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Resignations erupt in DP/ Lulzim Basha makes the tour of loss, as a tourist


Resignations erupt in DP/ Lulzim Basha makes the tour of loss, as a tourist



The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has found several ways to justify the loss and failure in the parliamentary elections on April 25. He first issued a statement to the media praising the election process.

Meanwhile, 2 days later, he started talking about election manipulation through the sale and purchase of votes, saying that “the war has just started”. We heard him declare in the media that he doesn’t accept the result of the elections, while on the other hand he gathered the new parliamentary group, telling them that he knew their mandates.

So, he either accepts or doesn’t recognize the April 25 elections, thus putting the Democrats in chaos, to whom he had promised that he would not leave them in opposition. But in fact he was guaranteed another 4 years of opposition. In these conditions, at the time when he had to give an account and leave the leadership of the Democratic Party, he found an inexperienced lawyer outside the blue headquarters, like Marash Logu, to charge him with some files, where it is alleged that there is evidence of electoral manipulation, sending them to the Appeals and Sanctions Commission.

And he did this knowing very well that whatever is in those files, the result is not reversed and its loss is not justified. After leading his “war” to this point, he has already started a tour of visits to various regions. Meanwhile, in the Democratic Party have started resignations, as previously reported by, although some of them are trying to be kept secret.

The Organizational Secretary of the Democratic Party, Sahit Dollapi, submitted his resignation a week ago. Some local DP leaders have also resigned. But they have been asked to stay in office until the denunciations are completed, but also until the re-election of the chairman of the DP.

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But instead of resigning, Basha has chosen to roam from city to city as a tourist, but with over a series of losses on his shoulder. The tour started with Durrës on Monday evening, and today he visits Lezha and so on. So from city to city to justify the loss, rather than doing the analysis of the causes that led to the next loss.

He currently holds out hope in the files of lawyer Logu, but if he loses and after those complaints, what will be the next “war” of Lulzim Basha? He left the Democrats in opposition for another 4 years, taking with the Allies only 59 seats across the country.

And now Basha starts the losing tour through Albania as if nothing had happened, as he shocked everyone when on April 27 he spoke about battles and war, while the results pushed him to lose. He was justified with a fake smile, that allegedly PD had won, as there is an increase compared to 2017, forgetting that he has been in opposition for 8 years, and something will have done.

The loss of the April 25 elections, is the third defeat in a row for the DP. Are these successive losses, which have rushed voices from inside and outside the DP that demand the removal of Basha from the leadership of the party. But it seems that until July, when the elections will be held within the DP, Basha will try to justify the loss, by starting the tour through the regions. /

Në PD plasin dorëheqjet/ Basha bën xhiron e humbjes, si turist

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Chinese chemical fertilizer for Albanians/ SPAK involved in scandal?




Chinese chemical fertilizer for Albanians/ SPAK involved in scandal?

In some investigative articles, has denounced a scandal of unimaginable proportions. It is about a scandal that occurred in 2018, for which has shown with exclusive documents how thousands of boxes of Chinese pesticides used in agriculture have entered our country, not certified by the European Union, and which were prohibited by law. showed with exclusive documents how quantities of banned pesticides were transported from Shanghai of China to Durrës.

A part of the quantity was ordered by “AGRO-ZANI shpk” company, with address in Berat, which stated that the Chinese exporting company is a subsidiary of a Spanish company, which has never been proven.

While, another quantity, turns out to have been ordered by “Shegaj-Agr shpk” company, which is administered by Adriatik Hadëri. This company has cleared on March 14, 2018, a quantity of pesticides in the port of Durres, which are used in agriculture, where it is clearly stated that the exporting company is a Chinese company.

Hadëri stated that the Chinese exporting company is a subsidiary of the company “MAC-GmbH”, with address in Germany. has also proved with exclusive documents that the scandal has been referred to the Durrës Prosecutor’s Office for investigation. The file contained a complete information, provided by the Directorate of Investigation in the Customs Directorate.

And the Supreme State Audit has also started a control in the customs regarding the scandal in question. went further to the investigation, while from several sources we learned that the Director of Investigation who has revealed this scandal, Ervin Brahaj, has had a strong clash with Deputy Prime Minister Erion Brace, and the latter demanded the removal of Brahaj from his duty.

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So, Deputy Prime Minister Erion Brace has demanded the resignation of the director of Customs Investigation, who revealed the scandal of the introduction in Albania of thousands of boxes of Chinese pesticides, which were strictly prohibited by law. But, even though almost two weeks have passed since denounced the scandal in question, SPAK remains silent.

SPAK is one of the institutions emerging from the Justice Reform, for which expectations are high not only from the Albanian public, but also from the international community. And now it is facing the test.

The Special Prosecution Office against Organized Crime and Corruption is the institution that is supposed to investigate corruption among senior officials, and the case of the scandal of the introduction in China of Chinese pesticides prohibited by law, which is suspected to involve senior government officials Rama, is the proof that SPAK must give.

