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Facts and propaganda/ Mrs. US Ambassador, SPAK is the “Naked King”


Facts and propaganda/ Mrs. US Ambassador, SPAK is the “Naked King”



Yesterday, the US Embassy in Tirana, through a reaction where it was spoken also in your name Mrs. Ambassador Kim, was told the Albanians that US would support the SPAK. That the US will continue to support this institution, at the time when the SPAK had worked and laid the foundations of his new justice, with some proactive investigations.
In fact, Honourable Ambassador, we have published dozens of articles for SPAK over the past few days, about the indolence of the institution, but also about the problems that have the prosecutors themselves. Some have passed Vetting in suspiciously mode, someone has hidden hospital expenses, someone else is blackmailing.

There are accusations, that someone has also hidden even their own child in Vetting, and many other accusations like these, that we believe that the reports of the embassy structures know better than us. But let’s call all this a thing of the past, and go back to the moment, to the expectations, and what SPAK calls success.

Arben Kraja

Yesterday, SPAK told us what he had done these days. It seemed to us like a hole in the water. And this appeared also in the reaction and comments of the disappointed citizens. The most important event was a kiosk built in the 313 Prison in Tirana. And if the SPAK was established to investigate such corruption cases as the shops inside the prisons, we are saying out loud, that the SPAK has failed.

Let’s see something else. It would be good for the embassy and your advisers, to read the comments of the citizens in their writing and reactions. Let them read them easily on social networks, because in our server they are blocked. There are thousands of comments and attitudes, that show the expectations of Albanians citizen towards SPAK.
What you are asking is for Albanians to support SPAK. Yes, the Albanians have supported and continue to support the SPAK, as you do, but even more so the Mrs. Ambassador, because they are the ones who have suffered the injustice of 30 years.

But what SPAK is serving today is an empty spoon. What is happening with SPAK today, and if the work made until now by this institution will label as a success story, this will be indeed a failure. You may not accept it, other international institutions as well, but the citizens are aware that the truth cannot be hidden, and SPAK cannot escape the accusations by hiding behind the internationals, and saying that they can’t attack us, because America doesn’t allow it.

mbreti lakuriq
The Naked King, and the servants who wear him the “cloak”

Here is the opportunity to remind them, that if SPAK is incompetent and has come out “naked” on the street, we will say that he is incompetent, and has gone naked on the street. Neither we nor the Albanians can say the opposite. Be convinced Mrs. Ambassador. We do not speak on their behalf, but it is enough to read the comments of the Albanians, to understand what have been their expectations, and how disappointed they are by this SPAK.
We can recall a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, “Naked King”, who was lied to by some supposedly tailors, and taken out in the middle of the crowd, accompanied from behind by some counsellors only in underwear, and everyone applauded how beautiful it was dressed the king in his new clothes.

                                     Adriatik Llalla

A child in the corner shouted and said that the king was naked. Then the whole crowd reacted, and the king was ashamed. The “tailors” took the gold and left. Well, we can’t say that “the
king is not naked”. Today we are in 2020. We can greatly appreciate and respect you for your contribution to our country, for the partnership you have received for Justice Reform.
This reform has the support not only us as the media, but also the majority of Albanians. But even if you and SPAK itself tells us that “the king is dressed”, while in reality he is “naked” on the street, we will not be silent. Even Albanians will not be silent Mrs. Ambassador. They will react more strongly than these days.
SPAK has had high expectations. National Bureau of Investigation as well. A major upheaval was expected. This institution cannot be a facade and a failure. He can’t go out naked, and tells us he’s dressed. It is enough to ask for reports from your subordinates, what has been the work of the Serious Crimes Prosecution, and what is the work of SPAK today.
Look at six worst months of the time of the Serious Crimes Prosecution, and look at these first six months, or when the Serious Crimes Prosecution started working, and the results that SPAK has today. However, a good part there are the same people.

LEXO EDHE:  Falsifikim dokumentesh dhe kalim i paligjshëm kufiri/ Grupi kriminal bie në duart e SPAK

Therefore, the public support of Albanians is not lacking, and no one needs to worry because they are telling the truth. What should happen should be different. SPAK should show concrete facts to Albanians, that it has not come out “naked on the street”. And we as media will not be silent, until SPAK does this work. Until the SPAK gets dressed, and not to be fooled by “tailors” on the street.
We cannot accept that the SPAK tells us corruption stories, with an old file of the former general prosecutor, for which they have launched a ridiculous accusation, and removed all articles, from which he could be convicted. In case you don’t know, Adriatik Llalla will be charged only for 20 thousand euros, that he not declare at the border. They have done him a honour, and have not done justice.

