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Qukës-Qafë Plloça, the face of the failure of the Renaissance/Rama lies shamefully Albanians


Qukës-Qafë Plloça, the face of the failure of the Renaissance/Rama lies shamefully Albanians



Rama, Haxhinasto, Dade, Peleshi ne inspektimin e rruges Qukes - Qaf Plloçe ne vitin 2016

Prime Minister Edi Rama published yesterday some photos from the construction site on the Qukës-Qafë Plloçë axis, for which he states that it was another road left unfinished by previous government, especially after 7 years that he has gone 20 times, and takes the same photos.

Even turtle would have gone all the way with Rama’s rhythm for its construction. “The Qukës-Qafë Plloçë construction site, on another road left unfinished, where the works in tunnels 1, 2 and in the tunnel 3 of the emergency exit, have already been completed.

After a long odyssey of remaking the project from the beginning of the road left unfinished and re-arranging the financial agreements, the works for the construction of the structures, and the filling of the route continue intensively” wrote the head of the government in FB.

Investimi i braktisur Qukës-Qaf Plloçë
        Investimi i braktisur Qukës-Qafë Plloçë

In fact, Rama lies again shamefully and abusively the Albanians. It was not a road left unfinished, but it is a road which had a clear project, and its signed funding. Is Edi Rama that has procrastinated this project, because he did not want it to be built.

The tender had to take place in September 2013, and it was Edi Rama who wanted to cancel this investment. He made the tender himself, he had the project and financing ready, but he has not been able to finish it for 7 years, because Edi Rama hates that road. Not because we want to, but because of the facts speak for themselves.

We recall here that on time Minister Edmond Haxhinasto sent a letter to the Islamic Bank and the Saudi Development Fund, requesting that this investment to be transferred in to a kredit one. The road that has been left neglected for seven years, not by Berisha’s government, not by the former Democratic Party government, but by Edi Rama.

Because Ridvan Bode, Sokol Olldashi and Sali Berisha handed over the power in September 2013, just when this road was about to begin. And they left the loan, the project, Rama ramained just to sign the tender.

But Rama postponed this tender, because he asked to cancel of the investment, as he failed due to a penalty of tens of millions of euros. It is his government that has made the tender, and it is government of Edi Rama that has announced the winner.

Gjiknuri e Ahmetaj inspektojnë kantierin e rrugës Qukës-Qafë Plloçë/ Ja kur do jetë funksionale
Ahmetaj, Gjiknuri, Balla dhe Shalsi duke inspektuar kantierin e rrugës Qukës-Qafë Plloçë 2017.

It is government of Edi Rama that has made the tender with the financing, and the project that was ready. Rama says the road was neglected. Yes, this is true. But guilty for this are Edi Rama, his ministers Edmond Haxhinasto and Damian Gjiknuri, not to mention that the new Minister of Infrastructure, Belinda Balluku, is also responsible for these almost two years.

The tunnels that Rama showed yesterday, were completed many years ago, and nothing has happened to them yet. They have simply been painted, or it has casted chippings on their tracks.

Edi Rama is lying publicly. He has been himself to the construction site several times. He said once that the road would ended in 2015, in 2016 and then in 2017. Now we are in 2020, and Edi Rama has lied four times about this road.

LEXO EDHE:  Berisha: Kafshatë që nuk kapërdihet është or vëlla krimi!!


Even if it were a road without a project and had started incorrectly, why did Edi Rama conduct the tender without having a project? Second, how many years did it take Edi Rama to make the project of a road bed? Seven years to do or change a project as well as funding, and the road doesn’t end, nor is it known when it will end.

Did the ministry needs seven years to make funding adjustments or a new project? On the other hand, Edi Rama says that the financing contract was reaffirmed. It’s not true, it’s a pure lie. The entire road loan has been signed since 2013, but Edi Rama wanted to cancel it and his thieving ministers increased the road costs.

And were they who neglected the project. There are the responsible institutions, such as ARRSH and the Ministry of Infrastructure that abandoned the contruction in time to this road. Rama has signed the increase of costs, same as with the Tirana-Elbasan road.

Rama, Peleshi, Balla, Haxhinasto inspektojne punimet
Rama, Peleshi, Balla, Haxhinasto inspektojne punimet

Costs that increase due to abandonment of investment for several years. But, there is another scandal, which Edi Rama does not say and keeps hidden. But, as the truth of the Qukës-Qafë Plloçë road emerges, he reacts shamefully.

