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The scandal deepens/ The company of 128 million euros concession is without experience, it started in Albania


The scandal deepens/ The company of 128 million euros concession is without experience, it started in Albania



In several articles published in recent days, has showed with facts and exclusive documents, who is after the Integreted Energy BV company, which has received a concession contract of 128 million euros, for the 30 years concession of Sharra landfill and incinerator in the capital, Tirana.

The company was advertised quite strongly, and was said that he is full of experience, that will open new jobs’ etc. But, we showed with documents, that the company has not any experience. Energy Integreted BV, established in 2016, you can read here, by Klodian Zoto, the same person that appear in the incinerator of Fier, in collaboration with other person involved in this scheme, where appears the partner Mirel Mërtiri, the cohabitant of the latter, Stela Gugalla, as well as an italian citizen Ernesto Granelli. has only one other observation and today with concrete facts we will make an advertisement of Integreted Energy BV. Beyond the documents you read in the scriptures above, we are bringing another fact today.

This company has no experience. So, out of nowhere, it was registered in the Netherlands, now in Albania, and it receives 128 million euros in concession contracts from Albanian taxes. (Read here)

Beyond these maneuvers, shareholders and names of valuation, establishment, letters, contract with the Ministry of Environment, extracts submitted by the National Business Center, and official contracts, we are today setting up a simple direct observation of the company.

The official website of Integreted Energy BV, shows only that there are three projects. They are situated in Albania, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

In the case of Zimbabwe, there was also a public scandal reported in the media, and the project was not implemented. Meanwhile, Integreted Energy BV states that there are two projects in Albania and Ghana. And nothing else to report or advertise as work or any engagement in business.

So, what was claimed as a greater experience in the Netherlands, as a large company ect, is demonstrated now from the official website of Integreted Energy BV company, that the experience is zero. Is this company, which is registered in an open offshore network in the Netherlands, around two months ago, when revealed the first online scandal with a company of Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri in co-ownership with Eva Blush, the wife of Top Channel director Ben Blushi, founded in Bulgaria, that changed his name from Integreted Energy BV to Geogenix BV. (Read here)

But apparently the name change has been done only for the Netherlands, because in the official websites nothing has changed. But the thing remains the same. And here it is read very clear, and it is understood that this is a company founded with rush and only to operate in Albania, where she has been advertised as a new success story.

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In fact, history begins with Albania. Everything is said in media, everything is reported by the government, everything it is said by the mayor of Tirana, are just lies for public opinion to justify 128 million euros, with a dubious procedure, a corrupting affair supported by politics, where you can find a chain of politicians, that shamefully are not investigated, and not being verified by any law enforcement representative in the country./

The official link of the article is this: 

Thellohet skandali/ Kompania e konçesionit 128 milionë euro asnjë eksperiencë, filloi në Shqipëri

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128 million euro concession/ Scandal blow in Albania, the company changes its name in Holland




In an investigation conducted for several months, brought in recent days full materials regarding the 128 million euro concession of the Sharra landfill, and the incinerator that will be built there. A concession, that comes after the issuance of two incinerators in Elbasan and Fier in the amount of 50 million euros.

Where in the schemes appear the citizens Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri, Stela Gugallja and an italian citizen, Ernesto Granelli. with exclusive and official documents, has revealed what happened in Elbasan. Also in Fier, which you can read here.

But, in the investigations for Tirana, who is the “ghost” company in the Netherlands, how does Klodian Zoto appear, who are the co-managing companies, how are they related to some Dutch companies, which have the same address.

So in the same a street, same building, same office. A network of representative companies that manage and signed in cooperation with Integreted Energy BV. This company is led by Klodian Zoto and the italian Ernesto Granelli, who has signed contracts for the construction of key incinerators in Fier and Elbasan.

But, this time the incinerator of Tirana, did not come to Albania from the local company, but the scheme was found in the Netherlands. The ‘mother company’ is Residence Corporate BV, which as you can see in the following document, is the one that has the ‘daughter’ Almares Menagment BV.

This company has a director, a Russian citizen and another citizen Marc Lappat, whom in the following document you will see that he signs as a co-director for the company Integreted Energy BV, which is the company that has won the concession 128 million euros, for 30 years, for one amount of 4.3 million euros per year from Albanian taxpayers.

