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Exclusive documents-Scandal with the tender of the incinerator/ Winning company, without any business activity, procedural violations


Exclusive documents-Scandal with the tender of the incinerator/ Winning company, without any business activity, procedural violations



Concessions, PPP-s, the tools that the government calls a solution to the problems of existing issues, where business invests and take in exchange citizens’taxes, are a clear corruption scheme that does not begin and end only with accusations made by political parties.

But is a corruption scheme revealed by investigating the documents case by case. “Follow the money”, and in this case follow the document of the companies that receive concessions, to understand what happened, how they relate to each other, who they are, who are the beneficiaries of the money and the companies involved, the schemes they use, from which you easily understand that everything is part of a clientele of politics and corruption, that if investigated by justice overthrows ministers, even the prime minister. has conducted a full investigation into the concession of incinerators, where on the way we also found partnerships with politicians, characters who today run the media, hidden in Bulgaria, the Netherlands and elsewhere. The problem of urban waste in Albania is a very delicate issue, and a problem that really needed a solution, because for many, many years the garbage was thrown and burned in pits, fields, rivers, etc., polluting the environment.

Their processing companies have taken people’s lives, and the government, perhaps finding a delicate moment in this matter, since it had become a major issue, found a quick “solution”, the concession. With the style of unsolicited offer, and the justification that everything would be solved as problematic, the government hastened to give a concession first to the urban waste area Elbasan, and then continued with Fier and Tirana.

The first is over, the other two are being paid millions of euros without being built. Elbasan, which is called a success story, is a 22 million euro concession paid by Albanian taxes, on a concession contract under a governmental decision and a contract in December 2014.

But how was this born? Who are the charges? Why is suspected for corruption, and is it a success story or a failure? It all started with founding a company, Albtek Energy, founded on July 10, and registered with the National Business Center on July 14, 2014.

This happened after the Renaissance (Socialist Party) came to power, where the only shareholder is Stela Gugalla, a character unknown until now in the field of business and commercial activities. At least according to the NBC, it turns out that the lady in question, had only three companies, all after 2014.

One is what we mentioned above. Then comes another one, that relates again to the scheme of incinerators, which includes its cohabitant and a financial consulting company, which continues to be active. In July 2014, the company was founded, and then a few months later, it received a concession contract for the urban waste processing plant at the Fushë Mbret substation in Elbasan.

This is according to the NRC extract, which shows quite clearly this data. Then, there are some changes to the facility, according to official data published by the lady, who has also made some corrections to her acts.

But what happened?

Stela Gugalla, then 36 years old, had no other business and no major assets declared, to get a 22 million euro concession. How is possible that she came out of nowhere, and gets millions of euros? Who was hiding behind her? A big corruption scheme, where Stela is the facade of the connections of her cohabitant Mirel Mërtiri, with an italian and citizen Klodian Zoto, but also politicians who have changed during course.

Someone falls, and someone else gets up. Zoto has registered his company in the same offices in Elbasan, and then signed two concession contracts with the government for Fier, 28 million euros, and Tirana 128 million euros, which in this scheme includes the italian, Stela Gugalla, Mirel Mërtiri, but also clearly former Minister of Environment Lefter Koka, and Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj.

How does Elbasan start, what happens, and how was provided the money?

On December 16, 2014, the Evaluation Commission at the Ministry of Environment declared the winner Albtek Energy company, and on the 17th, a day later, the government issued a decision by the Council of Ministers to sing a contract with the company.

So, as soon as it was announced by the commission, the decision was published the next day. The winner was announced on the 16th, and the next day have been done other procedures, with no time left for complaint. So, for such a legal procedure, is needed a certain deadline for appeal, and then a deadline for reviewing the complaint.

Meanwhile, the draft after the announcement of the winner by the Evaluation Commission is submitted for opinion to other institutions, i.e other ministries that are involved in this issue. After, is expected the answer and the comments or disputes that may have the institutions.

A complete drafting of the contract is needed from the legal departments, i.e from the institution that in this case is the Ministry of Environment, and then the negotiations between the parties, the signing of the contract, and finally its approval at the government meeting. This is the legal procedure.

