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The fact/ Basha aims victory with losers and recycled figures


The fact/ Basha aims victory with losers and recycled figures



Lulzim Basha presented yesterday the latest names of campaign leaders in the main regions in the country. Now remains only Berat, Gjirokastra and Kukes. So Basha has so far appointed leaders in 9 out of 12 districts. The last two were yesterday, Edmond Spaho in Korça and Xhelal Mziu in Dibër.

There is no surprise in Lulzim Basha’s lists, from Shkodra to Vlora. But let’s analyze them one by one!

Helidon Bushati

Helidon Bushati was appointed head of the Shkodra region. Former MP, candidate in 2017, but withdrew after Basha put him at the bottom of the list.

After 4 years he has raised it above. So it’s not a new candidacy, but an old name known to Democrats. Moreover, during the SP government, he became an official taking a comfortable seat offered by Lulzim Basha. It doesn’t belong to the vision of the future, but it symbolizes the man who stood loyal to Basha, and is already receiving the reward.

Mark Marku overthrows the vetting process in Democratic Party
Mark Marku

In Lezha, the regional leader was confirmed Mark Marku. It was attempted to advertise him as an intellectual and a new feed, but in fact it isn’t. He is the man who threatened people in TV studios, to shut their mouth, or he will hit them with a bottle of water.

Although a professor at the Faculty of Journalism, he is often an uncontrollable man. He was an MP in the years 2009-2013, then came out against the actions of the party for which today he says that her decisions should be respected, while yesterday he didn’t respect them either.

U caktua drejtues qarku në Durrës/ Paloka tregon pse u tërhoq Rama nga kandidimiWe go further to Durrës, where Edi Paloka, former deputy of this region, was appointed political leader in 2017. Four years ago, he led Kruja, now the entire region of Durrës. The deputy chairman of the Democratic Party for 8 years, deputy chairman of the parliamentary group, former spokesman of the Democratic Party in Berisha’s time, kept in the shadows behind Lulzim Basha to get again the mandate of deputy.

“Nuk besoj te SPAK”/ Alibeaj: Afera e inceneratorëve ndër skandalet më të mëdhaEnkelejd Alibeaj has been appointed leader in the district of Fier, losing in this district in the 2017 elections. Alibeaj has run in the local elections of 2015, and in 2017, and now he is running again. Thus, he is not a novelty. He is a complex political character included to some extent in the “Babale” file. He has been proved many times, and has no hope winning in Fier.

Below we go to Vlora, where we find Bujar Leskaj, the man who was in power from 2005 to 2020. MP, minister of Berisha government, then elected head of the Supreme State Audit after a proposal by Bamir Topi, a move on more political of the DP than of the president of that time.

It is said that Lulzim Basha nominated him as a candidate because Leskaj has many sponsors behind him, but this remains to be verified. He is now an old figure returned and declared as hope for Vlora, but it is an equation whose outcome is known.

LEXO EDHE:  Basha nuk tërhiqet nga takimi me Ramën/ Përsërit propozimet
kryetari i grupit parlamentar i partise demokratike, edmond spaho
Edmond Spaho

Next we go to Korça, where Lulzim Basha appointed Edmond Spaho as leader, who has been an MP for three terms in this constituency since 2005, in 2009 and in 2013. Spaho joined Basha since 2013, and in those moments took and the nickname “snail” after the shameful and disgusting public servility towards the DP leader.

“Folës i paguar”/ Grida Duma reagon pas debatit me Frrok Çupin, mesazh dhe BallësBasha rewarded him by taking him to Durrës for a campaign with Grida Duma, then took him in 2017 to Elbasan where he lost again. Now he was appointed to lead Korça region. Actually there could have been some other name, but the only alternative left was Edmond Spaho.

He has been there before, and the results achieved have not been bad. Let’s wait and see, if will return to the former results in Korça, or it will be like in Elbasan and Durrës, where it was a spectacular failure.

Bardhi apel Ramës/ Hiq dorë nga përzgjedhja e kandidatëve me krimin e organizuar, ndiq modelin tonëIn Elbasan, Lulzim Basha has appointed Gazmend Bardhi, the general secretary of the Democratic Party.

A man out of nowhere, was appointed during the technical government as Minister of Justice. There are many scenarios for Gaz Bardhi, the man who is declared to be honest, but who has set up a firm during his time as Minister of Justice, a firm for an issue that has cost a lot the Albanians citizen.

Bardhi has gone to play hard in an area, where he will have Monika Kryemadhi from the SMI on his side, but in front of him there are socialists who seem to be stronger, a district where they have always led. Gaz Bardhi has been assigned to be tested this time, as he hasn’t run any election campaign before.

With his thin voice he hopes to win the sympathy of the citizens of Elbasan, who have their own stories.

Lulzim Basha announced yesterday Xhelal Mziu as regional leader in Dibër. This is the man with some political experience, winner 3 times in Kamza as mayor in a bastion area of DP, who was handed over to the Socialists in 2019 by Lulzim Basha, after the boycott of local elections. Mziu went to Dibër from Tirana. But even he is not a novelty, it remains old and completely consumed by public opinion.

