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Give Luli Basha’s brother-in-law the sugar factory in Maliq


Give Luli Basha’s brother-in-law the sugar factory in Maliq



Give Luli Basha’s brother-in-law the sugar factory in Maliq

The Municipality of Maliq is one of the areas that has big problems with employment, because it is a town built in the 1960s, by people who worked in the former Sugar Factory. Today most residents are unemployed.

Unlike the rest of the Municipality, where in many communes or administrative units, the inhabitants have land, those of the administrative unit, Maliq, have a special problem, which is their connection with the former Sugar Factory, and its closure before almost 30 years.

Meanwhile, recently there is an ambitious project of the Municipality of Maliq, where the businessman Gjergj Luca has offered to invest in the destroyed state warehouses and the former buildings of the Sugar Factory.

The project has been designed by the Municipality of Maliq for almost 3 years, and has been elaborated by the businessman Gjergj Luca. The project would start in the spring of 2020, but everything stopped because of the pandemic.

Businessman Luca went a few days ago to launch the promised investment, but was met with an immediate reaction. The SMI says that we don’t need this investment, that new jobs should not be created, as this investment is becoming in a middle of electoral campaign, and is being implemented by oligarchs.

In fact this is the next madness and the biggest shame, that a political force publicly inflicts on residents of an area and specifically Maliq. In the beginning, the one who reacted against was the Democratic Party, saying that there will be no investment, that this is an electoral lie etc.

Then the SMI also reacted. So there is a reaction in the opposition bloc against an investment that will create new jobs. But, even if the businessman Gjergj Luca starts working today, there is no possibility to open the factory until the day of the elections.

As initially it will deal with the arrangements and fencing of the area where it will be invested, and with the reconstruction of warehouses for turn it into a factory for processing fish products. So, it is not an electoral investment, but a long-term investment that solves the employment problem, initially for 400-500 people, and up to 1400-1500 people with the completion of the project.

The project will continue with the construction of infrastructure across the Devoll River, for gone to the Pheasant Forest, so it will give a development to the tourism of the area.

On the other hand, the opposition, DP and SMI, say not to create jobs, because it is about electoral investments, so they make propaganda against business.

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Although, the DP should actually be pro and should go and support the businessman. She should have been in Parliament and made concrete proposals to help this business, just because of the large number of people it employs. This did not happen.

On the contrary, the opposite has happened. Both the DP and the SMI have come out against investments. What should they do, and what is the solution in this case? Give the magazines to Erion Isufi, Lulzim Basha’s brother-in-law, who had his company with several tens of millions of lek, and today has turned it into a company with a turnover of millions of euros.

Let Erion Isufi leave the office of the oligarch Shefqet Kastrati and the Sheraton, and let him go to Maliq, let him fix the dilapidated warehouses and return them to investments for the inhabitants of the area. And if Erion Isufi refuse, let Monika Kryemadhi go somewhere and invest millions of euros from her father’s properties, which have sprouted like mushrooms after the rain in the center of Tirana, in the Tirana Ring or in Lalzi Bay.

Let Monica invest her money there in Maliq. But this doesn’t happen. Neither Monika nor Erion Isufi, nor the SMI businessmen, nor those of the DP go there. Instead of helping area residents, giving development ideas, and even formulating policies in support of business, they shamefully attack, accuse, and insult business and area residents.

The latest case in Maliq is the most egregious that has happened. But there are social wounds in many cities of Albania. So it was in Prrenjas. Let Erion Isufi go and take the offices to Prrenjas, where Gjergj Luca has built the factory.

Let him go to Labinot to the ruined warehouses of the state reserves, or even to Gramsh. None of them wants, and has neither the vision nor the courage to take this step, but only know how to accuse and shout./

Jepjani fabrikën e sheqerit në Maliq, kunatit të Lulit

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From waiter to billionaire with unbridled luxury/Lulzim Basha hides expensive villas




During the election campaign for the April 25 parliamentary elections, the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, is going from city to city, meeting citizens, and talking about the poverty and the contrast with the luxury cars of the government officials.

