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All the successes of “Captain” Sander Lleshaj in the Ministry of Interior


All the successes of “Captain” Sander Lleshaj in the Ministry of Interior



"Kapter" Sandër Lleshaj reagon për makinën luksoze/ i përgjigjet

Sander Lleshaj was appointed Minister of Interior in November 2018, after the sudden departure of his predecessor, Fatmir Xhafaj. After leaving the ranks of general, and wearing those of party captain, Sander Lleshaj began to count his successive “successes”.

As soon as he took over the post of Minister of Interior, instead of dealing with law and order and security, Lleshaj started with ridiculous orders, such as the one that forbade employees to frequent the outside of the institution during working hours.

Then Lleshaj issued another order, just as “important”. Lleshaj ordered that “overweight and police officers will not perform service in visible places”. But what stood out was point 8 of the ordinance, which stated that overweight police officers who in the document are called “bellies” will serve only in invisible places, this to keep out of sight of public opinion, unaesthetic appearance of them.

In about two years at the helm of this institution, apart from the fact that he suffocated the opposition with tear gas, as soon as he took office as Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj has counted endless “successes” in his task.

Especially in the first six months of 2020, it marked the first six months with fewer accidents, homicides and criminal events. In fact, Sander Lleshaj boasts and promotes this as a spectacular result, when in these six months, three months Albania was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There were no cars on the road, no people. Fortunately, Albanians did not kill themselves by seeing Sander Lleshaj on TV, or recently with a luxury BMW, fact that has involved the minister in a unique scandal.

LEXO EDHE:  Gaz lotsjellës në protesta/ Lleshaj:“Keqardhje për ata që u prekën”

The former general who became the “captain” of the party, seems to be spending his last days in the Ministry of Interior, but he has not yet explained why he ordered the State Police to buy him a luxury car, with a scandalous procedure, which is tries to keep it a secret.

The task of captain in the army is important, because there are hundreds of people who should be appreciated for their work, and Sandri’s case is the “captain” of the party.

But Lleshaj is not even a soldier anymore, as it seems that Edi Rama has removed him from the list. In fact, today, beyond his “successes”, Sander Lleshaj is today the “captain” with the Limousine, who yesterday was politically flogged from above, and that today no one is worth dealing with.

Sandri is no longer valid for anything. Now we do not even have to deal with him, he is already gone, there are more important people who are expected to replace him like Klevis Balliu or Grida Duma with Mirela Tabaku. “The captain beaten by Rama”, it is less valid than these three./

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Të gjitha sukseset e “kapter” Sandër Lleshajt në Ministrinë e Brendshme

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Facts that “cross” Lleshaj/ How much does cost a luxury BMW




After about two weeks, the Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, has reacted after the continuous denunciations of regarding a luxury vehicle purchased by the State

Police for the Minister of Interior, with a value reported by us of about 100 million Lek.

Lleshaj reacted with a harsh and insulting language against media which made public the car scandal, without mentioning the name of In every article published by it is stated that this car was purchased by the State Police, for the Contact Officer at our Embassy in Germany, and was taken into use by Sander Lleshaj.

Furthermore, the vehicle circulates with fake license plates and without insurance. According to Lleshaj, the vehicle doesn’t cost either 100 million Lek, or 150.000 euros. Never and under no circumstances did not say that the vehicle cost 150.000 euros. We have said about 100 million Lek.

This value has been close to the values given officially by the BMW model in the market. While today Lleshaj said that the vehicle was bought for 49.000 euros, but without showing the purchase invoices and VAT paid at customs.

But with a simple internet search, can be revealed quite simply the price of the car that Lleshaj travels with. The car that is being used by Sander Lleshaj, BMW 730, model Lungo, starts from 77.900 euros, or 100 million Lek. Meanwhile, there are also extra models whose prices go up to 125.000 euros.

LEXO EDHE:  Gaz lotsjellës në protesta/ Lleshaj:“Keqardhje për ata që u prekën”

It is enough to search at the mobile address, where the figures come out and speak for themselves. Mr.Lleshaj received a BMW model 730 Lungo, while today he said that the car cost 49.000 euros.

LEXO EDHE:  Alvini bashkohet me familjen/ Lleshaj flet për detajet e operacionit

It is not excluded the possibility that the vehicle may have been bought used, and the value is as much as Lleshaj declares, but the minister must tell us:Who did buy it? For whom was this car purchased? Why does it circulate with fake license plates? Why is it without insurance? Was his VAT paid when entered in the customs?

The car was bought in Germany in May 2020. The facts speak for themselves, anyone can click here and see how much it is worth, and what is the price of the car that the minister uses./

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Faktet që “kryqëzojnë” Lleshajn/ Sa kushton BMW luksoze



Mr. Lleshaj, your duty is to fight the crime, not to cooperate with it




Befason Lleshaj/ Ja deri kur do e mbajë postin e ministrit

By Elvi Fundo

Today, the Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, with a public and media reaction, complexed by the fact published by the media that I own and manage, has issued a stream of accusations against and me personally. With the mastery of a fear that he could be prosecuted, Mr.Lleshaj has shamefully used the language of a political “captain”, although no one has insulted him so far, but simply has been told the truth about him.

