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Qukës-Qafë Plloça, the face of the failure of the Renaissance/Rama lies shamefully Albanians


Qukës-Qafë Plloça, the face of the failure of the Renaissance/Rama lies shamefully Albanians



Rama, Haxhinasto, Dade, Peleshi ne inspektimin e rruges Qukes - Qaf Plloçe ne vitin 2016

Prime Minister Edi Rama published yesterday some photos from the construction site on the Qukës-Qafë Plloçë axis, for which he states that it was another road left unfinished by previous government, especially after 7 years that he has gone 20 times, and takes the same photos.

Even turtle would have gone all the way with Rama’s rhythm for its construction. “The Qukës-Qafë Plloçë construction site, on another road left unfinished, where the works in tunnels 1, 2 and in the tunnel 3 of the emergency exit, have already been completed.

After a long odyssey of remaking the project from the beginning of the road left unfinished and re-arranging the financial agreements, the works for the construction of the structures, and the filling of the route continue intensively” wrote the head of the government in FB.

Investimi i braktisur Qukës-Qaf Plloçë
        Investimi i braktisur Qukës-Qafë Plloçë

In fact, Rama lies again shamefully and abusively the Albanians. It was not a road left unfinished, but it is a road which had a clear project, and its signed funding. Is Edi Rama that has procrastinated this project, because he did not want it to be built.

The tender had to take place in September 2013, and it was Edi Rama who wanted to cancel this investment. He made the tender himself, he had the project and financing ready, but he has not been able to finish it for 7 years, because Edi Rama hates that road. Not because we want to, but because of the facts speak for themselves.

We recall here that on time Minister Edmond Haxhinasto sent a letter to the Islamic Bank and the Saudi Development Fund, requesting that this investment to be transferred in to a kredit one. The road that has been left neglected for seven years, not by Berisha’s government, not by the former Democratic Party government, but by Edi Rama.

Because Ridvan Bode, Sokol Olldashi and Sali Berisha handed over the power in September 2013, just when this road was about to begin. And they left the loan, the project, Rama ramained just to sign the tender.

But Rama postponed this tender, because he asked to cancel of the investment, as he failed due to a penalty of tens of millions of euros. It is his government that has made the tender, and it is government of Edi Rama that has announced the winner.

Gjiknuri e Ahmetaj inspektojnë kantierin e rrugës Qukës-Qafë Plloçë/ Ja kur do jetë funksionale
Ahmetaj, Gjiknuri, Balla dhe Shalsi duke inspektuar kantierin e rrugës Qukës-Qafë Plloçë 2017.

It is government of Edi Rama that has made the tender with the financing, and the project that was ready. Rama says the road was neglected. Yes, this is true. But guilty for this are Edi Rama, his ministers Edmond Haxhinasto and Damian Gjiknuri, not to mention that the new Minister of Infrastructure, Belinda Balluku, is also responsible for these almost two years.

The tunnels that Rama showed yesterday, were completed many years ago, and nothing has happened to them yet. They have simply been painted, or it has casted chippings on their tracks.

Edi Rama is lying publicly. He has been himself to the construction site several times. He said once that the road would ended in 2015, in 2016 and then in 2017. Now we are in 2020, and Edi Rama has lied four times about this road.

LEXO EDHE:  Skandali i denoncuar nga CityNews/Basha përmend për herë të parë Edi Ramën


Even if it were a road without a project and had started incorrectly, why did Edi Rama conduct the tender without having a project? Second, how many years did it take Edi Rama to make the project of a road bed? Seven years to do or change a project as well as funding, and the road doesn’t end, nor is it known when it will end.

Did the ministry needs seven years to make funding adjustments or a new project? On the other hand, Edi Rama says that the financing contract was reaffirmed. It’s not true, it’s a pure lie. The entire road loan has been signed since 2013, but Edi Rama wanted to cancel it and his thieving ministers increased the road costs.

And were they who neglected the project. There are the responsible institutions, such as ARRSH and the Ministry of Infrastructure that abandoned the contruction in time to this road. Rama has signed the increase of costs, same as with the Tirana-Elbasan road.

Rama, Peleshi, Balla, Haxhinasto inspektojne punimet
Rama, Peleshi, Balla, Haxhinasto inspektojne punimet

Costs that increase due to abandonment of investment for several years. But, there is another scandal, which Edi Rama does not say and keeps hidden. But, as the truth of the Qukës-Qafë Plloçë road emerges, he reacts shamefully.

Why does the third lot have no funding?

Rama shows us two tunnels and an emergency tunnel, as a miracle in seven years of his government. But how could this road be advertised to have started from zero, and should have been completed three times so far. Is Sali Berisha still to blame after 7 years in power?

