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The reopening of the land robbery file in Dhërmi/Ben Blushi intimidates the prosecutor of the case?


The reopening of the land robbery file in Dhërmi/Ben Blushi intimidates the prosecutor of the case?



Plas arma në lokalin e Blushit/ Luftë pas mesnate

On 15.05.2020, the High Prosecution Council (HPC), approved the report for the analysis of

the professional skills of the prosecutor Dritan Marku. A copy of the report went to the HPC

and a copy to the International Monitoring Operations (IOM).

The entire career of Marku as a prosecutor is concentrated in Vlora, while he has extended

his wealth from Vlora, to Lezha and Tirana. In addition to the work of the prosecutor, he

leaves the impression, that he has also worked in real estate agencies, as he has done nothing

but buy and sell apartments.

He made these real estate moves with only two salaries. With his as a prosecutor, and the

wife salary as a teacher. Marku is the prosecutor who signed for the opening of the file of the

land robbery scandal in Dhërmi. In this case, is mentioned also the name of the General

Director of Top Channel Ben Blushi.

In fact, it was Blushi himself who reconfirmed the suspicions, that he is related to the land

scandal in Dhërmi, through a chronicle broadcast on Top Channel, in September of this year.

In the chronicle, the fact that the prosecutor Dritan Marku has reopened the file in question

after 12 years, has been described as a scandal.

“Top Channel through documents brought the next scandal on how 54.6 hectares of land that

have been confiscated by the state, after verifying that they were engaged through forgery,

are being recaptured by opening a closed process after 12 years. The whole event bears the

signature of the prosecutor Dritan, Marku and the head of the Vlora prosecution Erion Cela”-

is quoted in the Top Channel chronicle.

Property declared by prosecutor Dritan Marku in recent years:

LEXO EDHE:  Lajmi i turpshëm i Top Channel/ Armir Shkurti tregon si po e dezinformon publikun

Year 2014

Booked an apartment in Vlora with a surface of 94.65 m2 worth 30.000 euros.

Income of the declaring subject from work as a prosecutor in Vlora, 1.235 905 Lek.

Income from the wife’s work as a teacher 578.316 Lek.

Liability to a company for the apartment in Vlora, 10.000 euros.

Year 2015

Apartment for sale in Yzberisht, Tirana, with an area of 77.2 m2, worth 32.000 euros.

Bought in Tirana, a house with an area of 89 m2 worth 55.000 euros. Paid 50.000 euros,

owed 5.000 euros.

Income of the declaring subject from work as a prosecutor in Vlora, 1.296.533 Lek.

Income from the wife’s work as a teacher 589.464 Lek.

Liability to a company for the apartment in Vlora, 5.000 euros.

Year 2016

Income of the declaring subject from work as a prosecutor in Vlora, 1.346.398 Lek.

Income from the wife’s work as a teacher 589.464 Lek.

Liability to a company for the apartment in Vlora, 5.000 euros.

Repaid 5.000 euros for an apartment purchased in Tirana.

Year 2017

Bought a garage for 500.000 Lek.

Income of the declaring subject from work as a prosecutor in Vlora, 1.555.140 Lek.

Income from the wife’s work as a teacher 608.721 Lek.

Liability to a company for the construction company for the apartment in Vlora, 5.000 euros.

Year 2018

Bought a Volswagen Golf for 1.800 euros.

Sold the wife of Renault Clio for 1.800 euros.

Income of the declaring subject from work as a prosecutor in Vlora, 1.55.029 Lek.

Income from wife’s work as a teacher 632.748 Lek.

Income from renting an apartment in Tirana for two months, 1.200 euros.

Liability to a company for the construction apartment in Vlora, 5.000 euros./

Rihapet dosja e grabitjes së tokave në Dhërmi/ Blushi intimidon prokurorin?