The documents are clear, the evidence are there, and the SPAK has a chance to show Albanians that the missing justice will finally come. So, SPAK has the opportunity to show whether it is at the level required by Albanians or is a part to corruption./



Ilir Meta, 100 million dollars of wealth in England?/The details that raise doubts




In 2016, investigative journalist Artan Hoxha stated that English journalists had followed in the footsteps of an Albanian company registered in London, which served as a cover for a very powerful albanian politician.

According to Hoxha, the same politician, there owns 51 property titles worth 70 million pounds, which have been invested in area A of London. And these properties are named after an Albanian citizen from a district in northern Albania.

All this wealth, according to journalist Hoxha, was preserved through the gold exchange in the years 2002-2003, and the British found that the amount of gold came from Albania. Hoxha didn’t mention any politician name. But immediately in the media, was mentioned the name of Ilir Meta, the current president who was bent for such a fortune in London, of 70 million pounds or 100 million dollars. In fact, Meta’s connection to this property was made after former Prime Minister Sali Berisha had issued accusations against him in connection with the robbery of the State Treasury. 280 kg of gold were stolen from the State Treasury after the events of 1997.

According to Berisha, Ilir Meta celebrated the New Year 1999 with the stolen gold. “In December 1999 you celebrated the New Year by stealing the treasure of Albanians”- Berisha declared for Ilir Meta in July 2000. Since the scandal was first denounced in the media in early 2000, and until July in 2009, when he joined him in government, Berisha called Meta “Golden Ilir”. Meanwhile, Meta has repeatedly denied these accusations.

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Transactions in London

But there is another detail that connects the president with this great wealth in London. These are transactions that have taken place in London to cover tuition fees for children. All three children of Ilir Meta were educated in Great Britain.

In 2017, the Meta family stated that they paid 140.000 pounds for their education. While in 2018 a bank account has been declared of about 12.000 pounds, again for school expenses. The president and his wife have spent staggering sums on their children’s education with just one salary in the public administration.

Later, in 2020, the Meta-Kryemadhi couple declares that they cover the cost of educating their children in London by selling some apartments owned by Kryemadhi. During 2020, Meta and Kryemadhi have benefited another 50.000 euros from previous contracts for the sale of apartments.

But on the other hand they have withdrawn from Albanian banks 39.000 euros and about 60.000 pounds, spending part of the money in accounts of children who are being educated in England. So far there is no investigation by the judiciary for the much-discussed wealth of Ilir Meta, to clarify whether it has to do with wealth in London, or even other wealth in Albania./

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All the losers of Lulzim Basha’s “victory”



Nga published two days ago exclusive data, which showed the failure of the political leaders of Lulzim Basha in the elections of April 25, 2021. According to them, the team of Lulzim Basha has managed to get about 85.000 votes less than the target set by leader of the Democratic Party.

The target was about 707.;000 votes, while the result achieved is about 620.000 votes. Only 3 or 4 of Lulzim Basha’s political leaders have achieved their goals, while 16 out of 20 of them have failed, some of them for the second or third time.

Bujar Leskaj in Vlora region managed to get only 4 mandates. In this district, the DP had a slight increase in votes, but it was still 7.972 votes less than the target.

In Korça, where there were two political leaders, Ervin Salianji and Edmond Spaho, the target was 60.400 votes, but in the ballot boxes there were about 10.000 votes less than the target, and about 6.000 votes less than in 2013, when DP came out in opposition.

In the region of Fier the political leader was Enkeled Aliabeaj, He ran for the third time since 2015, once as mayor, and 2 times for MP, and the result was almost 15.000 votes less than the target set by Basha.

In the region of Elbasan the result was not bad, and the DP is closer to the target, which has come because of the great decline of the SMI.

Tritan Shehu, the head of the region in Gjirokastra, received only 1 of the 4 mandates. Out of 23.500 votes that was the target set by Basha, he was able to get only 13.971 votes, over 9.000 votes less.

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In the region of Tirana, Jorida Tabaku, the political leader for unit number 2, received 2.000 votes less than the target, while Alfred Rushaj over 1.900 votes less. Only 3-4 political leaders of the Tirana region have achieved the goal set by Basha, which has led to a balance of votes in this region.


Grida Duma in Kavaja failed sensationally, receiving 14.064 votes, or 4.236 votes less than the target. Flamur Noka in Kamza, is another failure, as he received 1144 votes less. An embarrassing result, in one of the bastions of the right. In the region of Durrës, the result was catastrophic.

DP Deputy Chairman Edi Paloka received 600 votes less than the target. Durrës was expected to score a big victory for the DP, but this didn’t happen. There is an increase in the number of votes, but a big difference between DP and SP.

Shkodra is the main bastion where DP failed. Political leader Helidon Bushati received 16.401 votes less than the target. Even Xhelal Mziu in Dibër, who claimed a great victory, got 8258 votes less than the target.


Another staggering failure is that of Mark Marku and multi-faceted analyst Agron Gjekmarkaj in the Lezha region. In Lezha, the DP received 33.998 votes, out of 37.000 that was the target. So minus 3.000 votes./