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Chaos in the Democratic Party / Gazmend Bardhi quarrel with the former deputy of Elbasan


Chaos in the Democratic Party / Gazmend Bardhi quarrel with the former deputy of Elbasan



Bardhi “nuk ia lë mangët” Spiropalit/ Ke të drejtë që nervozohesh, SPAK ka punë me ty, para dhe pas 25 prillit

The General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Gazmend Bardhi, already seems to have become an object of quarrel for many characters of the Democratic Party. After the accusations against him directed from Shkodra, Korça, Vlora, Durrës, Dibra and Tirana for manipulating the elections, and for manipulating the process of selecting candidates for deputy, among them the strong accusations by dr.Halim Kosova, it seems that another conflict has broken out in the party of Luli Basha.

The incident took place between Gazmend Bardhi and Endri Hasa, the latter a former deputy of the Elbasan district. It is learned that the conflict arose after the commission disqualified Hasa from his further path as a candidate for deputy. For this reason, Hasa has made Gazmend Bardhi responsible, accusing him even more harshly than dr.Halim Kosova, and using insulting terms against Gazmend Bardhi.

He has asked for a solution from Lulzim Basha, who should now play the role of resolving the dispute between his former deputies and Gazmend Bardhi, who is increasingly being attacked by former deputies, former leaders and political personalities of the Democratic Party.

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It is learned that Basha did not betray his former MP Endri Hasa as the strong connections and bargains that the latter have or other stories that start with the companies of Lulzim Basha’s family are well known. The conflict seems to be going on, as it is a fierce and heated quarrel.

This is not the first and last case, as Ervin Salianji had an earlier clash with Gazmend Bardhi. Also as mentioned above dr.Halim Kosova but also other DP figures, are already in a direct battle with the General Secretary of Lulzim Basha, who has turned into an object of discord due to his attitudes and various clashes with some from the main exponents of the Democratic Party./

Plas në PD/ Gaz Bardhi sherr me ish-deputetin e Elbasanit

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“Santo file”/ Top Story hides Irfan Hysenbelliu, Grida Duma, and the last phone call




“Santo file”/ Top Story hides Irfan Hysenbelliu, Grida Duma, and the last phone call

The Top Story show on Top Channel, tried yesterday to present to the public an alleged investigation, and a complete revelation of the “Santo file”, on the criminal event of June 2014, when was killed the banker Artan Santo. brings below some data and facts, which Top Story hides. In fact, if you follow the show closely, it doesn’t bring any news or unknown fact to the public or institutions that have conducted the investigation. The show is in fact a repetition of the investigation of the journalist Artan Hoxha, to whom have been added some testimonies of Santos’s friends, who don’t say anything to shed light on the event.

They just talk about the victim. All the characters or tracks narrated, have been revealed several times by journalists in the media. Moreover, the show had started to be prepared many months ago, but its broadcast was suspended to be given yesterday, having nothing essential and investigative.

Yesterday Top Story did nothing else but only showed what the Prosecution had done with this investigation, so it showed some evidence, which didn’t lead anywhere. But intentionally or unintentionally, hides some other evidence and characters, who were questioned about the murder of banker Santo.

The Top Story show made it clear yesterday, that beyond revealing the truth, there was another mission. Here are 3 important details from the investigative file, that Top Story on Top Channel didn’t dare to mention.

The first are two public figures like Irfan Hysenbelliu and Grida Duma, old friends and collaborators with each other, but also close to the banker Artan Santo. Two are characters, while the third detail is the last call.

First, Top Story somewhere scarcely shows a document, where it is said that the banker had decided to sell the shares of “Focus Group”, because his partner didn’t repay the loan regularly, a loan of several million euros.

“Focus Group”, which includes Balkanweb, News24, Gazeta Shqiptare and Radio RASH, is a company with several media, once owned by both Santos and businessman Irfan Hysenbelliu. At that time there was talk of an open conflict between the two businessmen, and then 50 percent of the shares of the banker Santo, were bought by Irfan Hysenbelliu.

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Threatening sms and strong clashes between them, were also talked about in the media circles. The prosecution file has many details that Top Story on Top Channel, took care to not reveal. In the files that claims to own, Top Story also has a well-known political figure, and yet he didn’t say a single word about it.

