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Nothing Is True, Everything Is Possible


Nothing Is True, Everything Is Possible



By Ditmir Bushati

Nothing is true, everything is possible!
This is the title of one of the most widely read books of our time, written by Peter Pomerantsev, which explains the elimination of truth by so-called “political technologists” in the service of their masters. The book shows how political technologists, in the service of the latter and the predatory oligarchs combined in unison, are paid to create a false reality.

The same story is happening in Kosovo since the Special Court for the alleged crimes appeared on the horizon. Encouraged by the principle “the personal destiny of the masters over the destiny of the people”, political technologists set out to explain the “big plans”, both in state offices and in television studios with maps in their hands. In some cases speaking on behalf of Kosovo’s strategic allies with their characteristic ignorance, and in other cases speaking with nostalgia on behalf of Serbia. With a chilling ignorance, as if it is being talked about the quality of Serbian flour imported to Albania, or the need to transfer to Albania the Kosovo experience in vehicle homologation, and not about the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Kosovo!

During the years of designing the “new” reality in Kosovo, governments have collapsed, lobbyists have been paid to bring dusty topics to Serbia’s archives to the negotiating table and the media, but the problems have only deepened. Meanwhile, the citizenship project is at a standstill and the governing project, which received widespread popular support on October 6, 2019, has been undermined.
We are now entering the final phase where a reality is projected according to which the grand plans of amnesty for Serbia’s crimes in Kosovo, the dissolution of the Special Court and a territorial fragmentation in northern Kosovo must be turned into a “historic agreement”.

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An Albanian-speaking minority is turning Kosovo’s state project from the principle of equality of sovereign nations, which implies first of all Serbia’s reciprocity and good neighborliness and state responsibility for crimes committed in Kosovo, to amnesty for crimes committed by it ( war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, torture, slavery, etc., which according to international law, have gained the status of jus cogens norm, which is the highest category of rules in the hierarchy of international law. These norms are not prescribed or derogated by no bilateral agreement or international treaty. On the contrary jus cogens norms create erga omnes obligation for states).
From the belief that international justice should uncover any accusation of alleged crimes in Kosovo, by not tarnishing at all the fair liberation war of the Kosovo Liberation Army sons, by establishing equality in crime between Serbia and Kosovo and their amnesty.

From a final agreement based on rights and opens the perspective for the process of reconciliation and EU membership of Kosovo and Serbia, in a territorial fragmentation that enjoys neither the support of the people nor of the strategic allies of the Albanian people.

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Public letter to US Ambassador Yuri Kim/ Why is SPAK afraid of Klodian Zoto or Ben Blushi?




Dear Ambassador, we are addressing you with a public letter because for a long time, for almost three months, the editorial office of, a modest news agency, established almost six years ago, with a staff of old journalists professionals, but also young people, in cooperation with some foreign colleagues, has made several investigations regarding politicians, government officials and companies, which have benefited money from the concessions of the Albanian government.

Given that in these affairs are involved the government, the Municipality of Tirana, the oligarchs, the media, and the judiciary, we saw fit to address you, because SPAK seems to have taken over “the cover” of corruption. But why are we addressing you publicly with this letter?

We are write this letter for you, as the US and the EU, your taxpayers and Albania’s beloved partners, are the ones who have been investing for years, not only with human capacity, with their expertise, but also with a million euros to undertake a Justice Reform in Albania.

A reform, which was said to put in place the truth and the right of everything that had happened in these 30 years in Albania, accusations and other things like this. The institution of hope was also built, as it was called SPAK. The National Bureau of Investigation is also expected, and the Special Court is almost ready.

Property in Korça

We wrote you this letter to ask a question:What has SPAK done in these five months? Perhaps your institution and other international partners, have their moral right to hold this institution accountable. And to say whether he is right, true, or has failed in his mission. Because, in five months we are not seeing anything.

We have brought with concrete facts and documents the wealth of a politician, who today is the director of a television, we showed how his daughter has benefited a wealth of 500 million lek, signing a contract for only 30 thousand euros.

There are dozens of such cases of wealth hidden by the politicians. These are the most scandalous cases of hiding assets in Albania, where a businessman is suddenly so generous to give a politician a property worth 500 million lek, for only 30 thousand euros.

Further, we spoke about companies that were built in Bulgaria, and then came to Albania with millions of euros, bought in partnership with the owners of Top Channel, the main brands of the country. Television is the same one accused by some businessmen of fines, and for that the embassy has spoken before.

