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Israeli councilors take over the DP campaign/ Revealed who are the last two movements


Israeli councilors take over the DP campaign/ Revealed who are the last two movements



Iu shty aprovimi/ Reagojnë ish-deputetët, Gurakuqi: Të kërkojnë falje që kanë fyer…

Campaign advisers and electoral strategy companies, have become irreplaceable for political parties in Albania. Intrigue, interpretation of the movements opponents, transmission of messages indirectly, building a likable public image, which ultimately translates into votes, and many other activities before and during the campaign, are the tasks of consulting companies that built image and the electoral strategy.

There are several forms of this strategy, from attacks on the opponent, but also “traps” or attacks on oneself, pointing the finger at the rival. These movements have a large staff behind them, and everything related to propaganda and image goes through a single office, where consultants build the strategy towards the political opponent.

The israelis near Basha has long reported that Lulzim Basha has contracted a company for his electoral strategies. There are 3 Israeli advisers engaged to Basha and the DP, precisely to “fight” harshly the political opponent.

All three seem to be “masters” of negativism campaigns, and lately their hand is being felt even more. An office near the former Republic Guard in Tirana, where the coordinator is the journalist Desada Metaj, is the key to everything seen on social networks, from memes, anti-government videos to messages sent by Lulzim Basha.

Next to the Israelis and Desada stands another character, Odeta Male, one of the closest collaborators of Erjon and Aurela Isufi, brother-in-law and wife of Lulzim Basha. Luli’s brother-in-law companies, managed by his wife, have been made available to the Israeli election campaign and advisers.

Negative videos and messages of Basha, support with full infrastructure for their realization, is provided directly by the brother-in-law through Odeta. There are several ways that are used, from short negative videos against the government, with old speeches, promises and new facts.

Somewhere true and sometimes false, the videos are not affixed with the DP logo, but are circulated on the net as a product of free people, although everything goes through the digital coordinator and the adviser’ office as a DP product.

For their distribution are used forms, sending to the deputies, DP leaders, local and central, militants, etc. The message that comes out is immediately understood, and the next video is immediately published by the command from all those mentioned above, the command comes from the headquarters of the DP, who were served the idea by the Israelis and produced by the brother-in-law company.

One way is by also throwing memes and ideas or attitudes while perfecting SPINs. A while time ago, showed with names and facts who are the people used for this campaign. Public figures, positioned against the government throw material on the network for theirs followers. They are used in many forms, not only against the government directly, but also against various phenomena and to attack opponents inside and outside Lulzim Basha’s DP.

LEXO EDHE:  Protesta për Klodjan Rashën/ Frrok Çupi: Ishte projekt politik, vetë SHBA i vuri emrin
Desada Metaj

The last two moves

Two are the latest moves by the Israelis and the advisory company. The posting the photos of the morgue on the network, not by the official DP but by the SPINs, and then the DP, and its officials react immediately as soon as they see the inflation of public opinion.

The second is the circulation of a photo the day Maradona passed away. A meme where Basha consoled for the “death” of the singer Madonna and not for that of Maradona. The latter was a fake news produced in consultants’ offices, as a dual- purpose strategy.

Erjon Isufi

Firstly very quickly revealed as unbelievable, as the people was going to do a simple check, and the verification will rise Basha’s sensitivity to social networks, and then people will accuse Edi Rama and his government for producing a fake news, that it did not become news, but it was a fake meme prepared in order to give the opposite effect.

Though ridiculous, it seems that that meme gave its effect, at least by increasing activity of Lulzim Basha’s pages on social networks. These and many others, are products of Israelis, the propaganda office, and the support of Basha‘s brother-in-law companies. There is still 5 months of campaigning until the election, and such things will be seen endlessly from all sides. From the lies that we live by European standards, to the lies that we are worse than many African countries.

Propaganda and electoral strategists, will fight over who can better manipulate the Albanian citizen, to then get his vote. But in the end, those who will lose are again the citizens, who are paying with their taxes the propagandists of the political parties./

Këshilltarët izraelitë marrin në dorë fushatën e PD/ Zbulohet kush janë dy lëvizjet e fundit

Për të rejat më të fundit behuni pjesë e grupit tonë në facebook : City News Albania


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Luli Basha’s “Babale”, uses the media to attack Sahit Dollapi




Luli Basha’s “Babale”, uses the media to attack Sahit Dollapi

The war within the Democratic Party, seems to be moving to another stage. Apparently have started the internal intrigues and the battle to capture any of the mandates of the deputies that have already been displaced. The “wolves” or the “rabbits” are trying to get a deputy mandate.