For several days, has published with photos and facts and documents provided by Albanian institutions regarding a luxury BMW vehicle used by the Minister of Interior, bought by the State Police with a staggering value, that according to Lleshaj is worth 50.000 euros and not 100 million Lek, as stated by

In fact, Mr. Lleshaj should know that the value of a vehicle when it enters Albania, should have a VAT invoice, should be cleared in custom, should be registered, should be insured.

Therefore, in order to understand the truth, we publicly challenge the Minister of Interior to publish the purchase document, on whose behalf was bought this vehicle.
Its customs clearance, customs receipt, registration and registration of the vehicle in General Directorate of Public Transport Service. (Which recognizes it as a private tool). And any other document that ralated with this luxury car, bought in pandemic times.

We are very sorry to see such behavior from Mr. Lleshaj, the minister who sleeps on crime files, including the file of violence against me, almost three and a half years ago, in the middle of Tirana, in the middle of the day, for him which no one has the will to discover. But the minister must understand that I have nothing personal with him. I have only the responsibility of my duty as a journalist. I’m not a saint, I make mistakes.

But I am neither a criminal nor financed by crime, but a victim of his attacks, not only with levers behind my head, but also with media attacks by people in the underworld, some of whom Sander Lleshaj visits in their television studios.
If you don’t know I am a free journalist, and I have been doing this job for almost 20 years, even in some of the most prestigious media and shows in the country. But since you are addressing me and the editorial office with that insulting language, I am challenging you to publicly publish the documents, and to put my name and that of the editorial office in the answer given, and tell us who are the tutors of the crime behind us.

Let us put aside excessive words, accusations and insults. Mr.Lleshaj, when you don’t have the arguments and facts, or the documents to serve the public, the best way to defend yourself is to attack. By insulting and intimidating those who tell the truth. We expect you to show us the vehicle documents. And why it was decided to buy this car after the devastating earthquake and pandemic. At the height of an economic and financial crisis for the country.

A luxury car, which according to you is not worth 100 million Lek. But according to us, at market prices with the value it has, with bills that had to be paid, maybe the vehicle can go a little less than 100 million Lek. But, even with the values you say, with that amount of money some houses would be built for the Albanian citizen who stay in tents or some respirators for the Albanian hospitals in times of pandemic.

LEXO EDHE:  Raporti i KE për Shqipërinë/ Lleshaj: Certifikatë domethënëse

LEXO EDHE:  “Sulm terrorist tek Teatri Kombëtar”/ Juristja bën paralajmërimin e fortë, kallëzim ndaj Lleshajt, Veliut dhe Veliajt

Finally, after the request to publish the documents, because you unfortunately fell from the level of an army general to that of a “captain” of the party, I challenge you to publicly answer another question, asked almost a year and a half ago, in connection to a villa in Lalzi Bay, which was systematically used by you until the day you were appointed minister, and from that day it remains closed.

You have the keys, not Doda. He handed them to you many years ago. Regardless of whose name it is, the time has come to speak with facts and arguments, Mr. Lleshaj. Calm down, take a deep breath. If you need you may drink some sedatives as well.
It’s not your fault, you are a former army gjeneral, who left the ranks to become a party “captain”. The important thing is to stay in office and fight crime, not to cooperate with it. To increase the security for Albanian citizens, and to not count the dead on the highway, as you are doing every day.

I publicly challenge you to bring us the vehicle documents and tell us the truth of your villa in Lalzi Bay.

As for trials, threats and intimidation, please put my name in those attacks and, and then we will see who has legal responsibility.
The free media that denounces or the “captains” of the parties that leave the ranks of general, to enjoy the luxury of a minister, who’s the vehicle at his service was not enough, but at the height of the troubles for the Albanians asked for the missing luxury. Awaiting your reply, Honorable General, that have become a “party captain”. With respect for the truth and only the truth./

Publikoi skandalin e makinës luksoze/ Gazetari sfidon publikisht Sandër Lleshajn



“Captain” Sander Lleshaj reacts to the luxury car/ responds to him




“Ministrat me aftësi ndryshe”/ Profesori “masakron” Sandër Lleshajn: Duhet të ulni kokën

Finally, after about two weeks, the Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, who from army general has become a “top sergeant” of the Socialist Party, has reacted after the continuous denunciations of regarding a luxury vehicle bought by the Police of State for the Minister of Interior, with a value reported to us, about 100 million Lek.

Lleshaj reacted with a language that doesn’t suits neither with the most ordinary army captain, and even from the mouth of the most incompetent policeman. Perhaps it reacted immerse in the luxury of the BMW or villas in the Lalzi Bay who never declared.

