Why should we be ashamed in front of Qazim Rasha

15 Dhjetor 2020, 14:11, English CNA
Why should we be ashamed in front of Qazim Rasha

By Astrit Patozi

Qazim Rasha certainly never wanted to be a public figure. Notably in these difficult circumstances, as the father of an innocent 25-year-old, who tragically lost his life from the gun of a state representative.
I don?t believe that there is a more unfortunate case than this, when make sense the well-known Albanian expression:What happened to him, doesn?t even wish to the enemy.

Those who are parents themselves, know better than anyone else that there is nothing in the world that can ease his pain. But life sometimes throws you into deep and unpredictable pitfalls, and man has to face severe disasters. And in such moments are tested not only the content, character, strength, faith, but also the formation and integrity of the one who passes them.

Although in a terribly difficult position, which he didn?t choose himself, but was forcibly imposed on him, Klodian Rasha?s father gave us an excellent lesson of dignity and clarity. Which makes a strong contrast with the ?black and white? panorama, with which feed us not only in the days of protests for Klodian Rasha, the hawks and brain washers of the two old politics camps.
Both those who, by exploiting the punishable murder of his son, want to set Albania on fire for their political reckoning, and others who think that can close with the money the open wound in the heart of the father torn apart by the pain of state arrogance.

Qazim Rasha is today between these two aggressive currents, which have been mercilessly disturbing the homeland for years, as an emblem of peace, deserved by the Albanians who have been raped and misgoverned by a policy of predators, whom even death cannot stop.
In fact, he is today the most worthy representative of normal Albania, who lives with the sweat of his forehead, and doesn?t ask anything from his state, except to not make his life more difficult than it has, and which he copes it himself.

Qazim is today the mirror, where each of us, who have had something on hand in these 30 years, must look at our face deformed by the responsibilities that result from major abuses of power. Of course, the first to feel ashamed should be these incumbent government officials, who are doubly indebted to Qazim Rasha, and to all Albanians sincerely revolted by the murder of his son.

In the first place, because they caused him an irreparable wound, and the second, because they humiliated him with that government decision to reward him, when there is still no justice decision for the crime./CNA.al

Nga Astrit Patozi/ Pse duhet të turpërohemi përpara Qazim Rashës

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