But as soon as the scandal broke out in Albania and reported that it would bring the full investigation file, and began to report on the concessions of incinerators, the company Integreted Energy BV, which is the sole shareholder of the company Integreted Energy BV SPV, and won the concession in Albania, changed its name in February.

Meanwhile,, on February 12 and 13, published the first articles, which revealed an extract of the company EM Capital Group AD in Bulgaria, which had as owner Klodian Zoto of the incinerator of Fier, Mirel Mërtiri, his co-partner, and Eva Blush, the wife of Top Channel director Ben Blushi.

As soon as published this document and the scheme of how this company, namely EM Capital Group from Bulgaria, which you can read here, had bought “Valtelina Coffee”, which bears the trade name Lori Coffee, the company in the Netherlands changes its name. (Read here)

On February 14, according to the following document, two days later in the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, the name of the concession company of Tirana was changed. So, Integreted Energy BV becomes Geogenix BV, and this is shown by the following document. According to Almares, the co-signer, it is clear that Geogenix BV is Integreted Energy BV.

According to the two documents above, Residence Corporate Service and Geogenix BV, have the same address in Amsterdam.

In line with to this other document you can see that the stamp of Integreted Energy BV and the trade code is the same as Geogenix BV, but another document, which you will see below, clearly states that the company Integreted Energy BV had changed its name.

LEXO EDHE:  Exclusive documents/ Klodi of incinerators and Ben Blushi, buy “Lori Coffee” company

LEXO EDHE:  Skandali-Nga pronarët e mediave tek kompanitë off shore/ Skema e plotë e koncesionit të inceneratorëve, emrat e përfshirë

After our investigation in February about the concessionaire company of incinerators and the Bulgarian company, which comes in Albania and become co-partners with the shareholders of Top Channel and Vjollca Hoxha, but also with Ben Blushi’s wife, the company in the Netherlands changes its name.

And our staff, and a network of investigative journalists in Europe who are involved in this investigation, spared much time because finding the data appears to be quite difficult. But, over time, with the official publication of the documentation, we clearly discovered that immediately after the publication of the document of the Bulgarian company that “Lori Coffee” had bought, and had become a co-partner with Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi, the only joint stock company of the Sharra Landfill had changed the name.

Yesterday we found out in detail how Almares Menagment BV, the co-directing company of the concession with Integreted Energy BV, had a director a russian citizen. Also, the day before we showed how Klodian Zoto, together with the Italian Granelli, and the current administrator of the company in Tirana had carried out the movements in the Netherlands. (Read here)

Today, with the above documents and other materials that we will publish in the following days, we show a clearly strong connection not only with politics-concessions, but also with the media. And how the concessionaire has tried to hide again. So to eliminate traces through name changes or turnovers in these shell companies, which represent shareholders.

Perhaps Klodian Zoto thought that changing the name, would eliminate everything and that revealed the network of investigative journalists, with the voluminous file on incinerators in Albania. But one move is enough, and “the devil is in the details”.

It is already clear. A company created in the Netherlands in 2016, comes to Albania in 2017, receives a concession of 128 million euros for 30 years. After, hers was joined a management company, Almares Menagment, where other shareholders are hiding, and then a scandal broke out about a company called Em Capital Group, which again has partners Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Eva Blushi, Ben Blushi’s wife, the mother company in the Netherlands changes its name.

But the trading number and code remain the same. The landfill and incinerator company in Tirana is involved in another scandal, because it has aroused some other problems, which will publish tomorrow and in the coming days. Because as we have said in both articles previously, the file is voluminous and the materials are being published day by day, to be clearer and more accurate for public opinion. Continued…

The official link of the article is this: 

Koncesioni 128 milion euro/ Plas skandali në Shqipëri, kompania ndryshon emër në Hollandë



128 million euros concession/ Companies in the Netherlands with Russian directors revealed



Nga announced a few days ago the publication of the scandal 128 million euros with the incinerator of Tirana, after the publication of the affair with the incinerator of Elbasan, 22 million euros, and 28 million euros of the incinerator of Fier. showed with concrete documents and facts, that after the company Integreted Energy BV SPV, registered in Tirana on August 31, 2017, on the day of signing the contract with the Albanian government and the then Minister of Environment, Lefter Koka, was a company that had sole shareholder Integreted Energy BV, which was a dutch company.

