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Boom- Second document/Ylli Ndroqi is the trafficker Xhemail Pasmaçiu


Boom- Second document/Ylli Ndroqi is the trafficker Xhemail Pasmaçiu



Yesterday, after long investigations and collection of materials, published the file or the first document of the owner of Ora News television, Ylli Ndroqi, who turns out to be a person with a changed name and surname, convicted of drug trafficking in Turkey, and not only that.

In our article, we presented with facts how the civil status data were destroyed in the municipal unit no.2 and how Mr.Ndroqi’s family members had different surnames, Pasmaçiu. So an accusation often made publicly against this character. But he has fought hard with anyone,
who has been able to tell the truth.

In fact, neither the government nor anyone else is attacking Ylli Ndroqi. Edi Rama seems to be caressing him together with Erion Veliaj, who are trying to factorize in the media and opposition market Ndroqi, a close friend of President Ilir Meta.

Everyone who have been present in his activities and for years, in state institutions, where
Ylli Ndroqi’s file is located, they are aware and simply have not spoken. Now, in order
to advertise, and to take advantage of the situation, Mr.Ndroqi tries to justify himself with
the opposition and to politicize every truth against him, although there is no accusation.

But let’s look at another document.

Yesterday we showed the civil registry of unit no.2, which was crippled. You can read the article here.
We also said that Ylli Ndroqi is citizen Xhemail Pasmaçiu, a former drug trafficker convicted in Turkey, and everything is published in this article of the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet”, which you can read here, and where Mr.Ndroqi cannot remove the links, and he cannot exert pressure or blackmail, as he has been doing in recent days, with some of his people and collaborators against us.
Today we are issuing a second document. Yesterday, the 2006 document showed how the civil registry was damaged in unit no.2. But the past cannot be bought.  Birthdays cannot be changed.

The Civil Registry may be in a municipal unit, but it has also been in the municipality, where Mr.Ndroqi or Xhemail Pasmaçiu was born.

It has been in the Prefecture and the file is complete. You can change your first and last name, but you can’t change your first and last name. You can’t change the family trunk, the birth certificate. Today we are bringing the family trunk, where it is clear that the citizen Xhemail Pasmaçiu was born on May 11, 1965, and not the one we know publicly as Ylli Ndroqi.

LEXO EDHE:  Faktet/ Kush janë pronarët e mediave në Shqipëri

You have the complete document here.

The fact of changing the name was publicly acknowledged yesterday by the journalist Ilir Demalia, one of the collaborators of Ora News, who said that it is true that the name was changed in 1993 and that Mr.Ndroqi could not be Nostradamus, to predict what would happen
to him in 1999. (Read here)

In fact, with the above document, we are showing that Mr.Ndroqi has not only changed his name, but also his last name, which he changed in 1997. Following the publication of this document, we do not claim that journalists who have been also our collaborators, who have said that they will resign if the connection of Mr.Ndroqi and the facts made public to him are confirmed, would resign and would never agree to cooperate or be paid by a former drug trafficker.

That will not happen, but at least they must accept the truth with courage, that they are becoming ridiculous, beyond public harlequins. There is a second document, and we invite them to look at it with their eyes and hearts. On the other hand, we say that nothing ends here.
There are other facts and documents that show stronger things, which do not start and do not end in Albania.

They do not start and do not end in Turkey, but they are also beyond the Adriatic. will continue to publish the full file, and we will not stop in the face of any attack, accusation or blackmail that is being done to us in recent days. Facts, facts and only facts. The truth is one and only one./

The official link of the article is this: 

BOOM-Dokumenti i dytë/ Ylli Ndroqi është trafikanti Xhemail Pasmaçiu

Boom -Ylli Ndroqi, drug trafficker Xhemail Pasmaçiu/ Civil status documents


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Boom -Ylli Ndroqi, drug trafficker Xhemail Pasmaçiu/ Civil status documents




The past cannot be bought, and no drug trafficker has been able to do that. Maybe after a crime, you commit a sentence, and then you are called a free citizen, but the questions arise when the trafficker then turns to the businessman, or raises the media emperor to protect his skin.
Crime in politics, crime in business, but drug traffickers are also in the media.
The most typical case is Ylli Ndroqi, the owner of Ora News television. The latter, through clashes and pressure, has been able to eradicate any public trace of a convicted drug trafficker in Turkey. Many of his collaborators deny his dark history, calling it a fabricated tale. But it is this “tale”, the frequent public accusations that disappear, and the battle to become a hero in public, that led us to a full investigation of this character.

