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Critics in front of Luli Basha/ Return or “war” with everyone?


Critics in front of Luli Basha/ Return or “war” with everyone?



Challenge of challenges for Luli Basha:the return of Jozefina Topalli, as a public invitation from the “New Republic’. In fact there is a simple analysis for this whole public show, that is actually not an invitation, but simply a public reaction.

This comes as a request from most democrats, and not only for Topalli, but for many exponents of the opposition that Lulzim Basha as a “kille” and traitor removed from the front, and asked to be left alone. It’s not just Topalli, there are many, they are most of the PD base.

“Today is the time to return to the Democratic Party, even though she stoned us”-says Paloka, Spaho, Gaz Bardhi etc. In fact, the opposite is true. The first four-year term of Edi Rama’s goverment, was dominated in parliament by Topalli and Berisha.

Luli Basha and his comrades, simply created groups of insults and propaganda, against those he called old, and for this he used some clowns that he still has in the yard, but also his family members who paid a call center, inside the building of former SHQUP.

We will not talk much about this part of the story, nor about the losses, the attacks paid on the media, the accusations, the slander, the closure of the party, the freezing, the tent, the bazaar with Rama, the burning of mandates, going out on the streets, etc. so much so that Luli Basha cannot cover them like his grays with black paint.

Let’s look at the facts of the PD opposition from 2013. Wasn’t Topalli the firts that accused Mark Frroku as a murderer, by name and surname ?! Luli Basha was surprised. Moreover, he sends message to Frroku, stated that he had no finger with these allegations.

This is where started the cause of decriminalization, which has the name of Jozefina Topalli in opposition, while Luli bargained with Rama. This is one of the many facts, but Basha as a coward removed Topalli (and again this is not the essence of the problem), who had made her cause against crime political issues at the doors of the EU, and brought Fahri Balliu’s son, Salianji, and filled the lists with the Valter, Kostaq, and any other kind of ignorance that the Albanian land holds.

Many of thoshe in parlament are thieves, gamblers, incriminated, so Luli himself said two days ago to Arjan Çani emission, but did not say that they were there as the merit of Luli Basha, who called himself “the father of Democratic Party”. Did they run away, or did the DP only have a logo left?

LEXO EDHE:  Deputeti i PD zbulon arsyen/ Pse pranuam shtyrjen e zgjedhjeve vetëm me 1 javë

To better teach those who agree to be Luli’s young children, with Gaz Bardhi’s as mother, there is no evidence that Jozefina and many of Basha’s critics have left the DP. On the contrary, it is the DP that was deformed and turned into the New Republic, in the service of Luli Basha, the political corruption, his family and the serviles he had around, with a spoon on their belt.

Everything with the intention to grow Luli as a leader, because others overshadowed him, and he could not flourish. Today, after 7 years, he believes that he has flourished, with villas to the oligarchs, with fines on business, with the sale of DP to Rama, with pseudo causes, with the loss of every confrontation.

And now finally declaring himself the “father of PD”, with Gaz Bardhi as a mother, he believes that will win. Basha wants to become prime minister by using names in public, that have nothing to do with him as an individual, and as interim chairman of his New Republic, which is getting very tired in these hot summer days.

He looks tired and hopeless, as long as he stays in the hands of Edmond Spaho, Edi Paloka or Gazmend Bardhi, and he knows very well in what he become now. Luli and his public “young childrens” must understand that no one has left the DP.

But the logo and stamp that hole their chairman, has nothing to do with the DP. It is the New Republic of Luli Basha’s family. Those who followed her, enjoy it, but it is the DP that has escaped from its foundations, they are cracks. The building of the New Republic built on them is occupying everyone inside, no one can save you now.

Although they still have one hope, that of 2017, to govern with Edi Rama, if your allies don’t run away from you belore that move. We will see Luli and Rama together in goverment, maybe soon, but Josefina and Basha’s critics will be there again in front of the to, and the third who is the president of this country.

These “little children” of Luli, and he himself, cannot cover their historical but also current dirty works, by making a public show, for the return of critics, who in fact have never escaped from DP, which has been distorted by Luli Basha, his family, with the help of “mother Gazi”./

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Kritikët përballë Luli Bashës/ Rikthim apo “luftë” me të gjithë

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Arben Kraja “arrested” the dead people/ SPAK is defending corrupt government affairs?




