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The 53 names of the winning list of Lulzim Basha


The 53 names of the winning list of Lulzim Basha



53 emrat e listës fituese të Lulzim Bashës

Lulzim Basha is presenting day by day his list of winning candidates in the April 25 elections. Whether the opposition wins or not, Luli Basha is bringing out every day the names in the safe areas of the electoral lists.

According to data provided by, there are almost 53 names who are claimed to be in the winning places. This includes publicly announced allies, and those with whom it is in negotiations. Basha has left 5 small regions without leaders, and Korça where there are still dilemmas. Below we bring some names that will be on the safe lists. The allies of PR, PDIU and PBDNJ are missing.

According to the list below, 22 names have been announced, including allies who have already signed cooperation in the elections. Six names who don’t have constituencies, but are expected to be on the winning and leading lists.

In total, despite the lack of 5 counties, we have 28 safe names and 5 others that will be published. So there are 33 names that will be winners. On the other hand, the Electoral Code obliges the parties to name women as candidates the 3rd and 6th in the list, except Tirana, which in the first 10 has some names.

It is expected to learn at least 20 female names that will be on the DP lists, bringing it to 53 total winning names, of which 28 have already been announced. In the 2017 elections, the Democratic Party won 42 seats, and the claims this time are to win over 55, and together with the Socialist Movement for Integration to go over 71 seats.

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From these claims of Lulzim Basha, more than half of the names are already public, and the rest is rumored in the corridors of the DP. But there will still be discussions because many of the safe seats of the DP will be taken by the ally LSI. The strategic solution of the parties is with two lists, where one of them is that of the SMI, which in some circles will be fictitious.


1. Lulzim Basha

2. Sali Berisha

4. Dashamir Shehi

5. Jorida Tabaku

6. Albana Vokshi

7. Florion Mima

8. Grida Duma

9. Belind Kelliçi

10. Agron Shehaj

11. Robert Budina

12. Ina Zhupa


13. Edi Paloka

14. Oerd Bylykbashi

15. Agron Duka


16. Bujar Leskaj


17. Enkelejd Alibeaj


18. Andrea Mano


19. Gazmend Bardhi

20. Luciano Boçi


21. Helidon Bushati

22. Izmira Ulqinaku

23. Nard Ndoka

Names without area:

Edmond Spaho

Tomor Alizoti

Flamur Noka

Aldo Bumçi

Çlirim Gjata

Alfred Rushaj

Circles without leaders:






53 emrat e listës fituese të Lulzim Bashës

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Three fresh lies of Monika Kryemadhi




Monika Kryemadhi has tried several times yesterday to explain to the public why the Socialist Movement for Integration is running in the elections on April 25 with a separate list from that of the Democratic Party, and to show why the coalition will be only after election. As usual, she told the next lies, which every democrat or member of the SMI understands very well.

First, Kryemadhi said that with 2 separated lists she wants more inclusion of the albanians in the elections. In fact, what will happen to the opposition, will be the fact that it will burn more votes. Everyone already knows the reason why Kryemadhi and Basha couldn’t agree on building a joint coalition. The DP didn’t accept more than 12-14 SMI candidates on its lists. This also brought their competition with separate lists. So they are not competing separately for maximizing the vote, but because of not finding a consensus for the allocation of seats.

LEXO EDHE:  Makinë dhuratë dhe pa shtëpi/ Pasuria e prokurorit kollovar

LEXO EDHE:  Makinë dhuratë dhe pa shtëpi/ Pasuria e prokurorit kollovar

Secondly, Kryemadhi stated yesterday that together with Basha they won the local elections of 2011. This is also a pure lie. In the elections for the Municipality of Tirana, Basha lost with 11 votes, and then it was Berisha who won. Rama was running for the fourth time and the scheme was clear, and let’s not forget the influence of the communist Hysni Milloshi. The third lie is the harmonization of programs.

In fact, SMI doesn’t have any electoral program. This party makes some formal promises to the public. But the only program of the SMI is the appointment in the administration of some trained thieves in these jobs. These are stories that are already known since 2009, and in case there is a harmonization of corruption, Monika Kryemadhi has no rival./




Basha-Kryemadhi agreement/ Revealed the posts will be given to SMI




Basha-Kryemadhi agreement/ Revealed the posts will be given to SMI

Lulzim Basha and Monika Kryemadhi signed today their public agreement, with some points which were presented to the Albanians to justify running in the elections with 2 separate coalitions, and to show tomorrow that they were visually united.

And this because another thing is what heard the albanians, and another thing is what Basha and Kryemadhi have signed for the ministerial posts they will share, if their dream of power becomes a reality. But who are the government post that benefits Kryemadhi from the agreement with Lulzim Basha?

Ministry of Interior and the post of Deputy Prime Minister

According to official sources from the Democratic Party, Monika Kryemadhi has been promised by Lulzim Basha the post of Minister of Interior and Deputy Prime Minister. So she will be the number two of the government, and will hold the post of Minister of Interior.