None of the above has happened. But on December 16, 2014, the Evaluation Commission declared the winner Albtek Energy, and then the next day, after going through all these steps, the government declared the winner Stela Gugalla’s company, which would earn 22 million euros from the construction concession of the urban waste incinerator in Elbasan.

According to the data, then start the procedures for the lady to withdraw the money, and start the construction of the incinerator, because in fact she has no money. There is no financial opportunity to build an incinerator.

But what do we discover?

Six months later, according to the Register of Insurances, Mrs.Stela Gugalla, registers a contract with the collateral, which is said to have been signed with the Italian citizen on June 18, 2015, and it is said that on December 16, 2014 with the number 148009, dated 18.06.2015, with the object supply of the thermal processing plant of urban waste processing, and with power of electricity processing in Elbasan, according to the invoices that will be attached to this contract.

This is the agreement that Stela Gugallja has signed with an Italian citizen to buy, i.e to assemble in Elbasan the incinerator for incineration of urban waste. It all came after this company, Albtek Energy, demanded money from a second-tier bank, having no money to make the investment. Sot a company starting from zero, won a concession government contract for 22 million euros, and in financial impossibility goes to lend money to a bank.

There he gets the loan, which will help him make the investment afterwards. An investment, that will actually be paid for by Albanian taxes. According to the invoices and statements that has the company, if you look at 2014, the company turns out to have no money. It is only the declaration of capital.

Other money for this company, comes through an insurance agreement, where the borrower is Stela Gugalla and the company Albtek Energy, which in the second tier bank has put as a guarantee the contract with the Albanian government, the capital quotas of Albtek Energy shpk and the contract of signed with the italian company for the purchase of the incinerator.

So, a company that has no money, receives a 22 million euro concession from the government, signs a contract with an Italian firm, goes to a bank and secures this contract together with the government’s concession contract, to start an investment.

What is clear, is that within a year, a company born out of nowhere, will start concluding contracts and placing insurance burdens, worth tens of millions of euros. As the incinerator alone, its construction and handover of keys to Elbasan cost at least about 15 million euros.

LEXO EDHE:  Berisha denoncon aferën/ "Klodian Zoto merr milionat çdo muaj, i ndan me Ramën dhe Ahmetajn"

Further, in the investigation of, came some other details. A year later in 2016, another company was registered. On May 3 of this year, according to the date of registration in NRC,

was founded the company Energy Recuperator, which has the establishment and registration in Albania on April 19, and the registration at the NRC on May 3. This company, comes as a branch of 7 companies of foreign, with legal representatives two Italian citizens. This company, secured later the contract for the incinerator of Fier, Klodian Zoto.

Meanwhile, a few days later, almost at the same time ER One Albania was founded, so Energy Recuperator has a “daughter”, here enters the partnership Stela Gugalla of the incinerator of Elbasan, and the administration is taken by her cohabitant.

In the first company, shareholders are Ernesto and Mario Granelli, two italians who are the legal representatives of this company, who founded together with Stela Gugalla, the company ER One Albania, where the starter, i.e the company that has legal representatives two Italians has 60% of the shares and Stela Gugalla has 40%.

Here appointed administrator is Mirel Mërtiri. Differently known as Klodian Mërtiri, a very complex character, who has also been accused of his strong political connections, and with a famous penal dossier in the prosecution, and with a changed identity.

So, from the zero company which is owned by Stela Gugalla, the company called Albtek Energy, almost two years after the establishment of the first, we have two other companies, which come immediately after the first company received the concession from the government.

Through the concession contract, he signed another contract for the incinerator, and he did both with a security agreement in a bank, having as a guarantee for the financing and investment part, being sure that large sums of money would be poured in her favor, due to the fact that she had already signed a document, and seven months after signing the contract, would begin the delivery of money by the Albanian government.

These are all documents, including the historical extract, the 2015 cash statement, which shows that the company has no money, the agreement with a second-tier bank, the register of insurance equations, as you can see in the picture, and the two extracts from the National Business Center in conjunction with the other two companies.

