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The video that “enraged” Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi


The video that “enraged” Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi



Video që “çmendi” Vjollca Hoxhën dhe Ben Blushin

Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi have used their contracts with a private company to manage the image of many private media on social networks, in order to remove the video that “maddened” them with concrete facts and evidence.

Through this business agreement between them, they censored an exclusive video that made based on a news item, and on concrete facts and arguments. A few days ago, published an analysis regarding the issue of Top Channel, and the support that this television provides to incinerators, the owner of the television and the director, who is a partner with the owners of incinerators.

Ben Blushi is partner in the “EM Capital Group” company with Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, through his wife Eva Blushi. And Vjollca Hoxha, one of the owners of Top Channel, is partner through the company “Valtelino Kafe”, where “EM Kapital Group” has bought 51 per cent of the shares for 2.2 million dollars.

The article was a complete analysis, with facts, after the publications about the incinerators made by Top Channel, is the partner television of the incinerator owners. From those facts we prepared a video analysis of 5 minutes long with different film plans. The video was posted on a social network and went viral immediately.

But what happened?

The “Acromax Media” company, which always stands behind the agreements with the national televisions, through her access, initially removed the video from You Tube, claiming the copyright violation.

Also later, the same thing happened with the video posted on social networks. First was hit the website of, and yesterday the video was removed from the Facebook profile of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, and wherever it has been published.

In a contact that had with Anxhela Faber, the owner of Acromax, which has built another company in Albania regarding the rights and contracts, she said that she has indeed a platform, but she gave it to the televisions, and they are this latter that are acting.

So, according to Angela Faber, it is Top Channel itself that has removed the published material. So the video news, which has disappeared from Facebook, Youtube and social networks, brings it below, and we will throw directly into the system to have it complete and safer, and that no one can infringe upon and attack.

First, we point out that the removal of the video is another scandal for which we underline that we haven’t used content for profit purposes, such as Top Channel contracts with private companies. But, the materials of this television have been used to make an analysis, to form an opinion and to give some true facts.

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Therefore, the removal of this video that has “enraged” Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi, which has been confirmed to have been removed from Top Channel due to the platform made available by Akromax, which has also been confirmed by Angela Faber, clearly shows that the leading couple of Top Channel is “going crazy” by the real facts, and by the video which shows everything.

Although hundreds, thousands of visitors went to Sali Berisha’s page who saw the video, at page as well, we are putting it back on the panel. We are publishing this news, and we are strongly advertising it on social networks, so that no one tries to do such actions. Confronting facts is confronting facts, and not stealing content. We have not stolen anyone’s content, we haven’t taken any rights from anyone. But we have simply used a simple way, we have put the facts in front of each other.

The truth is one and only one, so we will say it out loudly:Ben Blushi and Vjollca Hoxha are partners of Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, the owners of the incinerators. These are facts that we have shown through writings with documents and videos.

And we will do everything that every Albanian should really know this, up to the last neighbor of Ben Blushi in Dardha or Vjollca Hoxha, in every corner of Albania where he goes, or as far as the signal of Top Channel, the television that makes propaganda for incinerators. This is the propaganda of the partners of the owners of the incinerators, and the partners are Ben Blushi, Vjollca Hoxha, Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto./

Video që “çmendi” Vjollca Hoxhën dhe Ben Blushin

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Former dictatorship investigator fails to head SPAK/Arben Kraja “hostage” of politics?




Arben Kraja, the head of the SPAK, a former investigator during the communist dictatorship, doesn’t seem to be succeeding at the helm of the Special Anti-Corruption Structure.

Kraja has excelled during communism, but all likelihood shows that he has failed at the helm of SPAK, the most talked about institution and most supported by the international community, such as the US Embassy in Tirana and beyond.

During the dictatorship, Kraja served piously to the power of that time. He has demanded punishments for those who tried to cross the state border, an act that at time was considered a crime against the state.