The civil status document was destroyed has provided exclusive documents from the municipal unit no.2 in Tirana, but also data from the Directorate of Civil Status in Albania. The following documents, show that the family data register in the municipal unit no.2 has been destroyed.
According to the following photo, this happened on October 20, 2016, when the employees of the office kept also a report. The ink on the register, shows clearly that more than an “accident”, it looks like ink spilled intentionally and erased the script on a document.

Lorena Mitre, as the head of the office, Majlinda Kurti, Polikseni Gjika, Zamira Maci, Ilira Mërtiri, in the presence of the head of Human Resources, Alketa Shuli, have signed a record where they write that ink has been spilled on the register, and the data has been transferred.
If you look carefully at the document, it turns out that the whole family of Mr.Ylli Ndroqi has the surname Pasmaçiu, from his wife to one of his children. Media owner Ylli Ndroqi, has another surname from his family. This is confirmed by this document. But this civil status data are not only in the municipal unit no. 2. And the accident or criminal offense for deleting some data, has never been investigated.

 National Registry of Civil Status

But exactly it was this document, that led us deeper into the investigation. Official confidential sources from the Directorate of Civil Status, told that the data on the name and surname changes of the citizen Ylli Ndroqi, are in the National Register, and appear complete in several other institutions.

The same source stressed that the citizen Ylli Ndroqi, has changed over the years the name set by his parents and his inherited surname. On April 30, 1993, the surname was initially changed from Pasmaçiu to Ndroqi, taking the surname of his village. The same register, states that on January 23, 1997, the name was changed from Xhemail to Ylli.
The above document, and the data from the civil status, confirm that Ylli Ndroqi, the owner of RTV Ora News, is a person with changed identities. According to the data published by the turkish newspaper “Hürriyet”, the citizen Xhemalil Pasmaçiu is a person arrested and convicted for drug trafficking in Turkey. (Click here)

LEXO EDHE:  Lulit i ngelet aleat mediatik Xhemail Pasmaçiu

LEXO EDHE:  Faktet/ Meta si perandor i medias dhe drogës

Former trafficker with public licenses

So the owner of a television, is a former convicted trafficker. He may have served his sentence and may have been rehabilitated. But should a convicted trafficker, who holds licenses and frequencies owned by the public, have the right to hold licenses and operate in the media?

The data clearly show that we are dealing with a trafficked convict with a changed identity. Mr. Ndroqi and his collaborators, have long called as a fairy tale the history of traffic drugs in Turkey and the altered data in the civil registry. And today, here are the concrete facts.

The truth never dies

We do not expect from him to surrender and publicly admit that ”Yes, I am Xhemaili”, nor to tell the stories of Milan with a lawyer, one of the most important people near prime minister Edi Rama, those stories that he shows as action movies on the tables. Our articles on this issue will continue, until he publicly acknowledges the truth, and with it those who echo his claims.

We don’t even expect the palaces around him to leave him, and who do his advocacy. But the truth must be learned even by those who do not know, in order to not moralize in public, because they look like the clowns in the yard of a former trafficker.

Xhemail Pasmaçiu will certainly defend himself. He will call it a political attack by the government from prime minister Edi Rama or from major of Tirana Erion Veliaj. He will seek to defend himself as an oppositionist. But the truth is there is no political color. She is one and only one. Could it be an oppositionist and her publicly lawyer, a convicted drug trafficker? This question belongs to some other topics./

The official link of the article is this: 

BOOM-Ylli Ndroqi trafikanti i drogës Xhemail Pasmaçiu/ Dokumentet e gjendjes civile



Facts and propaganda/ Mrs. US Ambassador, SPAK is the “Naked King”




Yesterday, the US Embassy in Tirana, through a reaction where it was spoken also in your name Mrs. Ambassador Kim, was told the Albanians that US would support the SPAK. That the US will continue to support this institution, at the time when the SPAK had worked and laid the foundations of his new justice, with some proactive investigations.
In fact, Honourable Ambassador, we have published dozens of articles for SPAK over the past few days, about the indolence of the institution, but also about the problems that have the prosecutors themselves. Some have passed Vetting in suspiciously mode, someone has hidden hospital expenses, someone else is blackmailing.

There are accusations, that someone has also hidden even their own child in Vetting, and many other accusations like these, that we believe that the reports of the embassy structures know better than us. But let’s call all this a thing of the past, and go back to the moment, to the expectations, and what SPAK calls success.