A kiosk in the prison is considered a corruption scandal, when SPAK is silent in front of politicians, whom we have shown with concrete facts that have 500 million lek assets, bought for only 30 thousand euros, on behalf of their children. When the SPAK is silent on the corrupt concessions of the Albanian government, signed by Edi Rama’s ministers and former ministers, it makes us suspect that the head of the institution, Arben Kraja, is a political director of the Renaissance (Socialist Party) and not a product of US-backed justice.
Therefore, if the SPAK does not initiate investigations and bring concrete files regarding corruption, scandals, thefts and abuses on Albanians, no one will remain silent, and no one will support them as in the beginning of the Justice Reform.

               SPAK prosecutors

SPAK will be supported, when he will do his job, and if the prosecutors have lost their minds and want to “get out naked” on the street, we wish them to have a nice trip. We will say that they are “naked”, we cannot say that they are dressed. Whoever thinks differently is in his work.

But the child spoke his word, because he had the courage. He was not afraid of the king, who had come out naked. And if we are the “child”, the others behind us will probably hope to become crowds to tell the truth to the king, so that he will not go out naked on the streets, because he will not only shame himself, but shame the kingdom.
Today, SPAK shames Albania. Today, SPAK shames Justice Reform, the US Embassy and international partners, who invested in this institution. Therefore, no one can remain silent, even those who have been the first fire and flame of support for Justice Reform.

We have probably been a little later. Today they are disappointed, when they see a SPAK that most call now ASPAK (means ‘none’ in Albanian language). So in order to easily understand the “nudity” of SPAK, read the comments and reactions of citizens.
Then you will really understand what is happening with an institution, that is not only not doing anything, but is also making fun of Albanians by issuing reports as if it is investigating or working 24 hours a day. Whilst in fact he is not doing anything. It is simply keeping silent, and silently approving the government’s corruption, and the payments made to the opposition to remain silent like SPAK./

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Faktet dhe propaganda/ Zonja ambasadore e SHBA, SPAK është “mbreti lakuriq”

Për të rejat më të fundit behuni pjesë e grupit tonë në facebook : City News Albania


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The scandal with the Qukës-Qafë Plloçë road/ Abuses increased the costs, another 90 million dollars are needed




The $ 125 million project for the Qukës – Qafë Plloçë road, 43 km long, financed by the Islamic Development Bank, requires an additional $ 90 million investment to be completed. Road costs have multiplied because the interruption of works has caused great damage, but also because another segment (lot 3) has been left without funding.

The Albanian government has asked additional funds from the Islamic Bank, justifying the cost with changes in the project and unforeseen costs, said an official source for In fact, it was the intervention in the project and the delays that caused these damages, which are estimated at almost 70 per cent of the initial cost of the road.

The investment

Qukës -Qafë Plloçë is an investment started in April 2013, through a loan, but in September of that year with the political rotation everything stopped. The Renaissance government stopped the tender, demanding that this road not be financed, but that the funds be transferred as loans.

The contract with the bank was clear, and the government withdrew from its request. Then tenders were held for 3 lots, but immediately after the start of works began the problems. The road clearly had “enemies”. From deputies of the Korça region, to important ministers, maybe even the Prime Minister Rama himself, who although he inspected it several times, seemed skeptical about the project.

The Rama government, at the time when the Ministry of Infrastructure was headed by Edmond Haxhinasto, although a concrete and funded project, intervened several times, causing delays at great cost. They allegedly consisted of project changes, while works were being carried out.

“Instead of removing the eyebrows, they seem to have raised their eyes”, this popular expression is very convenient for this case. A brutal intervention without thinking, with a project that should have been completed two years ago in 2018, has been left without funding.

A road left unfinished, which today requires almost 90 million dollars, 60 of which in the 3rd lot, and almost 30 million dollars are investment for the second lot, for slips and deviations, due to the abandonment of works. So, the road costs have been increased simply and only by the irresponsibility and abandonment that has been done to the investment by certain segments of the government.

LEXO EDHE:  Skaner deri në kushërinjtë e dytë/SPAK, si do të kontrollohen puonjësit e Gjykatave dhe Prokurorive speciale

LEXO EDHE:  SHBA vihet në lëvizje për Reformën Zgjedhore/ Zbardhet qëllimi i takimeve të Yuri Kim me Ramën, ja çfarë proprozon

Interventions and damages

Interventions in the project and everything else, ie interruptions, blockages of funding, slowdown of Works, have started during the time when the Ministry of Infrastructure was headed by Edmond Haxhinasto, and the damage caused to the state budget in this investment look colossal.

