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The incinerator corruption scandal/ Ben Blushi’s mercenary, yesterday accused and today defends them


The incinerator corruption scandal/ Ben Blushi’s mercenary, yesterday accused and today defends them



The incinerator corruption scandal/Ben Blushi’s mercenary, yesterday accused and today defends them

Incinerators have recently been one of the “hottest” and most sensational topics, as they are a PPP much accused by the media and the opposition. is one of the media, that has published dozens of documents and facts about these incinerators, where their owners have established partnerships with other companies with media owners and executives.

Three years ago, the issue of incinerators was addressed in Ylli Rakipi’s show “The Unexposed” on News 24. The journalist who prepared the show at the time was Endrit Habilaj. Through a chronicle broadcast on this show, were listed facts against incinerators.

This chronicle shows how the company “Albtech Energy shpk” was announced the winner of a competition without competition that worth 22 million euros, in just two days, for the construction of the incinerator in Elbasan. In 2014, the company “Albtech Energy shpk” sends a letter to the government for an unsolicited concession for the construction of an incinerator in the most polluted city of Albania, in Elbasan.

A few weeks ”Albtech Energy”, was announced the winner of a competition without competition worth 22 million euros, and signed with the government the cooperation contract for the construction of the incinerator in Elbasan. The whole formal procedure lasted 2 days. On December 16 and 17, 2014, 8 procedures were performed.

The announcement of the winner was made, the right time for appeal was granted, the possible complaints were reviewed, the draft opinion was sent to other ministries as well, the written response and comments were received from other Ministries, the contract was drafted by the legal department, the contract was negotiated between the parties, the contract was signed and then it received the approval at the government meeting, through the DCM. “Surprised by so much haste to approve this activity, we went to our camera inside this incinerator, which at first glance looked according to European standards”- it is said in the 2017 chronicle, prepared by Endrit Habilaj.

Further, in this chronicle are published facts, how the “Integrated Technology Services” company was announced the winner for the tender for the construction of the incinerator in Fier. Like “Alb Tech Energy” a year ago, “Integrated Technology Services” sent a letter to the government, asking it to build an incinerator, but this time in Fier.

LEXO EDHE:  Blushi shpërthen me akuza ndaj Metës/Për çfarë do mbahesh mend me këtë Parlament

The government immediately set in motion, and in September 2016 “Integrated Technology Services” was declared the winner by securing the right to build the incinerator in Fier worth 28 million euros. The company that will build the incinerator in Fier, has so far received 11 payments from the Ministry of Environment worth 6.5 billion Lek, although the construction in question has not yet started, because the surrounding residents refuse to build it”- it was said further in the chronicle.

But what happened today? The same journalist, who until yesterday prepared the chronicles against the incinerators, today comes out in their favor. Endrit Habilaj has already gone to Ben Blushi and has become part of “Top Media”.

Habilaj is the administrator of “Shqip”, a newspaper that is already bankrupt and is no longer on the market. Contrary to his attitudes of three years ago, Habilaj came out in defense of the incinerators, preparing shows in their favor. Top Channel’s “Top Story”, a show hosted by Habilaj, has long been the biggest incinerator lawyer.

Endrit Habilaj, the same person who made the 2017 chronicle for “The Unexposed”, who has dozens of facts against the incinerators’ affair, now makes a show that is in favor of incinerators. Now, who is a journalist that should we trust, Endrit Halibaj paid by Ylli Rakipi, or Endrit Halibaj paid by Ben Blushi?

Here the journalist emerges as e mercenary, as there are two opposite direct public attitudes expressed in chronicles. When he was in another staff he went against the incinerators, now that is a part of Ben Blushi’s staff, the partner of Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, he in favor of the incinerators. What has changed? Have they increased his salary as a mercenary? Because it seems difficult to call him a journalist./

Afera korruptive e inceneratorëve/ Mercenari i Ben Blushit, dje i akuzonte, sot i bën avokatinë

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Facts- Why the Rama-Basha agreement still works/ How Basha “killed” politically Sali Berisha and sold Ilir Meta to Socialist Party




Facts- Why the Rama-Basha agreement still works/How Basha “killed” politically Sali Berisha and sold Ilir Meta to Socialist Party

One of the biggest political costs that the opposition has had is the agreement of 2017, between Prime Minister Edi Rama and the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha. It has been criticized not only by critics, but also by people close to Basha, who have described it as an agreement on corrupt interests, promoted by George Soros, and with serious consequences for Albanian politics.