Arben Kraja

Yesterday, SPAK told us what he had done these days. It seemed to us like a hole in the water. And this appeared also in the reaction and comments of the disappointed citizens. The most important event was a kiosk built in the 313 Prison in Tirana. And if the SPAK was established to investigate such corruption cases as the shops inside the prisons, we are saying out loud, that the SPAK has failed.

Let’s see something else. It would be good for the embassy and your advisers, to read the comments of the citizens in their writing and reactions. Let them read them easily on social networks, because in our server they are blocked. There are thousands of comments and attitudes, that show the expectations of Albanians citizen towards SPAK.
What you are asking is for Albanians to support SPAK. Yes, the Albanians have supported and continue to support the SPAK, as you do, but even more so the Mrs. Ambassador, because they are the ones who have suffered the injustice of 30 years.

But what SPAK is serving today is an empty spoon. What is happening with SPAK today, and if the work made until now by this institution will label as a success story, this will be indeed a failure. You may not accept it, other international institutions as well, but the citizens are aware that the truth cannot be hidden, and SPAK cannot escape the accusations by hiding behind the internationals, and saying that they can’t attack us, because America doesn’t allow it.

The Naked King, and the servants who wear him the “cloak”

Here is the opportunity to remind them, that if SPAK is incompetent and has come out “naked” on the street, we will say that he is incompetent, and has gone naked on the street. Neither we nor the Albanians can say the opposite. Be convinced Mrs. Ambassador. We do not speak on their behalf, but it is enough to read the comments of the Albanians, to understand what have been their expectations, and how disappointed they are by this SPAK.
We can recall a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, “Naked King”, who was lied to by some supposedly tailors, and taken out in the middle of the crowd, accompanied from behind by some counsellors only in underwear, and everyone applauded how beautiful it was dressed the king in his new clothes.

                                     Adriatik Llalla

A child in the corner shouted and said that the king was naked. Then the whole crowd reacted, and the king was ashamed. The “tailors” took the gold and left. Well, we can’t say that “the
king is not naked”. Today we are in 2020. We can greatly appreciate and respect you for your contribution to our country, for the partnership you have received for Justice Reform.
This reform has the support not only us as the media, but also the majority of Albanians. But even if you and SPAK itself tells us that “the king is dressed”, while in reality he is “naked” on the street, we will not be silent. Even Albanians will not be silent Mrs. Ambassador. They will react more strongly than these days.
SPAK has had high expectations. National Bureau of Investigation as well. A major upheaval was expected. This institution cannot be a facade and a failure. He can’t go out naked, and tells us he’s dressed. It is enough to ask for reports from your subordinates, what has been the work of the Serious Crimes Prosecution, and what is the work of SPAK today.
Look at six worst months of the time of the Serious Crimes Prosecution, and look at these first six months, or when the Serious Crimes Prosecution started working, and the results that SPAK has today. However, a good part there are the same people.

LEXO EDHE:  Matja e Audiencës/ Ja ku përplasen kompanitë e monitorimit

Therefore, the public support of Albanians is not lacking, and no one needs to worry because they are telling the truth. What should happen should be different. SPAK should show concrete facts to Albanians, that it has not come out “naked on the street”. And we as media will not be silent, until SPAK does this work. Until the SPAK gets dressed, and not to be fooled by “tailors” on the street.
We cannot accept that the SPAK tells us corruption stories, with an old file of the former general prosecutor, for which they have launched a ridiculous accusation, and removed all articles, from which he could be convicted. In case you don’t know, Adriatik Llalla will be charged only for 20 thousand euros, that he not declare at the border. They have done him a honour, and have not done justice.

A kiosk in the prison is considered a corruption scandal, when SPAK is silent in front of politicians, whom we have shown with concrete facts that have 500 million lek assets, bought for only 30 thousand euros, on behalf of their children. When the SPAK is silent on the corrupt concessions of the Albanian government, signed by Edi Rama’s ministers and former ministers, it makes us suspect that the head of the institution, Arben Kraja, is a political director of the Renaissance (Socialist Party) and not a product of US-backed justice.
Therefore, if the SPAK does not initiate investigations and bring concrete files regarding corruption, scandals, thefts and abuses on Albanians, no one will remain silent, and no one will support them as in the beginning of the Justice Reform.

               SPAK prosecutors

SPAK will be supported, when he will do his job, and if the prosecutors have lost their minds and want to “get out naked” on the street, we wish them to have a nice trip. We will say that they are “naked”, we cannot say that they are dressed. Whoever thinks differently is in his work.

