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Mr. President, how can we restore the hope in Albania?


Mr. President, how can we restore the hope in Albania?



“Se di ç'ka ndodhur me të!”/ Analisti degjeneron Metën: Ka ngushtim të jashtëzakonshëm të kapaciteteve mendore

By Mentor Kikia*

President of the Republic Ilir Meta reappeared with a call “to return hope to the

youth, who are still fleeing, or are waiting for every opportunity to flee from the country”. Undoubtedly, the departure of young people and Albanians in general, from their land, is a drama of historical proportions that is happening to this country.

But the question is:How can hope be restored to this country? How can we convince the youth to stay here? How can we persuade nurses to not run away, and engineers too? Can this happen with calls, speeches, government or parliament decisions? Definitely not.

No one will return from the street if someone in the office says to him:Hey you, go home, do not leave, because we are bringing you hope in Albania. The hope comes only with a revival of faith to work and live normally in this country.

And this not happens when one government is replaced by another government, but one way of governing is replaced with another. It comes when one political class is replaced by another, and not when a corrupt political caste gives way to another equally corrupted caste.

LEXO EDHE:  Opozita në rrugë/ Meta: Kam folur me Kryeministrin, s'ka dialog

The hope comes when will eradicate the corruption that has affected every cell of the economy and the state, that sends our tax money to the coffers of bastard rulers and entrepreneurs.

When bayraktarism is uprooted from the philosophy of running the country. This will release new energies in the economy, will lead the taxes of the citizens where they should, in investments and increase of welfare, and not in the pockets of the oligarchs. Then yes, the hope can be resurrected!

Si mund ta rikthejmë shpresën në Shqipëri z.President?

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The ‘Dushku scheme’ of 2001, as a return to 2021 elections




For several days the leaders of that opposition that claims that it is fighting for Albania to have fair elections, are making successive statements to prepare the public opinion, for the new scheme of manipulating the elections through the lists of candidates.

Thankfully the Electoral Code is very clear. He forbids openly, without dilemmas, without implications and without the need for interpretations, a political party to come out on the one hand with its list of candidates, and on the other hand to include its candidates in the list of coalitions.

What is happening is unimaginable for everyone’s logic, also for the fact that it is being declared openly, in every television panel, in every conversation and table, where the representatives of Luli Basha’s party and Monika Kryemadhi’s party sit.

Both parties are openly declaring that they will run in the elections with a joint list in some constituencies, and with their list in some other constituencies. And this at a time when the Electoral Code clearly prohibits this. Article 65 point 2 states:”A political party participating in a coalition, couldn’t participate in another coalition, nor could it nominate candidates or a multi-name list of candidates outside the coalition of which it belongs”.

The Electoral Code states that the SMI and the DP have only 2 options. They can gather together in a single list, or each come up with their own family list. The alternative:in some places we will gather together, and in some others I will run with my list, it is not provided by the Electoral Code.

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What makes scandalous this case, is not so much the manipulative scheme put on the market for testing by Monika and Luli Basha. But the indifference of Prime Minister Rama, who behaves as if he has no mind what is happening. What is happening is the revival of Dushku’s manipulative scheme.

What is happening is the scheme of violating the will of the voters. With this scheme, Luli is preparing to forgive the votes of the Democrats on behalf of the SMI. SMI is preparing the ‘Dushku scheme’ of 2021. 20 years after the first. Meanwhile, Edi Rama is silent.

Because this is the “train” he needed. And not the “train” he cursed, and mocked only a year ago when he advertised the Electoral Code. He needed the “train” controlled by him. So he is using silence as pressure on the other two. The Central Election Commission has the obligation to approve the rules for coalition agreements and everything else. The CEC is the election parliament.

But the CEC is also silent. They are the same, the “troika” is the assembly of elections. We call on the OSCE-ODHIR mission to carefully monitor “The Dushku scheme 2021”. That manipulative scheme cannot wait to be certified after the election. The Dushku scheme must be stopped now!/

Dushku 2001 si rikthim në 2021



What Lulzim Basha said yesterday in “Opinion”




What Lulzim Basha said yesterday in “Opinion”

The chairman of the extra-parliamentary opposition, Lulzim Basha, was yesterday invited to the show “Opinion” in front of a panel of journalists, where for 2 hours he tried to explain the preparations of the opposition 3 months before the elections. In fact, an opposition leader 3 months before the elections, has high expectations, as his opponent has been in power for 8 years. But as always Lulzim Basha didn’t disappoint this time either.

Journalists asked him where he would run, and he didn’t tell. Journalists asked him what the next government would be, so who would be the people next to him, and he didn’t mention any name. He continued to repeat that this issue belong to his experts. Journalists asked him who would be the candidates for MPs in some constituencies, but he refused to answer.