But instead of answering for the scandal, Mr. Lleshaj tried to lie. First, has never said that the vehicle is owned by him. But, we have addressed official letters to the State Police and the General Directorate of Road Transport. We have emphasized in every article that this vehicle was purchased by the State Police, for the Contact Officer at our Embassy in Germany, and was taken into use by Sander Lleshaj.

Makina me targa Gjermane, te Policia e Shtetit

Furthermore, the vehicle circulates with fake license plates and without insurance. According to Lleshaj, the vehicle does not cost either 100 million Lek or 150.000 euros. Never and under no circumstances didn’t say that the vehicle costs 150.000 euros.

We have said 100 million Lek. This value has been close to the values ​​given in the market by the BMW model with which it moves. While today Lleshaj said that the vehicle was bought for 49.000 euros, but without showing the purchase invoices and VAT paid at customs.

Mr. Lleshaj should know that almost 50.000 euros are at least 60 million Lek.

And the value of the car increases by at least 25% if the value includes customs clearance costs and other additional costs for its import from Germany, taxes, insurance, etc. Since Lleshaj doesn’t want 100 million but almost 70 million Lek for the car, we are telling him that this is worth as much as four or five respirators, or 2-3 houses, according to state values, for the citizen who are living in tents due to the earthquake.

Makina me targa shqiptare, te Ministria e Brendshme

For the sake of accuracy, we are reiterating that we have addressed the State Police, which for two weeks has not been giving us the documents in total violation of the law. As the General Directorate of Road Transport lied, by not making the data available to us and calling it a personal car, the vehicle used by the minister.

We have said this to Mr.Lleshaj and we are repeating it. In times of pandemics and disasters from the earthquake, the state cannot buy a car that costs 50.000 euros. The essence is not the value, but the false procedure and license plates.

The “captain” should know very well that there is no misinformation or public misinformation. He must issue a statement to the media, issue documents and indicate for whom this vehicle was purchased. Why does the vehicle circulate with fake license plates? Why is he not insured and why were 60 million spent, he says, at the height of the pandemic, on the minister’s luxury?

The car of the Minister of Interior, and those used by the State Police are two different cases. The police may need cars worth as much as 100 or 200 million Lek, and the Minister of Interior doesn’t need such a luxury at the height of such an economic crisis that the country is going through.

LEXO EDHE:  Protestat e opozitës/ Lleshaj e pranon në Kuvend: Morrëm sasi gazi lotsjellës nga…

LEXO EDHE:  Alvini bashkohet me familjen/ Lleshaj flet për detajet e operacionit

“Captain” Lleshaj must know and be clear, that there is no intimidation or blackmail against him, and he must understand once and for all that such answers, with a threatening language don’t scare anyone. Regardless of whether or not he makes these statements from the villa hidden in Lalzi Bay or from his luxury BMW, “Captain” Lleshaj, the man who failed to head the security in the country must understand that no one has muddied him.

We had simply and only told the truth. Lleshaj bought a luxury vehicle in pandemic times.

It is not cost 100 million but 60 million Lek and more, it circulates with fake license plates and without insurance. And that is the truth.

And if this it is to be revealed by the media and the most peripheral country in Europe, in such a scandal the Interior Minister would at least have to resign and apologize publicly.  Only yesterday on one of the national roads of Albania two girls were killed, and two are in serious condition because the driver was drunk and the police did not look anywhere.

And instead of dealing with this tragic event, “Captain” Lleshaj finds courage and reacts with threats by blackmailing the media. Behaving like a political charlatan in the hope that we will stop to uncover the truth of the car used by him, where complexed and in pain for discovering the truth, after two weeks he does not clarify but accuses.

He has been doing this since the day he went to the minister’s office. Sandri is upset by his luxury car this morning, seeing dreams in the villa in Lalzi Bay and has come out attacking the media, which tell the truth. Mr. Lleshaj unfortunately became a “captain” from a general.

Shamefully you are one of the many political miserable, that are trying to hide behind the attacks. But, you can’t put the car in your pocket, not even 50.000 euros.

Neither the false plates can be hidden, nor the missing vehicle insurance, or the VAT unpaid. All these are facts and not in court, but even if you go behind the Moon, we will come there and stand in front of you and dirty faces like you, who with the taxes of the Albanians are squandered in luxury day and night and then accuse the media of the painful truth that they tell.

Mr.”Captain” don’t bother. Take it easy and relax. The results of the first 6 months of this year are fantastic. Both in crime and in accidents, even though Albania was closed for three months. But we are telling a public truth. Although your attacks, for us there is no “mother man or son of a bitch”, as Edi Rama says, to intimidate or come to hold us accountable.

The account is with the vehicle you are using, the scandal is with the luxury BMW.

The scandal is at the door of the State Police, and explain to the Albanians why this vehicle was bought with such a value, and why the Minister of Interior should keep such a car, worth 60 million Lek, when Albania has no respirators, and Albanians are sleeping in tents behind catastrophic earthquake of November 26, 2019. Success in your life Mr.”Captain”!/ 

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“Kapter” Sandër Lleshaj reagon për makinën luksoze/ i përgjigjet