She is Grida Duma, who has been a close associate of Artan Santo. Moreover, the two have been seen in each other’s company, and have also been photographed. Duma is known as a friend of banker Santo, and on the day of the assassination she was one of the people who sought protection from the state.

At first, she went to the Prime Minister, and then stayed for almost 3 hours in the office of the former Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri. The latter has never made public the fact why that day Grida Duma “surrendered” to his office.

But in a televised clash, Tahiri asked the Duma to speak publicly about what she had asked at the Interior Ministry. This fact that shocked Duma, but in political and media circles has been confirmed by some sources, that after the murder of Santo, Grida Duma stayed for many hours in Tahiri’s office.

The last call

Another detail from the show, is the last phone call or calls of the late banker Artan Santo. The banker’s phone, sms or phone calls, would tell a lot the public opinion. The show tried to emphasize that it was not confirmed that the last call was that of Saimir Tahiri.

But on the other hand he didn’t show who was the last, for the fact that having the complete file of the prosecution as it is claimed, there are also files where it is clearly said who was the last phone call of Artan Santo./

“Dosja Santo”/ Top Story fsheh Irfan Hysenbelliun, Grida Dumën dhe telefonatën e fundit





Another scandal by Ervin Salianji/ Caught lying again




Yesterday, during the presentation of Edmond Spaho as the regional leader of the Democratic Party in Korça region, impress two details from the word of Ervin Salianji, who is used to lying. The first is when he said that in 2017, there was a great political polarization in the elections.

This is a public deception against the citizens of Korça, but also against all Albanians, because in 2017 the elections were held after the Rama-Basha agreement, and where the Democrats were part of the government, including the main institutions of the Albanian state.
Let us go further and most importantly, to the most embarrassing lie told to the Democrats in Korça, saying that Korça was the only district, where DP had increased support in 2017.

If we look at the figures, according to official CEC data in the Korça region, result that the DP and its allies received 42.177 votes or 32.51 percent, translated into 4 seats in the Parliament.
We recall that in 2017, the Democratic Party was in coalition with many other parties, such as the Agrarian Party, the Republican Party, the Human Rights Party, and many other political forces, which entered into a coalition with the DP, but competed with the logo of the latter and didn’t use their logo on the campaign.

These are the results of the year 2017. So the coalition of the Democratic Party in the region of Korça has about 42.000 votes together with the allies, in a calm and incident-free election campaign, where the only problems were caused by the Socialist Movement for Integration, who’s some representatives were arrested by police on suspicion of vote buying.

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To make Salianji’s fraud even clearer, let us look at the 2013 elections, according to official CEC data. That year the coalition of the Socialist Party, had in this district about 88.000 votes, of which the SMI had 15.000 votes, and SP has indeed 63.584 votes, almost the same votes that the Socialists received in 2017, with a decrease of only 800 votes in total.

Meanwhile, the DP coalition received 56.225 votes, or 14.000 more votes than in the 2017 elections. So in 2017, the Democratic Party has a decline of at least 25 percent. But let’s analyze the figures in a different way. Even in the comparison between political parties, the DP results again in decline, although in both elections, in 2013 and 2017, competed in the coalition. In 2017, the DP received 42.000 votes in total, while in 2013 it had 47.000 votes. So almost 10-11 percent more than in 2017. Therefore, what Ervin Salianji said is the next public fraud.

Perhaps Lulzim Basha’s mathematics, where 7 multiplications by 7 make 42, has already begun to take effect in the feeds of Lulzim Basha’s New Republic, where “Babale” and the pink stories with G.D, now begin to show us how the electoral truth stands, but the truth
it’s completely different.

In 2017, the Democratic Party in the Korça region suffered an electoral catastrophe, with a total decline as a coalition, and these are the official figures of the CEC, according to the following two tables./

Tjetër skandal nga Ervin Salianji/ Kapet në mashtrim



The fact/ Basha aims victory with losers and recycled figures




Lulzim Basha presented yesterday the latest names of campaign leaders in the main regions in the country. Now remains only Berat, Gjirokastra and Kukes. So Basha has so far appointed leaders in 9 out of 12 districts. The last two were yesterday, Edmond Spaho in Korça and Xhelal Mziu in Dibër.

There is no surprise in Lulzim Basha’s lists, from Shkodra to Vlora. But let’s analyze them one by one!

