist i lindur

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In fact, even Sali Berisha suffered some losses while leading the Democratic Party. For example, in 2001, there was for the first time a real electoral massacre, after that of 1996. Police, violence, ballot box stuffing, etc. were used.

But Berisha managed to have facts, evidence, footage, official documents, such as the report of the polling stations, which clearly showed that the elections had been manipulated.

Today in 2021, where technology is not 20 times, but probably 20 thousand times more developed than 2 decades ago, the Democratic Party has failed to present any evidence of manipulation. Although he received every footage from every polling station, every footage from every vote counting group. Hundreds of ballot boxes were opened where the result was disputed, such as in Berat, Durrës, etc., and no manipulated or alienated vote came out.

In the end, what should be emphasized is that the objective of the DP political leaders has not been achieved. Those who have no eyes to see and no ears to hear or mouth to speak, will remain “dumb” or “deaf-dumb” of politics, worthless for anyone.

They will be mere servile and screenwriters of a yard. But, the truth is that the electorate body selected by Basha, the political leaders and his confidants failed. The failure is a case for a deep reform in the DP, which Lulzim Basha already seems unable to do, as it seems that he has been held hostage to his chair and cannot further increase the political results of the Democratic Party, with a structure that already failed several times and powerless, to achieve the required electoral objectives, which lead to the overthrow of power./



Lulzim Basha prepares the expulsion of opponents from leading positions in the DP




Mori mandatin e tretë në PD/ Basha: Nuk dorëzohemi kurrë, do marr mbi supe çdo përgjegjësi

Lulzim Basha is in a hurry to quickly close the usurpation of any leading position in the Democratic Party and remove any strong voice critical of him, who demands changes or who thinks that Basha really lost the April 25 elections.

Official sources from the DP told that immediately after the analysis, will be held the elections of the governing structures in the center, including the Presidency, the Secretariat, the National Council and up to the DP branches that will all be included in the electoral process.

All the chairmen of the local branches of the Democratic Party, who don’t achieve the objectives set by Basha from the elections will leave their posts. This reorganization process seems to be clearly a purge of opponents, and strengthening of Lulzim Basha’s position at the head of the DP, which is already aiming to cement every post with people, who think like him and don’t bring annoyance, articulating the election defeat.

Basha is clearly trying to call the election an electoral massacre, in the hope that he can retain the support of militants who have abandoned him massively. Turnout is low in elections within the DP, with only 28 percent of the DP membership, was an alarm bell for Basha.

Basha has already made ready the moves he will perform. But it must shorten the waiting time to assemble the structures and perform the cleaning operation. The first names that will leave are Edmond Spaho and Edi Paloka, both vice-presidents of the Democratic Party, who have been by Basha’s side for 8 years.

LEXO EDHE:  Ilir Levonja/ Bullist i lindur

LEXO EDHE:  Ilir Levonja/ Bullist i lindur

These two positions have several candidates. Ervin Salianji, Tomor Alizoti or Jorida Tabaku, are among the names that can be part of the leadership of the parliamentary group or even vice-speakers of the Assembly. Other names that will have positions in parliamentary committees or part of the group leadership are expected to be Albana Vokshi, Enkejled Alibeaj, Alfred Rushaj, etc.

Another name that is leaving is Bujar Nishani, who will leave the leadership of the National Council. This post may be completely dissolved, but Basha demands its formal preservation to do favors to those who will be forced to reward for their loyalty.

A vacancy for Basha is also that of Organizational Secretary, after the resignation of Sahit Dollapi immediately after losing the elections. Arben Ristani, leaves the leadership of the Disciplinary Commission that he led for 4 years, a position that was never taken into consideration by Basha.

Another name that leaves is that of Çlirim Gjata, which was not included in the winning list, although his ambitious claims. Basha will try to remove from the Presidency also Fatbardh Kadilli and Enno Bozdo, who have recently clashed strongly with the leader of the Democratic Party.