But what further result in our investigation, in the writings that you will see below, but that we will bring you day by day in English, just for you to read. We investigated the concession of incinerators, which turns out to be in the hands of two or three people, who turn out to be Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri. They are the same partners as the wife of the politician we mentioned above, who bought a 500 million lek fortune “for a piece of bread”.

And then there are the same characters who have received incinerators in Elbasan, Fier, and Tirana. Concessions with a cost of several hundred million euros. With ghost companies in the Netherlands, whose name is changed. And in co-management with companies that have Russian directors.

And after we write and investigate, nobody reacts. Neither the SPAK, nor the prosecution. No one investigates, everyone pretends not to have eyes to see, as if they have no ears to hear, and as if they have no mouth to speak. Not to mention media censorship and the money that are paid for propaganda, or to attack us and our colleagues.

Therefore, dear Ambassador, we have written to you publicly, and from Today, we will also publish in English, the entire investigation of the incinerators. Where you will look with concrete facts and documents, how a company was created out of nowhere in 2016, and after a year came to Tirana and signed a concession of 128 million euros.

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LEXO EDHE:  Rama kërcënon Ditmir Bushatin/ Po nuk fitoi Veliaj do e bëj Minister të Jashtëm

And all this was done quickly, to put the landfill of Tirana inside the network, as two incinerators had been taken before. That of Fier and Elbasan. The Albanian government has given these companies 62 million dollars, of which only the incinerator of Elbasan has started work, while the rest is all a scheme, where someone who has no money, comes to Albania, signs a concession contract, puts it as a burden on the bank, takes a loans and starts investing with Albanian taxes. Chain company in off shore shells. Where are required to be deleted traces and taxes.

Former Serious Crimes Prosecution, today SPAK

But these must be investigated by professional institutions. We have brought our facts and arguments, with exclusive and indisputable documents, for which the SPAK has not yet begun to investigate. Although he is aware.

We can also give you the facts, and arguments, that this institution has been notified, and has become aware of these investigations, and the share of the wealth of these politicians that we mentioned above, but is not moving. It is not opening an investigation file. Now we have a public question.

Can taxpayers in the United States and the European Union pay millions of euros, and SPAK be silent? The reform has been done to have justice. How can wasted so much human energy, experts, money and investment in infrastructure to make a Justice Reform, and in the end come out a SPAK, who is afraid to investigate Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri, Ben Blushi, Erion Veliaj, and anyone with names and surnames, politicians or businessmen involved in corrupt affairs with the government.

                     Klodian Zoto

Be they those in power or even the opposition where a “spoonful of rotten soup”, seems to have blocked the mouth of the latter. But let’s hope that this spoon has not been eaten by SPAK, which has closed its mouth, and does not investigate or take any steps for the scandals published in the Albanian media.

And if the media lies, let the justice institutions come out and say that the investigation has been carried out, that all this is a slander, and let media take the responsibility for this defamation.

But, if the media has told the truth and brought concrete facts, the responsible persons should be brought to justice. Thank you for your time, and we wish that you and the institution you represent in Albania, intervene with all diplomatic authorities to provide a once and for all solution to the problem of closed ears and eyes of the Albanian justice./

The official link of the article is this:  

Letër publike, ambasadores së SHBA, Yuri Kim/ Pse ka frikë SPAK, nga Klodian Zoto apo Ben Blushi?

Below you will find the investigation links from translated in English: 

Exclusive document/ Klodi’s partnership of incinerators with Ben Blushi revealed

Scandal/ Full scheme unveiled: How incinerator owners, pay Top Channel shareholders

Scandal-From media owners, to offshore companies/ Complete incinerator concession scheme, names included

Exclusive documents-Scandal with the tender of the incinerator/ Winning company, without any business activity, procedural violations

Exclusive documents -Scandal with Fier Incinerator/ How tens of millions of euros, were extorted from Albanian taxes

Scandal/ Government give 50 million euros to companies without any money

Exclusive documents/ Klodi of incinerators and Ben Blushi, buy “Lori Coffee” company



Scandal/ Government give 50 million euros to companies without any money




There are two flagrant cases. Two concessions, PPP, given by the government regarding the incinerators of Elbasan and Fier. Not because the garbage and their problems in many cities should not be solved. But finding the argument an emergency situation of the Albanian state, the government “Rama” gives 50 million euros to suspicious companies, some of them without any money.