So there are 22 million euros from Albanian taxes for a concession of incinerators, taken from a firm which is born from nothing, and then flourished an Italian company, a branch of a foreign company, which creates an Albanian company which includes the shareholder, which has won the concession of the incinerator of Elbasan.

To build, he starts to take the money from the Albanian taxes. He takes out loans and invest. But, we can emphasize that there was no competition. There was simply and only an invention with the PPP style. The signatory of this contract is the then Minister of Environment, Lefter Koka, who seems to have committed a series of procedural violations, but the Prime Minister of the country, who announced the decision of the Council of Ministers, the day after the signing of the contract, is not left out.

But also the Evaluation Commission, apparently could not and did not have the eyes to see who is the company of Stela Gugalla, Albtek Energy, which at the time of the supposed competition or unsolicited bid, had only five months to be established, there was no other activity, there was no guarantee that he could invest, but everything was played between papers, between procedural violations, and between lies and filling files with documents, to justify a concession, corrupt contract, which was paid by the taxes of Albanians.

It is sum of 22 million euros, that will be paid from Albanian taxes, although Elbasan is seen as a success story. Everyone is already trying to justify this concession, with the fact that everything was resolved in Elbasan. The waste field disappeared. There have been planted trees. There is no waste, no garbage. And that is the justification. Yes, it’s true.

Many things may have changed in Elbasan. But there are some details. First, the quality and standard of the incinerator, but citizens probably say that “for us it doesn’t matter. It’s enough that we don’t see garbage and smoke burning, but that field there it has turned into a park”.

This is also true, but that place turned into a park and that large iron object, was paid for with Albanian money. It has been paid with Albanian taxes, with an endless legal procedure and violation, which raises strong allegations of corruption. But besides its quality, the standard

have quite a few question marks.

So, the money of the Albanians has been taken to build that concession, which can be called successful, but which has a history of corruptions affairs.

First, there should be an open international competition.

Second, companies in the race can offer hundreds of more efficient financial and environmental solutions.

Third, there could be a price cut in the race.

Fourth, the procedure had to be regular and legal.

None of this happened, without speaking further about the deeds and misfortunes of the file. In an honest process, a company with a shareholder who has no money couldn’t win. A company who submits some papers, fills in some files, and the next day of the conclusion of the contract, the government announces the decision of the Council of Ministers, who say that the contract was concluded and the incinerator project would move forward.

Such a move, can only be made by major political forces. Corruption and nothing else. And all legal violations, have not been investigated, and have not been opened full penal files. Although it is hoped and claimed that the new justice will put points on ‘I’. And in the case of Elbasan, the Evaluation Commission, the ministers and even the prime minister risk a lot, because they have violated a series of procedures.

In that file, there are invalid documents, i.e lies to justify the contract. Without going further into the payments, and the damage caused that in case it would be done with an open competition, the damage would be calculated in several million euros. But this is only the first case, that of Elbasan, with 22 million euros.

We will bring further details about the affair of the incinerator of Fier, which whets the appetite and brought it up the cost of project to 28 million euros. After that on the landfill and incinerator of Tirana, which goes to the Netherlands. But we still can’t avoid Klodi and the companies around Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and several companies that have offices in the same place, but are a chain of shpk, or foreign financial investment institutions, foreign companies, which the shareholders that play and hide shareholders, until the last step, which is the attempt to eradicate the names of the company and the real holders or owners of the Tirana incinerator, which has been attempted to disappear through a chain some institutions and laws of the Dutch state.

But these will be the subject of further investigations. Today we are publishing the second file, after the one published yesterday, and tomorrow we will bring more complete, with documents, the investigation file that we have done for the incinerator of Fier. So far, there is no investigation by prosecution.

No institution has responded. SPAK has not reacted. But this will belong to the other published materials and occult connections of some institutions with the Klodi’s of incinerators, some media owners but also the structures of the new justice in Albania./

The official link of the article is this:  

Dokumentet ekskluzive-Skandali me tenderin e inceneratorit/ Kompania fituese pa asnjë aktivitet biznesi, shkeljet proceduriale

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Scandal-From media owners, to offshore companies/ Complete incinerator concession scheme, names included




Concessions, Public-Private Partnerships, tenders, corruption, scandals, endless accusations have been made about a group of businessmen and the Albanian government for waste processing, which starts in Elbasan, goes to Fier, and ends in Tirana.

