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By Klodian Tomorri/ The double incinerator affair


By Klodian Tomorri/ The double incinerator affair



Nga Klodian Tomorri/ Afera e dyfishtë e incineratorit 

In June 2015, the government adopted a decision, which obliges construction companies, but also private citizens, who accumulate inert waste, to submit them to landfills. In point 15 of the decision, it was stated that the delivery of waste was done according to the tariff proposed by the operator and approved by the local unit.

At that time no one understood what was being played, not even the builders themselves. The Sharra landfill was still state-owned, while the temporary landfills operated free of charge. But the decision was long-range, and aimed at creating a giant but also unique business in the world; soil waste monopoly.

At the end of 2017, the government approved the concession contract for the Tirana incinerator. A few months after the Sharra landfill was transferred to private management, Erion Veliaj’s police officers and environmental inspectors stormed in on all construction sites.

The reason for the offensive was the obligation of the builders to hand over the soils from the excavations to the Sharra landfill. But not for free. For each ton and delivered to the landfill, the builders have to pay the Sharra concessionaire a fee of 480 Lek per ton, while for other construction aggregates 900 Lek per ton.

The whole procedure of how the tariffs were proposed and approved, was kept out of the public eye. But for two years, the Municipality of Tirana has established the most predatory and absurd monopoly in the history of mankind.

If a builder has two parallel construction sites, in one of which he also pulls from the

ground, while in the other he needs filling, he cannot transport the soil waste from the first construction site to the second. There is only one solution to this. The soil extracted from the first construction site must be deposited in the landfill, paying the concessionaire 480 Lek for each ton.

Then the same soil waste that he delivered to the landfill, he is obliged to buy from the concessionaire by paying the fee again. In short, the Municipality of Tirana has set up a monopoly, which forces citizens to pay both when selling and buying.

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This is a giant business, which plays millions of euros a year. And enjoys a strong state protection. The monopoly does not stop only at construction companies, but extends everywhere, even to individuals. If a citizen digs a hole in his private yard, it is likely that within 10 minutes the municipal police to go there immediately to force him to transport the land to the landfill.

The support of the Municipality for this business is so strong, that among the builders is circulating an anecdote. The safest place today in Albania is to be near a construction site or a truck that transports soil waste. At a minimum, behind the truck will be two Municipal police cars, which have only one task. Take the truck to the landfill, until it pays the money to the dealer.

The Municipality of Tirana is the main shareholder of the water supply. But over 60 percent of water in Tirana is not charged, as it is stolen or lost in the network. In the Sharra landfill, the shareholder is private. But thanks to the municipal police, in Tirana not a single ton is lost and uncharged. That says it all.

The cost of a soil waste monopoly falls not only on private but also on public construction. Today the citizens of Tirana pay the land fee for every road, school, hospital or any other public work that is built. This is one of the main reasons why today it is being excavated in every corner of Tirana. To feed the most absurd monopoly ever erected in the history of mankind with the Municipality of Tirana as architect.

Nga Klodian Tomorri/ Afera e dyfishtë e incineratorit 

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Ilir Meta, 100 million dollars of wealth in England?/The details that raise doubts




In 2016, investigative journalist Artan Hoxha stated that English journalists had followed in the footsteps of an Albanian company registered in London, which served as a cover for a very powerful albanian politician.

According to Hoxha, the same politician, there owns 51 property titles worth 70 million pounds, which have been invested in area A of London. And these properties are named after an Albanian citizen from a district in northern Albania.

All this wealth, according to journalist Hoxha, was preserved through the gold exchange in the years 2002-2003, and the British found that the amount of gold came from Albania. Hoxha didn’t mention any politician name. But immediately in the media, was mentioned the name of Ilir Meta, the current president who was bent for such a fortune in London, of 70 million pounds or 100 million dollars. In fact, Meta’s connection to this property was made after former Prime Minister Sali Berisha had issued accusations against him in connection with the robbery of the State Treasury. 280 kg of gold were stolen from the State Treasury after the events of 1997.

According to Berisha, Ilir Meta celebrated the New Year 1999 with the stolen gold. “In December 1999 you celebrated the New Year by stealing the treasure of Albanians”- Berisha declared for Ilir Meta in July 2000. Since the scandal was first denounced in the media in early 2000, and until July in 2009, when he joined him in government, Berisha called Meta “Golden Ilir”. Meanwhile, Meta has repeatedly denied these accusations.

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Transactions in London

But there is another detail that connects the president with this great wealth in London. These are transactions that have taken place in London to cover tuition fees for children. All three children of Ilir Meta were educated in Great Britain.

In 2017, the Meta family stated that they paid 140.000 pounds for their education. While in 2018 a bank account has been declared of about 12.000 pounds, again for school expenses. The president and his wife have spent staggering sums on their children’s education with just one salary in the public administration.

Later, in 2020, the Meta-Kryemadhi couple declares that they cover the cost of educating their children in London by selling some apartments owned by Kryemadhi. During 2020, Meta and Kryemadhi have benefited another 50.000 euros from previous contracts for the sale of apartments.

But on the other hand they have withdrawn from Albanian banks 39.000 euros and about 60.000 pounds, spending part of the money in accounts of children who are being educated in England. So far there is no investigation by the judiciary for the much-discussed wealth of Ilir Meta, to clarify whether it has to do with wealth in London, or even other wealth in Albania./

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All the losers of Lulzim Basha’s “victory”



Nga published two days ago exclusive data, which showed the failure of the political leaders of Lulzim Basha in the elections of April 25, 2021. According to them, the team of Lulzim Basha has managed to get about 85.000 votes less than the target set by leader of the Democratic Party.