There are $ 90 million expected to be provided as additional funding over the initial project. But who pays for these staggering costs?

The road will provide funding, and for at least two years can go to completion. But will anyone ever be held accountable for wrong policies and damages? All are consequences in the state budget and the huge costs, that will be paid from the pockets of taxpayers, as all are loans and interest repaid from the budget.

Edmond Haxhinasto and the former director of roads, probably sleep peacefully in their homes and continue their political activity. But someone must bear legal responsibility for a crime worth tens of millions of dollars at the expense of Albanians.

Needless to say, the facts speak for themselves, the wrong policies of former road director and former minister Edmond Haxhinasto neglected a $ 125 million investment, adding costs to the $ 90 million.

And this is only because they hated that investment, and wanted at all costs project changes, tenders, millions of extra dollars, for their own interests, and not for the successful completion of a project that gives great impetus to the movement towards the south-eastern area in the country. /

The official link of the article is this: 

Skandali me rrugën Qukës-Qafë Plloçë/ Abuzimet shtuan kostot, duhen edhe 90 milionë dollarë




Qukës-Qafë Plloça, the face of the failure of the Renaissance/Rama lies shamefully Albanians




Rama, Haxhinasto, Dade, Peleshi ne inspektimin e rruges Qukes - Qaf Plloçe ne vitin 2016

Prime Minister Edi Rama published yesterday some photos from the construction site on the Qukës-Qafë Plloçë axis, for which he states that it was another road left unfinished by previous government, especially after 7 years that he has gone 20 times, and takes the same photos.

Even turtle would have gone all the way with Rama’s rhythm for its construction. “The Qukës-Qafë Plloçë construction site, on another road left unfinished, where the works in tunnels 1, 2 and in the tunnel 3 of the emergency exit, have already been completed.

After a long odyssey of remaking the project from the beginning of the road left unfinished and re-arranging the financial agreements, the works for the construction of the structures, and the filling of the route continue intensively” wrote the head of the government in FB.

        Investimi i braktisur Qukës-Qafë Plloçë

In fact, Rama lies again shamefully and abusively the Albanians. It was not a road left unfinished, but it is a road which had a clear project, and its signed funding. Is Edi Rama that has procrastinated this project, because he did not want it to be built.

The tender had to take place in September 2013, and it was Edi Rama who wanted to cancel this investment. He made the tender himself, he had the project and financing ready, but he has not been able to finish it for 7 years, because Edi Rama hates that road. Not because we want to, but because of the facts speak for themselves.

We recall here that on time Minister Edmond Haxhinasto sent a letter to the Islamic Bank and the Saudi Development Fund, requesting that this investment to be transferred in to a kredit one. The road that has been left neglected for seven years, not by Berisha’s government, not by the former Democratic Party government, but by Edi Rama.

Because Ridvan Bode, Sokol Olldashi and Sali Berisha handed over the power in September 2013, just when this road was about to begin. And they left the loan, the project, Rama ramained just to sign the tender.

But Rama postponed this tender, because he asked to cancel of the investment, as he failed due to a penalty of tens of millions of euros. It is his government that has made the tender, and it is government of Edi Rama that has announced the winner.

Ahmetaj, Gjiknuri, Balla dhe Shalsi duke inspektuar kantierin e rrugës Qukës-Qafë Plloçë 2017.

It is government of Edi Rama that has made the tender with the financing, and the project that was ready. Rama says the road was neglected. Yes, this is true. But guilty for this are Edi Rama, his ministers Edmond Haxhinasto and Damian Gjiknuri, not to mention that the new Minister of Infrastructure, Belinda Balluku, is also responsible for these almost two years.

The tunnels that Rama showed yesterday, were completed many years ago, and nothing has happened to them yet. They have simply been painted, or it has casted chippings on their tracks.

Edi Rama is lying publicly. He has been himself to the construction site several times. He said once that the road would ended in 2015, in 2016 and then in 2017. Now we are in 2020, and Edi Rama has lied four times about this road.

LEXO EDHE:  “Yuri Kim mesazh të koduar Ramës”/ Patozi: Intuita e ambasadores për t’i dalë të keqes para

LEXO EDHE:  “Yuri Kim mesazh të koduar Ramës”/ Patozi: Intuita e ambasadores për t’i dalë të keqes para


Even if it were a road without a project and had started incorrectly, why did Edi Rama conduct the tender without having a project? Second, how many years did it take Edi Rama to make the project of a road bed? Seven years to do or change a project as well as funding, and the road doesn’t end, nor is it known when it will end.