But contrary to what was advertised, so what was said by the government and the mayor of Tirana that it was a dutch company, indeed behind it stood Klodian Zoto, the incinerator of Fier and Elbasan, together with Ernesto Granelli.

The latter an italian citizen, who was involved in the construction of incinerators in Fier and Elbasan and also another name, Giuseppe Ciafaglione, who is the administrator of the company in Tirana, and in the Dutch representation, of Klodian Zoto. (Read here)

But will bring today other exclusive documents. We made it clear yesterday, that Integreted Energy was a company where Klodian Zoto was hiding behind it, and it was registered at Delflandlaan 1 Queens Tower in Amsterdam, as part of a group of companies where traces were lost.

But these were dozens of companies with the same address, and they were part of the mother company, Residence Corporate Services BV, where inside was involved Almares Menagment company, which is co-director of Intgreted Energy BV company.

But what happened?

We will bring with documents, how Klodian Zoto signed with Almares’representatives, which show that he is a co-shareholder. Below we will bring some decisions of different dates, which are of 2018, 2019 and 2020.

In January 2018, Klodian Zoto signed for the board of Integreted Energy, and Hans Wenner signed for the second director, and the seal of the company Integreted Energy BV in the Netherlands, which bears the number 666 71 752.

This is a document, called the decision of the board of directors, who have signed with what is called Shehholder, ie the sole shareholder of the Dutch company, Integreted Energy BV, and sign two persons, Klodian Zoto and Hans Werner, according to this document in english.

Then another document appears, which is dated on March 15, 2019. Klodian Zoto no longer signs this document, but as we showed yesterday, Zoto was withdrawn, and Giuseppe Ciaffaglione was appointed director, who is also the co-administrator of the company registered in Albania.

The document is signed by two citizens, Marc Lappat as director B, and Giuseppe Ciaffaglione as director A. This document was also made to appoint the co-administrator of the company Ajola Kodra, who will be co-director with Giuseppe Ciaffaglione in the company Integreted Energy BV SPV in Tirana.

Here, too, we see that this document is stamped by Integreted Energy BV, and Marc Lappat, signed as a representative of Almares Menagment BV. Further, we have another document dated July 18, 2019, of the Partners Assembly of the company Integreted Energy BV SPV, where the financial statements of the company are signed, and the only partners who sign are Integreted Energy BV, Giuseppe Ciaffaglione and Almares Menagment BV as director B, but the person’s name is not written.

But we remember here, that one of the managers of Almares Menagment BV is Thomas Walter Hansmann. In the third document that we are bringing, is a decision of the Assembly of Partners of January 2020, where something has been added to the company’s activity, but for the company Integreted Energy BV the director A, Thomas Hansman, who is part of the company Almares, which you can see in the full structure of Residence Corporate Services and in Almares Menagment BV, names that appear frequently and another firm, which doesn’t seem to be either Ciaffaglione’s or any other name.

And if you look closely all documents, firms can by very rarely the same, which raises strong suspicions that these may be merely formalities performed in the offices of Albania. Not to mention, that with a simple investigation by the prosecution, it can be verified in the TIMS system, whether these foreign citizens who have signed in Albania on behalf of these companies, have entered and exited, as the Dutch company stamp is missing, and there is only the stamp of Integreted Energy BV SPV, which has the same address as Almares Menagment BV, and which is also the subsidiary of Residence Corporate Services.

But what happened next?

We showed with these documents, that the connection is clear. In an office in the Netherlands, Klodian Zoto went and did not return as an Albanian citizen, but with a dutch company to sign a contract worth 128 million euros. In 2016, he founded the company Integreted Energy BV, and then received a concession of 128 million euros.

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LEXO EDHE:  Skandali-Nga pronarët e mediave tek kompanitë off shore/ Skema e plotë e koncesionit të inceneratorëve, emrat e përfshirë

But why did we bring all these documents for Almares and Integreted Energy BV companies? We brought these documents, to show that Russian citizens are hiding behind the services provided by Klodian Zoto and related companies. Maybe it looks incredible, maybe someone will try to dismiss it. But the facts are facts.