Hundreds of millions of euros, which are associated with the same names, the same actors, but with the names of different companies, which start in Tirana, end up in Malta, and the Netherlands. Characters with changed names, and with dubious past.

Accused of being part of criminal groups, but in companies related to each other, there are also former local managers, lawyers, people without any business activity, who at some point “explode” and receive concessions of hundreds of millions of euros, including televisions, politicians, businessmen.

Accusations, which are scandal after scandal and everything ends quietly. Because the opposition denounces in emptiness, and nothing goes into investigation. But even the justice authorities, which are there to investigate and uncover the corruption of a chain of companies involved with the Albanian government, don’t move a single finger.

Neither the SPAK, nor the so called new justice, no one. Not to mention the purchased media, which without any surprise already, exclusively and not only Top Channel, for example, whose shareholders have a joint company with shareholders of incinerators.

But how do these schemes relate with each other? How do these names relate? Who are this companies? Beyond the political accusations, beyond the accusations against the government, let’s stay on the subjects, their connections, and how these links end up in the media.

The most talked about and accused name is Klodian Zoto, the 100% owner of Integrated Technology Services. A company, which is leader in the scheme of waste concessions and incinerators. According to official data released by the NBC (National Business Center), Klodian Zoto founded this company in 2010, and surprisingly the biggest development came with the coming to power of the Renaissance (Socialist Party), where he began to create jobs for himself and to increase his income.

The person who represents him, according to the NBC documents, is Denisa Tollkuçi. Since

he is the general administrator, has issued a special power of attorney and has given a representation to Mrs.Tollkuçi. According to official data, this company has its offices in Fier and Elbasan at the processing site of the urban waste processing plant, at the electrical substation in Fushë Mbret.

But, further searching in the documents, we discover another company which has almost the same address and operates in the same place. The company is called Albtek Energy. This is the company that has received the Elbasan incinerator by concession.

This company has also the address at the Urban Waste Processing Plant, Electric Station, Fushë Mbret. So it has the same address as the company of Klodian Zoto in Elbasan. So, here Klodian Zoto connections with the incinerator of Elbasan, and with the owner of this incinerator.

Stela Gugalla, which founded this company in 2014.

On July 10, 2014, and then surprisingly even though there is no major previous activity the business, she becomes the owner of the incinerators, earning tens of millions of euros in concession. From the data that match the address, it is not only that of Elbasan. But further investigations, reveal some other data of different companies of Stella or Klodian Zotos, which have the same address.

Investigating with documents, we go to the third company. This time looking again for the name of Stela Gugalla, who just found out that she had the same offices with Klodian Zoto, with the company Integrated Technology Services. Albtek Energy, Stella’s company, was the one that held the concession of the Elbasan incinerator.

But what turns out?

It turns out that in 2016, two new companies were founded at the same time, in almost four or five days. One with Italian citizens, and in another company the shareholder is Stela Gugallja with 40% of the quotas, and the administrator is Mirel Mërtiri, one of the most talked regarding the concession of incinerators.

The latter did not appear in the documents before. But it is already clear who is Mirel Mërtiri connections with the incinerator concession, and this concession ends up in joint actions in the company of Vjollca Hoxha of Top Channel, and the wife of the former deputy Ben Blushi.

On April 19, the Energy Recuperator company was registered at the National Business Center. This foreign company, has legal representatives Ernesto Granelli and legal representatives of the representative office Mario Granelli. These are the two responsible persons, and their office is located at the Concord Center complex, tower 3, level 2, fifth floor, apartment 29.

And in this address we find another company, with the name ER One Albania, ie Energji Recuperator One Albania. Perhaps there is a name that comes from the first company of italian shareholders. But what connects ER One with Stela Gugallaj, or with Klodian Zoto and the italians?

ER One Albania is a company founded only five days after Energy Recuperator, which a week later after registration, becomes a shareholder and 60% in another company, which is called ER One Albania shpk, where 40% of shares are owned by Stela Gugallja of the incinerator of Elbasan and Albtek Energy, and the administrator of the company is Mirel Mërtiri.