So if we analyze all the candidacies appointed by Lulzim Basha from north to south, and from east to west, we don’t see any innovation, or any new name that can give hope, except Gazmend Bardhi, who if remains the only hope and innovation of the Democratic Party, DP seems to be on the right track towards the next electoral catastrophe./

Fakti/ Basha kërkon fitore me humbësa dhe të ricikluar

Për të rejat më të fundit behuni pjesë e grupit tonë në facebook : City News Albania


The names/ reveals the candidates of the SMI list




A day before the submission of the names officially to the CEC, has revealed the names of the SMI candidates who will lead the lists of the districts. The SMI led by Monika Kryemadhi will run in a separate coalition, not with Basha’s DP, a scheme to increase the number of seats, or to get as many votes as possible from the left SMI, which could harm the Socialist Party. brings below the main candidates, ie those whom the SMI calls safe. According to the votes received in three pairs of elections with the regional proportional system SMI has had a continuous increase.

In 2009, the SMI and its coalition received 84.000 votes and 4 seats, which they used to join the government with former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. In 2013, in coalition with the Socialists, the SMI received 180.000 votes and 16 seats.

In 2017 alone against the Rama-Basha alliance, the SMI led by Ilir Meta for the third time saw an increase, going 225 thousand votes and 19 seats. The April 25 elections, are the first under the leadership of Monika Kryemadhi, who has ousted many of its founders, leaders and former MPs from the party. The SMI comes up in this election with new names in some counties, but most of the names are the remaining loyalists of Kryemadhi and Meta.

LEXO EDHE:  Kolegu i Gridës/ Berisha apo deputetët e Lulit

LEXO EDHE:  Basha nuk tërhiqet nga takimi me Ramën/ Përsërit propozimet

SMI list:


-Petrit Vasili

– Klajda Gjosha

– Floida Kërpaci

– Vojo Bregu

– Erisa Xhixho


– Monika Kryemadhi

– Edmond Haxhinasto


– Elona Guri

– Bahri Shaqiri


– Ardit Çela

-Aurela Agalliu


– Luan Rama


– Monika Kryemadhi

– Kejdi Mehmetaj


– Vangjel Tavo


– Endrit Braimllari


– Agron Çela


– Viktor Tushaj

In Kukës, Dibër, SMI support the DP’lists./

Emrat/ zbulon kandidatët e listës së LSI




Panic in Democratic Party/Anxiety and stress about lists




Panic in Democratic Party/Anxiety and stress about lists

Panic situation among many politicians and names claiming to be part of the Alliance for Change plus DP coalition lists. Although in the former SHQUP building doesn’t have much movement, panic prevails in many names that claim to be in the winning part of the list that Lulzim Basha will submit tomorrow at midnight to the CEC.

Anxiety and stress have also the allied parties that have signed the coalition, but have not specified the locations. Some of them have a problem with Luli Basha, as he has often lied and betrayed them. In panic are many other names that hope to be part of the lists, but looks very far from the winning places like Eno Bozdo, Fatbardh Kadilli, Fitim Zekthi, Andrea Mano, Roland Bejko, Luan Baci, Endri Hasa etc.

LEXO EDHE:  Basha pranon gafën/ Theva statutin për emrat e kandidatëve, por s’kam keqardhje për largimet

LEXO EDHE:  Zbardhet plani/ Çfarë do të bëjë nesër Lëvizja për Ringritjen e PD

These are names, and some of them have always claimed but could never be winners, but also others who have been part of the lists, but most likely are in the red zone or out of the list. There are many other names, but we are not mentioning them. You will understand who they are after their explosion when they learn that Luli Basha left again with her finger in her mouth./

Panik në PD/Ankth dhe stres për listat



DP’s candidates for deputies/ Irfan Hysenbelliu’s list comes out




DP’s candidates for deputies/ Irfan Hysenbelliu’s list comes out

Today, the daily newspaper “Panorama” has published a list of Democratic Party candidates for the April 25 parliamentary elections. While is expected to be handed over to the CEC on Monday, Irfan Hysenbelliu has hurried to secure everything.

After publishing his personal list and the preferences he has, after solving the problems with the SMI and placing his candidates where he wanted, he has now started to do the same with the DP. In the list below you will see a bunch of names, mainly products of Henri Çili of the European University of Tirana, who stand out at the top of the lists.

The names of the people who have already been made public and confirmed by Lulzim Basha himself, and those preferred by Irfan Hysenbelliu, are from the former officials that Basha had in the Municipality of Tirana, people who work for Hysenbelliu or his businesses, and other Lulzim Basha’s servile.

We are not writing the names of the list, but we are publishing the pages of the newspaper. Meanwhile, we ask the readers not to take the whole list too seriously, as only the part made public by Lulzim Basha is credible. And in this case Irfani Hysenbelliu is not to blame either, because it may happen that the list is overturned.

LEXO EDHE:  Lulezimi i patologjise se hemoragjise qe rrezikon seriozisht PD

LEXO EDHE:  Zgjedhjet për Parlamentin Europian/ Basha uron partitë simotra të PD

Although so far, as has reported several times almost 50 names, so the winning list of most counties is almost confirmed, except a few small changes in any county. Anyway, read the list of Irfan Hysenbelliu’s candidates. Especially it should be read by democrats, as they will see there people of Henri Çili and the employees of Irfan Hysenbelliu.

Some will run for the SMI, some for the Democratic Party, and in the end defeat seems to be guaranteed. However, we shouldn’t take it so seriously. We must believe and appreciate only the list that is already official. Because the truth is that Luli Basha doesn’t believe him, but neither does Irfan Hysenbelliu./