Helidon Bushati

Helidon Bushati was appointed head of the Shkodra region. Former MP, candidate in 2017, but withdrew after Basha put him at the bottom of the list.

After 4 years he has raised it above. So it’s not a new candidacy, but an old name known to Democrats. Moreover, during the SP government, he became an official taking a comfortable seat offered by Lulzim Basha. It doesn’t belong to the vision of the future, but it symbolizes the man who stood loyal to Basha, and is already receiving the reward.

Mark Marku

In Lezha, the regional leader was confirmed Mark Marku. It was attempted to advertise him as an intellectual and a new feed, but in fact it isn’t. He is the man who threatened people in TV studios, to shut their mouth, or he will hit them with a bottle of water.

Although a professor at the Faculty of Journalism, he is often an uncontrollable man. He was an MP in the years 2009-2013, then came out against the actions of the party for which today he says that her decisions should be respected, while yesterday he didn’t respect them either.

We go further to Durrës, where Edi Paloka, former deputy of this region, was appointed political leader in 2017. Four years ago, he led Kruja, now the entire region of Durrës. The deputy chairman of the Democratic Party for 8 years, deputy chairman of the parliamentary group, former spokesman of the Democratic Party in Berisha’s time, kept in the shadows behind Lulzim Basha to get again the mandate of deputy.

Enkelejd Alibeaj has been appointed leader in the district of Fier, losing in this district in the 2017 elections. Alibeaj has run in the local elections of 2015, and in 2017, and now he is running again. Thus, he is not a novelty. He is a complex political character included to some extent in the “Babale” file. He has been proved many times, and has no hope winning in Fier.

Below we go to Vlora, where we find Bujar Leskaj, the man who was in power from 2005 to 2020. MP, minister of Berisha government, then elected head of the Supreme State Audit after a proposal by Bamir Topi, a move on more political of the DP than of the president of that time.

It is said that Lulzim Basha nominated him as a candidate because Leskaj has many sponsors behind him, but this remains to be verified. He is now an old figure returned and declared as hope for Vlora, but it is an equation whose outcome is known.

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Edmond Spaho

Next we go to Korça, where Lulzim Basha appointed Edmond Spaho as leader, who has been an MP for three terms in this constituency since 2005, in 2009 and in 2013. Spaho joined Basha since 2013, and in those moments took and the nickname “snail” after the shameful and disgusting public servility towards the DP leader.

Basha rewarded him by taking him to Durrës for a campaign with Grida Duma, then took him in 2017 to Elbasan where he lost again. Now he was appointed to lead Korça region. Actually there could have been some other name, but the only alternative left was Edmond Spaho.

He has been there before, and the results achieved have not been bad. Let’s wait and see, if will return to the former results in Korça, or it will be like in Elbasan and Durrës, where it was a spectacular failure.

In Elbasan, Lulzim Basha has appointed Gazmend Bardhi, the general secretary of the Democratic Party.

A man out of nowhere, was appointed during the technical government as Minister of Justice. There are many scenarios for Gaz Bardhi, the man who is declared to be honest, but who has set up a firm during his time as Minister of Justice, a firm for an issue that has cost a lot the Albanians citizen.

Bardhi has gone to play hard in an area, where he will have Monika Kryemadhi from the SMI on his side, but in front of him there are socialists who seem to be stronger, a district where they have always led. Gaz Bardhi has been assigned to be tested this time, as he hasn’t run any election campaign before.

With his thin voice he hopes to win the sympathy of the citizens of Elbasan, who have their own stories.

Lulzim Basha announced yesterday Xhelal Mziu as regional leader in Dibër. This is the man with some political experience, winner 3 times in Kamza as mayor in a bastion area of DP, who was handed over to the Socialists in 2019 by Lulzim Basha, after the boycott of local elections. Mziu went to Dibër from Tirana. But even he is not a novelty, it remains old and completely consumed by public opinion.

So if we analyze all the candidacies appointed by Lulzim Basha from north to south, and from east to west, we don’t see any innovation, or any new name that can give hope, except Gazmend Bardhi, who if remains the only hope and innovation of the Democratic Party, DP seems to be on the right track towards the next electoral catastrophe./

Fakti/ Basha kërkon fitore me humbësa dhe të ricikluar