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The names/ reveals the candidates of the SMI list


The names/ reveals the candidates of the SMI list



A day before the submission of the names officially to the CEC, has revealed the names of the SMI candidates who will lead the lists of the districts. The SMI led by Monika Kryemadhi will run in a separate coalition, not with Basha’s DP, a scheme to increase the number of seats, or to get as many votes as possible from the left SMI, which could harm the Socialist Party. brings below the main candidates, ie those whom the SMI calls safe. According to the votes received in three pairs of elections with the regional proportional system SMI has had a continuous increase.

In 2009, the SMI and its coalition received 84.000 votes and 4 seats, which they used to join the government with former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. In 2013, in coalition with the Socialists, the SMI received 180.000 votes and 16 seats.

In 2017 alone against the Rama-Basha alliance, the SMI led by Ilir Meta for the third time saw an increase, going 225 thousand votes and 19 seats. The April 25 elections, are the first under the leadership of Monika Kryemadhi, who has ousted many of its founders, leaders and former MPs from the party. The SMI comes up in this election with new names in some counties, but most of the names are the remaining loyalists of Kryemadhi and Meta.

LEXO EDHE: publikoi faktet/ “Stop” vë me shpatulla pas muri Bashën

SMI list:


-Petrit Vasili

– Klajda Gjosha

– Floida Kërpaci

– Vojo Bregu

– Erisa Xhixho


– Monika Kryemadhi

– Edmond Haxhinasto


– Elona Guri

– Bahri Shaqiri


– Ardit Çela

-Aurela Agalliu


– Luan Rama


– Monika Kryemadhi

– Kejdi Mehmetaj


– Vangjel Tavo


– Endrit Braimllari


– Agron Çela


– Viktor Tushaj

In Kukës, Dibër, SMI support the DP’lists./

Emrat/ zbulon kandidatët e listës së LSI


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The presidency in the service of the SMI/ Ilir Meta “goes mad”, abandon the institution




The presidency in the service of the SMI/ Ilir Meta “goes mad”, abandon the institution

For several days the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, has been moving the Presidency in the South, from Vlora to Pogradec, in the service of the Socialist Movement for Integration. The successive departures of SMI members towards the Socialist Party in these areas, don’t seem to be the only reason why Meta has left the institution and Tirana.

He stayed for a long time in Vlora and on the southern shores, as he was the organizer and screenwriter of two incidents in Tirana. In one of them he was even involved in clashes with police at the New Democratic Spirit offices. And in the other with AlbControl controllers, who, on his orders, allegedly took hostage the national airport.

Tensed and full of nervousness on his face, Meta made today a statement to the media from Pogradec, repeating the previous statements and surprising people with what he said. In the role of President, Meta said that he asked the SPAK to quickly investigate the misuse and theft of personal data of citizens by the Socialist Party.

But behaving once as President of the Republic and other times as chairman of the SMI,

Meta doesn’t seem to have been informed by his people, that SPAK has already started investigations on this issue, and that the media today have reported on him throughout the morning.

LEXO EDHE:  Pse Tirana braktisi Bashën 

LEXO EDHE:  “Nëse kritikon shefin, shpallesh armike”/ Jozefina Topalli “shuplakë” Bashës

“It is an unacceptable and dirty violation of any norm and any morality, to place the personal data of all citizens of Albania in the function of a political force. Now begins the time that the government that will come to power in the country, will be afraid of the people. No one will be able to violate the rights and freedoms of Albanians”- said Meta.

His confusing statements show that his appearance in the media is a message to say, that “I still exist”, but they have nothing to do with anything that affects citizens. All the signs show that Meta may be on duty to prepare for the next conflict, and then come out and justify himself by saying that he was not in Tirana, but in Vlora.

On this eve of elections, nothing is accidental with Ilir Meta. But we can be sure of one thing: The presidency has fallen, and Albania is already without a President of the Republic, as the latter has chosen to be chairman of the SMI, abandoning the institution where he was elected./

Presidenca në shërbim të LSI/ “Çmendet” Meta, braktis institucionin




Lulzim Basha is caught lying/ Here is the truth of the Krraba tunnel in Tirana-Elbasan road




Lulzim Basha is caught lying/ Here is the truth of the Krraba tunnel in Tirana-Elbasan road

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha held an electoral meeting today in Elbasan, boasting of the successes of others, as he has already become accustomed. He has considered the Krraba tunnel in Elbasan as a work built by him, where in fact the truth is completely different.

“I know and I have felt your appreciation for this extraordinary work, that transformed many dimensions of the daily life of the citizens of Elbasan and all of Albania. I have come to give the message of how important is keeping promises in politics. The word given is a word kept for the Elbasan tunnel”- said Basha.

In fact, Lulzim Basha has erased from his memory that the construction of the tunnel began on April 29, 2011, at a cost of up to 101 million dollars, and was inaugurated on June 16, 2013, during the parliamentary election campaign.

So, the works for the construction of the Krraba tunnel started in 2011, when Lulzim Basha was the mayor of Tirana, while Sokol Olldashi had 4 years as Minister of Infrastructure. Even when the inauguration took place, ie the opening of the tunnel in 2013, Lulzim Basha was again the mayor of Tirana.

LEXO EDHE:  Rama zbulon mesazhin e fundit me Bashën/ I kërkova bashkim

LEXO EDHE:  Zbardhet takimi i Bashës me eurodeputetin Fleckenstein

Based on these facts, the question naturally arises:How did a mayor build a national road?

