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OFL as a failure of captain Lleshaj


OFL as a failure of captain Lleshaj



Operation Force of Law began a year ago with a lot of noise, after frequent outflow of Prime Minister Edi Rama, who stated that the crime and the persons involved in it, will have to face an exemplary law that the government had already prepared.

But, after a year, it seems that the operation led by Minister of InteriorSander Lleshaj, former army general who became party captain, has almost failed. Aside from the daily noise the State police make filling out forms, there is nothing more than that. The results are almost ridiculous, a total failure. It was expected that the punishment against crime would be exemplary, but in this case the example is the failure of the law. According to official data provided yesterday by A2 CNN and journalist Julian Kasapi, the State Police has sent forms to 7800 subjects, among these persons there have been scandalous cases, such as the fact that these forms have been sent to persons who have died, as was the case of Shkelëzn Dumani Duman in Syria or Almir Daci in Leshnica of Pogradec.

In addition to the motive to comply with the law that for these persons there is no death certificate, what stands out is that among 291 decisions for preventive seizure only 1 old vehicle was confiscated.So 7800 forms were taken by the police, almost 291 people were processed and a vehicle was seized in all this mundane noise, 5 subjects in Vlora, 2 in Laç, 8 in Kukës, 1 in Shkodër, 7 in Tirana, 5 in Fier, 3 in Gjiokastra based on the OFL operation.

It was the Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, who said in an appearance to Lutfi Dervishi show on RTSH, on Albanian public television, that the government demanded a further postponement of the implementation of this law, of this normative act, such as Operation Force of Law.

But then he was still not comfortable in his luxury BMW, that he bought for almost 100 million Lek pandemic times.So the general turned in party captain, wants to continue his failure successfully, and sell it every day as propaganda through official announcements of the State Police. It is as if the government is fighting crime and the state police demoted it, while a law prepared by this government with a justice formed in the spirit of the “Renaissance”, with a complete policy in its service, is truly a failure.

It seems that Operation Force of Law has done nothing else, but simply the cleaning the figures of the underworld. To all the characters to whom the letter was sent, it was left blank, some declared their wealth, and others hide everything.

There are people who were convicted 20 years ago, many people have assets raised later after paying off their legal obligations. Indeed, Operation Force of Law, though built with a lot of noise and in the hope of seizing the assets of all those who had unjustly placed it, was a total failure.

LEXO EDHE:  Meta nuk humb kohë/ Firmos shkarkimin e Ramës si ministër, dekreton Xhaçkën dhe Peleshin

A spectacular case is also that of Lulzim Berisha, when Ministry of Interior made a lot of noise. Initially, he was seized an armored vehicle, and a few days later with the motivation that he had not answered OFL questions. The same thing happened with 1.2 million liters of oil and a customs warehouse owned by him. The investigation launched in SPAK, was then delegated to the Durrës Prosecutor’s Office, where the suspicions were not proven. This prosecution decided to release from the seizure of 1.2 million liters of fuel and return the quantity to the company.

The decision of the Prosecution was preceded by another victory of Berisha in the Administrative Court of Appeals, which in October returned the revoked license to his company “Rajan 2007”. This is not the first case, but one of the many examples where it is clear that OFL is a personal failure of the Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, the man who together with the Prime Minister advertised this operation.
Sander Lleshaj wants to extend this operation, maybe he wants it as a bargain before the elections, exactly as it has happened so far, as it is reported that in many cases the forms are sent by order, but also in many other cases the order to deliver the form has been an agreement between the political class, its elements and the underworld. In the end this operation seems to be a clear failure.

This operation, which bears the signature of Sander Lleshaj and Edi Rama, the two people who advertised and supported this operation, can no longer say that it is a failure. They take their papers to the SPAK where they refer cases, and this latter is a product of the Justice Reform, supported by the government, led by an obedient party soldier and Rama’s elected man, such as Arben Kraja, who takes the documents of Sander Lleshaj and Edi Rama, and has nothing to do with them. So it is simply and only a failed process.

The world of crime has been temporarily given some forms, some assets have been blocked, but the courts returned to them. But, this time neither Sander Lleshaj nor Edi Rama can justify themselves with the courts and prosecutors as everything is going through SPAK which is strongly supported by the government. What seems clear is that so far, like SPAK, this operation has the same fate, failure./

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The four facts that show the polls




In the last two weeks, the media have been dealing with several polls, conducted by companies that have made before such electoral calculations in Albania, but also new companies.

Several televisions such as Report Tv, Ora News, Syri Tv and recently Euronews Albania, have published their polls. Polls that ultimately show the expectations of public opinion, and raise the hopes of political parties, the ruling one to extend the time at the head of government, or the opposition to overthrow the Socialists and take over the leadership of the government.

Undoubtedly, all the polls have some things in common, despite the fact that they are prepared by televisions that are already in Albania lined up with a political wing. Report Tv is known as a pro-government television station run by Carlo Bolino. Ora News was once with the DP, then closer to Rama, moving in fact according to the movement made by the SMI, ie President Ilir Meta.