The schemes used, and the investigation show that the money is earned from the same network. So companies relate to each other, and are almost the same people who made that money. A form of application, guarantee, credit, the same addresses, the same owners, only names of similar companies, are all indications that 50 million euros have been given to government clientele.

For the incinerator of Elbasan was paid 22 million euros, which are earned by the company Albtek Energy with shareholder Stela Gugalla, cohabitant of Mirel Mërtiri. The latter is an administrator in another company, ER One Albania, where Stela Gugalllja has 40% of the shares and 60% has Ernesto Granelli, an italian citizen, who has the company Energy Recuperator, and which appears to the incinerator of Fier as a shareholder and seller of the incinerator, with the pretend that would be built by him with keys in hand.

This connection of the companies, guarantied Stela Gugalla and these people a sum 22 million euros for the incinerator of Elbasan. The scheme is very simple. First, an unsolicited offer is made, the contract signed soon in the Ministry of Environment, by the Minister Lefter Koka of SMI (Socialist Movement for Integration party), who seems to be the main responsible political man with documents in the scheme of incinerators.

We also remind here, that Lefter Koka is one of the deputies, who did not burn the mandate and who joined Prime Minister Edi Rama, when the opposition burned the mandates of the deputies in February 2019. But let’s stay focused on the incinerator.

After signing this contract, it is signed together with the contract with Ernesto Granelli, for the construction of the incinerator, which says exactly “contract with keys in hand” for the construction of the incinerator, together they are taken to a second level bank, where they sign agreement on the insurance, and receive loans for the investment, after having no money.

The same scheme was used for the incinerator of Fier, where unlike Elbasan with 22 million euros, the appetite grows, and a sum increases to 28 million euros.

Here the company is Energy Waste Treatment Fier, where 70% of the shares are owned by the company Integreted Technology Service of Klodian Zotos and 30% by the company “Construction Installation, Patos”.

But, initially here in this company, shareholder with 30% of the shares has been Ernesto Graneli, the Italian who is also with the incinerator in Elbasan.

Then he sold 30% of the shares. Even in Fier, at 28 million euros, we have the same scheme as in Elbasan. The concession agreement with the government is signed very soon, then a contract arises, which is as in the case of Elbasan 15 million euros construction incinerator with keys in hand.

In the case of Elbasan, 15 million euros was the cost of the construction of the incinerator, and 22 million euros the value of concession agreement with the government. While in the case of Fier the incinerator, the cost is 15 million euros, but the concession value is 28 million euros. Where do they differ?

The Italian citizen signed this contract through the Energy Recuperator company, which is a co-shareholder with Stela Gugalla at ER One Albania, and Klodian Zoto has the contract in his hands, as in the case of Elbasan “with keys in hand” for the construction of the Fier incinerator.

This contract, together with the concession agreement and the contract with the company, are taken back to the same second-tier bank to get credit again to build the incinerator, without introducing any investment, without doing anything, simply and only by following certain procedures of which are passed at a staggering speed, and are signed immediately for companies that are not viewed in the past, nor the technical criteria, nor the parameters of the incinerators, nor the investment standards, nor the costs.

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LEXO EDHE:  Negociatat me Greqinë/ Bushati letër Metës për fillimin zyrtar të bisedimeve

Not to mention that there was an open international competition, where companies from all over the world could come to make this kind of investment. But in both cases, companies are looking for money in the state to build incinerators, the Ministry of Environment directed at time by Lefter Koka’s signed quickly the concession agreement, and sign parallel a contract with Italian citizen Ernesto Granelli to build the incinerators with keys in hand for only 15 million euros.

After receiving the second contract, the two together go to the bank to receive money, and to start work. This for few months, after to absorb a few million euros from Albanian taxes and the state budget, according to the concession contract.

Elbasan incinerator is built already, and is called a success story, although the value is staggering. So where the garbage is removed and some trees are planted is called success. What standard does the incinerator have, how much money could have been saved if we had an open competition, and what abuse is done by building incinerators with Albanian money and not in fact by private companies, after all the loans taken or investments, origins from the pockets of Albanians because of the concession agreement, no one is accountable.

There are 15 million euros in Elbasan and Fier. In the second case, the incinerator has not been installed yet, although the contract was signed in 2016. Meanwhile, 128 million euros were later given for the incinerator in Tirana, but this belongs to another investigation, because here comes a company in the Netherlands, which is an offshore shell, and almost impossible to extract data on who are the real shareholders.

