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The incinerator corruption scandal/ Ben Blushi’s mercenary, yesterday accused and today defends them


The incinerator corruption scandal/ Ben Blushi’s mercenary, yesterday accused and today defends them



The incinerator corruption scandal/Ben Blushi’s mercenary, yesterday accused and today defends them

Incinerators have recently been one of the “hottest” and most sensational topics, as they are a PPP much accused by the media and the opposition. is one of the media, that has published dozens of documents and facts about these incinerators, where their owners have established partnerships with other companies with media owners and executives.

Three years ago, the issue of incinerators was addressed in Ylli Rakipi’s show “The Unexposed” on News 24. The journalist who prepared the show at the time was Endrit Habilaj. Through a chronicle broadcast on this show, were listed facts against incinerators.

This chronicle shows how the company “Albtech Energy shpk” was announced the winner of a competition without competition that worth 22 million euros, in just two days, for the construction of the incinerator in Elbasan. In 2014, the company “Albtech Energy shpk” sends a letter to the government for an unsolicited concession for the construction of an incinerator in the most polluted city of Albania, in Elbasan.

A few weeks ”Albtech Energy”, was announced the winner of a competition without competition worth 22 million euros, and signed with the government the cooperation contract for the construction of the incinerator in Elbasan. The whole formal procedure lasted 2 days. On December 16 and 17, 2014, 8 procedures were performed.

The announcement of the winner was made, the right time for appeal was granted, the possible complaints were reviewed, the draft opinion was sent to other ministries as well, the written response and comments were received from other Ministries, the contract was drafted by the legal department, the contract was negotiated between the parties, the contract was signed and then it received the approval at the government meeting, through the DCM. “Surprised by so much haste to approve this activity, we went to our camera inside this incinerator, which at first glance looked according to European standards”- it is said in the 2017 chronicle, prepared by Endrit Habilaj.

Further, in this chronicle are published facts, how the “Integrated Technology Services” company was announced the winner for the tender for the construction of the incinerator in Fier. Like “Alb Tech Energy” a year ago, “Integrated Technology Services” sent a letter to the government, asking it to build an incinerator, but this time in Fier.

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The government immediately set in motion, and in September 2016 “Integrated Technology Services” was declared the winner by securing the right to build the incinerator in Fier worth 28 million euros. The company that will build the incinerator in Fier, has so far received 11 payments from the Ministry of Environment worth 6.5 billion Lek, although the construction in question has not yet started, because the surrounding residents refuse to build it”- it was said further in the chronicle.

But what happened today? The same journalist, who until yesterday prepared the chronicles against the incinerators, today comes out in their favor. Endrit Habilaj has already gone to Ben Blushi and has become part of “Top Media”.

Habilaj is the administrator of “Shqip”, a newspaper that is already bankrupt and is no longer on the market. Contrary to his attitudes of three years ago, Habilaj came out in defense of the incinerators, preparing shows in their favor. Top Channel’s “Top Story”, a show hosted by Habilaj, has long been the biggest incinerator lawyer.

Endrit Habilaj, the same person who made the 2017 chronicle for “The Unexposed”, who has dozens of facts against the incinerators’ affair, now makes a show that is in favor of incinerators. Now, who is a journalist that should we trust, Endrit Halibaj paid by Ylli Rakipi, or Endrit Halibaj paid by Ben Blushi?

Here the journalist emerges as e mercenary, as there are two opposite direct public attitudes expressed in chronicles. When he was in another staff he went against the incinerators, now that is a part of Ben Blushi’s staff, the partner of Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, he in favor of the incinerators. What has changed? Have they increased his salary as a mercenary? Because it seems difficult to call him a journalist./

Afera korruptive e inceneratorëve/ Mercenari i Ben Blushit, dje i akuzonte, sot i bën avokatinë

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The “threats” by Artan Lame / Top Story withdraw the “investigation” on the Vlora Cadastre




The “threats” by Artan Lame / Top Story withdraw the “investigation” on the Vlora Cadastre

The General Director of the Cadastre, Artan Lame appeared yesterday in Korça at a media conference. He spoke harshly about property scandals in Vlora, mainly in the coastal area. Lame said that in that city many directors have been fired, and others will leave up to the general directors, and everyone involved in this file.

There are people who haven’t received the ownership documents for 20 years. Meanwhile, on the other hand Top Story had warned that on Tuesday would broadcast an investigation regarding properties in the south, today it was announced the postponement of its broadcast. The issue of property in the south is not addressed by chance in the Top Story show.