But the child spoke his word, because he had the courage. He was not afraid of the king, who had come out naked. And if we are the “child”, the others behind us will probably hope to become crowds to tell the truth to the king, so that he will not go out naked on the streets, because he will not only shame himself, but shame the kingdom.
Today, SPAK shames Albania. Today, SPAK shames Justice Reform, the US Embassy and international partners, who invested in this institution. Therefore, no one can remain silent, even those who have been the first fire and flame of support for Justice Reform.

We have probably been a little later. Today they are disappointed, when they see a SPAK that most call now ASPAK (means ‘none’ in Albanian language). So in order to easily understand the “nudity” of SPAK, read the comments and reactions of citizens.
Then you will really understand what is happening with an institution, that is not only not doing anything, but is also making fun of Albanians by issuing reports as if it is investigating or working 24 hours a day. Whilst in fact he is not doing anything. It is simply keeping silent, and silently approving the government’s corruption, and the payments made to the opposition to remain silent like SPAK./

The official link of the article is this: 

Faktet dhe propaganda/ Zonja ambasadore e SHBA, SPAK është “mbreti lakuriq”



Deepens the scandal with the concession of 128 million euros/ Other documents revealed




A group of investigative journalists, were able to obtain a complete document yesterday regarding the company Geogenix BV, which is in fact Integreted Energy BV, the 100% shareholder of Integreted Energy BV SPV, which is the incinerator concessionaire of Tirana, worth 128 million euros, for 30 years.

In this document provided by us, it is once again clear that the company Integreted Energy BV in February this year, immediately after the publication of the scandal, of a company EM Capital Group, founded in Bulgaria by Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Eva Blushi, the wife of Top Channel director Ben Blushi, changed her name.

According to official data from this company, it turns out that it was established in 2016. In 2017, i.e in the year when it signed the concession of 128 million euros, the company had zero activity. So turnover and profit have been almost non-existent.

On the other hand, in 2018, the company has a turnover of 920 thousand euros. In 2019, according to these data, this turnover amounts to 1.1 million euros. So, a company set up from zero, as soon as it signed the concession in 2017, start circulating millions of euros.

Meanwhile, official data provided by journalists, show the management of the company, which today has a 78-years old in its direction, which has taken the lead since December 2019, and also continues the company Almares Menagment BV, which has signed, as we have shown in other writings, the co-management of the company, where one of the directors of Almares is a Russian citizen. (Read here)

Also, named in the documents are the last three directors, one of whom is Mr.Giusepse Ciafaglione, who is currently one of the managers of Integreted Energy BV SPV, and Klodian Zoto, born in 1976, who ran the company from 2016 until on March 20, 2019. So, from its establishment, until shortly after it signed the concession of 128 million euros in Tirana.

LEXO EDHE:  Reagoi kundër Ramës/ Ylli Ndroqi kërcënon gazetarin

LEXO EDHE:  Faktet/ Meta si perandor i medias dhe drogës

Further, the data collected by journalists show the history of the name change, which has happened in February of this year. Also, the document show the three projects launched by this company, which are Albania, Gana and Zimbabwe. This third was also involved in a scandal, reported in the media.

On the other hand, it is shown who are some main partners of this company, among which is “De Mare srl”, which is the company that won with direct procurement 15 million euros for the cleaning of Porto Romano, the risk zone waste of Durrës.

Which in fact was in collaboration with another Albanian company, such as Viktoria Invest, but apparently the latter has been simple and only facade, and everything there will be done by Klodian Zoto himself and his partners.

Furthermore, was able to provide other data related to this company, built only a short time before winning a tender of 128 million euros in Albania. A company with no experience, which appeared from nowhere and earned some bags of money.

It was advertised by the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, as a success story that would employ many people. But it was actually a company, that was born out off shore shell. Furthermore, Top Channel also appears in favor of this company and incinerators, where in some reports has also provided the partnership of the owners of the incinerators with Ben Blushi’s wife. Today, after more than 10 denunciations, the institutions have not yet reacted. The Prosecution has not launched any investigation, but it is expected that in the coming days, with the documents and facts brought by, no one will remain silent. It cannot be passed without revealing a truth, that will cost Albanians citizens hundreds of millions of euros./

The official link of the article is this: 

Thellohet skandali me koncesionin 128 milion euro/ Zbulohen të tjera dokumente