On the other hand, Lulzim Basha himself but also his people, or feeds in the DP, have begun to conflict and use the media where they have space, to attack central or local leaders of the party. This happened with a portal run by Jetmir Olldashi, a journalist who is known for his pro-Basha political stances, but also for being included in the famous “Babale” file, as a person accused of fraud, together with the former MP of Democratic Party, Ervin Salianji.

So Lulzim Basha uses Salianji’s media to attack Sahit Dollapi. Today’s article, appears clearly as commissioned on the Olldashi’s portal.

Sahit Dollapi is attacked and accused of his private activity, alluding to collaboration with Erion Veliaj, precisely at these moments when the mayor of Tirana is being accused more strongly than ever by the Democratic Party.

On the other hand, this moment has been found not without purpose. Ervin Salianji claims to run for deputy in the Korça region. He has asked to be second on the list of this county. Sahit Dollapi was sent to organize DP in the Korça region, and closely followed the base elections, as well as the voting process for the disqualification of candidates.

It was Dollapi who discovered that in Maliq, after 11 o’clock in the afternoon, were thrown fake votes in the ballot boxes to support Salianji, which led to the closure of the process in this municipality. Former MP Salianji, who has been abandoned, is already waiting for a decision from the Court of Appeals after the sentence received in the Court of First Instance.

He is seeking political protection at all costs, being part of the lists, or MP. But perhaps Sahit Dollapi didn’t make any concessions in front of the scandalous MP, the famous Salianji, caught in the video with the former Democratic MP G.D.

LEXO EDHE:  Skenarët pozitivë dhe negativë/ Si mund të ndikojë Covid-19 tek shanset e Trumpit për t’u rizgjedhur ?

LEXO EDHE:  Protesta për Klodjan Rashën/ Frrok Çupi: Ishte projekt politik, vetë SHBA i vuri emrin

Apparently, the former MP has realized that all his scandals have been reported to Lulzim Basha, even the weak reputation that he has at the base, and the clashes with the DP structures in Korça or the rejection of his candidacy.

Then there was the Commission for the Evaluation of Figures, the one that disqualified Ervin Salianji. And already the latter has found the enemy. His name is Sahit Dollapi, and to attack the latter he used today the portal of his friend, the collaborator of the “Babale” file, Jetmir Olldashi.

This was also the solution that Salianji wants to find, in order to silence the leaders of the Democratic Party, so that everyone agrees to run him for MP again in Korça. The scandalous official of Lulzim Basha, is already “killed” by Lulzim Basha himself, but in his last struggles Salianji is sponsoring personal attacks against the Organizational Secretary of DP./

“Babalja i Lulit” përdor mediat për të sulmuar Sahit Dollapin



Where is the right?




By Elvi Fundo

In recent weeks, the media have chosen to conduct their own polls, to increase their audience, but also to influence public opinion, according to their political interests. There are at least 4 polls, that are true or manipulated in numbers, depends on how you look them. And they have one thing in common:the right is in its worst time.

After the publication of the polls, the political parties try to make their interpretations, firstly on the popular dissatisfaction, secondly which political force leads, and thirdly who we will have as Prime Minister. Popular dissatisfaction is great, and all companies, even those closest to the current government, speak for a rate over 60 percent. Expected figures after the pandemic, the earthquake, but also the lack of real reforms that bring economic development and prosperity. The leading political force in Albania always emerges the Socialist Party, with lower percentages in pro-opposition media polls, and higher percentages in the Renaissance propaganda machine.

The biggest problem that these polls highlight, but also the political reality on the ground, is the popular position of the right. And if Lulzim Basha announces the victory, and that he will be tomorrow the next Prime Minister, which is in fact his personal problem, the facts show that the right is unfortunately at its worst moment in these 30 years of political pluralism. Basha declares victory but using left-wing parties, communists, the case of the Agrarian-Environmentalist Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration, or parties without identities, with simply thieves.

Not to mention the fact that the Democratic Party hasn’t yet given any clear sign that it has the foundations of a conservative right. On the contrary, she is moving more and more towards the center, joining the extremists of the left for one goal:for Luli Basha to be placed at the head of the government.
This is precisely the main problem why today the right is assessed as too shrinking electorally, without weight, remaining in a historical minority, and everything “cooked” with the left-wing courtesans. Lulzim Basha has lost every compass of a real right, to rely on the owners, the business, the former owners, or the former political persecuted during the dictatorship.