Syri Tv of Çlirim Peka, is an opposition television station alongside former Prime Minister Berisha, but also with a love for Ilir Meta. On the other hand, the one that seems to be the most rational television is Euronews Albania, another international brand in Albania, which yesterday published the data of a survey that is probably more balanced than those of other media.

Anyway let’s look at the facts! All the polls have one thing in common, the great popular dissatisfaction with the country’s economy and development. So, Albanians couldn’t react differently after a pandemic, a devastating earthquake, or even an economy, where PPPs are tightening the government belt, which in turn is tightening the belt around the necks of Albanians.

There is no economic “boom”, there is no development of the employment sector, not to mention massive immigration. These are the commonalities that every poll gives, the popular dissatisfaction seems to be great. The second, polls show another fact.

The Socialist Party appears first in all cases, even in the polls prepared by Syri Tv of Çlirim Peka, even from the most opposition media, but also from the polls conducted by the companies contracted by the DP itself. The SP enjoys on average the support of almost 45 Albanians in all polls.

So, SP lead in safe mode, from 48 percent in 2017, today is 45 percent, a decrease of 3 percent that should probably have been greater, given the popular discontent. A third fact is that the opposition hasn’t been able to translate popular discontent into votes for it.

LEXO EDHE:  Arrestimet për grabitjen e Rinasit/ Berisha sulmon Ramën dhe Lleshajn

LEXO EDHE:  Arrestimet për grabitjen e Rinasit/ Berisha sulmon Ramën dhe Lleshajn

So, the popular dissatisfaction is great, but the DP and SMI are very low in voter support, even if compared to the Socialist Party. In all polls, the Democratic Party is trying to get it with maximum support, somewhere between 33-35 percent.

In fact, the electoral base of the Democratic Party has always been around 28-30 percent, and then it was Sali Berisha’s “mastery”, the gathering of allies and his political actions that brought him to power by maximizing votes. The DP comes out very low, almost half by half with popular discontent. This shows a lot, both for the skeptics and the supporters of Lulzim Basha, who have already started to understand that the leader of the Democratic Party doesn’t stick to the public opinion.

So there is no spiritual relationship of public opinion with him, and they don’t see him as hope and future for the country. On the other hand, the SMI is shrinking, and this is showed by the polls of Ilir Meta’s close friends, such as the case of Ora News, the seized television of the drug trafficker Xhemail Pasmaçiu, known to the public as Ylli Ndroqi.

The SMI is very low in the polls, both in the polls prepared by it, and in those prepared by the DP, and in those prepared by other political parties in Albania. Even in independent polls, it turns out there is a halving of followers it once had.

So, the common facts and truths that tells us all the polls are four First, the popular discontent; second, the leadership of the left; third, the distrust and lack of support for Lulzim Basha, and fourth, the free fall of the SMI.

These 4 data revealed by all the polls done so far, are 4 truths, 4 facts which show what the public opinion, opinion leaders or even the citizens themselves, already see and touch every day. Dissatisfaction with the government, the fact that the Socialists are more numerous in Albania, the fact that Lulzim Basha is a party leader imposed on DP membership, and that he cannot become a leader, and that Monika Kryemadhi has weakened more than ever the party Ilir Meta.

All statistical collected data have a name:he is called Lulzim Basha, who apparently is the only problem that hinders the growth of popular support for the opposition, to lead to the overthrow of Edi Rama./

Skandaloze dhe tallje/ Ja çfarë shet si sondazhe Çim Peka



SP-DP reveal the scenario to break up the SMI




SP-DP reveal the scenario to break up the SMI

Ilir Meta’s empire has begun to crumble. The Socialist Movement for Integration, which

rose from well-known names, and managed to have a large electoral support under Meta, emerging as the third force, but also played the role of King Maker in forming governments, is now touching the bottom under the leadership of Monika Kryemadhi.

The DP-SP pact of May 17, 2017, was the first blow dealt to the party of the President of the Republic, which as a secret agreement aimed at destroying the SMI. Even today, Rama-Basha have started the behind-the-scenes efforts to take out of the game the “empire” of Meta and Kryemadh in the elections of April 25, 2021.

This was also acknowledged by the number two of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, who said that they had agreed with Lulzim Basha to take Meta’s party for scrap. “The SMI is in a process of disintegration. Their political figures have sought to get closer to the Socialist Party. What is happening, is that we agreed with Lulzim Basha, he in 2017, and we now, to take the SMI for scrap. We are all working together for this”- said Balla.

But how is the SMI being destroyed under the leadership of Monika Kryemadhi? It is clear that after the departure of Ilir Meta from the SMI, the deputies and councilors are no longer obeying Kryemadhi and have officially started leaving the party.

The departure of Robert Bitri, Spartak Braho, Lefter Koka, Nasip Naço, Gledion Rehovica or even the former director of the port of Durrës and the former director of Civil Aviation, Aleksandër Lipivani, have brought the contraction of the president’s party.

LEXO EDHE:  Rama: Ja ku ndodhet dreqi!