And today in 2021, no one has any argument that this deal doesn’t exist, and is not functioning perfectly. Let us list the facts and analyze them. In 2017, a Rama-Basha agreement was reached for peaceful elections, at a time when the opposition was in the Tent of protests.

In 2021, an agreement was reached again for the Electoral Code, and again there were peaceful elections. In both cases Rama won with the same result, while Basha in the last elections only added the votes that in 2017 went to the SMI. The agreement has secured Rama power, while Basha has secured the chair of the DP chairman.

The agreement provided a peaceful process, and rapid counting and announcement of the final result. And the fact is that the election defeat was signed in every polling station, in every counting group, in every CEAZ, and Basha’s complains were simply formal.

In both cases, after losing Basha pretended not to recognize the election, and then in both cases entered parliament and accepted the mandates. In both cases he said that now begins the battle. Even the first, second, and maybe the third term, the businesses of Basha’s family are only increasing.

Lulzim Basha is probably the only opposition leader in the world who gets rich while the other has the power. In 2017, Rama and Basha attacked small parties. While this year with the changes in the Electoral Code, they practically disappear small parties.

The latest and most important evidence of the continuation of the agreement is the political “murder” of Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha. In 2017, Basha focused the campaign against Meta. This year he hasn’t said a single word in defense of the president already fired by Parliament.

LEXO EDHE:  Si i “vrau” Vjollca të gjithë shokët dhe bashkëpunëtorët e Tanit të Top-it
LEXO EDHE:  Blushi shpërthen me akuza ndaj Metës/Për çfarë do mbahesh mend me këtë Parlament

Maybe Meta understood it late, but Basha sold it to Rama.

And this is a fact, as the burning of mandates not only ambushed Meta, but also executed him politically. If Basha didn’t burn the mandates, Edi Rama would never have the constitutional majority to dismiss the president. Therefore, Meta’s departure is totally part of the 2017 agreement.

In 2017, Basha complained that Berisha did not allow him to reach an agreement with Rama. Two years later, every political act was billed to Berisha, exposing him to the internationals.

Then, in a flash, in collaboration with Rama, they “killed” him politically, with the decision of the US State Department, for declaring non-grata the former Prime Minister.

Everyone is convinced that this wouldn’t have come without the OK of Lulzim Basha. So, the agreement started with the enrichment of the family, through the 16 million euros he received for his father-in-law’s palace, built on the sand of the Ionian Sea in Vlora.

He then went on to co-govern in two forms, once with ministers and once without the latter. To go further to the betrayed causes, from Nation’s Road, National Theater and everything else. Let’s not forget also the fact that even for the scandal with the incinerators, Basha spoke only for a few days, then the envelopes with money closed his mouth.

Basha does not need to be in government, as he receives millions of euros even being at the head of the DP. And with the money he earns from the agreement with Rama, he holds the leadership of the DP, sells and buys mandates of deputies, which he uses for his personal interests. The Rama-Basha agreement exists, and the scheme is already clear. Who has doubts, will see other evidence in September./




Why is SPAK still silent on the incinerators scandal?!




Dërgimi i dosjes së Ardian Çapjas në gjyq/ SPAK jep njoftimin zyrtar

The reform of the justice system and the new institutions that emerged from it, much trumpeted not only by politics but also by the international factor, are seen as the hope that albanians will finally find the missing justice.

One of the new justice institutions, the Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime, otherwise known as the SPAK, is claimed to be the institution that will crack down on corruption in the ranks of politics and senior officials, and that they will finally receive the punishment they deserve.

But now SPAK is facing the test if we really have a new justice. And if there is one issue that needs to be talked about out loud, it that of the incinerators. The SPAK must wake up and complete the investigation into the denunciations over what is called the corrupt affair of the century, as there is talk of a sum of money worth 400 million euros.