The Nation Road, with 2 tunnels of 6 km. The Tirana-Elbasan road, with 2 tunnels of 2.46 km, the yesterday government has build at a lower cost, today Rama and his people are doubling the costs.

Qukës Qafë-Plloça has several small tunnels, and it is a road that had funding, and the project was ready. Maybe he wanted some small changes, but still 7 years needed for them? Did Edi Rama leave the third lot without funding? This road was never finished, and Edi Rama wants to catch the eye of Albanians with his unbridled propaganda, as if what he is doing on the road Qukës-Qafë Plloçë.

Edi Rama made a hole in the water

And if the government’s successes are these roads, it’s a shame. An entire government in seven years cannot complete a 40-kilometer road, with secured funding and a ready-made project. Qukës-Qafë Plloça is the road neglected by Edi Rama, Renaissance, his ministers, and today, before showing some tunnels painted or with casting gravel, he must apologize to the residents of the Korça region.

Qukës-Qafë Plloça is not the success, but the most spectacular failure of Edi Rama and Renaissance in infrastructure. For seven years, not even 40 km of road can be completed. Qukës-Qafë Plloça is the road forgotten by Edi Rama, the responsibile is the prime minister, and his propaganda in this case has no value./

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Qukës-Qafë Plloça, fytyra e dështimit të Rilindjes/ Rama gënjen turpësisht shqiptarët

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The problem is not Bamir Topi!




Problemi nuk është Bamiri!

Lulzim Basha and the media close to him, declared as a great victory the signing yesterday of the agreement with Bamir Topi and the New Democratic Spirit (NDS). A move that was expected, but was kept secret until the last moment.

Topi was part of the opposition coalition, as many of the exponents of his party had abandoned him and returned to the DP such as Gazmend Oketa, Aleksandër Biberaj, etc. Topi’s return to the Democratic Party, described by Sali Berisha as a “boulevard villain” after the events of January 21, 2011, brings together for the first time the former president’s party with the Democratic Party.

But here is another detail. In some media circles, Bamir Topi is called as the gift of Agron Papuli to Lulzim Basha. The DP leader is often accused of buying two luxury villas in Long Hill, a residential area constructed by Papuli, Bamir Topi’s co-father-in-law. The return of Topi seems like a great hope, but in fact it seems that he hasn’t been a real problem for the elections and the expectations of April 25. For this let us look at the election results for NDS according to the official data.

Bamir Topi’s NDS in the 2017 elections, received a total of only 5100 votes, ie as a half MP mandate, of which 1700 votes in Tirana. In the 2013 elections, NDS received 29.000 votes, but his party was at that time against Berisha. From that time, there are many exponents and elements that Basha took from Topi.
The initiative to call Bamir Topi and any right-wing force in the coalition is to be welcomed.

But it is normal to collect every current and factor of the right, after you have arranged things in your home. Lulzim Basha cannot be saved by the 5.000 votes of Topi in 2017, or anti-Berisha votes of 2013. Basha’s party risks to be destroyed, while that of Bamir Topi has been already destroyed. Meanwhile, there are some other opposition options coming from the Movement of Topalli, Conviction of Astrit Patozi, PLD of Murrizi, Knitting Initiative, but also some other parties that have that can get votes, despite the fact that they may not win the mandate of deputy.

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LEXO EDHE:  Rikthimi i vizave, Berisha: A do ta përgënjeshtroje Rama ministrin gjerman?

They are the real problem for the DP, not Bamir Topi. Not being able to unite the party he leads, and confronting with or without intent 3 opposition parties that have specified specifically not only for their names and leaders, and putting in front of them Bamir Topi as a salvation, ”the boulevard villain”, this only can advertise as e solution of the problem only by Lulzim Basha. In fact, the problem is not Bamir Topi, but some opposition parties and the influx of critics within Democratic Party./

Problemi nuk është Bamiri!



An event that shows us how works the Mafia in Albania




Mafia is not an unknown concept for Albania, or only heard from the Hollywood, or Italian films of the 90s. In fact, with each passing day, more and more events show that such a structure in Albania exists.

It functions from the top of the state, to the last instance. Let’s look at an event that happened on October 17, 2020. Today it was reported in the media, that this case was closed by the prosecution by prosecutor Leonard Filopati.

A citizen named Andon Dhima, who is involved in politics and creates businesses, sells property at low prices or partners with a politician, who puts assets in the name of the father-in-law, makes sale-purchase contracts on behalf of the children without them being present, notarial forgeries, concealment of property, property, trials and endless conflicts.

The justice system is gripped, with endless problems, property issues resolved by highly correct contracts, take different directions in favor of someone else. State institutions don’t function, don’t react, they are corrupted by inciting a conflict, and then an assassination.