The target was about 707.;000 votes, while the result achieved is about 620.000 votes. Only 3 or 4 of Lulzim Basha’s political leaders have achieved their goals, while 16 out of 20 of them have failed, some of them for the second or third time.

Bujar Leskaj in Vlora region managed to get only 4 mandates. In this district, the DP had a slight increase in votes, but it was still 7.972 votes less than the target.

In Korça, where there were two political leaders, Ervin Salianji and Edmond Spaho, the target was 60.400 votes, but in the ballot boxes there were about 10.000 votes less than the target, and about 6.000 votes less than in 2013, when DP came out in opposition.

In the region of Fier the political leader was Enkeled Aliabeaj, He ran for the third time since 2015, once as mayor, and 2 times for MP, and the result was almost 15.000 votes less than the target set by Basha.

In the region of Elbasan the result was not bad, and the DP is closer to the target, which has come because of the great decline of the SMI.

Tritan Shehu, the head of the region in Gjirokastra, received only 1 of the 4 mandates. Out of 23.500 votes that was the target set by Basha, he was able to get only 13.971 votes, over 9.000 votes less.

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In the region of Tirana, Jorida Tabaku, the political leader for unit number 2, received 2.000 votes less than the target, while Alfred Rushaj over 1.900 votes less. Only 3-4 political leaders of the Tirana region have achieved the goal set by Basha, which has led to a balance of votes in this region.


Grida Duma in Kavaja failed sensationally, receiving 14.064 votes, or 4.236 votes less than the target. Flamur Noka in Kamza, is another failure, as he received 1144 votes less. An embarrassing result, in one of the bastions of the right. In the region of Durrës, the result was catastrophic.

DP Deputy Chairman Edi Paloka received 600 votes less than the target. Durrës was expected to score a big victory for the DP, but this didn’t happen. There is an increase in the number of votes, but a big difference between DP and SP.

Shkodra is the main bastion where DP failed. Political leader Helidon Bushati received 16.401 votes less than the target. Even Xhelal Mziu in Dibër, who claimed a great victory, got 8258 votes less than the target.


Another staggering failure is that of Mark Marku and multi-faceted analyst Agron Gjekmarkaj in the Lezha region. In Lezha, the DP received 33.998 votes, out of 37.000 that was the target. So minus 3.000 votes./



The analysis-Objectives and failure of Lulzim Basha/Elections, lecture for democrats




Analiza/ Pse Basha vendosi objektivin 707 mijë vota

The day before, published exclusive news about the election results. They had to do with the final result that Lulzim Basha had requested from his structures in the April 25 parliamentary elections. An objective that seemed mostly achievable, but that was not achieved in 16 of the 20 political leaders of Lulzim Basha.

The data show that the leader of the Democratic Party and his electoral and organizational headquarters have requested not a little, but about 707.000 votes at the national level. But even that is not a big increase. Why? Because on the day the Democratic Party handed over power after the 2013 elections, it received 690.000 votes, in alliance with the PJIU, Dashamir Shehi’s MND and several other parties.

But this time there were 2 additional political forces, Agron Duka’s Agrarian Environmentalist Party, and Vangjel Dules’s Union for Human Rights Party, which have a certain electoral weight. So even in these conditions Basha and his people, have asked only 17.000 more votes than in 2013.

But even this goal was not achieved. They got about 630.000 votes, making it impossible for the opposition to seize power. With the calculations made by the staff, Basha thought of winning 70 or 71 seats without the SMI. From the latter he expected to win 8-10 mandates, with which he will form a majority which could govern the country with 78-80 mandates.

But that didn’t happen. According to the table below, it is clear that the electoral objective of Basha’s governing structures has not been achieved. And now is being made a fatal mistake. The truth is not accepted, the failure of the objectives is not accepted, the result is not accepted.

But DP it is moving in a dead end, simply and only emphasizing that it was an “electoral massacre”, and not a loss.

LEXO EDHE:  Si flirton LSI me Edi Ramën?

LEXO EDHE:  Faturat e luksit të Maznikut/ PD: Të njëjtin fat si hetimi për Veliajn "vrasës"

In fact, even Sali Berisha suffered some losses while leading the Democratic Party. For example, in 2001, there was for the first time a real electoral massacre, after that of 1996. Police, violence, ballot box stuffing, etc. were used.

But Berisha managed to have facts, evidence, footage, official documents, such as the report of the polling stations, which clearly showed that the elections had been manipulated.

Today in 2021, where technology is not 20 times, but probably 20 thousand times more developed than 2 decades ago, the Democratic Party has failed to present any evidence of manipulation. Although he received every footage from every polling station, every footage from every vote counting group. Hundreds of ballot boxes were opened where the result was disputed, such as in Berat, Durrës, etc., and no manipulated or alienated vote came out.

In the end, what should be emphasized is that the objective of the DP political leaders has not been achieved. Those who have no eyes to see and no ears to hear or mouth to speak, will remain “dumb” or “deaf-dumb” of politics, worthless for anyone.

They will be mere servile and screenwriters of a yard. But, the truth is that the electorate body selected by Basha, the political leaders and his confidants failed. The failure is a case for a deep reform in the DP, which Lulzim Basha already seems unable to do, as it seems that he has been held hostage to his chair and cannot further increase the political results of the Democratic Party, with a structure that already failed several times and powerless, to achieve the required electoral objectives, which lead to the overthrow of power./