After the scandal with 300 million euros with Nation Road, we are hearing surprises from Lulzim Basha who comes out and says that he built it.

Or even the actual Prime Minister Edi Rama, who says that he built the tunnel and the road. When in fact it was built by the government led by Sali Berisha, and when the Minister of Infrastructure was Sokol Olldashi, who had the direct responsibility for that investment. This is not the first time that Lulzim Basha is caught lying, and boasting about the work of others./

Basha kapet duke gënjyer/ Ja e vërteta e tunelit të Krrabës, Tiranë-Elbasan



From waiter to billionaire with unbridled luxury/Lulzim Basha hides expensive villas




During the election campaign for the April 25 parliamentary elections, the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, is going from city to city, meeting citizens, and talking about the poverty and the contrast with the luxury cars of the government officials.

In this way he contradicts himself, as he doesn’t lack luxury cars, villas and other dizzying assets. Basha, who talks about the poverty of most Albanians, doesn’t know how much wealth he really has. He talks about ruining the economy, while his family lives in luxury, while his brother-in-law adds businesses from year to year.

So he goes out and deceives the public, at a time when his family is adding his wealth. Lulzim Basha was elected mayor of Tirana during the years 2011-2015, and from 2013 he is the chairman of the Democratic Party and MP from 2005 until February 2019.

In 2015, Basha admitted in a TV show that his fortune is over 1 million euros, and that it was created before he entered politics. But this is a lie. He owns a villa in the Netherlands, has mansions in the name of his father-in-law in Vlora, has several apartments in Tirana, villas on the coast, villas in Farka, and lots of other real estate.

Referring to his wealth declarations received from HIDAA, from a waiter in Rinas Airport and a translator in Kosovo, Basha has become a billionaire. In addition to villas and apartments he also owns diamonds, or expensive paintings.

From the moment he got involved in politics and until now, Basha has never made transparency about the creation of his wealth. has analyzed in detail the declaration of wealth of Lulzim Basha, deposited in HIDAACI.

In 2005, at the time when Basha joined the Democratic Party, he declared a house in the Netherlands worth 300.000 euros, 2 luxury apartments in Tirana, 1 apartment in Durrës, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle worth 72.000 euros, 1 painting worth 6.500 euros, a watch worth 5.200 euros, diamond ring 11.500 euros, Chinese dish service 6.800 euros, and shares on the stock exchange at a value of 18.000 euros.
Basha was only 31 years old at the time he created this dizzying fortune. In 2007, he reports that he sold the apartment in the Netherlands for 250.000 euros, and a year later sold the apartment in Durrës worth 45.000 euros. In 2008, he bought an apartment in Qerret where he paid only a part, the amount of 40.000 euros.

In 2012, his wife Aurela Basha, sold an apartment in Tirana, where he owned 25 percent of it, worth 10.450.000 Lek. While in his declaration of wealth of 2014, Basha says that he has benefited about 1.5 million Lek per year from working as mayor of Tirana, but also a salary provided by the Netherlands of 26.000 euros, as the head of the EWCP program. Then in 2015 Basha left office, and further in 2017 when he returned to the Assembly, there is no change in wealth. In 2018, in the statement submitted to HIDAACI, Basha declared an amount of 1.335.462 Lek income from salary, and about 535.000 Lek as payment for fuel and telephone.

LEXO EDHE:  Përfundon takimi i Bashës me ministrin e Jashtëm italian/ Çfarë u diskutua

LEXO EDHE:  "Qeveria dështoi në integrimin e vendit"/ Basha në kongresin e PPE, tregon vizionin e demokratëve


So while 2018 has been for him a year with relatively low income, this cannot be said about his wife, Aurela Basha. That year she earned about 55.000 euros, mainly as program director at the EWCP. Earlier, reported that Lulzim Basha had taken a villa in “Long Hill”, a resort built by businessman Agron Papuli, called an oligarch and denounced dozens of times by the DP leader himself.
We recall that in October 2019, Basha moved from his apartment on the 12th floor, near the towers to “Qemal Stafa”, in the villa complex “Long Hill”, on the outskirts of Tirana with the justification of damage from the earthquake of September of that year. also reported that Lulzim Basha stayed at the villas of another oligarch in Lalzi Bay. It is about the luxury resort “Valamar” of Samir Mane, a place where Basha was seen landing and staying in a luxury villa. Lulzim Basha, whose fortune is enigmatic, is the producer of a series of scandals.

We remember the time when he was Minister of Transport with the 200 million euro scandal on Nation Road. When he was Foreign Minister with the scandal of the division of territorial waters with Greece, an agreement overturned by the Constitutional Court, or even when he was Minister of Interior on January 21, 2011, when the Republic Guard with his direct responsibility killed 4 people after a protest of the Socialists against Ilir Meta.

During these years, when these scandals were also registered, Lulzim Basha was paid with the taxes of the citizens, and his wealth was increased by 200 million Lek from the huge salaries in the institutions where he headed. Revenues have also benefited from DP funds, almost 10 million Lek.
Even the income of his wife Aurela Basha, has been dizzying, increasing the wealth by almost 400.000 euros, as she declares herself from working as a director in a foreign organization, where she has been paid from 11.000 euros minimum and up to 49.512 euros per year./