An assassination attempt on businessman Andon Dhima, who raised his finger of accusation somewhere, being careful and waiting for justice to uncover the truth, after the police had done a commendable job, and had managed to arrest the perpetrators of the criminal event of October 17, where two gunmen attempted to execute him at the entrance to his apartment.

The prosecution then closes the case, closes the investigation, releases the suspects and keeps only one person in jail for illegal possession of weapons. She believes in the alibi of those who were accused and arrested by the police, while the Andon Dhima case no longer exists, although clashes with justice continue, letters to embassies, corrupt institutions.

LEXO EDHE:  Qytetarët “masakrojnë Ramën/Kryeministër lodër! Kur ia more qeverinë Berishës the …!

LEXO EDHE:  Kristi Reçi humbi jetën nën rrënoja/ Rama e pranon për “Rai 1”: Po ishte e fejuara e djalit tim

What is the Mafia more than that? When it seizes the state through mortgages, through the courts, through the prosecution, and when it uses criminal groups for assassinations. Is not the real mafia the combination of all these? So it is not this the Mafia the seizure of the state by certain individuals for corrupt, criminal and wealthy interests? How does the Mafia differ from the Andon Dhima event?

From a case started with property, conflicts, clashes within the justice system, threats, blackmail, fines and debts, to an assassination that could take his life in a few seconds. This is the Mafia in Albania, a case told and lived by a character.

Everyone knows and touches and sees what is happening, how far corruption has gone, the capture of the state, but no one reacts. After a failed assassination attempt, the mafia media denies the event, saying it is fabricated.

The police investigate the perpetrators, while on the other hand, the Prosecution serves the mafia and goes beyond the version of the servile media. The Mafia in Albania is really strong, this is how it acts and has acted when it fined businesses, took their money, property and wealth.

Mafia then carried out assassinations, threats, and acquitted the perpetrators through the justice system. Well this is the Mafia, there is no big difference in the case of Andon Dhima.

The message given to us by the prosecution is quite clear: that in Albania there are scandalous prosecutors, who are ready to commit acts like the last one by the prosecutor of Tirana, which are more and more proof that the Mafia in Albania exists./

Një ngjarje që na tregon si funksionon mafia në Shqipëri




The scandal/ Tirana Prosecutor releases those who tried to kill businessman Andon Dhima




Kazani zien në mbrojtje të krimit

Justice system in Albania continues to show incompetence. Even worse it is showing that prosecutors are still part of the mafia and criminal groups. has learned that in recent days the prosecutor of Tirana, Leonard Filopati, has released the other person who tried to kill businessman Andon Dhima, event that occurred on October 17, 2020.

We recall that on November 15 of last year, the Tirana Court released one of the accomplices of the assassination attempt. Grid Lena, sentenced to 6 years in prison for armed robbery in Germany, and Altin Hoxha, a resident of Tirana, previously convicted of gunshot wounds, were arrested for the assassination attempt of the businessman.

While only of the three persons initially charged, was held in the cell for illegal possession of weapons, i.e the person whose were found weapons, masks, and camouflage. So an attempted murder, a video that shocked public opinion, where two people with guns in their hands appeared to businessman Andon Dhima at the elevator door, and it was a few seconds that made the difference between life and death.

Official sources told that prosecutor Filopati is the person who has built the whole scenario for the release of the characters, who after several days of wiretapping and surveillance of telephones, but also the cameras of public spaces, were identified after the attempt to kill the businessman.
At the time, it was initially said that the video was a script, mostly by media funded by people who were directly accused by Dhima, but also under their influence, as Leonard Filopati is known as the prosecutor of Nikoll Lesi.

The police arrested with rage the responsible persons, declaring that they had uncovered the event, that had provided evidence such as telephone messages and film footage. But apparently these were not enough for prosecutor Filopati, who quickly closed the case, accusing only one of the three persons for “unlawful possession of a weapon”, and releasing the other 2 persons.

LEXO EDHE:  Kristi Reçi humbi jetën nën rrënoja/ Rama e pranon për “Rai 1”: Po ishte e fejuara e djalit tim

LEXO EDHE:  Qytetarët "masakrojnë Ramën/Kryeministër lodër! Kur ia more qeverinë Berishës the ...!

After being interrogated, the defendants stated that they were in that building not for the citizen Andon Dhima, but for another citizen, with whom they had previously had a conflict with cars. The facts show that Leonard Filopati, the scandalous prosecutor, instead of enforcing the law, of uncovering the criminal event, has chosen to acquit these persons suspected of this event, to give them freedom, creating an atmosphere of panic and terror on business. Now anyone who raises his hand over the business, can be released after a few months, it is enough to have the right political, media, and justice support./

Skandali/ Prokurori i Tiranës liron atentatorët e Andon Dhimës