Almost a year ago, Top Story prepared shows against Nadir Chausholli, accusing harshlythe owner of one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies. But after many accusations, reports in the prosecutor’s office, letters to the American embassy, the parties have already agreed and Nadir is now one of the sponsors of Top Channel.

Top Story never does a random “investigation”. How can it be a coincidence a TV show on property scandals in the south, while in Dhërmi Ben Blushi recently registered about 6 thousand meters of land, after he had bought it from a resident of the area, a property that in fact appears to be state property, and that with the intervention of the anti-corruption office, the property was unregistered. Are coincidental both these facts?

Could be coincidental the shows for the garbage, the incinerator concession, the endless propaganda of Top Channel for the incinerator of Elbasan, Fier, or the landfill of Tirana, not to mention the endless chronicles about Durrës, and the 15 million euros given by the government for the waste encapsulation.

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These are “random” shows made by Top Story, to show the public that Nadir Çausholli was a big problem, that properties on the coast are a big problem. In fact the truth is that they are a problem, and they should have a solution.

But not according to the interests that go to Top Channel and its director Ben Blushi and shareholder Vjollca Hoxha. Because incinerator owners are the partners of Ben Blushi and Vjollca Hosha, the partners of Lori Caffe, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri.

These are shows to get advertisements, or worse to blackmail businesses, without going further to the use of Top Channel and the show for personal interests of Ben Blushi, for his properties in Dhërmi. There are several dozen shows, several dozen cases of Top Story, which has already withdrawn justifying that it will watch other cases of area residents, and in the end has taken a step back.

Can Top Story sell morale when it used in such shamefully way? There are many cases when the show has changed course, and this for the personal interests of Vjollca Hoxha, Ben Blushi and their partners./

“Kërcënimet” e Artan Lames/ Top Story tërhiqet nga emisioni



The scandal of Minister Etilda Gjonaj/ How were ignored the Prosecution’s investigations for the denounced official




GJKKO e pakënaqur nga Gjonaj/ Ndryshoni aktin normativ për OFL, nuk merremi me të dënuar të zakonshëm

Prosecutor Anton Pali started his career in law as a judicial police officer at the Durrës Appellate Prosecution. For 12 years he was disconnected from the system, and returned in 2016, initially as a judicial police officer, and then appointed as a prosecutor in Vlora.

During his work as a prosecutor, he had in his hands important issues, even recommended by the politics for investigation. But, during an investigation that prosecutor Pali had in his hands, came to light the scandal of the Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj.

We recall that on April 15, 2018, the Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj, after announcing the dismissal of the director of the regional directorate of ALUIZNI, Egon Velaj and several other officials, requested an investigation by the Prosecution. Investigations on Velaj and 5 other officials were launched by prosecutor Anton Pali, who in February 2019 stated that it had been proven that the group had committed “abuse of duty” and required their imprisonment. But, Velaj, although under investigation, was appointed by the Minister Etilda Gjonaj Director of Vlora Detention.

One week after being appointed to this position, the Vlora Court sentenced the former director of ALUIZNI, Egon Velaj, to 6 months in prison which was converted into probation. This is the case that shows how politics crumbles the justice system, and rejects the work of the people of justice.

Among other things, this is a signal that the prosecution doesn’t investigate and convict the court, but in both cases decisions are made by politics. Prosecutor Anton Pali, professionally has not been bent in other cases, while in terms of property, it turns out that he has income from his and his wife’s salary. His wealth, mainly in real estate, derives from the inheritance, while he bought in 2008, a 91.8 m2 apartment in Durrës, worth 6.159.780 Lek.

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LEXO EDHE:  Blushi publikon kriteret/Çfarë iu duhet për t'u bërë deputetë të LIBRA-s

The assets declared in recent years by prosecutor Anton Pali:

Year 2016 (Annual Statement)

Deposit in the name of his son with a value of 378.709 Lek.
Income as judicial police officer in Durrës Prosecution, 836.531 Lek.
Income of the wife from work on taxes in Durrës, 787.478 Lek.
Income from the exchange rate at EUROCONTROL in Belgium, 112.805 Lek.

Year 2017

Deposit in the name of his son with a value 165.367 Lek.
Opened an account in the name of the wife, 500.100 Lek.
Sold apartment where he owned 1/3, worth 1.400.000 Lek.
Income of the declaring subject as a prosecutor in Vlora, 1.064.949 Lek.
Income of the wife work 805.717 Lek.
Medical expenses, 1.914 euros.