Some main foundations that have been dismantled, and have been replaced by the interests of the moment, clientelism and servility in management. Without delving into the other two principles of the right, the family and God. Both seem shamefully misused to the point of disgust, the family for enrichment, and God for propaganda. These have caused the right to lose its way, to abandon to the streets the people who have supported it, and moreover to feel betrayed.

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Not to mention the political divide of what can be called the right led by Luli Basha. The real and biggest problem in the Democratic Party should be the existence and construction of the right as an alternative, and not only, and not how to make Luli Basha prime minister, or the vassals who come after him for a public post.

It needs the ideas, values, principles and solutions, and not the propaganda and bargaining that have dismantled the right in Albania. What today is and should be a concern for the DP and the Democrats, is the lack of a real right, some principles of which he has stolen and abused by Edi Rama.
And Luli Basha, instead of building a political profile on strong foundations and clear principles, steals what Rama leaves from the left. The political spectrum, seems to be a real chaos, where the right has lost its way, there is no support and public clarity, and unfortunately it is in an identity crisis with no clear direction of where it is going./

Ku është e djathta?



“There is no liar 2 meters long!”/ Why Rama doesn’t go to Fier to inaugurate the incinerator




For months, has published in detail a complete investigative file, regarding the concession of incinerators in Albania. There was a long debate, the CNA denounced it, it was reported in other media.

In September 2020, a strong debate started from the opposition. In Elbasan, it is a problematic incinerator, as it has not yet been handed over by the municipality. It was also said that it would be built soon, but again it hasn’t started functioning. While that of Fier, should have been completed in December 2020. At least so stated Prime Minister Rama on October 15 last year in the show “Opinion”.

“The investment is not over, but in December you will come to see that the work will start. The one in Fier ends in December. In Fier there was a year and a half delay due to our side, because there were protests and elections. Elbasan has also produced energy since 2017. It uses energy for its own needs, it hasn’t received a single penny, because the regulatory authority does not give it the price and the energy obtained is on time. I don’t lie, I tell only the truth. There is no thief or liar 2 meters long, forget it! ”- declared Rama at that time.

But more than three months have already passed! He didn’t go to inaugurate it either on December 1, 10 or December 20, 2020. But it is not going even now in January! But when will Rama inaugurate this incinerator?

The one in Tirana has not started to be built, and only the landfill works there. The one in Elbasan, for better or worse, was set up like a “tin cage”. Some excuses have been given for it, and a quantity of energy has been produced.

LEXO EDHE:  Lajm i hidhur/ Ndërron jetë ekonomisti i njohur

LEXO EDHE:  Artan Hoxha tregon çmimin/ Sa kushton një kilogram kanabis

We are accepting all the lies, even though every lie is worth not less than 22 million euros!
But what is happening in Fier, where it is claimed that there are 28 million euros of investment?! The government has paid a sack of money, and nothing has been built yet.

There is another detail. Now the municipality of Fier is doing the tender to buy the trucks, to remove the garbage from the collection area, and to take it to the incinerator. So today after so many months, where is the incinerator! Will Edi Rama tell us? Or we will only see 3D video as in the case of the Elbasan incinerator! /

“Gënjeshtar dy metra nuk ka!”/ Pse nuk shkon ta inagurojë Rama inceneratorin e Fierit?

“Hajdut dhe gënjeshtar dy metra nuk ka”/ Rama e pranon: Inceneratori i Fierit nuk punon

Skandali me Inceneratorin e Fierit/ Skema mafioze, 23 milionë euro për vetëm një gërmadhe

Zbulohen fijet/ Si u përdor Top Channel për të mbrojtur aferën 330 mln euro të plehrave

Ndërtimi i inceneratorit në Fier/ Banorët hidhen në protestë

“Mori 750 milionë lekë, pa pasur asnjë punonjës”/ Thellohet skandali i inceneratorit të Fierit, gazetarja zbardh detajet

Inceneratori i Fierit/ Gjykata vendos nën sekuestro kompaninë koncesionare për detyrime të pa paguara

Zbulohen fijet/ Si u përdor Top Channel për të mbrojtur aferën 330 mln euro të plehrave

Skandali/ Qeveria 50 milion euro kompanive pa asnjë lek