Why Lulzim Basha doesn’t love bachelors?!

10 Shkurt 2021, 16:22, English CNA
Why Lulzim Basha doesn’t love bachelors?!

Two days ago, invited to one of the afternoon shows to talk about the PR of political leaders in this election campaign, journalist Zefina Hasani, field expert and author of a series of successful programs in the country, analyzed the strategy of communication of opposition leader Basha.

She focused at the latest video posted on social networks by his wife, Aurela Basha, where he appears cooking in the kitchen of his house. Ms.Hasani said nothing more and nothing less than what most people have said, public figures or individuals, who have reacted on social media.

She calmly argued that this video or other posts by Basha, have created debates for the fact that they were not well-thought-out in detail, such as the fact that Basha was cooking with his shoes on, and so on. So small details, which questioned the spontaneity of the action and the video itself.

Immediately after these comments, on the network or on portals close to the opposition began a series of low-key attacks on journalist Hasani. Luli Basha?s servile, started to ironize Mrs. Hasani on how a single woman has information about PR.

It must be said that these servile, are one of the reasons why that party is in this difficult situation, and they do this work for free. While the portals near the opposition, trying to do their service, maybe even imposing a small fine, recalled the fact that Ms.Hasani works for the company of Mr.Theodhori Cami, owner of ?EuroNews Albania?, linking the latter with Erjon Veliaj.

They forgot that in fact, Mr.Cami?s wife is a member of the national council of the Democratic Party, and a former spokesperson of this party. These writings, emphasized

the bachelorhood of Mrs. Hasani, as a way to ironize and minimize her criticism.

All these attacks were coordinated by the DP digital core. For this is enough to see the comments coming from the call-center that is paid by Luli Basha?s brother-in-law. Of course, the attack on the bachelorhood of the journalist Hasani is surprising, as it is enough to remember the fact, that one of the close associates of Lulzim Basha, his director of the press office, the former journalist Elona Meço is single.

The general secretary, no. 2 of the party, Mr. Gazment Bardhi, is also single. Then the question arises:What problem does have Basha with singles? Why he attack them? Doesn?t love he the bachelor?s votes? Are bachelors a problematic category for DP? We as CNA.al suggest Mr.Basha to not attack any category, because to overthrow the regime of Edi Rama the opposition needs every vote, even those of bachelors in the country!/CNA.al

Përse Lulzim Basha nuk i do beqarët?!

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