According to the document below, which are extracts officially issued by dutch institutions, Almares Menagment BV, the co-director of Integreted Energy BV, has two directors, one of whom is Marc Lappat, whom we showed in the above documents as co-signatories.

So as the second director in the administration of the Albanian company, which has won the concession 128 million euros. But Almares Menagment BV, doesn’t just have this director. It is another co-director of this company, which is Alisa Jangildina, born in 1973 in the Union of Soviet Republics, according to the documents we are showing below.

But it is not just the Almares document, that shows that we are dealing with a russian citizen, in the management of these companies. We have also provided another document, which shows that in Residence Corporate Services, the people who run it are the same as Almares company.

So, we have discovered the scheme in three companies, Integreted Energy BV, Almares Menagment BV and Residence Corporate Services, which is the mother of Almares company, where appear again Alisa Jangildina name, and is co-director Marc Lappat, who has signed for Almares company about Albania, and the company that will build the incinerator Tirana.

So Almares Menagment BV is not just a dutch company, with a dutch citizen, or a foreign corporation, but a co-director is also a russian citizen, who co-directs this company with the second or co-director of Almares, and the other company chain that are used in the Netherlands to hide the real partners and traces of Klodian Zoto and his partners.

But apparently that has been impossible. Official documents, published in the official gazette and in the Chamber of Commerce reveal everything, from the founding of the company by Klodian Zoto to Russia, co-director of companies that co-manage the 128 million euro concession for the Sharra landfill and incinerator in Tirana. is closing here the second part of the investigation, where we have brought all the documents we had available. Also, yesterday, we published many documents, and tomorrow we will also bring some other additional materials, which are related to another chain of companies.

With the same names, which include Klodian Zoto, his partners in Tirana, the concession 128 million euros, but also with other businessmen, politicians and former politicians, who have their shares or family members in connection with Klodian Zoto and the 128 million euros scandal.

We will also publish other exclusive data, such as historical extracts and changes that have undergone companies to make it possible disappearing the traces. But, as we reported yesterday, “the devil is hidden in the details”, they were able to hide something, but couldn’t destroy everything. Continued… /

The official link of the article is this: 

Koncesioni 128 milionë euro/ Zbulohen kompanitë në Hollandë me drejtorë Rusë



Exclusive documents-How were guaranteed 128 million euros /Corrupt scheme of Tirana incinerator, names and companies involved




*The first part

In a full investigation conducted by staff, we were able to unravel the scheme, how the Albanian government has given 50 million euros for two incinerators, that in Elbasan and Fier. By investigating the documents, providing and exclusive materials, we have shown very clearly that they are the same people who hide behind incinerators.

Who are the citizens Klodian Zoto, the citizen Mirel Mërtiri, and the cohabitant of the latter Stela Gugalla. These four people, are the main people who have received the two unsolicited bids for the incinerator of Elbasan and Fier, for which the Albanian government must pay at least 50 million euros. (Read here)

These two incinerators, one of which has started working, are a scheme widely accused by the opposition as a corrupt floor, favored for clienteles connections of Rama government ministers, but which go as far as the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj. Today we are bringing the first part of the investigation, made by our staff regarding the incinerator of Tirana.

A concession of 128 million euros, for 30 years. An investment that includes the Sharra landfill, where an incinerator will be built to generate energy, and urban waste and other waste will also be treated. has been able to provide again authentic documents, which clearly show the truth of the incinerators, beyond what we have been told in the media, it is completely different and for this is enough to look at the documents.

According to the data advertised by the Albanian government, and if we listen this interview given by the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, which you can read here, it is said that it is a large dutch company that will employ people, and others like them. The public lies, that Veliaj told every day.

In fact, this is not true at all. has been able to find out, that the company which is claimed to be a dutch company, Integreted Energy BV, is simple and only a company created by the same people, involved in the construction of incinerators in Fier and Elbasan.

So in the scene appears again Klodian Zoto, the italian who signed the contracts for the construction of incinerators, Ernesto Granelli, and some other offices which are mainly administrators of shares or representing individuals who do not want to appear with names. has also been able to ensure, that the mother company, is a company registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, which is called Residence Coorporate Servise.