One of the few names expected to hold the leadership position is Gazmend Bardhi.

He holds the post of Secretary General of the Democratic Party. Also, Ivi Kaso in the secretariat of the Democratic Party, or Ina Zhupa, who is appointed by Basha together with

Secretary of International Relations, Arben Kashahu./



Facts- Why the Rama-Basha agreement still works/ How Basha “killed” politically Sali Berisha and sold Ilir Meta to Socialist Party




Facts- Why the Rama-Basha agreement still works/How Basha “killed” politically Sali Berisha and sold Ilir Meta to Socialist Party

One of the biggest political costs that the opposition has had is the agreement of 2017, between Prime Minister Edi Rama and the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha. It has been criticized not only by critics, but also by people close to Basha, who have described it as an agreement on corrupt interests, promoted by George Soros, and with serious consequences for Albanian politics.

And today in 2021, no one has any argument that this deal doesn’t exist, and is not functioning perfectly. Let us list the facts and analyze them. In 2017, a Rama-Basha agreement was reached for peaceful elections, at a time when the opposition was in the Tent of protests.

In 2021, an agreement was reached again for the Electoral Code, and again there were peaceful elections. In both cases Rama won with the same result, while Basha in the last elections only added the votes that in 2017 went to the SMI. The agreement has secured Rama power, while Basha has secured the chair of the DP chairman.

The agreement provided a peaceful process, and rapid counting and announcement of the final result. And the fact is that the election defeat was signed in every polling station, in every counting group, in every CEAZ, and Basha’s complains were simply formal.

In both cases, after losing Basha pretended not to recognize the election, and then in both cases entered parliament and accepted the mandates. In both cases he said that now begins the battle. Even the first, second, and maybe the third term, the businesses of Basha’s family are only increasing.

Lulzim Basha is probably the only opposition leader in the world who gets rich while the other has the power. In 2017, Rama and Basha attacked small parties. While this year with the changes in the Electoral Code, they practically disappear small parties.

The latest and most important evidence of the continuation of the agreement is the political “murder” of Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha. In 2017, Basha focused the campaign against Meta. This year he hasn’t said a single word in defense of the president already fired by Parliament.

LEXO EDHE:  Ekskluzive/ Zbulohen 24 emrat që Basha do rikandidojë nga ish-deputetët e 2017
LEXO EDHE:  Zoti Berisha përse heshtni për skandalin e Ervin Salianjit dhe GD?!

Maybe Meta understood it late, but Basha sold it to Rama.

And this is a fact, as the burning of mandates not only ambushed Meta, but also executed him politically. If Basha didn’t burn the mandates, Edi Rama would never have the constitutional majority to dismiss the president. Therefore, Meta’s departure is totally part of the 2017 agreement.

In 2017, Basha complained that Berisha did not allow him to reach an agreement with Rama. Two years later, every political act was billed to Berisha, exposing him to the internationals.

Then, in a flash, in collaboration with Rama, they “killed” him politically, with the decision of the US State Department, for declaring non-grata the former Prime Minister.

Everyone is convinced that this wouldn’t have come without the OK of Lulzim Basha. So, the agreement started with the enrichment of the family, through the 16 million euros he received for his father-in-law’s palace, built on the sand of the Ionian Sea in Vlora.

He then went on to co-govern in two forms, once with ministers and once without the latter. To go further to the betrayed causes, from Nation’s Road, National Theater and everything else. Let’s not forget also the fact that even for the scandal with the incinerators, Basha spoke only for a few days, then the envelopes with money closed his mouth.

Basha does not need to be in government, as he receives millions of euros even being at the head of the DP. And with the money he earns from the agreement with Rama, he holds the leadership of the DP, sells and buys mandates of deputies, which he uses for his personal interests. The Rama-Basha agreement exists, and the scheme is already clear. Who has doubts, will see other evidence in September./