Along the way, these companies that have benefited the incinerator of Tirana and Fier have created other partnerships, up to media owners, such as the case of Top Channel, where Vjollca Hoxha is a co-shareholder with the company Em Capital Group, where the owners of incinerators, Klodian Zoto and Mirel as shareholder in a company, have a partnership with Eva Blushi, the wife of Top Channel director Ben Blushi, and this company has bought “Valtelina Coffe”, which bears the trade name “Lori Coffe”.

So, everything begins with the government, goes to private business without money, and only with papers. The concession agreement is signed, other contracts are signed with Italian businessmen to build the incinerator. Then they are gone to loan money to the bank, the state starts paying millions of euros for these entities, and then these shareholders create new companies, where they become shareholders with their spouses of politicians and media executives, who then go and buy shares in companies that have the same shareholders as the media, as is the case with National Television, Top Channel.

This is the 50 million euro scheme, where the Albanian government is deeply immersed, and it is a clear scheme of how concessions are related to the media. The 50 million euros affair, that start with Lefter Koka, go to the concessionaires, to the Prime Minister Rama, to the shareholder of Top Channel, to Ben Blushi and to Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Stela Gugallja. Including 74-year-old italian Ernesto Granelli./

The official link of the article is this: 

Skandali/ Qeveria 50 milion euro kompanive pa asnjë lek



Exclusive documents -Scandal with Fier Incinerator/ How tens of millions of euros, were extorted from Albanian taxes




Concessions, are the biggest point of political accusation in Albania, but political parties also seem deeply involved. Sometimes they talk, and sometimes they are silent. No official documents was sent to the prosecution. Although the opposition has said a lot, it has not brought everything to an end.

For several days now, has been publishing a several-month investigation into the concessions of incinerators in Albania, where we first discovered the partnership of media executives, buying shares in companies, that have the same shareholders as Top Channel.

Companies that were born out of nothing, and received 22 million euros, as is the case of the incinerator in Elbasan. The connections of these companies with each other, the introduction of an Italian citizen, a 73-74 year old pensioner, with several companies in Albania. Then he enters in a partnership with Stela Gugalla, who is the sole shareholder of the incinerator of Elbasan, where in a company in co-ownership, the italian has 40% of the capital and she 60% of the capital, and the administrator is her cohabitant Mirel Mërtiri.

Also, known as Klodian Mërtiri, with a changed name and known for major problems with justice in the past. But, here appears another citizen, Klodian Zoto. In the partnership of documents published by, also appears Eva Blushi, Ben Blushi’s wife.

Eva Blushi is a co-shareholder with the owners of the incinerator company in Albania, in a company established in Bulgaria. But let stay focused on the incinerators. After the published scheme, which you can read in full in this article here, a day ago we published the incinerator of Elbasan, which you can read here, while today we are bringing that of Fier.

What is the incinerator of Fier, and how did it start?

All began after the scheme of Elbasan, with 22 million euros. Where a company from nowhere, without any money, without having a single penny, was able to provide for a short time 22 million euros contract from the government, for the construction of the incinerator of Elbasan.

And it is obvious, that this scheme appealed to someone. Screenwriters, actors, factors or anyone else involved in this investigation that we have conducted. And we have discovered that they are the same people, involved in scenarios that go to around 178 million euros concessions for incinerator construction, and several tens or hundreds of millions euro benefits that have come through schemes, purchases of other companies or treatment of urban waste.

We are bringing today the story of the incinerator of Fier, which was given on concession by the Albanian government, according to an agreement, signed by Minister Lefter Koka in October 2016, with the company called Integreted Technology Waste Treatment Fier.

This company had two shareholders, the first of which is Integreted Technology Service, which we have brought with documents in the first article, which has 70% of the shares, where Klodian Zoto was the sole shareholder, but on the other hand in the concession of the incinerator in Fier, also appears the italian citizen Ernesto Granelli.

This is the person who also signed a guarantee contract with keys in hand, for the construction of the incinerator of Elbasan, and appears shareholder with 30% at the time of signing the contract in the Ministry of Environment with the then Minister, Lefter Koka, as co-owner with Klodian Zoto.