In this way he contradicts himself, as he doesn’t lack luxury cars, villas and other dizzying assets. Basha, who talks about the poverty of most Albanians, doesn’t know how much wealth he really has. He talks about ruining the economy, while his family lives in luxury, while his brother-in-law adds businesses from year to year.

So he goes out and deceives the public, at a time when his family is adding his wealth. Lulzim Basha was elected mayor of Tirana during the years 2011-2015, and from 2013 he is the chairman of the Democratic Party and MP from 2005 until February 2019.

In 2015, Basha admitted in a TV show that his fortune is over 1 million euros, and that it was created before he entered politics. But this is a lie. He owns a villa in the Netherlands, has mansions in the name of his father-in-law in Vlora, has several apartments in Tirana, villas on the coast, villas in Farka, and lots of other real estate.

Referring to his wealth declarations received from HIDAA, from a waiter in Rinas Airport and a translator in Kosovo, Basha has become a billionaire. In addition to villas and apartments he also owns diamonds, or expensive paintings.

From the moment he got involved in politics and until now, Basha has never made transparency about the creation of his wealth. has analyzed in detail the declaration of wealth of Lulzim Basha, deposited in HIDAACI.

In 2005, at the time when Basha joined the Democratic Party, he declared a house in the Netherlands worth 300.000 euros, 2 luxury apartments in Tirana, 1 apartment in Durrës, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle worth 72.000 euros, 1 painting worth 6.500 euros, a watch worth 5.200 euros, diamond ring 11.500 euros, Chinese dish service 6.800 euros, and shares on the stock exchange at a value of 18.000 euros.
Basha was only 31 years old at the time he created this dizzying fortune. In 2007, he reports that he sold the apartment in the Netherlands for 250.000 euros, and a year later sold the apartment in Durrës worth 45.000 euros. In 2008, he bought an apartment in Qerret where he paid only a part, the amount of 40.000 euros.

In 2012, his wife Aurela Basha, sold an apartment in Tirana, where he owned 25 percent of it, worth 10.450.000 Lek. While in his declaration of wealth of 2014, Basha says that he has benefited about 1.5 million Lek per year from working as mayor of Tirana, but also a salary provided by the Netherlands of 26.000 euros, as the head of the EWCP program. Then in 2015 Basha left office, and further in 2017 when he returned to the Assembly, there is no change in wealth. In 2018, in the statement submitted to HIDAACI, Basha declared an amount of 1.335.462 Lek income from salary, and about 535.000 Lek as payment for fuel and telephone.

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So while 2018 has been for him a year with relatively low income, this cannot be said about his wife, Aurela Basha. That year she earned about 55.000 euros, mainly as program director at the EWCP. Earlier, reported that Lulzim Basha had taken a villa in “Long Hill”, a resort built by businessman Agron Papuli, called an oligarch and denounced dozens of times by the DP leader himself.
We recall that in October 2019, Basha moved from his apartment on the 12th floor, near the towers to “Qemal Stafa”, in the villa complex “Long Hill”, on the outskirts of Tirana with the justification of damage from the earthquake of September of that year. also reported that Lulzim Basha stayed at the villas of another oligarch in Lalzi Bay. It is about the luxury resort “Valamar” of Samir Mane, a place where Basha was seen landing and staying in a luxury villa. Lulzim Basha, whose fortune is enigmatic, is the producer of a series of scandals.

We remember the time when he was Minister of Transport with the 200 million euro scandal on Nation Road. When he was Foreign Minister with the scandal of the division of territorial waters with Greece, an agreement overturned by the Constitutional Court, or even when he was Minister of Interior on January 21, 2011, when the Republic Guard with his direct responsibility killed 4 people after a protest of the Socialists against Ilir Meta.