So, these are the four companies connected to each other in the network, with the same addresses, with almost the same business activity, and exercising the same functions.

So they are involved in government concessions, PPPs, and Stela Gugallja, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri are the well-known trio, but another name that emerges from these is the one we mentioned above. Denisa Tollkuçi’s name. Not without purpose, we mentioned this name, which is also represented in another company.

LEXO EDHE:  Basha-Ahmetajt: Je për burg nuk je për dorëheqje

LEXO EDHE:  Basha-Ahmetajt: Je për burg nuk je për dorëheqje

In EM Capital Group, the fifth company that connects for the first time in Albania with one medium, shareholders of concessions and PPP shareholders of incinerators. And for the first time in Albania, this is confirmed in documents.

In 2016, another company was born, Integreted Technology Waste Treatment in Fier, which has the same address as one of Klodian Zoto’s companies. This company has a partner Integrated Technology Services. So 70 % of the shares and the Construction and Installation company in Patos. Integrated Technology Services, which is the company that holds 70% of the shares Integreted Technology Waste Treatment in Fier, is ITS, the first company we mentioned above, which has as its owner with 100% of the shares Klodian Zoto.

The latter has opened a new company for the Fier incinerator, where he has introduced another shareholder. So their connection becomes even greater. A company is added within 30% of the shares, which is Construction and Installation company in Patos, Fier.

This company, i.e the company opened for Fier, is placed in the same address as the first company of Klodian Zoto in Fier, and in the same address in Tirana. But, here it is clear that Klodian Zoto has opened another company, and has taken this only for the incinerator of Fier.

According to the extracts that we have listed above, so the first, second, third and fourth company, we are bringing the fifth extract.

This is owned by EM Capital Group, the company that has bought a 51% stake in “Valtelina Coffee”, which bears the trade name “Lori Coffe”, and has the same shareholders as Top Channel. And in this company EM Capital Group, according to the extract extracted from Bulgaria, it turns out that the shareholders are Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Eva Blushi, the latter the wife of the director of Top Channel, Ben Blushi.

Then, with a sum about $2.2 million, this company landed in Albania and bought “Valtelina Coffee”. This is a scheme, where it is emerged very clear through various companies, their addresses and locations, how the Italian companies, Ernesto Granelli, are connected to Stela Gugalla and Mirel Mërtiri, but also to Albtech Energy, which has the Elbasan incinerator and where Stela Gugalla is a shareholder, or at Klodian Zoto’s Integrated Technology Services, the company that holds the same address and the same offices as Stella, Klodian, italian Ernesto Granelli and Mirel Mërtiri himself.

The latter in our investigation, appears also in offshore, in a journalist organization, he appears in a company registered in Malta, which is called according to the data, KL Group LTD. This company, is a fiscal heaven, where the company of Mirel Mërtiri has been registered, which has been rumored until today, but its connection with Klodian Zoto, Stela Gugalla of the incinerator of Elbasan and an italian citizen, has never been confirmed with documents.

So far, we have shown with documents the connection of four people, and the cooperation with the Bulgarian company EM Capital Group, which has bought “Valtelina Coffee”, and according to the NRC extract, you can see on the first and second page the shareholder of “Valtelina Coffee”, i.e Vjollca Hoxha’s partnership with EM Capital Group.

Further, from our data it turns out that there is a strong family connection of Mirel Mërtiri with Stela Gugalla. So they are not just random names, but are cohabitants in one of the capital’s residential areas, and the companies are a deliberately built network, and not just for incinerator activity.

According to these documents, the incinerator-media connection has been confirmed fourfold for the first time. The way companies are registered under different names, are almost the same, have the same owners. But on paper, they move somewhere to Klodi, once to Stela, to Mërtiri, to an italian, and so on.

These are the companies, and these are the extracts that we brought above, and that clearly show who is involved in the scheme of incinerators, from Elbasan to Fier. Our investigation does not end here. We will go further to the incinerator of Tirana.