Then, after a period, these 30% of the shares are sold to the company “Constructions Installations Patos”, which buys for a certain amount the percentage of shares of Ernesto Granelli, who in this concession, i.e that of the incinerator of Fier, represents an Italian company, and not what we have discovered in our first and second writing.

The company, with which it appears in the Fier incinerator, is another company, with a completely different name. So, it is not what we have treated, called Energy Recuperator, established as a branch of a foreign company in Albania on April 19, 2016, and then the italian Ernesto Granelli becomes a co-shareholder in the company ER One Albania, which is managed by administrator Mirel Mërtiri, and where Stela Gugalla has 40% of the shares and the Italian company 60%.

So, Energy Recuperator. With the concession company with Klodian Zoto, he appears with 30% of the shares in the Fier incinerator. This time, it no longer appears as a subsidiary of Energy Recuperator, but it comes with another company, Energy 2 srl, registered under the Italian legislation in force, at Carpenedo, BS Via Colombo 27 CAP 25013, with legal representative Mr. Ernesto Granelli, as a partner of the company Integrated Technology Waste Treatment Fier.

But what happens?

Then the Italian sells the shares. So, Ernesto Graneli, even though he is a representative of the Italian company Energy 2, take this share and pass them as we said above to the company “Contrucion Installation Patos sha”, national road Fier-Patos, KM, Neighborhood Industrial Transport Zone, Private Building No. 123, Fier, Patos.

And as in the scheme of Elbasan, we have the same situation. Once the company is established, a few days later the contract is signed immediately, and this contract is then used to get a huge loan. A loan, which is taken from a second-tier bank a few months later, and was justified as an investment.

Although we cannot say that Integrated Technology Service is a company without activity, in fact it has been on paper since 2010, but until the Renaissance (Socialist Party) came to power it seems to be nothing. Along the way, he did some small work, and then started and received concessions like this one in Fier, which is 28 million euros, but it is also in the scheme of the incinerator of Elbasan, 22 million euros, where the name of Ernesto Granelli, Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri with Stela Gugalla comes out again.

They use the same scheme as in Elbasan with Fier. The construction company “Construction Installations Patos”, together with the commercial company Integreted Technology Service, go to a second level bank, and as in the case of Elbasan create an insurance agreement, whereas a burden-holder these two companies decide the company Integreted Technology Waste Treatment Fier, and the contract made with the Ministry of Environment worth 28 million euros without VAT, or about 35 million euros in total.

So, we are talking about a company, which was founded on October 3, 2016, was registered on October 5, 2016, on October 24 signed the contract, and on November 10 signed with the Italian for the concession. Then, on November 15, he entered in the game for the insurance burden. So everything done within a month.

And within 2 weeks, it has laundered almost 14 million euros:On 24.10.2016, it signed with the state to build an incinerator with keys in hand for 28.5 million euros. On October 10, 2016, he signed with the Italian to build the incinerator with keys in hand for 15 million euros !!!

No single word on technology, nor characteristics, nor the level of gases in the atmosphere, nor the quantity and quality of ash, nor whether it will be new or old, and be itself like slag. Who knows if the Italian, on the other hand, hasn’t found a Chinese to build it for only 3 million euros, because there are no conditions, no guarantees, and no tightening regulation.

LEXO EDHE:  Kosova 9 vjet e pavarur/ Bushati: Integrimi i pakthyeshëm!

LEXO EDHE:  Bushati takim me pakicat serbo-malazeze/ Projekte specifike për pakicat kombëtare

And today, after more than a year and a half, in Fier there is no INCENERATOR, even though the government has paid millions of euros in albanian taxes, which have started after the signing of the contract. The third contract set by the co-borrower, is the purchase of a waste processing plant for energy production, identical to the one in Elbasan, worth 15 million euros without VAT, between Integreted Technology Waste Treatment Fier and Energy Recuperator. This contract was signed on November 10, 2016.

But who is the Energy Recuperator company?

In fact, Energy Recuperator is the company of Ernesto Granelli, registered in Albania on May 3, 2016, as a subsidiary of a foreign company. And then it is Granelli again, who has a new company that is a co-shareholder with ER One Albania, and is since the beginning of the concession company of the incinerator of Fier, co-shareholder with 30% of the quotas.

Shares which he then sold to the company “Construction Installations Patos”, for only 30 thousand lek.