During these years, when these scandals were also registered, Lulzim Basha was paid with the taxes of the citizens, and his wealth was increased by 200 million Lek from the huge salaries in the institutions where he headed. Revenues have also benefited from DP funds, almost 10 million Lek.
Even the income of his wife Aurela Basha, has been dizzying, increasing the wealth by almost 400.000 euros, as she declares herself from working as a director in a foreign organization, where she has been paid from 11.000 euros minimum and up to 49.512 euros per year./



Gold theft, millions of euro transactions and suspicious properties / Ilir Meta on the verge of sinking




The President of the Republic Ilir Meta and his wife Monika Kryemadhi, at the same time the chairwoman of the SMI, are suspected of covering up their unbridled luxury by producing conflicts and political clashes, in order to secure silence about the dubious scheme through which they have created wealth.

The president appears from one institution to another, fighting or inciting conflicts, to anticipate the loss of April 25, while his wife Monika Kryemadhi, goes from city to city, seeking the vote of citizens, to increase wealth and the luxury of her family.

Those who pretend to feel sorry for the poverty of Albanians, are the owners of dizzying wealth. And here we refer only to the assets declared by them, at the High Inspectorate

of Declaration of Assets. The Meta couple’s fortune goes into the billions Lek.

Without any business, only with their salaries, they have managed to create a pharaonic empire, much talked about, but not yet investigated by justice. Although it has often been reported in the media that Ilir Meta will be the first political entity to be investigated by the SPAK for his wealth of billions of Lek, or even for the disappearance of the gold of the State Treasury in Krraba.

Based on HIDAACI data, has analyzed in detail the wealth of the Meta couple, whom we see every day complaining about poor Albania or Albania without opportunities. It is in this aspect that the question arise:How they made this fortune in such a poor country, competing with even the biggest businessmen of the country.

In 2003, Meta stated that together with his wife Monika Kryemadhi he was the owner of an apartment with a total area of 327 m2 worth 60.000 dollars according to an order contract dated 30.10.2002. According to him, he had taken a loan of 60.000 dollars.

In 2004 Meta declares that he owns 25 percent of a 2+1 apartment privatized by the state. In 2006, the Meta couple declared income in the amount of 300.000 euros from the sale of a villa in Golem, several times more than they had bought.

In 2007, the wife, Monika Kryemadhi, declared 100 per cent owner of 700 m2 in Tirana, bought for 5.000.000 Lek. A year later, he signed a venture contract on the purchased land, from which he benefited 35 per cent of the construction area.

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In 2010, the Meta couple increased their wealth with a 200-square-meter apartment worth 400.000 euros. That same year, his wife Monika Kryemadhi, declared the real estate in Lalzi Bay in Durrës. It is about the much talked about villa with 11 toilets, where one was for the cat.

Kryemadhi is justified by saying that he has benefited from the exchange of 300 m2 of construction area in Tirana. It was written in the media, that a fabulous expense was made for this villa, where the furniture alone cost 400.000 euros.

In 2014, Kryemadhi is the owner of 13 residential apartments with a total area of 1444.8 m2, benefited from the entrepreneurship contract with the company Agi-Kons shpk. While in 2016, Kryemadhi, has sold real estate worth over half a million euros within the year, while the income has only two salaries, her and her husband.

There are many details that don’t matsh in this case, from the way of exchange, when they acquired the villa in Lalzi Bay and to other real estate. Earlier, Kryemadhi stated that the permit for the construction of the palace was given to her by Edi Rama, when he was the mayor of Tirana.

But how this palace was built, with what money, what agreement was made with the construction company, and what was exchanged for the property in Lalzi Bay, these should be investigated by SPAK.

Then there is the education of children, for which dizzying sums have been spent, while the income are always from only 2 salaries. The three children of the Meta couple have been educated in Great Britain. In 2017 the Meta family stated that they paid 140 thousand pounds for their education.

While in 2018 has been declared a bank account of about 12.000 pounds, again in school expenses. At this point, a role should be played by the Special Anti-Corruption Structure, which has all the mechanisms to uncover the manner and scheme of how the Meta spouses created their wealth.