The institution that claimed to do justice for Albanians, and that would investigate the corruption of these 30 years, seems to have become a “lawyer” of political corruption. It is about the Special Anti-Corruption Structure, SPAK, an institution supported step by step by the American Embassy.

But since its inception and until now, there have been no results expected. The Serious Crimes Prosecution has been more effective than SPAK, extending its investigations to the government. Arben Kraja, who runs this institution has failed. And not because we say this,
but because the results say so.

Before taking office, he talked about the failures of the Prosecution, but at the head of the SPAK, he has maintained the same line of failures. “We have failed to punish high-level corruption or organized crime. The situation is worrying. We are legally protected, we need the correct implementation of the law in practice. The independence of prosecutors will guarantee the success of this institution“- said Kraja in the High Council of the Prosecution, at the time he was running for prosecutor of SPAK.

But what did he do after becoming part of this structure? What corrupt government affair
has it investigated? So far no government official has been investigated. So he and his prosecutors didn’t even do what they once did at the Serious Crimes Prosecution.

From its inception until now, the SPAK is remembered for investigations into persons who had died or for investigations suspected of having political motives, such as the case of Judge Mimoza Margjekaj. Arben Kraja can deny these facts, but the reality is known and seen by every Albanian.

LEXO EDHE:  Largimi i Nasip Naços nga LSI/ Vjen reagimi i parë nga PD: Rama i shfrytëzon dhe poshtëron publikisht këta që ble

LEXO EDHE:  Edmond Spaho fsheh mbi një milionë dollarë piktura?!

Almost every day the media report on government corruption, the involvement of senior officials in criminal acts, but the SPAK remain silent. Investigations are carried out by journalists and the media, while SPAK, which is paid with citizens’taxes as much as it doesn’t deserve, is silent.

Silent remain Arben Kraja, who started his work at the head of SPAK, with the investigation of the dead people, thus becoming the object of ridicule throughout the public opinion. We recall that SPAK boasted that it investigated the electoral crimes of 2017, for the famous file “339”.
The subject of investigation were also two deceased commissioners, Kasëm Lala and Besim Bregu. For both of these commissioners, SPAK had issued an arrest warrant, claiming that they allowed other persons to vote on behalf of Albanian emigrants living abroad.

But the two commissioners in question had passed away 2 years ago. Kasëm Lala, SP commissioner and Besim Bregu, PD commissioner served their parties in the 2017 parliamentary elections in Durrës. It would be good for the SPAK to investigate those who are alive, and who have committed criminal offenses that are within their competence.

Or to launch an investigation on government corruption. But it is suspected that Kraja and his subordinates have been put in the service of politics, thus extinguishing any hope for justice, and empowering organized governmental and state crime and attacking the weak, as justice has historically done in Albania./CNA .al

Arben Kraja “prangosi” të vdekurit/ SPAK mbron aferat korruptive qeveritare?



Basha’s lost causes/ How the leader of the Democratic Party abandoned the Democrats in the middle of the road




Basha’s lost causes/How the leader of the Democratic Party abandoned the Democrats in the middle of the road

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has abandoned all the causes that have started by him. He has failed to bring them to an end, and now speaks again shamefully of further engagements, instead of resigning as DP leader.

It is not always the fault of those who win, his opponents or rivals in the party, when Basha himself has shown that he has no capacity to send to the end the causes. For this we will not go far back in time. But we will start from February 2019, the time when he handed over the mandates of the deputies.

After this decision, Basha said that the parliament in which they participated before the burning of mandates “came out of the votes of crime and the mafia in the rigged elections of June 25, 2017”. Backed by allies, Basha called for a transitional government, ready to take all necessary steps to guarantee free and fair elections.

The leader of the Democratic Party stated that by burning the mandates he would overthrow the government, but in fact overthrew himself and the opposition. Because the handing over of mandates didn’t help the DP and the opposition to change their approach to their opposition struggle, they even went out of the game as opposition, as a new parliamentary opposition was formed in Parliament.

After handing over the mandates, Lulzim Basha started the protests with the motto “Edi Rama must leave. Enough is enough!”. Basha said at the time, that the opposition would lead a civil, peaceful and democratic battle to restore legitimacy and democracy in Albania.

The protests started in Tirana, and moved to other cities. A total of 12 protests were organized, in each of which Basha went later than the scheduled time, and after thickening his voice and talking about the overthrow of Prime Minister Edi Rama, he closed it by singing the anthem, becoming the object of memes and ridicule on the Internet.