This company also has about 32 groups of companies, registered in the chamber of commerce, where it is registered have the same address Delflandlaan 1 Queens Tower. Also, if we look at the Chamber of Commerce, there are companies that represent this company, at the second and third level, where a company called Almares Management BV co-operates with Klodian Zoto’s company in the Netherlands.

Searching first with the name of the company Integreted Energy BV, we found some complete data. According to the documents, this company has the first registration on 19.08.2016. If we look closely, the directors are three names.

Klodian Zoto, of the Fier incinerator, Ernesto Granelli, the Italian who signs the contracts with keys in hand for the construction of the incinerator of Fier and Elbasan with Klodian Zoto, and has a partnership with Stela Gugalla, where in the company managed by Mirel Mërtiri, the values of the generators are 15 million euro.

So, what we have been told us by politics, by Veliaj and government propaganda, that it is a dutch company with great experience, that will create many jobs, and will do wonders in Tirana, is nothing else but a company registered a year before winning the concession for the Tirana landfill and the incinerator.

Registered in 2016, and in 2017 “Rama 1” government gave the concession 128 million euros. Where is the experience here? What Mayor Veliaj or Prime Minister Rama declare, and the attitudes held by them in public about the 128 million euro concession for a dutch company, are simply lies.

The prosecution already has the “ass” under its sleeve. The fact that the dutch company was an offshore shell, and with unknown names. Now the names are there, is enough to go to the Trading Room or to the above addresses. But not for so long, as they can still be hidden under companies and other names.

In fact, Integreted Energy BV, is a company with director Ernesto Granelli, Klodian Zoto and Thomas Walter Hansman, in 2016. Which shows that it was registered simply and only in the Netherlands, to lose her track.

As we said above, the company Integreted Energy BV, is part of the scheme of the company Residences Koorporate Servis, where with different schemes, dozens of companies are involved by hiding the names of shareholders, then in surface emerge only leading executives. has been able to find out, that there are dozens of companies that have the same address, the same representatives, are located in the same office, in the same building in Amsterdam. Here are the companies of Klodian Zoto, whose name appears somewhere, and then begins to disappear, or his companies start to change their names and all enter the secret cycle.

And it is not difficult in fact, if a prosecutor and institutions would take it seriously and investigate, because the traces are there. “The Devil is hidden in the details”. Let’s go further. We were able to find out that in 2017, that for the first time, at the beginning of this year, the company paid the capital, which led to the value of 50 thousand euros. And here begins the moment of Albania.

It’s a company that was in the negotiations then with officials of the Albanian government, which was able to further receive a concession of 128 million euros, from the Albanian government. If we look at the documents, the contract between the Ministry of Environment and the company for the construction of the incinerator and the rehabilitation of existing landfills in Tirana and the production of electricity, was signed on August 31, 2017.

And the concession was given to the company Integreted Energy BV SPV, which has 100% shareholders of the company Integreted Energy BV, according to the NRC extract, which you can see below. The company was established in Tirana on August 30, in the NRC was registered on August 31, and on the same day signed the contract.

LEXO EDHE:  Exclusive documents/ Klodi of incinerators and Ben Blushi, buy “Lori Coffee” company

LEXO EDHE:  128 million euros concession/ Companies in the Netherlands with Russian directors revealed

The contract also states that it was signed by Mr. Lefter Koka, a few days before he left office as Minister of Environment, as a representative of the SMI (Socialist Movement for Integration party). The contract was signed by Minister Lefter Koka, and by concessionaire Integreted Energy BV SPV company, by its representative Giuseppe Ciaffaglione.

But who is Giuseppe Ciaffaglione

If we look at the data of Integreted Energy BV in the Netherlands, it turns out that after 2017, when the capital was paid at the beginning of the year, until December there was no registered activity, but after the concession was taken, a few months more later begin the movements.

One of the directors resigned. Then resigned also Ernesto Granelli from that duty, who guarantees the building of incinerators with keys in hand, the shareholder of the company Energy Recuperator and then co-partner with Stela Gugala, with the company ER One Albania, to the incinerator of Elbasan.

Meanwhile, on 18.01.2018, there is another change. So, about 6 months after the Albanian government signed with the Integreted Energy BV SPV the concession contract, started some moves. According to the data, the company Almares Menagment BV is represented by a director.