Why does the third lot have no funding?

Rama shows us two tunnels and an emergency tunnel, as a miracle in seven years of his government. But how could this road be advertised to have started from zero, and should have been completed three times so far. Is Sali Berisha still to blame after 7 years in power?

The Nation Road, with 2 tunnels of 6 km. The Tirana-Elbasan road, with 2 tunnels of 2.46 km, the yesterday government has build at a lower cost, today Rama and his people are doubling the costs.

Qukës Qafë-Plloça has several small tunnels, and it is a road that had funding, and the project was ready. Maybe he wanted some small changes, but still 7 years needed for them? Did Edi Rama leave the third lot without funding? This road was never finished, and Edi Rama wants to catch the eye of Albanians with his unbridled propaganda, as if what he is doing on the road Qukës-Qafë Plloçë.

Edi Rama made a hole in the water

And if the government’s successes are these roads, it’s a shame. An entire government in seven years cannot complete a 40-kilometer road, with secured funding and a ready-made project. Qukës-Qafë Plloça is the road neglected by Edi Rama, Renaissance, his ministers, and today, before showing some tunnels painted or with casting gravel, he must apologize to the residents of the Korça region.

Qukës-Qafë Plloça is not the success, but the most spectacular failure of Edi Rama and Renaissance in infrastructure. For seven years, not even 40 km of road can be completed. Qukës-Qafë Plloça is the road forgotten by Edi Rama, the responsibile is the prime minister, and his propaganda in this case has no value./

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Qukës-Qafë Plloça, fytyra e dështimit të Rilindjes/ Rama gënjen turpësisht shqiptarët

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Ben Blushi justifies the falsification /The four facts that unmask him, and innocent Natalia




Former Socialist MP Ben Blushi reacted after the publication of official documents, where it was clear that his daughter’s signature was forged in a notarial act, where a property of dizzying value was bought in Korça.

Beni has found the justification, by emphasizing that behind this attack is Sali Berisha, who wants to politicize the issue. It is the same Ben Blushi who claimed that he was being attacked by Ridvan Bode, Niko Peleshi, Arben Ahmetaj, Aleksandër Frangaj, Alban Jaho, Albert Sino,

Sokol Meqemeja etc. etc, opposition media etc. etc. Yesterday, he blamed finally Sali Berisha, after he did not find salvation for more than 4 months of truths and scandals. In fact Ben Blushi lies again, and seeks to escape by hiding behind his finger.

First, Ben Blushi has no reason to confuse the girl with this issue. This is due to the fact that Natali Blushi was not in Albania when the contract was signed. Who signed the contract with the notary in Natalia’s name, this is the essence of the problem. The signature is false, and the notary bears legal responsibility.

Second, if Ben Blushi has given to his girl a gift let enjoy it. But he cannot explain why it was bought so cheaply, and why it was sold so expensively. Because when the price is 10 or 15 times cheaper than the market value there is corruption, concealment of the real value, and this was done by a politician at that time MP, who now has legal responsibilities.
Third, there is no law that states that politicians who write books, have the right to counterfeit signatures in the presence of a notary, and the gift they give to their child, must be registered 10 or 15 times lower than the market value.

Fourth, can you tell Natalia how did you make her mother a shareholder with the owners of the incinerator concession in Albania? Tell your daughter, and don’t hide how you became a partner with Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and then bought “Lori Kafe”. Tell her the truth and do not hide it, or have you decided to keep it for your senility, and not give it as a “gift” to children?
Lastly, does have the reading corner of your daughter the windows with the view on the 2.000 m2 land that you legalized in Dardha, debating harshly with your neighbors? Or the room is overlooking the street below, because Natalia should be really ashamed to see in face the neighbors, after her father got what did not belong to him, just because he is the director of Top Channel?

LEXO EDHE:  Kthimi i vizave për shqiptarët/ Edi Rama degradoi të gjitha standardet e vendit tonë

Do not include Natalia in this story Ben Blushi! No one pities you just because you use her name. Have you degraded so much, to use your daughter to save your dirty face? You are a politician, former MP, former party chairman, former parliamentary group chairman, and former minister. You are the one who was paid the taxes of the Albanians, but recently as a television director you were taken hostage, and you are not free at all.