LEXO EDHE:  Arrestimet për grabitjen e Rinasit/ Berisha sulmon Ramën dhe Lleshajn

But among those who left and joined the SP, are also municipal councilors. These actions show that the dissolution of the SMI has officially begun. For some time, Monika’s party has been gripped by an internal crisis. Although she has avoided this fact, denying in public, this crisis is becoming more visible.

But the fear of the collapse of the Meta-Kryemadhi empire, has also led to the launch of blackmail with video-eavesdropping on those who left. But although until yesterday they were part of the SMI, today Meta is accusing the departed as incriminated persons, and that according to him with their departure the party has been cleansed.

The head of state chooses not to call even collaborators, those who have left the political force he founded, among them Nasip Naço. Fear of overthrowing the SMI has been accompanied by unconstitutional behavior by the president.

Meta has completely stripped off the president’s suit, and launched the campaign for the SMI, holding a series of meetings. This implies that Meta himself cannot trust the party of his wife Monica, as he is seeing that the empire he set up himself, is collapsing before his eyes.

Now even the polls in the media near the opposition, reveal a SMI weaker than ever. This shows that the support of citizens to the party of Meta and Monika has fallen so much, that even their televisions are not able to propagate SMI as a “winner”./

PS-PD nxjerrin skenarin për të shkërrmoqur LSI



January 21, yesterday and today!





On January 21, 2011, the then opposition led by Edi Rama, organized a protest, or a demonstration, as the Prime Minister would call it today. Thousands of people gathered on the boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, there were violent events, the police were massacred by protesters, according to political orders given by the leaders of the Socialist Party.

Republican Guard forces then tragically kill 4 innocent people. The first person in charge and the first organizer was Edi Rama. 10 years ago he took people there, abandoned them on the boulevard and ran away by himself, didn’t stand at the top of the crowd, and didn’t turn out to protect his supporters.

He allowed them to clash and for almost 5-6 hours with the police, the use of an unstoppable violence from the crowd on the police, and then from the police on the crowd. Edi Rama is today the Prime Minister of Albania, and today after 10 years, there is still no justice. So he got what he wanted, the power! He became Prime Minister but didn’t bring justice, prosperity or development as he promised his supporters at the time, but sowed corruption and PPP, after the alliance with Ilir Meta. Ilir Meta was at that time Minister of Economy, taking the place of Dritan Prifti, while was published the famous video of the bribe of 700.000 euros for Gimi, a video interception carried out by Dritan Prifti against Ilir Meta.

A video that showed quite a bit how the structures of the SMI functioned, its leader, the ministers, and where the Albanian state had degraded. The video provoked a harsh reaction from Ilir Meta, who called Edi Rama the head of the spy sect, drug users and the like, but forgot any accusation. In fact, the people in that protest were brought out by Edi Rama for Ilir Meta’s bloc, but Rama also forgot Meta’s bloc. The two formed an alliance after 2 years, and came to power receiving almost 1 million votes, over the blood of those killed, over the January 21 bloc, and over spies.

And here we are today. Ilir Meta is the president elected by the socialists, that is, from those who came out in protest for the corruption bloc of Ilir Meta. And today Ilir Meta wants to overthrow them from power, and with whom does he want to do this? With Lulzim Basha, Minister of Interior of January 21, the man who didn’t came out from his house for hours and days. At that time he was very scared, and surrendered to the office of the former Minister of Interior, then Minister of Transport, Sokol Olldashi.

He was scared and shivering, his face was yellow. He was the man in charge of the police force that had killed 4 people, 4 innocent victims, supporters of the Socialist Party who had come out to demand the punishment of Ilir Meta for his corruption, and they were killed on the boulevard while Basha was Minister of Interior and headed the Republic Guard. Today, Lulzim Basha is in opposition, and he has taken Ilir Meta in the coalition together with his bloc of corrupt affairs and his party, and he is aiming to come to power to overthrow Edi Rama, the one who came to power with the bloc of Ilir Meta and the blood of the 4 killed persons.

LEXO EDHE:  Nga Ilir Levonja/ Përse Henrin të parin dhe jo Edi Ramën

LEXO EDHE:  Deklarata e fortë/ "Rama po shantazhohet... Nuk shpëton dot"

Lulzim Basha is also stepping on their blood, this time he wants to use it just like Rama to come to power, but otherwise, taking with him the one that people went to protest 10 years ago, Ilir Meta, was today is the president elected by the socialists. And Meta together with Lulzim Basha, who was the Minister of Interior on January 21, want to come to power. This is January 21 of 10 years ago, this is January 21 today, where Edi Rama, Ilir Meta and Lulzim Basha had both their hands stained with blood’s victims.

People protested for Ilir Meta, organized by Edi Rama, and the Minister of Interior was Lulzim Basha. Then Edi Rama joined Ilir Meta and ruled with him for 4 years, and now Meta is taken over by Lulzim Basha, but on the way Rama and Basha also govern together.

So these are the ones who are 3 stained with the blood of the victims of January 21, an event which has not yet brought to justice those responsible. If this were to happen, only then would be calmed down the souls of their families, but perhaps would begin a new era in Albanian politics. But this era does not start, as Edi Rama doesn’t love today’s justice, as
he is afraid of facing justice tomorrow./

21 janari dje dhe sot!