They asked him when the coalition would be configured, and with how many lists the opposition would enter the elections, again he didn’t give a concrete answer, but mentioned 3 variants, emphasizing that he leaves this again in the hands of experts. So in 2 hours he said nothing. Yesterday’s show was probably one of Basha’s weakest public appearances, also for the fact that closer are the elections, and higher the expectations and attention to him, the more he is disappointing in what he says.

And Luli Basha doesn’t tell or say anything, because he knows that he will lie, or said stupid things, so he has chosen to avoid answers by saying nothing. Yesterday, Basha said only one sentence, from the beginning to the end of the show:I am the prime minister, I will become the prime minister.

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In fact, he cannot decide on this wish. So he must understand that if the Democrats and the Albanians don’t want him, he can’t be neither an opposition leader nor a prime minister. So, it is not Lulzim Basha who signs, seals and decides what will be done, and what will be resolved.

It’s not enough to say I love this! Lulzim Basha cannot decide on the future, but it is the Albanians. And for that to happen, they need to see a determined leader, a man with program and strategy, with real names and allies.

Lulzim Basha is again part of the gang of thieves of Monika Kryemadhi, with some corrupt and incompetent allies, with a weak Democratic Party like never before. He leads a divided opposition, and continues to see his dream of becoming prime minister tomorrow. Everyone understands that Lulzim Basha has a problem. He wants to become prime minister, while the Albanians have another problem:they want to vote for a man capable of governing differently from Edi Rama, and to have a different vision.

Yesterday, Lulzim Basha didn’t show that he will govern differently from Rama, nor will he have a different vision, nor is he a man capable of governing Albania. He only said that he had a dream that he wanted to become prime minister. Once Martin Luther King delivered a speech “I have a dream”, one of the most brilliant speeches in the history of post-World War II. While Lulzim Basha’s discourse, if it were to be read as such, was “I have a dream, I want to become prime minister!”. Yesterday on the show “Opinion”, Lulzim Basha didn’t say anything!/



The 53 names of the winning list of Lulzim Basha




53 emrat e listës fituese të Lulzim Bashës

Lulzim Basha is presenting day by day his list of winning candidates in the April 25 elections. Whether the opposition wins or not, Luli Basha is bringing out every day the names in the safe areas of the electoral lists.

According to data provided by, there are almost 53 names who are claimed to be in the winning places. This includes publicly announced allies, and those with whom it is in negotiations. Basha has left 5 small regions without leaders, and Korça where there are still dilemmas. Below we bring some names that will be on the safe lists. The allies of PR, PDIU and PBDNJ are missing.

According to the list below, 22 names have been announced, including allies who have already signed cooperation in the elections. Six names who don’t have constituencies, but are expected to be on the winning and leading lists.

In total, despite the lack of 5 counties, we have 28 safe names and 5 others that will be published. So there are 33 names that will be winners. On the other hand, the Electoral Code obliges the parties to name women as candidates the 3rd and 6th in the list, except Tirana, which in the first 10 has some names.

It is expected to learn at least 20 female names that will be on the DP lists, bringing it to 53 total winning names, of which 28 have already been announced. In the 2017 elections, the Democratic Party won 42 seats, and the claims this time are to win over 55, and together with the Socialist Movement for Integration to go over 71 seats.

LEXO EDHE:  Mos ta lëmë të hyjë në zyrë!/ Ja cfarë shkruante TemA për Ilir Metën

LEXO EDHE:  Rama takim kokë më kokë me Metën/Çfarë do ndodhë me koalicionin?

From these claims of Lulzim Basha, more than half of the names are already public, and the rest is rumored in the corridors of the DP. But there will still be discussions because many of the safe seats of the DP will be taken by the ally LSI. The strategic solution of the parties is with two lists, where one of them is that of the SMI, which in some circles will be fictitious.


1. Lulzim Basha

2. Sali Berisha

4. Dashamir Shehi

5. Jorida Tabaku

6. Albana Vokshi

7. Florion Mima

8. Grida Duma

9. Belind Kelliçi

10. Agron Shehaj

11. Robert Budina

12. Ina Zhupa


13. Edi Paloka

14. Oerd Bylykbashi

15. Agron Duka


16. Bujar Leskaj


17. Enkelejd Alibeaj


18. Andrea Mano


19. Gazmend Bardhi

20. Luciano Boçi


21. Helidon Bushati

22. Izmira Ulqinaku

23. Nard Ndoka

Names without area:

Edmond Spaho

Tomor Alizoti

Flamur Noka

Aldo Bumçi

Çlirim Gjata

Alfred Rushaj

Circles without leaders:






53 emrat e listës fituese të Lulzim Bashës