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Mark Marku overthrows the vetting process in Democratic Party




Mark Marku overthrows the vetting process in Democratic Party

Lulzim Basha announced officially today through his press office that Mark Marku, professor at the University of Tirana, former MP of the Democratic Party in the years 2009-2013, will be the leader of the Lezha region. In fact, Marku is not a novelty, as it is being tried to sell in the media, but it is a recycling figure.

He was a member of the Democratic Party, and then left because he didn’t respect the decisions of the parliamentary group. The man who today demands in public that the decisions of Lulzim Basha be respected, once didn’t respect them himself, and for this reason he left.

But let’s look today Mark Marku’s appointment at a different perspective. So, not only about his political behavior, but about the foundations of the DP, with a process that has been sold as the most successful of the last 30 years, the vetting and selection of candidates for DP deputy.

Mark Marku and 4 other political figures, including an anonymous one like Enriketa Papa, carried out the vetting process in the Democratic Party by disqualifying 2100 candidates out of 3000, and then further shortening the list. The exact figures are not known, as they are kept confidential in the DP.

At the end of the process, the whole commission removed Romeo Gurakuqi, Luan Baçi, Ervin Salianji, Klevis Balliu, Endri Hasa and some other political figures, from those who were part of the elite, ie MPs and former MPs, not to mention the disqualification of thousands of others without giving any argument, simply and only by lying that they would be part of the future structures of the DP government, in case it wins on April 25th.

So it was Mark Marku who disqualified hundreds of names, being in pure conflict of interest. So the one who would run himself, removed the other candidates from the list. It was Mark Marku the one who selected the list of the Lezha region, while the vetting commission deleted dozens of names proposed by the DP membership in this region, and now the goes there as candidate.

Isn’t there a clear conflict of interest? Isn’t Mark Marku the person who overthrows the whole vetting process in the DP? Because not only he has been disqualified dozens or hundreds of names all over Albania, but he is running for MP himself. After Mark Marku, Bujar Nishani can also run, who has expressed his ambitions. So it can become 2 characters who have done the vetting of others and are now self-running.

LEXO EDHE:  Kisha e Dhërmiut dhe kërcënimi i katolaicizmit shqiptar

LEXO EDHE:  Kisha e Dhërmiut dhe kërcënimi i katolaicizmit shqiptar

But for these two, who did the vetting? Doesn’t Mark Marku need a political vetting, as it is a recycling of Lulzim Basha, and being sold as a new feed to the DP? In fact, a professor at the University of Tirana can be a good candidate. But before competing, he must apologize to those people in Lezha, who disqualified them from the competition, and he must tell them that he removed to take his place.

Because in Lezha there are many citizens and democratic intellectuals, who have given a contribution these 30 years, while Marku once became an MP through the door, came out of the window, and now is entering through the door again, but after disqualifying anyone who wanted, goes to Lezha and says “I have removed all of you, and I am myself a candidate!”.

This formula has defeated today both the vetting process and the political selection, ostensibly in the name of morality and honesty that Lulzim Basha has done using Mark Marku and the so-called vetting commission in Democratic Party./



Analysis of figures and mandates/April 25 elections will be decided by these 3 regions




Although it will take almost 3 more months, the parliamentary elections on April 25 seem to be at the door. The campaign has begun, and the parties are doing the math. From south to north, they count the expected votes translated into MP seats. brings a complete analysis of the votes and mandates in 3 regions, based on the figures of the last 3 elections, since it started voting with the regional proportional system. The figures are according to official data on the CEC website. A report on the figures, but also the situation and expectations, reveals that these 3 regions seem to be the electoral battlefield of April 25.

They have together 64 seats, almost half of the parliamentary seats, and more than half of the population in the country. Edi Rama and the Socialist Party aim to retain 74 seats. Lulzim Basha, Monika Kryemadhi and their allies want the overthrow, while the new opposition Patozi-Topalli, want to be parliamentary factors. In many regions from north to south the results are almost expected and known as in Kukës, Korçë, Shkodër, Lezhë, Gjirokastër, Vlorë, Dibër etc.