LEXO EDHE:  PDIU i përgjigjet ashpër Edmond Spahos/ Je krejt i pamend!

LEXO EDHE:  Paloka shpërthen ndaj Ramës/Nuk ke parë asgjë akoma

So even the protests didn’t serve him for anything. Basha abandoned them and the Democrats, to find another excuse for his failure. In these conditions, it was decided to hold local elections on June 30, 2019, while Basha hoped to overthrow the Rama government.

Although the election date was set, the Democratic Party leader said there would be no elections on June 30, as they would be postponed.

But the elections took place, in general they were calm, and Basha went out of the political system even in the local government. Basha again failed to keep his promises. Another cause has already begun, which is expected to have the fate of other causes, as the latter is the most abstract of all, as it speaks of war and battle, while coming from successive losses.

Basha praised the June 25 election process. Then he came out and said that there is evidence of election manipulation. And what he calls evidence, he left in the hands of a master student like Marash Logu, to defend the DP in KAS. This shows that Basha knows that the result doesn’t change anymore, but he is making every effort to justify himself, while the voices demanding his removal are increasing, both inside and outside the DP.

While in the Democratic Party have started resignations, starting from the people closest to him, Basha has started touring in the regions, describing it as a battle. He also tries to manipulate the tour, by organizing meetings with his close supporters with registration, in order to then release to the public only the parts that don’t affect him. So even the cause that he calls war or battle is failed, beyond any action that he does./

Kauzat e humbura të Bashës/ Si i la në mes të rrugës demokratët kreu i PD



Resignations erupt in DP/ Lulzim Basha makes the tour of loss, as a tourist




The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has found several ways to justify the loss and failure in the parliamentary elections on April 25. He first issued a statement to the media praising the election process.

Meanwhile, 2 days later, he started talking about election manipulation through the sale and purchase of votes, saying that “the war has just started”. We heard him declare in the media that he doesn’t accept the result of the elections, while on the other hand he gathered the new parliamentary group, telling them that he knew their mandates.

So, he either accepts or doesn’t recognize the April 25 elections, thus putting the Democrats in chaos, to whom he had promised that he would not leave them in opposition. But in fact he was guaranteed another 4 years of opposition. In these conditions, at the time when he had to give an account and leave the leadership of the Democratic Party, he found an inexperienced lawyer outside the blue headquarters, like Marash Logu, to charge him with some files, where it is alleged that there is evidence of electoral manipulation, sending them to the Appeals and Sanctions Commission.

And he did this knowing very well that whatever is in those files, the result is not reversed and its loss is not justified. After leading his “war” to this point, he has already started a tour of visits to various regions. Meanwhile, in the Democratic Party have started resignations, as previously reported by, although some of them are trying to be kept secret.

The Organizational Secretary of the Democratic Party, Sahit Dollapi, submitted his resignation a week ago. Some local DP leaders have also resigned. But they have been asked to stay in office until the denunciations are completed, but also until the re-election of the chairman of the DP.

LEXO EDHE:  “Ramën e kemi parë të iki me vrap”/ Deputeti turpëron kryeministrin

LEXO EDHE:  Edmond Spaho fsheh mbi një milionë dollarë piktura?!

But instead of resigning, Basha has chosen to roam from city to city as a tourist, but with over a series of losses on his shoulder. The tour started with Durrës on Monday evening, and today he visits Lezha and so on. So from city to city to justify the loss, rather than doing the analysis of the causes that led to the next loss.

He currently holds out hope in the files of lawyer Logu, but if he loses and after those complaints, what will be the next “war” of Lulzim Basha? He left the Democrats in opposition for another 4 years, taking with the Allies only 59 seats across the country.

And now Basha starts the losing tour through Albania as if nothing had happened, as he shocked everyone when on April 27 he spoke about battles and war, while the results pushed him to lose. He was justified with a fake smile, that allegedly PD had won, as there is an increase compared to 2017, forgetting that he has been in opposition for 8 years, and something will have done.

The loss of the April 25 elections, is the third defeat in a row for the DP. Are these successive losses, which have rushed voices from inside and outside the DP that demand the removal of Basha from the leadership of the party. But it seems that until July, when the elections will be held within the DP, Basha will try to justify the loss, by starting the tour through the regions. /

Në PD plasin dorëheqjet/ Basha bën xhiron e humbjes, si turist