So, we will show the development of a dutch company with a 30-year concession, for 128 million euros, and this one related to several scandals, accusations and corruption, for which the finger has been pointed out by the Municipality of Tirana and his mayor Erion Veliaj.

The facts speak for themselves, the names are, but will further bring other exclusive.

Data, regarding these concessions, a field where still no one is officially investigating. Not just for the procedure, but for the connections of how the same company and individuals benefit from concessions.

At a certain moment, come out the names of people with strange business activity, without income, and then receive concessions with hundreds of millions of euros, loans in very large amounts in second-tier banks, but also with different schemes, that do not stop only at the concession, but also on the waste processing fees, and the way of administration of landfills, like landfill of Tirana, or the case of two incinerators, that the Albanian government has paid without starting work. These are data that will develop them further, bringing details to each case./

The official link of the article is this:  

Skandali-Nga pronarët e mediave tek kompanitë off shore/ Skema e plotë e koncesionit të inceneratorëve, emrat e përfshirë



Scandal/ Full scheme unveiled: How incinerator owners, pay Top Channel shareholders




In two days in a row, has brought a full investigation, regarding a sale-purchase transaction in Albania, on a company owned by the owners of Top Channel, Valtelina sh.p.k. which has sold 51% of the shares to a Bulgarian company, called EM Capital Group AD, to a sum of about $2.2 million.

With exclusive documents,, showed that the Bulgarian company is owned by three people, Klodian Zoto, Eva Blushi, the wife of Top Channel director Ben Blushi, and Mirel (Klodian) Mërtiri.

This company created in Bulgaria, is the case that shows very clearly how the director of a television, named Ben Blushi, a former politician, is directly related to the owners of a very much accused company in Albania, but also the owner of Top Channel, Vjollca Hoxha and which has sold the shares to this firm.

A concession, which has been called a corrupt affair by the government, not only by the opposition, but also by the media. Reporters’reports speak of at least 47 million euros paid by the government to the incinerator company, ITS. This company in Albania is a subject, which is represented by Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, the latter also uses the name Klodian.

Top Channel scandal

In almost two years Top Channel, as soon as Ben Blushi took the charge of the director, has shown the “sword” in defense of incinerators, and allegedly in the name of social causes and in defense of citizens, has prepared dozens of chronicles in Porto Romano, Durres, which in fact have had another purpose.

So not for the citizens, but for the firm that would then buy not a little, but 2.2 million dollars worth of shares from the owner of Top Channel in another of its companies. The facts speak for themselves. The company in Bulgaria, EM Capital Grup AD, came to Tirana on November 25 through its director David Ujait, and through a sum of 2.2 million dollars bought the company Valtelina, one of the leading companies in the coffee market, which is also the holder of trade name and brand “Lori Coffee”.

This company was once owned by the late Dritan Hoxha and then his heirs. According to official data and the sales contract provided by, it turns out that the Bulgarian company with three owners, two of those incinerators and Ben Blushi’s wife, bought “Lori Coffee” and in the NBC (National Business Center) documents, the contract of the sale presents all the data for the sales party which is Vjollca Hoxha, Lorena Hoxha, Redia Hoxha and Sara Hoxha, on whose behalf signed Vjollca Hoxha. While for the company EM Capital Group AD, has signed the director David Ujait. Everything was done in the presence of notary Majlinda Demollari.

So the owners of the incinerators set up a company in Bulgaria with Ben Blushi’s wife. The company comes to Tirana, and buys 51% of the shares of “Valtelina SHPK”, which is owned by Vjollca Hoxha and Dritan Hoxha’s heirs, who are the same owners of Top Channel and several other companies inherited from the late Dritan Hoxha.

LEXO EDHE:  Ekskluzive/ Dosja e Ben Blushit përfundon në SPAK

LEXO EDHE:  Berisha denoncon aferën/ "Klodian Zoto merr milionat çdo muaj, i ndan me Ramën dhe Ahmetajn"

The scheme is very clear. From the company of incinerators, from Albania you go to Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, we have a company that includes Ben Blushi’s wife, the latter director of Top Channel. Then Ben Blushi’s wife, along with the two owners of the incinerators, of the concession so accused by the opposition and the media, buy the company that has the same owners as Top Channel.