Therefore, the battle seems to be focused on the 3 main regions of Elbasan, Durrës and Tirana, which have the majority of voters but also the mandates. In these areas, the election headquarters have already started the campaign, appointing the delegates.

i They have the largest number of population, consequently the largest number of seats. Meanwhile, they are governed by left-wing mayors. But they also have their electoral specifics, where Elbasan is seen to be leaning to the left, and in the last 3 parliamentary elections the Socialists have won 2 times, and once have drawn.

In this region, DP has appointed Gazment Bardhi as campaign leader, while SMI has appointed Monika Kryemadhi. But the opposition has lost the PDIU and the electoral force of Aqif Rakipi, who seems to distance himself from the Basha-Kryemadhi duo.
The Socialists have as their leader the campaign Taulant Balla, who has historically been elected deputy in this region. Democrats don’t seem to aim for victory here, but the draw that could be declared victory, as they recover 2 seats. In the last elections, DP plus SMI won only 5 out of 14 seats. Two mandates were taken by PDIU under the leadership of Aqif Rakipi, who is far from the coalition with Luli Basha and Kryemadhi.

The Socialists will aim to preserve the existing mandates and not allow Basha’s opposition to recover mandates in this region. In 2009, the two political camps were divided in a draw, while in 2013 the left-wing coalition won deeply, with 8 to 6 seats, and the SP has almost 30.000 more votes than the DP. The electoral advantage is also the local government, which in these elections is led by the socialists. In the previous 3 elections, the SP had the largest municipality of Elbasan in the region, but the DP controlled many of the communes and small municipalities of this region, which were changed after the administrative reform and ”donated” to Socialists at the table by Lulzim Basha, who boycotted the local elections.

Durrës is seen as a stronghold for the DP, where Basha and Kryemadhi hope to secure not only a draw, but 2 additional mandates. The Socialists will try to maintain the victory, as in the last elections 2017, the DP won only 4 seats and the SMI 2, SP secured 8 seats, crushing the opposition. Durrës is one of the areas where Edi Rama and the Socialists are working more intensively than in any other region, this also with the reconstruction due to the consequences left by the earthquake of November 26, 2019. This region is seen as a bastion of the right, and in 2005 climbed the DP to power. But today we seem to be in a different situation.

LEXO EDHE:  Florjan Binaj kritikon hapur Top Channel/ “Promovon antivlerat, po hap rrugë pa krye”

LEXO EDHE:  Dhërmiu në flakë/ Forca të shumta zjarrëfikëse dhe policie në vendngjarje

Basha is represented in Durrës with recycled and politically consumed figures, such as Edi Paloka or Ferdinand Xhaferraj. The DP branch itself there is divided. Meanwhile, the Socialists have provided in their team the services of Lefter Koka, which weakens the SMI and strengthens the votes of the left. On the other hand, DP has additional votes of Agron Duka. In 2017, the Socialists won 8 seats, 4 more than the DP and 2 more than the current DP+SMI alliance. In 2009 the DP and the allies secured 7 seats, the SP 5 and the SMI only 1.

Ferdinand Xhaferraj, kreu i PD në Durrës

And in those elections Durrës region had 13 seats. On April 25 there will be one more term, but the accounts are already different. The Socialists control the local government, “donated” by Basha’s non-inclusion in the elections in all local units.

In 2 of the last 3 confrontations, the Socialists led the main municipality, that of Durrës, but the DP had control of many municipalities in this region. Tirana is the epicenter of the political battle, as there are 36 mandates in the game. In the last 2 parliamentary elections, the opposition has suffered strong electoral losses to the point of trauma. In 2017, the DP couldn’t get more than 11 seats, none more than in 2013. Already adding those 5 of the SMI in a mathematical calculation doesn’t come out the winner.

The SP alone secured 18 of the 34 seats in 2017. In 2013, Tirana was again an embarrassing defeat, but Sali Berisha at the time was careful to minimize it because the campaign leader, Lulzim Basha, was elected as the “heir” at the helm of the DP.