LEXO EDHE:  Minutat vendimtare për Tahirin/ Bëhet “i gjallë” Rama

You are a hostage of 2.000m² of land that you legalized in Dardha, not being the owner, you are a hostage of 6.000 m² of land in Dhërmi, an issue that is being investigated by SPAK. You are hostage to clashes with businessmen Pandi Carapuli or Arben Reli. You are a hostage of Vjollca Hoxha, of lawsuits and property conflicts. You are a hostage of accusations from businessmen, even with letters to the US embassy.
Yes, Ben, you were made to be pitied, because you are a hostage of your greed. You are a hostage, and you are lonely. Look around, you have no friends, no collaborators, but you are left only with your greed. You are left alone, and hungry to grab what you can, to plot, attack, lie, and devastate whoever you can.

Leave Natalia out of this story, she is not to blame, not even because she has you as a father. Natalia is the princess who in this story should stay out. She is neither the forger, nor the property thief, nor the man who hide the values, nor the man who led his father-in-law to become the owner of the palace. Do not doubt on this, even though you are the most greedy and dirty intriguer in the history of the Albanian media, but she can not choose her father./

The official link of the article is this:

Ben Blushi justifikon falsifikimin/ Katër faktet që e nxjerrin zbuluar dhe Natalia e pafajshme



Facts/ Albanian media use the mafia code




The mafia code is a fact, unfortunately also for the Albanian media and their owners. An “article” of that code is unwritten, but respected by the media. They remain silent, when each other’s interests are violated.

They don’t give voice to scandals in which they themselves are involved, or someone else makes the scandal public. And when two sides clash, the others remain silent and respect
the “war”. A mafia and criminal code from the Albanian media. This includes not only the owners but also the media executives, and many of the analysts who keep their line in television studios.

Let’s see the facts

The facts speak for themselves, and we are bringing some recent ones. made public.
a scandal in March:the purchase of shares of “Lori Kafe” from a Bulgarian company where partners were two of the owners of the incinerator concession and notary Eva Blushi, Ben Blushi’s wife, director of Top Channel.
For the first time in 30 years a scheme was clearly unveiled. Government-clients-media, because the owners of Top Channel, a national television, became partners with the owners of the corrupt concessionaire of incinerators.
At best, all the media should have been together in the face of this fact, because free voice was stifled by the concession. And as soon as Ben Blushi put his head in, this television said that Albania needed incinerators. Although, Albanians would pay at least 178 million euros.

Top media rivals, analysts, journalists remained silent and everything was tried to pass in silence.
Ylli Ndroqi is another scandalous case. Published documents showing that he is a person with generalities changed, and arrested of drugs in Turkey. So, a television owner and convicted of drugs. Everywhere in the media in every country of the world would be a scandal, until his departure from this field.
But in Albania they remained silent. No one spoke to the mainstream media, analysts or most journalists. They tasted fictive lawsuits of Xhemail Pasmaçiu (Ylli Ndroqi) to their colleagues, and hoped for the victory of Pasmaçiu.

LEXO EDHE:  Edi Rama zbulon fatin e koalicionit PS-LSI/Si do jenë më 18 qershor

LEXO EDHE:  Edi Rama zbulon fatin e koalicionit PS-LSI/Si do jenë më 18 qershor

We go further to the latest case of forgery of documents, for a fortune of almost 500 million Lek in a notary office, for a fortune of the daughter of the former socialist MP Ben Blushi. Again silence from the main media as well, as analysts and journalists.
Irfan Hysenbelliu, publisher and businessman, builds 8 floors without permission in the middle of the day, and all the media remain silent, not to mention that it paves the way for his interest, or blocks the public beach and no one speaks.

Not to mention the scandals of most publishers, that the public learns when two of them clashed, but even in this case the others remain silent. In their view, those scandals are never true, nor in the interest of the citizens.
Moreover, they find the “argument”:they have a personal relationship with each other, and what do others have to do with them?! Finally, a businessman was severely attacked, with the aim of kidnapping through legal abuses the investment of his life.