Even the rebellion of the President of the Republic, shows that it is heading towards sinking and before the handcuffs are put on, it is undertaking and using every means at its disposal./

Zhdukja e floririt, transaksionet miliona euro dhe patundshmëri të dyshimta/ Ilir Meta drejt fundosjes




A racist like Lulzim Basha




In recent days, the public has been involved in a heated debate, after a thesis thrown by Prime Minister Edi Rama in a meeting with a businessman, where the latter stressed that workers from Bangladesh could also come to Albania, as labor force is lacking, and he has problems with people seeking higher wages or other working conditions.

Many investors or builders admit that it is very difficult and almost impossible to find workers in the construction sector. But even in many other areas it is really hard to find cheap labor, and the thesis of Bangladeshi immigrants is being discussed so much, being called as something negative.

Didn’t the workers from Turkey come to build the Fier hospital within 3 months? Are there turkish and other foreign workers that are working in Albania? has made a simple observation, and it turns out that there are currently several hundred or thousands of foreign workers in the country, mainly Turks or from Arab and Asian countries, who currently work in the capital in some various construction companies.

And this didn’t start today, nor yesterday with the coming to power of Edi Rama, but it happened many years ago. Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition, Lulzim Basha, instead of giving arguments for and against the arrival of workers from abroad, has shown signs of his racism.

He said he didn’t want workers from Bangladesh to come, but he would bring them from Germany. But what is this racism of Lulzim Basha? Why shouldn’t workers come from Bangladesh, Greece, Turkey, Italy, or Indonesia, from any country where there is a workforce that can come and work in our country at a lower cost.

In the end, this only guarantees the development of the economy, thus increasing the local business. Unemployed Albanians are not numerous, but Lulzim Basha cannot deny their laziness. This was also stated by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, when he was in office.

Those who want to leave for better wages can go to work in the European market. But who will work in Albania? Albania cannot stay without work, it cannot stay without construction, without development. Under these conditions, temporary employees will be hired from abroad, and this happens in every country in Europe.

It happens in Germany that it hires workers from Greece, Poland, Albania, Turkey, or from Asian countries. Occurs in France and Italy. The companies recruit manual workers, construction workers and diverse needs in many countries, in the countries of origin, but also beyond in Asia.

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What Lulzim Basha said yesterday is simply a racist attitude, a choice he will make among the people. He loves the Germans, but he doesn’t want them from Bangladesh, he loves the English, but he doesn’t like those from Africa. But can Albanians show racist attitude, where half of the people have emigrated around the world?

There are Albanians working in Africa. There are branches of Albanian businesses in Asia, in China. And these businesses should be closed because Lulzim Basha doesn’t accept foreigners to come to work in Albania?

In fact, very soon in Albania there will be large investments, from foreign companies which are expected and have shown interest or have submitted projects to the government. And it doesn’t matter who will be in power, Edi Rama or Lulzim Basha. They will bring their people to work, and will subcontract Albanian companies.

But does Albania have the manpower to afford the giant project in Durrës? Will employees come from Arabia? Will the company itself bring employees from Bangladesh? Or should they hire German workers, because this is how he likes Lulzim Basha, who is a racist Dutchman, and cannot accept workers from other countries to build certain facilities?

Beyond any conspiracy theory or political accusation, there is only one fact: when there is no labor forces in the country or higher costs are required which the business cannot afford, this labor will be forced to find somewhere abroad.

As Albanians were used in the 1990s in Greece, Italy and everywhere in Europe. It would be good for Basha not to show this racist attitude as he is a candidate for Prime Minister, and on the other hand he would have to consult once again with his brother-in-law, Erion Isufi.

So with what countries is working with his projects, with the millions of euros he has added and the assets invested during the rule of Edi Rama. Would Luli Bashas accept that his brother-in-law hire employees from Africa and cooperate with them? Or not because they don’t have the same skin color as our “Dutchman”, Lulzim Basha. Therefore, the latter also reacts shamefully in the media, as a candidate for Prime Minister, displaying his racism in the most disgusting way./

Një racist si Lulzim Basha