But what stands out, is the fact that according to the sales contract provided by, 30% of the shares have been sold for only 30 thousand lek, the real value remains unknown. So, a company with a concession of 28 million euros without VAT, or with about 35 million euros with VAT sells 30 % of the shares for only 30 thousand lek.

When in fact the real value of the sale, can be hundreds of thousands of euros, but this will be clarified by the justice institutions. These are some official documents that show that a concession, a PPP of 28 million euros is taken from nothing, as in the case of Elbasan, by the same characters.

They are the people who were able to create a company from zero on behalf of a lady, who is actually the cohabitant and mother of the children of Mirel Mërtiri, the person we have written about in previous writings. The latter, is a person with a dubious past and with changed generalities.

But, in cooperation with an Italian citizen, they build the concession of Elbasan, and everything is justified by the fact that this company has provided some document, has some contracts and can invest, when in fact the company had zero lek, or 1 million old lek.

As in the other case, where an italian enters, Klodian Zoto enters with Integreted Service, a company which has been associated with Elbasan, and others like these. In fact the history is somewhat different from that of Stella that came out of nowhere, but they are still the same characters.

The Italian Ernesto Granelli, Klodian Zoto, who turn to the Fier concession, sell also with official documents a part of their shares. But, Mirel Mërtiri or otherwise known as Klodian Mërtiri, does not look and appear here. Instead of him appears the company of the Italian, Energy Recuperator, which will construct the incinerator of Fier.

It’s almost the same story. The Italian does nothing else, but simply and only collect, cover or build the incinerator from different entities. In the case of Elbasan, he was accused of being used an old Italian incinerator, which should have been thrown for scrap, which pollutes the environment, and other things like this.

While in the case of Fier, have been taken large sums of money, and nothing has been done. Because at least in Elbasan the incinerator construction is complete, there is a difference, although he is accused of theft, and in the case of an investigation or investigation by either the Supreme State Audit or the responsible institutions, the damage would be in the millions of euros.

But, in the case of Fier, this damage is even greater, for a single fact. The contract was signed in 2016, in October of that year. Then they went to the bank, where they signed the insurance agreement, and the contracts were left as collateral.

And what happened?

Until then, the incinerator has not been built. So, a company built in October 2016, which received the concession and then made some changes in ownership, was paid money by the government, from Albanian taxes, while the construction of the incinerator has not yet been completed.

Although the justification has often been the clashes with area residents, or opposition accusations. This is the third part of our investigation, according to documents published in writing, where from the 22 million euros of Elbasan, in Fier we go to 28 million euros.

These are two scandals, that we have published. Through a simple investigation, we have discovered how the same people, were able to sign concession contracts for about 50 million euros.

So, there are 50 million euros from Albanian taxes for 2 incinerators, which do not have an open international competition, and as in the first case, the same people are involved in the second case. They are the same people who got the money.

Italian Ernesto Granelli, who appears in both companies, once as a partner with a company, and once with a new company that unites him in a partnership with a lady, who first appears in the business market by receiving a concession 22 million euros, without any business activity.

Not to mention further the documents and formal documents sent to the institutions, where were announced the winners. has gone further, beyond the scheme Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto, Stela Gugallja and Ernesto Granelli. We have been able to extract data for the incinerator of Tirana, where for the first time from tomorrow and onward, we will bring with exclusive documents who are the real owners.

But, this belongs to some other writings, with other details, with other documents, which in all cases, beyond the NRC extracts that are public, as in the previous writings we bring exclusive documents, provided from contracts, subcontracts, agreements and signatures of these companies and individuals involved, who are in the same companies, in the same offices, and have almost the same pockets. But only the name changes.

They are the same partnerships, the same people who roam from Elbasan, Fier and Tirana. And then they dive even deeper into the capital, in the company in co-ownership with the Municipality of Tirana, where the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, is involved without any discussion.

But, as we have said above, where are involved important media executives. For the first time, we will show with documents how in Albania, government concessions finance televisions and these are in co-ownership with their leaders.

Below you can read the writings of the past two days, all the other materials and any documents we have available for which we expect the reaction of responsible institutions, to start investigating and see what really happened with a scandal which starts with 22 million euros in Elbasan, goes to 28 million euros in Fier, lands in Tirana and the “foam” goes to several hundred million euros from Albanian taxes./

The official link of the article is this: 

Dokumentet ekskluzive-Skandali me inceneratorin e Fierit/ Si u zhvatën dhjetëra milion euro nga taksat e shqiptarëve