The media that attacked him, had strong ties to his partner, because of the owner’s love for his son. The businessman who was attacked, goes to one of the media owners for support, and tells him all the documentation and concrete facts.
The answer was criminal:We have our code of unwritten silence. So said one of those mentioned above, for one of those who was again mentioned above. Perhaps in this writing many cases and events are missing, but the essence is the same.
The media in Albania have a code like the mafia They remain silent about each other’s deeds and woes, and collide only for the part they think belongs to them. These media are equally and perhaps more responsible than the politics itself to the country’s situation, because it has become a vassal and corrupted tool of political interests and power rotating./

The official link of the article is this:

Faktet/ Mediat shqiptare me kodin e mafies



The scandal/ Ben Blushi made his daughter owner, by falsifying her signature (facts and documents)




The scandal/ Ben Blushi made his daughter owner, by falsifying her signature (facts and documents)

Former Socialist MP and former “LIBRA” leader Ben Blushi, now director of Top Channel, is embroiled in a scandal. His daughter’s signature is falsified in the sale-purchase transaction of a property in Korça. has brought two day ago official data for a fortune of almost 500 million Lek, bought for a value of only 30.000 euros. And this on behalf of Ben Blushi’s daughter, Natali Blushi. The amount of money for this transaction, according to the data declared by Mr.Blushi himself in the declaration of assets of 2015, was paid by him.

Yesterday we found between the lines that the signature of Natali Blushi, which is in the contract of sale of the building of 133.8 square meters. And in the contract of sale-purchase of the garage 60 m2 in function of the commercial unit, was not the same as it appears in the signature cast by Natali Blushi, in Mr.Blushi’s wealth declaration in 2015.

We investigated further, but what did we discover? According to official data that we have obtained from TIMS, from the system of entrance and exit from Albania, shows that Natali Blushi has not been in Albania during the time when it was signed the sale and purchase contract between citizens Andon Dhima and citizen Natali Blushi.

According to the data officially provided by, it turns out that the citizen Natali Blushi left Albania on April 5, 2015, with the airline “Al Italia” to Rome. This is the move that Ms.Natali Blushi made to Italy in April, and her second appearance was on July 24, 2015.

So, Natali Blushi left on April 5, 2015, to Rome from Rinas Airport, and according to the data of the TIMS system, the lady returned to Albania, with the “British Airways” flight line, from London on 19.06.2015, in at 21:14.

So, according to the data provided by TIMS, it turns out that he entered Albania on June 19, after she had previously left on April 5. So more than two months ago. But what happens? According to the following documents, which we have published day after day, it turns out that Natali Blushi, not being in Albania, has become the owner of a property of about 133.8 square meters and about 60 meters of garage, which have been returned on after in the service premises of the commercial unit.

LEXO EDHE:  Berisha: Kafshatë që nuk kapërdihet është or vëlla krimi!!

According to the self declared by Mrs.Blushi himself, the father of Natali, it turns out that his daughter is studying in London, what corresponds to flight data, entrances and exits that it has had in Albania, mainly from Rinas, via Italy, but also directly from London.

LEXO EDHE:  Rakip Suli përze investitorët/ Mbyllet fabrika, 2000 punëtorë mbeten në rrugë

So at that time, in April, May and June, Natali Blushi, the 20-year-old girl of Ben Blushi arguments has been in London at school, or for exams. Meanwhile, notary Violeta Sulkaj on May 28 and May 29 have signed two sales contracts, from the citizen Andon Dhima for Natali Blushi.

Relevant transactions have been made for this sale and purchase, and for this notarial act. According to Blushi himself, he paid the money. But, in both acts of sale-purchase is the name and the firm placed by Natali Blushi. So, how is it possible that Natali Blushi according to the data in TIMS, she was in London, and on the other hand in Albania a sale-purchase contract was signed?

Who forged the signature of Natali Blushi? We have reported how Natali Blushi’s signature in at least two documents was different.

And we went deeper into our investigation and it turns out that on the day the property was sold by the citizen Andon Dhima in the direction of Natali Blushi, the latter was not in Albania and the act of sale-purchase occurred exactly when she was in London, which is also confirmed by the TIMS system.

Ben Blushi, Ben’is notary, his wife? Who forged the signature of Natali Blushi in the act of sale-purchase? The prosecution already has a fact, and this is indisputable. Counterfeiting Natali Blushi’s signature. The evidence is simple. TIMS system and sale-purchase act.

Now there is nothing left but for Ben Blushi to go to the prosecutor’s office, or his wife, or the notary himself who is the most scandalous part of this forging act, to be held accountable before the law for a fictitious sale-purchase contract, with a fake signature, with a ridiculous value, for a property worth at least 500 million Lek, in the center of Korça./