While he is moving faster with the seizure of Ylli Ndroqi’s property and secondary things, as dealing with traffic police officers who take bribes of 10 dollars from drivers, SPAK seems to have no eyes and ears to see and hear the affair corrupt of incinerators.

LEXO EDHE:  Ekskluzive-Zbulohet gazetari oligark që ia kalon edhe Alfred Pezës
LEXO EDHE:  Blushi shpërthen me akuza ndaj Metës/Për çfarë do mbahesh mend me këtë Parlament

The latter, which has been strongly denounced by the opposition, the Albanian media and even the international ones, cost Albanians hundreds of millions of euros. This scandal is a direct accusation not only of the minister, the Prime Minister, but also of the media involved in this corrupt affair.

But when will SPAK investigate this mega scandal? When will there be arrests by SPAK for incinerators? When will Albanians learn the truth about where ended up hundreds of millions of euros, taken from the government and given to private companies.

The latter then bargain and enter into schemes with former socialist officials, turned as media executives. When will SPAK talk about the scandalous facts? SPAK couldn’t remain silent on the incinerators, because even if he forgot, he will remind by others.

And not only this affair, but also its connections to the media, assets of unjustified individuals, amounting to millions of euros. And if Ylli Ndroqi was an example, the incinerator scandal, connections with media people and corrupt officials, should be the great truth of the fight against corruption./



Chinese chemical fertilizers for Albanians/ Erion Braçe demanded the removal of the director who revealed the scandal




Through some investigative articles, has denounced a scandal of unimaginable proportions, where it is suspected that are involved officials of the “Rama” government. It

is about a scandal that occurred in 2018, for which has shown with exclusive documents how thousands of boxes of Chinese pesticides have entered our country, not certified by the European Union, and the entry of which is prohibited by law.

But the officials involved in the affair, have been justified in claiming that the Chinese company that exported the pesticides is a branch of a Spanish company, which has never been proven. showed with exclusive documents, that quantities of banned pesticides were loaded in China, then from Shanghai arrived in Durrës. The orders were made by AGRO-ZANI shpk, with address in Berat.

While, another quantity, turns out to be the order of the company “Shegaj-Agr shpk”, which is administered by Adriatik Hadëri. This company has declared on March 14, 2018, the customs clearance of pesticides, which are used in agriculture, where it is clearly stated that the exporting company is a Chinese company.

This citizen has stated that the Chinese exporting company is a subsidiary of the company “MAC-GmbH”, with address in Germany. also showed with official documents that the Prosecution of Durrës launched an investigation into this scandal, and it has received full information from customs.

But apparently it is precisely the revelation of this scandal, the one that has led to the dismissal of the director of investigation at customs. This fact was confirmed two days ago in the plenary session of the Albanian Parliament by MP Myslim Murrizi.

LEXO EDHE:  Ben Blushi bën vjehrrin miliarder/ zbulon pasurinë 5 milionë dollarë
LEXO EDHE:  Nga Astrit PATOZI/NJE URIM JOLIBRESK PER LIBRA-N went further to the investigation, while from some sources we learned that the Director of Investigation, who discovered this scandal, Ervin Brahaj, had a strong clash with Deputy Prime Minister Erion Braçe, and is the latter who asked his removal from office.

So, Deputy Prime Minister Erion Braçe has demanded the resignation of the Director of Investigation at Customs, who revealed the scandal of the introduction in Albania of thousands of boxes of Chinese pesticides, which were strictly prohibited by law. Regarding the issue in question, has learned that there was a meeting, which was also attended by customs officials.

Sources emphasize that in this meeting Braçe had a strong debate and clash with the

Director of Investigation, Ervin Brahaj, which led to his removal from office. Perhaps it is a coincidence that the company that has demanded the customs clearance of Chinese chemical fertilizers and Erion Braçe are from Berat.

But the fact is that Braçe has demanded the resignation of the Director of Investigation, who uncovered the scandal. On the other hand, a day ago, reported that in connection with the scandal in question, a group of inspectors from the Supreme State Audit have started controlling the customs. But even though the evidence is clear, SPAK has not launched any investigation./