Today, when there is a great corruption in the institutions of the Albanian state, when citizens’ taxes are being extorted, ie crimes are being committed against citizens, Arben Kraja is silent, he doesn’t act or investigate.

He is suspected of continuing to maintain the line of being a loyal servant of power, sticking to the version “the wolf changes his hair, but not his habit”.

When he took office as the head of SPAK in December 2019, he stated that he had no time for words, as there was a lot of work to be done.

But then more than a year has passed since that statement, there seems to be more words than work. We have seen Arben Kraja walking around the TV studios, more than working. The results are minimal, to say the least.

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It seems as if Kraja has been placed at the head of that institution to defend government corruption or high-level corruption, and is suspected of working only on political orders.

The SPAK was set up for prosecutors investigating corruption to be independent, as were often accused of having direct links to politics and big business.

But it seems that such a thing hasn’t been achieved yet, despite the fact that all conditions have been created for SPAK prosecutors.

Arben Kraja must either admit that he is a hostage of politics and resign from the management of that institution, or he must show by deeds that he is independent and investigate and bring to justice high-level officials.

So far, he has only spoken, but is not paid in that duty for words. He is not a fortune-teller who sees the cup, but is there to do justice, away from the influence of politics.

SPAK, which was trumpeted as a hope for the new Albanian justice, is turning out to be a soap bubble.

This institution has only raised the hopes of those who work there to increase their wealth. Meanwhile, we remind that there are those in SPAK, who have suspiciously passed the Vetting process, and this is thanks to the connections they have with the government./

Ish-hetuesi i diktaturës dështon në SPAK/ Arben Kraja “peng” i politikës?



Arben Kraja “arrested” the dead people/ SPAK is defending corrupt government affairs?




The institution that claimed to do justice for Albanians, and that would investigate the corruption of these 30 years, seems to have become a “lawyer” of political corruption. It is about the Special Anti-Corruption Structure, SPAK, an institution supported step by step by the American Embassy.

But since its inception and until now, there have been no results expected. The Serious Crimes Prosecution has been more effective than SPAK, extending its investigations to the government. Arben Kraja, who runs this institution has failed. And not because we say this,
but because the results say so.

Before taking office, he talked about the failures of the Prosecution, but at the head of the SPAK, he has maintained the same line of failures. “We have failed to punish high-level corruption or organized crime. The situation is worrying. We are legally protected, we need the correct implementation of the law in practice. The independence of prosecutors will guarantee the success of this institution“- said Kraja in the High Council of the Prosecution, at the time he was running for prosecutor of SPAK.

But what did he do after becoming part of this structure? What corrupt government affair
has it investigated? So far no government official has been investigated. So he and his prosecutors didn’t even do what they once did at the Serious Crimes Prosecution.

From its inception until now, the SPAK is remembered for investigations into persons who had died or for investigations suspected of having political motives, such as the case of Judge Mimoza Margjekaj. Arben Kraja can deny these facts, but the reality is known and seen by every Albanian.

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LEXO EDHE:  Aludimet për vaksinën kineze/ Rama nuk përmbahet ndaj Alimehmetit: Është sharlatan

Almost every day the media report on government corruption, the involvement of senior officials in criminal acts, but the SPAK remain silent. Investigations are carried out by journalists and the media, while SPAK, which is paid with citizens’taxes as much as it doesn’t deserve, is silent.

Silent remain Arben Kraja, who started his work at the head of SPAK, with the investigation of the dead people, thus becoming the object of ridicule throughout the public opinion. We recall that SPAK boasted that it investigated the electoral crimes of 2017, for the famous file “339”.
The subject of investigation were also two deceased commissioners, Kasëm Lala and Besim Bregu. For both of these commissioners, SPAK had issued an arrest warrant, claiming that they allowed other persons to vote on behalf of Albanian emigrants living abroad.