Did the ministry needs seven years to make funding adjustments or a new project? On the other hand, Edi Rama says that the financing contract was reaffirmed. It’s not true, it’s a pure lie. The entire road loan has been signed since 2013, but Edi Rama wanted to cancel it and his thieving ministers increased the road costs.

And were they who neglected the project. There are the responsible institutions, such as ARRSH and the Ministry of Infrastructure that abandoned the contruction in time to this road. Rama has signed the increase of costs, same as with the Tirana-Elbasan road.

Rama, Peleshi, Balla, Haxhinasto inspektojne punimet

Costs that increase due to abandonment of investment for several years. But, there is another scandal, which Edi Rama does not say and keeps hidden. But, as the truth of the Qukës-Qafë Plloçë road emerges, he reacts shamefully.

Why does the third lot have no funding?

Rama shows us two tunnels and an emergency tunnel, as a miracle in seven years of his government. But how could this road be advertised to have started from zero, and should have been completed three times so far. Is Sali Berisha still to blame after 7 years in power?

The Nation Road, with 2 tunnels of 6 km. The Tirana-Elbasan road, with 2 tunnels of 2.46 km, the yesterday government has build at a lower cost, today Rama and his people are doubling the costs.

Qukës Qafë-Plloça has several small tunnels, and it is a road that had funding, and the project was ready. Maybe he wanted some small changes, but still 7 years needed for them? Did Edi Rama leave the third lot without funding? This road was never finished, and Edi Rama wants to catch the eye of Albanians with his unbridled propaganda, as if what he is doing on the road Qukës-Qafë Plloçë.

Edi Rama made a hole in the water

And if the government’s successes are these roads, it’s a shame. An entire government in seven years cannot complete a 40-kilometer road, with secured funding and a ready-made project. Qukës-Qafë Plloça is the road neglected by Edi Rama, Renaissance, his ministers, and today, before showing some tunnels painted or with casting gravel, he must apologize to the residents of the Korça region.

Qukës-Qafë Plloça is not the success, but the most spectacular failure of Edi Rama and Renaissance in infrastructure. For seven years, not even 40 km of road can be completed. Qukës-Qafë Plloça is the road forgotten by Edi Rama, the responsibile is the prime minister, and his propaganda in this case has no value./

The official link of the article is this: 

Qukës-Qafë Plloça, fytyra e dështimit të Rilindjes/ Rama gënjen turpësisht shqiptarët



Rama approves the construction of the landfill in Vlora /The winner of tender is Klodian Zoto of the incinerators




It can now be considered already waste treatment network (incinerator-landfill), as long there is only one name behind it. The anti-corruption department in the Democratic Party, through a Facebook post, writes that, “the landfill of Vlora, approved by the Prime Minister, has gone to Klodian Zoto”.

“When it comes to solid waste, or not, landfill, incinerator, built-in or in paper, Klodian Zoto should automatically come to mind”- the post reads. According to the document, the concession it is about managing and depositing solid waste.

In fact Zoto is not an unknown name in the multi-million-dollar activity of cleaning or burning rubbish in the country, as built-in incinerators, and thoshe under construction bear his administrative responsibility.

Listing the burners in Elbasan, the landfill in Fier and that in Tirana, as well as the activities outside Albania up to Zimbabwe, the reaction states that the Prime Minister Edi Rama has approved the construction of the landfill of Vlora.

“Even the landfill of Vlora goes to Zoto… When it comes to solid waste, or not, landfill, incinerator, built or on paper, Klodian Zoto should automatically come to mind. Involved and beneficiary in the Elbasan incenerator, given to the ghost company created specifically to enter into contract; involved and beneficiary in the landfill of Fier, without competition and illegal quota transactions, landfill whose only name is known, because for waste treatment has not yet congratulated “Good job!”.

LEXO EDHE:  Ambasada e SHBA thirrje qytetarëve dhe politikanëve/ “Mbështesni SPAK-un”

LEXO EDHE:  Falsifikim dokumentesh dhe kalim i paligjshëm kufiri/ Grupi kriminal bie në duart e SPAK

Meanwhile it is found with the box full of 24 billion lek. Surely involved and beneficiary in the landfill of Tirana, always without competition and with schemes of offshore companies.

Not to mention the activity outside the territory of the Republic of Albania, up to Zimbabwe, which shocked the country in question for the high level involved in identical corrupt affairs”- reports the anti-corruption department in the Democratic Party./

The official link of the article is this: 

Rama miraton ndërtimin e landfillit të Vlorës/ E merr Klodian Zoto i inceneratorëve