Top Channel symbol. Coffee symbol in Albania, “ Lori Coffee”. This is a clear scheme, that we showed above with documents and below we are bringing a picture, where we have built in a row the characters involved in this whole story. And that seems to have a very bad smell.

It is the most flagrant case, where the owners of a highly accused company, which receives money from the government, and is called a government corruption, go and pay the owners of Top Channel.

Not directly to the television, but through a second company, which they own. And this is the case when Vjollca Hoxha, even though she has signed the sale of 51% of the shares to EM Capital Group AD, has remained the administrator of “Valtelina shpk”. So the company that owns “Lori Coffee”.

Although she has sold most of the shares, in other word the controlling shares, Ms.Hoxha has remained the administrator of the company. This is a case, where the Albanian state clearly gives a concession of incinerators several hundred million euros.

After that, these owners go and found a company with the wife of the director of a television,

and then the wife of the director of television together with the owners of incinerators, from Bulgaria comes to Albania, and buys a company which is owned by the same owners, who have Top Channel, where Ben Blushi is the director.

Top Channel national television has “rewarded” everything with propaganda, in favor of government and the municipality of Tirana. A television station, that has done nothing else except defending for two years the incinerator concession, that is been heavily accused not only by the media, but also by the opposition. Propaganda for the government that has given the concession, propaganda for the municipality of Tirana, which has the official relationship with the firm for the incinerator and the landfill of Sharra./

The official link of the article is this:  

Skandali/ Zbulohet skema e plotë, si pronarët e inceneratorëve paguan aksionerët e Top Channel



Exclusive documents/ Klodi of incinerators and Ben Blushi, buy “Lori Coffee” company




One of the first and most powerful brands in Albania has changed owner. “Lori Coffee”, will no longer be owned by Vjollca Hoxha and the heirs of the late Dritan Hoxha, but 51 % of the company’s shares are now owned by the owners of the incinerator concession and Ben Blushi, the director of Top Channel, through his wife.

In a material published by, revealed that in Bulgaria exist EM Capital Group AD company, which has three partners Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Eva Blushi. The first two are the famous owners of the company that has the concession of incinerators and the wife of Ben Blush, the director of Top Media, a former journalist who recently failed in politics but is finding his way to success as a media manager.

                                          Klodian Zoto

According to official data provided by, the Bulgarian company EM Capital Group AD, owned by Klodi of incinerators and Ben Blushi’s wife, bought 51% of the shares of “VALTELINA shpk”, founded by Dritan Hoxha in October 1993.

This company is also the brand’s holder and manufacturer “Lori Coffee” and several other coffees on the market. The contract for the sale of shares from Dritan Hoxha’s heirs to the owners of the incinerators and to Ben Blushi’s wife, is dated November 25, 2019, and was signed before the notary Majlinda Demollari.

LEXO EDHE:  Dokumentet ekskluzive-Skandali me tenderin e inceneratorit/ Kompania fituese pa asnjë aktivitet biznesi, shkeljet proceduriale

LEXO EDHE:  Ekskluzive/ Dosja e Ben Blushit përfundon në SPAK

Below is the full contract with all the details, and the signature of the director of the company EM Capital Group AD and Vjollca Hoxha, who has signed in the name of all other shareholders. According to article 3 of the contract, which talks about the sale price and the way of liquidation, it is written that 51% of the quotas cost 153 million new lek and 600.000 euros.

In a total value of 225 million new lek, or 2 million dollars. The notarial contract was then submitted to the QKB (National Center of Business) and on December 31, 2019 were filed all actions, and the change of shares was published according to the historical extract located in the following photos, where EM Capital Group AD became a partner with 51% of the capital at Valtelina Company, which has the trade name “Lori Coffee”. Since Decembers last year, most of Lori Coffee’s shares, have been owned by the owners of the incinerator concession and Eva Blushi, the wife of Top Channel director Ben Blushi./

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Ekskluzive dokumentet/ Klodi i inceneratoreve dhe Ben Blushi, blejnë “Lori Kafe”