So it is also enters the scheme, and there are already two directors signing, one of Integreted Energy BV and the other of Almares Menagment BV, both of them at one address, one office, with the same mother company. In Almares Menagment BV case, there are other details that we will bring in the following articles.

Also, the director of Integrated Energy BV, which is the mother company, is the administrator

of the company Integrated Energy BV SPV in Tirana, but he has no right to perform business administration of the enterprise, nor the financial, banking, legal and other performance activities of society. The one who signs for the company from the Netherlands as a “DIRECTOR”, in Tirana there is nobody, he makes only technical work.

But what is Almares Menagment BV?

This is part of the scheme of the mother company mentioned above, and again has the same address, the same office, in the same building with Integreted Energy BV, the company of Klodian Zoto, Ernesto Granelli and some other citizens, who in fact it seems that foreigners are representative directors that play the game for the companies, within the big corporation, which builds endless schemes and companies to hide and move their names, until they no longer appear.

After receiving Almares Menagment BV, her position and director. So this company will have a director within the company Integreted Energy BV. Klodian Zoto was withdrawn on March 20, 2018 from the director post, and he was replaced by Giuseppe Ciaffaglione.

Giuseppe Ciaffaglione, the Italian who signed the contract of the Ministry of Environment with the Integreted Energy BV SPV company in Albania, is the administrator of Klodian Zoto’s company. So, the Italian who is in charge of the company, is the administrator of Klodian Zoto in Tirana.

But what do we see next?

Further everything is calm, and the only changes are around 2019, where there have been other reports of changes in the Netherlands. There are at least about 20 ties and changes reported for Integreted Energy BV, where the first as we said, appears Klodian Zoto and Ernesto Granelli, and then a Dutch company, which is apparently the shell, where the traces of everything that happened have disappeared.

The companies have the same address Delflandlaan 1 Queens Tower in Amsterdam, and they were registered in the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, where Klodian Zoto, Ernesto Granelli and all the “screenwriters” for the building of the Tirana incinerator, have tried to hide the traces.

Another striking detail is the fact that it’s very clear from the scheme used, that they are companies that have no money. They are not able to invest, or for major investments. They are companies created in shells abroad, that come in Albania with a bunch of documents, and ask hundreds of millions of euros to realize a project.

Thus, every Albanian citizen can prepare a bunch of letters, make some contracts and sign concessions, but no one gives them. This raises the strong suspicions, that there is a complete corruption scheme involving senior officials of the Albanian state, from the government, ministers, to the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.

Because anyone can make a few letters, create a company, the procedure of which does not cost much, and then get a 30-year concession, when in fact Integreted Energy BV has started only with the project in Albania, and then he went in 2 African countries, but this will belong to another writing. will further bring other exclusive documents, board decisions, contracts, schemes, government decisions and everything else, that has happened since the beginning with the birth of Integreted Energy BV in the Netherlands, then with Albanian companies Integreted Energy BV SPV, the introduction on stage of the new company Almares Menagment, the disappearance of the track, the movement and the return to the stage of many names, who are not unknown, but are simple and only screenwriters and actors who have been able to secure 128 million euros.

So about 4.3 million euros a year, from Albanian taxes for a company that has no experience, but that was founded shortly before signing the concession, and Integreted Energy BV company is simply a mask, used by Klodian Zoto and the Italian citizen Ernesto Granelli, to sign the next concession with the Albanian government.

Not to mention the lack of a transparent international competition and on equal legal terms. From the provided documents it results that Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri, Ernesto Granelli and Stela Gugalla, involved in a scheme, were able to provide through three incinerators, 178 million euros from the Albanian state budget, for the construction of incinerators.

For a long time, they have been able to receive and withdraw millions and millions of euros from the state budget. We will show these in other exclusive documents. It is enough to follow the money how they circulate, where they go, how they poured, and who are the people who fill their pockets with Albanian taxes and on behalf of incinerators and corrupt concessions, without talking about the traces and names of documents./

The official link of the article is this:  

Dokumentet ekskluzive-Si u garantuan 128 milion euro/ Skema korruptive e inceneratorit të Tiranës, emrat dhe kompanitë e përfshira