Year 2018

Deposit in the name of his son with a value of 6.962 Lek.
Opened an account in the name of the wife, 650.245 Lek.
Account balance in the name of the declaring subject and the spouse, 1.400.000 Lek.
Income from bank interests, 16.881 Lek.
Income of the declaring subject as a prosecutor in Vlora, 1.115.635 Lek.
Income of the wife work 761.288 Lek.
Obligation to the brother, 1.500 euros./

Skandali i Etilda Gjonajt/ Si u injoruan hetimet e Prokurorisë për zyrtarin e denoncuar



Israeli councilors take over the DP campaign/ Revealed who are the last two movements




Iu shty aprovimi/ Reagojnë ish-deputetët, Gurakuqi: Të kërkojnë falje që kanë fyer…

Campaign advisers and electoral strategy companies, have become irreplaceable for political parties in Albania. Intrigue, interpretation of the movements opponents, transmission of messages indirectly, building a likable public image, which ultimately translates into votes, and many other activities before and during the campaign, are the tasks of consulting companies that built image and the electoral strategy.

There are several forms of this strategy, from attacks on the opponent, but also “traps” or attacks on oneself, pointing the finger at the rival. These movements have a large staff behind them, and everything related to propaganda and image goes through a single office, where consultants build the strategy towards the political opponent.

The israelis near Basha has long reported that Lulzim Basha has contracted a company for his electoral strategies. There are 3 Israeli advisers engaged to Basha and the DP, precisely to “fight” harshly the political opponent.

All three seem to be “masters” of negativism campaigns, and lately their hand is being felt even more. An office near the former Republic Guard in Tirana, where the coordinator is the journalist Desada Metaj, is the key to everything seen on social networks, from memes, anti-government videos to messages sent by Lulzim Basha.

Next to the Israelis and Desada stands another character, Odeta Male, one of the closest collaborators of Erjon and Aurela Isufi, brother-in-law and wife of Lulzim Basha. Luli’s brother-in-law companies, managed by his wife, have been made available to the Israeli election campaign and advisers.

Negative videos and messages of Basha, support with full infrastructure for their realization, is provided directly by the brother-in-law through Odeta. There are several ways that are used, from short negative videos against the government, with old speeches, promises and new facts.

Somewhere true and sometimes false, the videos are not affixed with the DP logo, but are circulated on the net as a product of free people, although everything goes through the digital coordinator and the adviser’ office as a DP product.

For their distribution are used forms, sending to the deputies, DP leaders, local and central, militants, etc. The message that comes out is immediately understood, and the next video is immediately published by the command from all those mentioned above, the command comes from the headquarters of the DP, who were served the idea by the Israelis and produced by the brother-in-law company.

One way is by also throwing memes and ideas or attitudes while perfecting SPINs. A while time ago, showed with names and facts who are the people used for this campaign. Public figures, positioned against the government throw material on the network for theirs followers. They are used in many forms, not only against the government directly, but also against various phenomena and to attack opponents inside and outside Lulzim Basha’s DP.

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Desada Metaj

The last two moves

Two are the latest moves by the Israelis and the advisory company. The posting the photos of the morgue on the network, not by the official DP but by the SPINs, and then the DP, and its officials react immediately as soon as they see the inflation of public opinion.

The second is the circulation of a photo the day Maradona passed away. A meme where Basha consoled for the “death” of the singer Madonna and not for that of Maradona. The latter was a fake news produced in consultants’ offices, as a dual- purpose strategy.

Erjon Isufi

Firstly very quickly revealed as unbelievable, as the people was going to do a simple check, and the verification will rise Basha’s sensitivity to social networks, and then people will accuse Edi Rama and his government for producing a fake news, that it did not become news, but it was a fake meme prepared in order to give the opposite effect.

Though ridiculous, it seems that that meme gave its effect, at least by increasing activity of Lulzim Basha’s pages on social networks. These and many others, are products of Israelis, the propaganda office, and the support of Basha‘s brother-in-law companies. There is still 5 months of campaigning until the election, and such things will be seen endlessly from all sides. From the lies that we live by European standards, to the lies that we are worse than many African countries.

Propaganda and electoral strategists, will fight over who can better manipulate the Albanian citizen, to then get his vote. But in the end, those who will lose are again the citizens, who are paying with their taxes the propagandists of the political parties./

Këshilltarët izraelitë marrin në dorë fushatën e PD/ Zbulohet kush janë dy lëvizjet e fundit