A wish publicly expressed recently by Monika Kryemadhi, and which seems to have been strengthened very often by President Ilir Meta, who has these months has met with elements of organized crime, such as in Durrës, Korça and Vlora, with the bandits and criminals that Meta contacts promising that tomorrow the Ministry of Interior, in case Luli Basha wins, will be in the hands of his wife Monika, and they should be calm.

Ministry of Health

Another ministry is that of Health. Petrit Vasili, the minister sued by the DP in the Prosecutor’s Office during the time when Gazment Bardhi was Minister of Justice, during the co-government with Edi Rama, will take the post of Minister of Health in case of victory. Petrit Vasili is also a doctor by profession, and on the other hand he has occult connections with various agencies and entities that supply hospitals with pharmaceutical products.

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Ministry of Environment

A third name, but also a post already agreed between Lulzim Basha and Monika Kryemadhi, is that of the Minister of Environment, which is expected to be given to one of the leader of the SMI, Luan Rama.

Ministry of Education

It is learned that the Ministry of Education will be headed by Edmond Panariti, who earlier during the SP-SMI coalition, headed the Ministry of Agriculture.

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports

This ministry is expected to undergo changes, given the slogans used by the SMI for youth

or its support. The SMI can appoint Klajda Gjosha or Erisa Xhixho at its head. These are at least 4 ministerial posts that the SMI is expected to take from the next government.

Other important institutions are also discussed, such as the general directorates under the Ministry of Finance or structures in taxes, customs and other institutions and agencies of the Albanian government./



The national victory/How was built the Chamo-Greek coalition of Lulzim Basha




The national victory/How was built the Chamo-Greek coalition of Lulzim Basha

Lulzim Basha has registered in the CEC his political coalition for the April 25 parliamentary elections. For the first time it happens that the Greeks of the Union Party for Human Rights (UPHR) and the Chams of the Justice, Integration and Unity Party (JIUP), unite together in a coalition, and Luli Basha, and even more Edi Rama, deserves credit for this development.

Let us look at the fact about the coalition, among those who say they are persecuted by the Greeks, and the persecutors themselves who are now together the other side by side. What politics hasn’t been able to do for more than 75 years, is solved by Lulzim Basha with the help of Edi Rama.

The fact and the details, show us and why was created the Chamo-Greek alliance, under the shadow of Luli Basha and the mandate he will forgive to these parties. In 2005, the then Prime Minister Sali Berisha took UPHR in his government, directing a ministry for 4 years.

In 2009, Vangjel Dule left the government after a visit by Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou to Tirana, who openly supported Edi Rama. So Dule left with the command coming from Athens, and in the election received only 18.000 votes, the historical minimum since its founding.

In the 2009 elections, the UPHR ran alongside Socialist Party, while Berisha joined in the coalition the Party for Justice and Integration (PJI) founded and led by Tahir Muhedini, the Cham community party, which won a parliamentary seat with nearly 15.000 votes, and entered government with the DP.

Then Shpëtim Idrizi creates another Cham party called Party for Justice and Unity (PJU), and the two parties merge into a single one in February 2011 becoming JIUP. In the 2013 elections, PJIU the Chams compete on the DP side and secure almost 45.000 votes. Meanwhile, UPHR in alliance with the SP, falls even more, with only 14.000 votes and again only one mandate.

LEXO EDHE:  Rama paralajmëron Metën-Bashën-Idrizin/Çfarë humbasim nëse kthehemi mbrapa!

LEXO EDHE:  Makinë dhuratë dhe pa shtëpi/ Pasuria e prokurorit kollovar

UPHR became again part of the government, and Dule was elected vice-president of the Assembly. In May 2015, Vangjel Dule left the coalition, precisely because of Shpëtim Idrizi of JIUP, who was also appointed vice-president of the Assembly.

Dule refused to be in the same level with Idrizi, and resigned. From that moment Vangjel Dule joined Lulzim Basha, who forgave him the mandate of deputy in 2017, where UPHR didn’t compete but entered the DP list. In the elections, Idrizi records another historical record, secure 76.000 votes, of which 30.000 in Elbasan, where it runs Aqif Rakipi.

In Tirana, Shpëtim Idrizi secures over 12.000 votes, but for some votes he cannot get the mandate of deputy. The Chams claim the votes were stolen by the Socialists. From that moment, Edi Rama removes the Chams from the government, and Idrizi joins the opposition of Lulzim Basha, but divided.

This is how the Greco-Cham alliance is born under the shadow of the DP, but neither Idrizi nor Dule appear together in a meeting. JIUP MPs pass with the government together with some exponents, while Shpëtim Idrizi and Mesila Doda hold the official party in opposition.

In the elections of April 25, 2021, the historical enemies, run for the first time together under a coalition.

This is also due to the behavior of Rama, who held Dule on his side, then he took Idrizi, then when one left, it was Rama himself who removed the other. Even because of Basha, who is in opposition, and would accept both because he is desperate, and sees these parties as forces that bring votes./

Fitore kombëtare/ Si u ndërtua koalicioni Çamo-Grek i Lulzim Bashës