But the two commissioners in question had passed away 2 years ago. Kasëm Lala, SP commissioner and Besim Bregu, PD commissioner served their parties in the 2017 parliamentary elections in Durrës. It would be good for the SPAK to investigate those who are alive, and who have committed criminal offenses that are within their competence.

Or to launch an investigation on government corruption. But it is suspected that Kraja and his subordinates have been put in the service of politics, thus extinguishing any hope for justice, and empowering organized governmental and state crime and attacking the weak, as justice has historically done in Albania./CNA .al

Arben Kraja “prangosi” të vdekurit/ SPAK mbron aferat korruptive qeveritare?



Basha’s lost causes/ How the leader of the Democratic Party abandoned the Democrats in the middle of the road




Basha’s lost causes/How the leader of the Democratic Party abandoned the Democrats in the middle of the road

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has abandoned all the causes that have started by him. He has failed to bring them to an end, and now speaks again shamefully of further engagements, instead of resigning as DP leader.

It is not always the fault of those who win, his opponents or rivals in the party, when Basha himself has shown that he has no capacity to send to the end the causes. For this we will not go far back in time. But we will start from February 2019, the time when he handed over the mandates of the deputies.

After this decision, Basha said that the parliament in which they participated before the burning of mandates “came out of the votes of crime and the mafia in the rigged elections of June 25, 2017”. Backed by allies, Basha called for a transitional government, ready to take all necessary steps to guarantee free and fair elections.

The leader of the Democratic Party stated that by burning the mandates he would overthrow the government, but in fact overthrew himself and the opposition. Because the handing over of mandates didn’t help the DP and the opposition to change their approach to their opposition struggle, they even went out of the game as opposition, as a new parliamentary opposition was formed in Parliament.

After handing over the mandates, Lulzim Basha started the protests with the motto “Edi Rama must leave. Enough is enough!”. Basha said at the time, that the opposition would lead a civil, peaceful and democratic battle to restore legitimacy and democracy in Albania.

The protests started in Tirana, and moved to other cities. A total of 12 protests were organized, in each of which Basha went later than the scheduled time, and after thickening his voice and talking about the overthrow of Prime Minister Edi Rama, he closed it by singing the anthem, becoming the object of memes and ridicule on the Internet.

LEXO EDHE:  “Parlamenti i përbërë nga kriminelë, injorantë dhe idiotë”/ Kabo: Ndryshimi mund të vijë pas 30 vitesh

LEXO EDHE:  “Parlamenti i përbërë nga kriminelë, injorantë dhe idiotë”/ Kabo: Ndryshimi mund të vijë pas 30 vitesh

So even the protests didn’t serve him for anything. Basha abandoned them and the Democrats, to find another excuse for his failure. In these conditions, it was decided to hold local elections on June 30, 2019, while Basha hoped to overthrow the Rama government.

Although the election date was set, the Democratic Party leader said there would be no elections on June 30, as they would be postponed.

But the elections took place, in general they were calm, and Basha went out of the political system even in the local government. Basha again failed to keep his promises. Another cause has already begun, which is expected to have the fate of other causes, as the latter is the most abstract of all, as it speaks of war and battle, while coming from successive losses.

Basha praised the June 25 election process. Then he came out and said that there is evidence of election manipulation. And what he calls evidence, he left in the hands of a master student like Marash Logu, to defend the DP in KAS. This shows that Basha knows that the result doesn’t change anymore, but he is making every effort to justify himself, while the voices demanding his removal are increasing, both inside and outside the DP.

While in the Democratic Party have started resignations, starting from the people closest to him, Basha has started touring in the regions, describing it as a battle. He also tries to manipulate the tour, by organizing meetings with his close supporters with registration, in order to then release to the public only the parts that don’t affect him. So even the cause that he calls war or battle is failed, beyond any action that he does./

Kauzat e humbura të Bashës/ Si i la në mes të rrugës demokratët kreu i PD