Two documents sinking Ylli Ndroqi, and some public questions

26 Maj 2020, 07:09, English CNA

In two days in a row, CNA.al has published exclusive documents and uncontested data, regarding the fact that the citizen Ylli Ndroqi, a well-known public figure. Ora News television owner, holder of several public licenses, is a man with changed generalities.

First, published documents were called commonplace. The first was a document with the ink that had been accidentally spilled on it. While the purpose of its publication, had nothing to do with whether or not there was ink on the civil registry.

The second document showed the generalities, age and exact data of Mr.Ndroqi, how he had changed his name from Xhemail Pasmaçiu, in 1993. At first, he became Ylli Pasmaçiu, and in 1997 he became Ylli Ndroqi, taking the surname of the municipality where he lived.

These are public records. Change of generalities, that the Albanians should know. Why does a public figure change his name and surname? What is he hiding, and do Albanians have the right to know? We showed with concrete facts, that the name was changed in 1993, and the surname in 1997.

We were initially accused as journalists we impose fines. But could a television owner be fined, and why should we have fined Mr.Ndroqi when we had not made any warning, but simply and only immediately published the documents?

We were attacked, accused of having links with Erion Veliaj, while we are the only media in the ?war? with the mayor of Tirana since the first day he took office, and now we have received his next lawsuit. We are in some litigation, which we have won.

Even with those of the ?New Republic? of Lulzim Basha. Even with other businessmen close to the Socialist Movement for Integration and the Socialist Party. Including other media owners. But everyone is connected to the business. Everyone is connected to the government.

In this case, the accusations were neither for tenders, nor for collaborations, nor for favors,

but for changed generalities, which could be resolved very easily. Mr. Ndroqi publicly acknowledged the change of name and surname. We also published his arrest in 1998, the sentence he had served in prison, and everything was perfectly normal.

Mr.Ndroqi acknowledged this, and held legal responsibility for why is Ylli Ndroqi in public, and holds licenses in his name, while with the old name he had problems, which can be related to the testimony of the criminal, which issued punished. Whether a former drug trafficker can maintain a television license and public property is up to the institutions.

But the truth is one and only one. Mr.Ylli Ndroqi is a citizen Xhemail Pasmaçiu. The latter was convicted of drug trafficking in Turkey. This has not yet been acknowledged. They only accepted the name change from Xhemail to Ylli.

They attacked and accused us. His soldiers have their job, and we have our job. Concrete facts and documents. Today we are bringing back the documents, and addressing some public questions. Are there other cases of investigations or criminal proceedings against the citizen Xhemail Pasmaçiu, Ylli Pasmaçiu or Ylli Ndroqi, in other countries except Turkey?

This is a public question, that we are asking our attackers and accusers. Then we will bring our facts. What are the connections of Edi Rama?s right wing, Engjëll Agaçi with Ylli Ndroqi?

Why did they cooperate?

It is the case to tell the truth to the end. We have published the documents. We have shown who is the citizen Ylli Ndroqi. And we got the attacks. Now that we have asked the questions, we are convinced that we will get more attacks. If they do not answer us, we will be the ones to answer not only these questions, but also many others that come as information or requests from our readers.

The truth is one and only one. They have accepted the name change. Now we are waiting that they accepted even jail sentence, and the life and life will go on as calm as before. Where we as the media finally discovered and proved with documents that a media owner in Albania is a former drug trafficker convicted in Turkey. This is the truth, which we expect to be accepted by Mr.Ylli Ndroqi, Ylli Pasmaçiu, or Xhemail Pasmaçiu./ CNA.al

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Dy dokumentet që fundosin Ylli Ndroqin dhe disa pyetje publike

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