The Democrats won 13 seats in the coalition, while the Socialists won 19, of which 3 seats belonged to the SMI. SP had 5 mandates and almost 50.000 votes more than DP. Seeing the result of the 2009 elections, SP and DP are a draw, but the other two mandates (at that time there were 32 mandates in Tirana region), were taken by Ilir Meta and Fatmir Mediu, the first running alone, while the second in the coalition with DP.

Tirana region, which in some last elections had municipalities but also communes led by DP, such as Kamza, Vora, Kavaja, are already in the hands of the socialists. Electoral accounts in Tirana cannot be done without Erion Veliaj, who has taken over the campaign flag, being very active not only in the capital but also in Kavaja and Rrogozhina.
The opposition hopes a lot on the political consumption of Prime Minister Rama, for the scandals of the Socialists in these 8 years of power, where 4 years they have been with the main ally of the DP today, the SMI.

Rama and the Socialists see the opposition powerless, failed and without ideas, and will try to maintain or increase the mandates to govern the country and another 4 years. The enigma is solved on April 25 in exactly 3 of the 12 regions of Albania./

Analiza e shifrave dhe mandateve/ Zgjedhjet e 25 prillit i vendosin këto 3 qarqe



The “departures” of SMI exponents/ Betrayal or agreements?




The “departures” of SMI exponents/ Betrayal or agreements?

For days, the media are constantly “informed” and informing the public about “transfer”

of the most prominent figures of the Socialist Movement for Integration to major parties. has carefully observed what seems to be happening.

Former deputies and former ministers of the governments “Berisha” and then “Rama”,

are announcing one by one the transition to the Socialist Party! From the way Edi Rama’s campaign is positioned, the latter’s strategy is clearly distinguished.

He is attacking today DP with what the real DP has declared against Lulzim Basha for at least 7 years. On Edi Rama’s Instagram, you can often finds snippets from the statements of Topalli, Patozi, Imami, Ruli and others against Basha.

They were all accompanied by Rama with his next joke. On the other hand, Rama has chosen to directly attack the SMI, identifying this party with Ilir Meta and thus ignoring Monika Kryemadhi. It’s not a bad strategy. Meanwhile, all this strategy is accompanied by transfers of big players of the SMI.

According to a sequence that seems to be done with a central director, and according to a well-designed calendar, that the attention of the spectator electorate remains on the same topic. All started with Nasip Naco, after he was invited by Lefter Koka! Now it seems that others are following, who no longer say who is inviting them!

So far everyone has declared moving to SP. But don’t be surprised if starts the moves to PD. For example, this may be the case with Edmond Haxhinasto. Since Edi Rama cannot keep 2 “brides” on a list, for possible bargains after the elections, the brides need one here and one here.

LEXO EDHE:  AMA i tërheq vëmendjen Top Channel, konstaton shkelje në emisionin e Arbana Osmanit

LEXO EDHE:  PD sulmon Top Channel

Then he will appear in the video with Rama and make invitations to him in the other camp to make the great coalitions with all parties. In our analysis we add all the reasoning for the manipulative election scheme of Dushku 2021, which was first promoted by Kryemadhi, continued Luli Basha, and is silently accompanying Edi Rama.

It seems like a deal to resurrect Ilir Meta after the SMI’s death. Maybe with another logo, but in any case with the blessing of Rama, to whom Meta should then appear grateful. So far we know the exponents of the SMI who are “invited” to the SP.

Most likely in the DP lists we will have exponents of the SMI. While Meta is silent and doesn’t speak out against these movements, all this behavior has only one explanation:those who are “fleeing”, are needed where they are going.

Nasip Naco should be on the SP list, as the SMI is already the accursed logo, and Naco cannot be elected MP. Haxhinasto should also be on the DP list for the same reason. After all, the Democrats have been voting like this for 20 years under the DP logo./

“Largimet” e eksponentëve të LSI/ Tradhti apo marrëveshje?